Filmora 9.6 Update!

what’s up guys welcome back to another video and today we’re back in filmora so this is kind of like a tutorial that i didn’t plan on doing because i was about to update my filmora to 9.6 but i figured i might as well record this so you guys can see this and i don’t know when 9.6 really got released but i just saw it and i’m gonna go ahead and update and kind of like show you guys um how i do it and also this is gonna be my first time literally looking at this kind of like all of us seeing it for the first time all right so i’m just going to go ahead and go to help and this doesn’t always work you might want to check the website if this doesn’t work but i usually go to help and you go to check for update right and it’s going to go ahead and check as you can see it says live update this is an update is available would you like to update now what’s new uh filmora 9.610 and i kind of like tells you what’s new here so the first thing is going to be optimize the installation of film stock our film stock effect there’s also an update on the thumbnail and a preview video of built-in effects and that there’s also a minor bug fix so as you can see this is not a major update this is just one of those updates for maintenance maybe a lot of people were complaining about installing the film stocks because i know it’s kind of like a like a weird process of installing film stocks but i’m gonna go ahead and click update now all right so we’re just gonna go ahead and be patient and wait for this as you can see it is moving pretty quick honestly i can see the little progress on here and you can see the total is 280 megabytes and yeah honestly i’m really surprised on how fast is actually moving right now all right we’re almost there guys look 99 100 all right so as you can see once it’s done it’s going to say download completed please click here to close the program and install the new version just go ahead and click yes and it’s going to go ahead and restart this all right so as you can see this is actually taking me through the entire installation process so this will be pretty much the same thing as if you went on the filmora website and you actually downloaded the newest version and it’s going to take you through the same process right so you’re going to be doing the same thing here so i’m going to click ok it also tells you that the setup is detected that another version is on the on the computer so basically what it’s saying is it’s going to remove at the old version which is filmora 9.5 and it’s going to install the new one and the cool thing is it’s not going to change your settings you know you’re going to have the same settings i’m going to go ahead and click yes alright so once that’s ready this is going to pop up so i’m just going to go ahead and select this i don’t think anyone ever reads this go ahead and click next and i go ahead and click next alright guys as you can see this is pretty much done installing it took a little while honestly i’m not going to lie i took longer than usual and as you can see says congratulations you’ve installed wondershare for more successfully i usually don’t select so i’m going to go ahead and let’s just select this i’m going to go ahead and click launch as it’s loading you can actually see that on the bottom here says it’s version so it’s going of like confirms that you’ve successfully uh installed the new version but that is pretty much it for this video make sure to hit the subscribe button below if you haven’t already and i’ll see you next one peace



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