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Hey it’s Sam here and welcome to Flixster what you’re seeing on my screen right now is some examples of what can be created with this software this is a desktop based software that allows you to be able to create short promotional videos like this with ease so with that said let’s jump in and take a look at it very very quick and easy to use I’m using the Mac version here it’s also available for PC as well it’s a disco it’s a disc top based software that lets you create these videos the advantage of this over some of the cloud-based ones is quite smooth it’s quite seamless and allows for very quick rendering times as well so if I click on new and basically when I click new I can choose a number of different templates with different styles of you know any sort of sample text these are perfect for creating slideshow type videos viral type videos anything like that as well so if I I’ll just we’ll just like the world map one for the sake of this one and we’ll just call this one the demo one okay I can choose my slide size as well if I want to be 1080p 720p all those sorts of ratios so it’s just go 1080 for this and click OK now in here it’s very easy if I am going to make a slideshow one you know we might just say this one 10 amazing facts you didn’t know ok this would be ideal for a viral style video if I did that and click OK I can size this up as I need to by just dragging out the corners and have it anywhere on there now if I wanted to make another slide I just click the plus button and it’s replicating the background there as well I can add my own text within this by clicking text and just going add then again just put now add the text relating to that topic as well now that’s one idea you could use it you know 10 facts about animals you you didn’t know and or anything like that if you wanted to you can put in images and things like that relating to this too however when you said I thought is quite cool as being able to do showcase videos for even ecommerce products so if we wanted to do that I could start it off with something really cinematic so let’s go in and click videos okay and then if I go up here into the top I can choose a number of videos these are included with the software so you can see like this animal once if we wanted to make the viral animal video that we’re talking about cinematic ones as well motion all sorts of different ones that we could we could use as well let’s go over the lifestyle we’ve got a golf one over here so I’m gonna go golf and use this one and so we can see a go ahead and a go fall pretty cinematic I’m going to select the entire generation I can specify what range in the video I want as well and if I want the audio on it or not I click OK so let’s put the golf guy in now if I want to put in a call to action I add the text and just say no matter what sport you play I could do that what is really impressive about this is the selection of fonts as well if you’re looking for a full custom bespoke way to be able to present stuff this is very cool there’s a whole lot of fonts including this so I’m going to use Helvetica but I can do as well is choose how the ticks the Lions I can choose if I want it bold if I want it underlined I can also choose how I want it to appear if I want it to appear word by word or letter by letter or even just random so we can go word by word entrance of fix we can make it if it here’s an entrance we can have it come in however we want it to as well so go inflate okay and just go from there and we can choose a background color if we want it to be up against the background however let’s just take this and put this in no matter what sport you play probably not the ideal color to have over there maybe we’ll we’ll put it up we’ll put it on the bottom there anyway just for the sake let’s demo now what I can do at any point I can check how this video is going by just clicking up on the play button up here now if I do that and I took play 10 amazing facts this is the first slide we did but then it’s gonna cut to the next one so no matter what sport you play it’s popped up as we specified in the text as well okay so very very easy to be able to add the text if we wanted to we can add and sound effects as well so we go into the sounds we can add an hour audio by uploading audio from our computer we can go in and find the ones that are included in the software to our my demo one so doesn’t look like I’ve got any sound in there – but we can add and fix all these sorts of things as well now I got a saying this is quite cool for even just showcasing ecommerce products offer wanna add an image same as like the video I play Edie I can choose these a whole bunch of images chosen from standard very different buttons we got social icons we got various clip arts and things like that however photos I’ve uploaded some of my self here so you can upload an image by just looking upload and just put them in I can go at this and just put in picture myself there click ok I can choose the way it it appears as well how it comes in the opacity of it all these sorts of things so I can put this in I can drag it to fill up the screen as I need and I could put a call to action I could put a text over it and just say please so now I can add a new probably digs edge text please yeah again same color as what we had before again you can spend a lot of time customizing this to display how you want it to different colors different text colors all these different sorts of things as well okay so we could do that with that what we could do as well as we could go images and I can add an image another image and we could choose a call to action to put over the top as well all these sorts of things so it’s very very easy very very simple to go about going and creating one of these videos it’s all down here section to slide so you can make short ones to get attention on social media you could do e-commerce products this is a hoodie that one of my companies sells so we could you could easily go about creating slideshow style videos the show Coast ecommerce products videos animated videos all those sorts of things or even viral video on the Internet as well you know like short ones for social media to help drive traffic very very cool to export it as well very simple you can save it as a project project and then produce it and instead of like sale our based ones where it takes a bit of time this is just purely dependent on the power of your computer so I can do it pretty quickly as well so this is what we can do with this you can also put your own voice over into it everything you want to do as well record the voice over so it’s pretty cool can start recording there as well if you want to do a voice over over your your video and then of course you can do the sounds as well as we mentioned before so super super easy check it out and detail down below on the bonus page to find out more about Flixster this is a very nice product and since so far and testiness been working pretty well it’s very fast very seamless to you so get under in the early bird ticket at the best price possible get creating those short videos for use online and use a video to get attention easily with this as the same it’s been my pleasure to show you through this today

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