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hi I am games in this video I’m gonna review film or online the video editor now if you are new to the channel and teach and also reveal various types of software so that you can also use them be more effective Redis in your business or in your life okay so let’s dive straight into a film or a nine first off I just want to let you know that film or online is a paid software it is not that pricy however if you stick to the end of the video I’m going to show you some ways depending on your type of usage which package you can actually choose for yourself okay now when you come to film or online and when you open the screen this is something that you will see here okay you can get to select the project expect ratio alright and as well as the project library okay now if you are new then this project library would be empty because you have not used a film or a nine okay so you can open a new project and users can select the screen or the project expect ratio whether you want to use widescreen Instagram a portrait or cinematic okay so you can do that so I’m just going to open an existing project that I have okay I have just two video clip stay so let me just give you a quick overview of the user interface so that you can sort of find your way around okay now this panel here is actually the media panel and if you want to drag and drop a video or a media you can do that so I’m just going to do that right now I’m just going to drag this video clip here and you’ll see that it’s actually brought into the media okay you can also import from here whether you want to import the media the folder from your camera all kinds of ways okay now over here is actually your monitor or the preview panel so you can see what’s going on as you edit with Tamura and at the bottom here is the timeline okay so I’m going to drag and drop this into the timeline okay so let me just bring this in and it will ask you whether you want to mesh the project resolution to Media resolution just click on match and you’ll notice that there is a red bar here I’m going to show you you can actually do a preview render okay if you click on this button over here you will do a render preview okay so basically what filmora is doing is actually pre rendering the video so that when you edit and when you play it back you actually playback smoother okay now let me just bring this file in as well now in order to select this clip all you need to do is pause it okay so you can actually create in and out points with the software so let’s say I’m going to create an in point please gonna select this so here the in point is selected you can kind of move this along and maybe this would be my own point okay and I can actually I don’t move this or I can actually use this to select my out point okay and once I have actually selected my in an out point which is actually called trimming the video clip once I select this I can drag this down and this would actually be my clip that actually has been trimmed okay very easy okay now I’m going to move this to make sure there is not too much background song and to mute that all you need to do is right-click and mute that okay correctly and mute this as well you can also detach the audio if you want to detaching it is again right-click and detach the audio now if you detach the audio means the audio in this clip will actually come up on this audio track let me show you detach audio so it comes up over here so I’m not going to use this audio so I can just delete it okay so let’s look at some of the things that mix for more online interesting now what I like about filmora 9 is actually that this effects here okay the titles the transitions the effects and elements so we will take a look at one by one okay this is just going to be a review but I’m going to show you what I like and what are some of the things that you may find interesting as well now having used several other video editors before I find that the transitions is actually pretty edgy you have a lot you can choose so you can have something that is quite basic all the way to something that is kind of extreme and if you are making those kind of videos is actually pretty good all right in a lot of video editors you don’t get this type of transitions all right unless you create them themselves or you mix a few together so let me show you what I mean I’m going to just drag this transition down between these two Clips here and I’m going to do a career-ender okay so let’s play this and you guys notice what I mean right so it is actually a pretty interesting transition and there are various types as well that you can choose from from like I mentioned the basics the basics will be things like dissolve or faith or crossfade and all that okay but when you want to have some edgy ones then is all available there okay now let’s take a look at the other elements or other effects now when it comes to effects you can use things like light leaks all right on Lomography so let’s just take a look at something like leaks away and you want to make this video look more a little bit more so-called professional to create a lightly you can actually just create this effect on top you can also put it straight on to that okay so let’s play this okay so here’s asking it to pre-render on rendell preview again let’s do that so as you can see it’s actually pretty interesting some of these effects okay so in a lot of video editing software this kind of effects is either not available or you need to have a pay package for that so all this is included in form or online okay now obviously you can adjust some of these effects so let me just go to a justice right click on show properties and you can actually tone it down a bit okay so that it’s not too strong okay so that is bitter effects again there are many types Saphir distortion and all that okay now next is the elements okay let’s look at the elements the elements will be things like adding let me see me adding a smiley adding arrows even adding things like this and to check that you can actually try this so this is a here hand-drawn element you play this okay let’s put this here if you play this okay so this is actually pretty useful again in some situations alright so that’s let’s put this here and you can kind of shorten it a bit and here it comes all that way so let’s try something more let’s try something like this oh here it is all drag-and-drop and then of course you can actually resize it again okay so you can resize this make it smaller put some text there as well so that’s actually making your video quite fast and this is actually one of the key strengths off of meringue okay you can have these things that elements and effects and transitions and of course our titles as well and even things like scrolling credits okay let’s put this at the back so you can actually have scrolling credits at the end of your video okay actually making the adjustment it’s not so difficult at all so say name one credit one say James and they say this is a Video Creator let’s adjust this and as you can see my name goes up there okay Video Creator okay this is okay oops mister are okay but you get the idea okay so things like all these credits and lower tests are all available in form or online okay and let me just show you one other thing before we go let me just move this up a bit now the last thing that is quite interesting is actually adding audio now with the more online you can actually get audio of an audio library and the audio that you can choose so all this thing is actually into built into the software so it becomes quite easy to create your video quickly okay you can try out the trial the audio actually edit this onto the timeline okay to play the V to play the audio you can just double click here [Music] okay you can okay if you are happy with the audio you can just drag it down so these are waste allows you to create and quickly create the video or and your fingertips and one other thing is that you can actually download more by clicking on the arrow at the top here it brings you to the Moroz website and they have either sister site cough limb stocks that allows you to download additional clips and audio and effects so some of them are free some of them spit so you need to can choose which ones that you like okay so let’s get back to Remora okay when it comes to exporting so let’s click on exporting and to export that clip now if you have not paid for the software or if you have not created an account when you export this window will pop up okay forces you to kind of choose whether you want to use a free plan or monthly or a lifetime plan now if you use the free version there is actually huge what a mother covers the may be about a quarter of the screen the entire bottom there and that will not actually be very helpful when you want to make a video if you are planning to use filmora for the long term then you can actually go for the lifetime plan and if you such a round phone online they’re actually coupons that will actually put this down to about half price okay now if you are planning just to make maybe a handful of videos occasionally you can also sign up for this monthly pen and even the matte lip and a so-so coupons online I managed to get this at $2.99 per month okay and once you have created the video if you are in between some peers where you’re not making videos you can cancel and then later on you can pay again when you want to export the video or maybe you want to maybe create a bunch of video and export them all at the same time that is also possible okay now if you have really locked in or paid for the software then let me show you okay like for example you can login to this software and I can I’m gonna lock in okay now if you have paid for the software and you want to export once you I’ve just locked it so you’re locked in then it allows you to come to this screen whether you want to export to mp4 avi a movie files you can do that you can set the resolutions okay whether you want to have full HD 2k 4k okay or half HD you can do that you can decide the framerate as well all this okay as well as set the audio encoder or the sample rate okay and now if you are new you can actually just choose either this is simple whether you want have good quality but all the best okay so that’s as as to exporting that video you can also export straight to YouTube I won’t suggest that you do that I prefer to upload it manually alright so it’s better to export to your local drive okay so once you’re done you can just click on export and femoral start exporting that video so let me just back off you so I hope that this video has helped you to decide whether more online is the video editor for you like I mentioned I have a review on 200 free video editors if you are asking for something that is free and I also have links to sign up for the filmora if you are keen to look into that well that’s about it I hope that this review and a short tutorial has helped you and remember do something small each day to be a better business ok until the next video this is James oh one final final thing if you are thinking or whether I am using for more online to create this video yes I am using for more online I believe that if you are gonna use a software and demo it then you must use it to create a video or create whatever that you are using to do that [Music]


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