Filmora 9 Custom Resolution Render Settings Explained!

what’s up guys welcome back to another fumari tutorial and today’s gonna be a quick video so today i want to go over how to set custom render resolution and I’ve had a lot of people ask me this than when I render a video that’s 10 to 80 by 1080 but then they can find the option in fumar so I’m going to show you this or go ahead and I’ll click on export which is what you would do alright so I want to go ahead and go to settings this is where you need to go and you can see this pops up the render settings and as you can see here on resolution you have these templates that’s basically what they are and you have you know it starts from at 320 by 240 which is the lowest quality and it goes all the way up to 40 60 by 2160 which i think is 4k or 8k I’m not sure but at the point of this video is to show you guys that there is a custom button here on the bottom of this right so if you scroll all the way down you should have a custom button so if you click on that if you can see now you have a place to input your to input your resolutions right so let’s say you wanted to do a 1080 by 1080 as an example from the person that was asking me so 1080 by 1080 so 1080 right here that’s awesome footage now you have that once you get that again hit OK and you’re gonna see that I give it a second to load the year and you’re gonna see that the resolution is 1080 by 1080 but that is pretty much it I lost some footage to create custom resolutions when it comes to rendering videos so this is pretty good dude thank you so much for watching guys make sure to I need to subscribe by the new life events already and I will see you on the next one peace



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