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what’s up guys welcome back to another video and today we’re back in filmora i’m going to be reviewing uh the virus pack which is a free pack that you can actually download on filmora’s film stock website and if you haven’t watched the video where i actually download this pack and show you how to do it the link is in the description below go ahead and watch that video and you’re going to learn how to actually access this and download this virus pack and it’s actually free so you can see here’s from the free library and i already have it installed it tells you here it’s completed the action is completed all right so i’m going to go ahead and close this so now this pack only comes with title so it doesn’t come with any transitions or effects or elements and only comes the titles which is really neat because the titles look really nice and really creative so just a little overview here you can see that it comes with 10 different titles and you see that they have different designs that actually show you know the virus on here you can see that you can see this one you can see this and they’re all different designs honestly first things first i you have the ones that you can use as a little opener or a little title page for your videos or you know like this one this first one which is uh the virus pack opener one so which is pretty much this we can let me go ahead and put it on here and i want to show you something so you can use uh number one you can use i can use that number five and you can also use that number ten so these are all similar so you have number one number five and number ten and these also come with animations uh which is really cool because uh you know look at that that looks just pretty uh so you have this on here and you see these little things rotating and you have the text on there and the cool thing is you can actually customize these and you can see this one this one has a little different design this one is red yeah this one is really nice you can see that it has a lens flare on it which is really nice because you don’t have to add your own lens flare effect but the nice thing is that you can actually customize these you can customize the text uh the animation of text so we can actually double click on it and i always want to go to advanced because you’re going to have you’re going to have a lot more options and as you can see here let me go ahead and bring this up a little and as you can see on the bottom here this is what makes up the entire thing so you have uh on the bottom here let me start from the bottom so what you have on the bottom is gonna be at the preset video which is just gonna be this background and the animation that it has so the little virus is moving around it’s all the preset video so this you cannot change it’s going to stay like that but i’m going to be showing you another way of actually doing this if you wanted to put it on something else but i pretty much uh that’s on the bottom and as you can see at the top three layers actually the text that we have on here so you can click on this first one again and if you want you can actually change it on here you can type in something else that you want and i you have another one here and you also have another one and the cool thing is you can actually delete this let’s say you know one you didn’t want this last one so make sure it’s selected and you can click this little uh trash can here which says delete so click on that and boom it’s gone and another cool thing is if you wanted to customize this you can actually uh if you wanted to add some shapes if you wanted to add more text you can actually click this little text button here as you can see it has another layer of text and it’s gonna be right here and you can move this around and with the text you see these little things on here these are going to be the animations that the text comes with and you can actually customize these by let me go ahead and add animation to this one which is the one that i just created uh so you want to go ahead and go to animation so now we have a bunch of options that you can actually use so if let’s say you wanted to use the typewriter so you can double just double click on it and it’s going to be applied to the text right so this is how you’re going to be able to adjust the animation so if you wanted to to be go really fast you’d make it this small and you can see that you can only see uh the text that that we just added on here right so the reason why this is happening is because the other text actually starts a little later than this one right so you can actually customize this one to start a little later as well so basically you got to do is go to the end and you can drag and you can actually trim it down so i want it to start at the same position as the other ones let me go ahead and fix that so like that so now it starts at the same position and you can actually um match the animations too and you can do the same thing when it comes to the end like that so this was pretty good already and you can also um do the animation and you can actually change the animations as well for the other text so let’s say i wanted to change this one i can double click on it and you can come here to animation and you can pick anything you want really so i’m gonna double click on that and that’s the animation that’s on this text as well all right so that’s pretty much when it comes to really customizing this of course you can actually you know change at the fonts you can change the size you can change the you can change how it’s aligned you can you know change the spacing and the height and i’m gonna leave that to you guys i’m pretty sure you guys know how to do that and don’t want to hear me talk about that i’m going to go ahead and click ok here and this is pretty much going to save everything that i have on here so these are the ones that i think are really good for you know for like title pages you know for intros and you also have these these are nice for you know let’s say you’re making something like uh uh something like alert video you know something along those lines you can actually let me go ahead and grab this i’m gonna drop it on here yeah so this one looks really nice you can see that it has a space here for the text that is not on top of the animation which is really nice if you wanted to create something where you only want to show text on this side or sometimes you might just i delete the text and add the video on top of this so you have number two and you also have number three which is pretty much the same thing and i also have uh number seven and number eight i’m not going to drag this on the timeline because i think this is way too many to be put on the timeline and lastly also have these that kind of look like lower thirds i think these are really nice as well so if you wanted to create something that had a text on the lower thirds you can actually use this template and all you got to do is just change the text on here so another cool thing i wanted to show you guys is uh we’re just gonna go ahead and go to the sample colors when i grab one of these let’s grab this green one and i’m gonna put it um so ignore everything else on this side so i want to work with these two and let me just match this all right so now we’re going to go ahead and customize this i want to double click on the go to advanced so what you can actually do is instead of if you didn’t want this background let’s say you just wanted the text that’s on here you like how it’s formatted you like how it looks you like the animations that it comes with so you just go ahead and delete the preset video so this is going to delete the entire animation on the background the little just the entire background so you’re just going to have the text i’m going to delete that and there we go so now as you can see we have a green background and that’s because that’s what we added on here right so if you had a video in the background if you had anything you want in the background really and you delete that that preset video that’s what’s going to show in the background whatever you have below that so that’s a pretty cool trick if you don’t really like how these backgrounds look and you want to replace the background but if you like you know the text animation and how the text is layered and how the text looks but that’s pretty much it for this video guys uh thank you so much for watching uh make sure i go and hit the subscribe button below if you haven’t already and i’ll see you in the next one peace



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