Filmora 2020: Full Tutorial for Beginners in ONLY 20 Minutes

welcome to this film war nine video tutorial for beginners where in only 20 minutes I’m gonna show you all the basics and fundamentals you need to know to start making amazing videos in filmora I’m a tourist Inga founder of video plasti and let’s get started alright so when you open film more you’re gonna see this opening screen to create a new project or open one that you already have if you already have a couple of recent projects they’re gonna show up here on the right but currently I don’t have any so let’s just start a new project alright so first things first you have to understand how video editors work and what we have here are free main areas here on the right we have this what is currently black this is the preview area where we’re gonna be able to preview how our video looks or how the media we import it looks on the bottom here we have the heart of any video editing software this is called the timeline and this is basically where we do all the editing and here on the top left area of the video editor of filmora we have this this place where we can import media play around with some audio files they already have some titles transition effects and other elements that filmora comes with so let’s start importing a couple of media assets that I prepared so I’m just gonna select all of them and then drag and drop them here another way for you to do that is to right click here and just click on import and browse for your files on on your computer or you can just go here where it says file and just import media from your computer and as you can see here the more generates a thumbnail so you can see clearly what is what so for example if I’m looking for the aerial shot I can clearly see it’s this one but for example maybe I want to preview it before adding it to my project then if you just click on it I was just gonna show up here on the right [Music] and you can play back a little and say yeah this is the video that I want to use but in our case I’m just gonna select all of them and drag and drop them here on the timeline it says the resolution or framerate doesn’t match so I’m just gonna say match to media you always want to do that alright and now we have them on our timeline one after another so this this thing right here this is called a playhead and you can just move it around to different points in the video to tell them or you want to preview that place and just start playing the video there for example alright on the timeline you can also use this right here with a minus and plus to zoom in on the timeline or you can just click here and just drag it to the right and to the left for example because we only have three Clips I’m just gonna zoom in all the way to make it easier to manipulate but if your video gets longer right now it’s all the way to 48 40 seconds it says here for example if your video gets longer you might want to zoom out to get an overview of the whole thing but when you edit and fine-tune some details you want to zoom in exactly on the part that you’re interested in so let’s go back to something right now all right now let’s have a look at some basic video editing and how it works this is now the video that we have here and you can do all sorts of things with it once it’s selected you can grab it at the end here and if you want to trim it say for example you only need 10 10 seconds of this right and you want to get rid of the of the out of 5 seconds so you just grab it here in the end and just drag it all the way here and now you basically trimmed it to only 10 seconds you can do exactly the same in the beginning as well say 1 just those like 4 or 5 seconds here in the middle and there you have it now I’m just gonna drag it back because I changed my mind for example another very very useful tool that I use all the time is to split a video in half so what do you want to do is you want to go here where you see the scissors it says split and whenever wherever you put the playhead on the timeline with the video selected it’s just gonna split it right there so as you can see now I have two clips basically so I can just move this around or I can just right click on it and deal it but for example if I made an error and I want to change my mind at anytime you have this button right here that says on do and it’s just gonna make the clip reappear move it back and then there you go back to our initial setting and when you select the clip you have a lot of really interesting tools that you can use here so first let’s have a look at this one right here which is gonna be the speed of the video so this is you can use this to basically make the video in slow motion or just make it much much faster so let’s just say we want to do it at like I don’t know like 4x that’s probably gonna be way too fast but uh yeah let’s have a look at how that feels all right it’s not too bad but let’s say I’m just gonna move it here on top on another layer and let’s just say I actually want it to be in slow motion so let’s just say 0.5 X and it’s gonna be even slower now alright I’m just gonna go click the undo button to go all the way back to normal speed so that’s how you can change the speed of the of the video if you want to another very useful tool that people use all the time is this right here where it says crop right so you don’t want to have this full frame right so I’m just gonna select the ratio here to 16 by 9 and I’m gonna move this around because let’s say for example I just want this part here with the with the road and then I’m gonna click OK and there you go now we are zoomed in and I cropped everything else out of the video now let’s move to another clip this one for example was just an aerial shot that didn’t have any any audio but if we go to the clip where this guy plays the guitar as we can see we have some audio as well as just play it back and see [Music] all right and you can see the audio here underneath the video and you can see it as the waveform and if you grab this line right here you can just play around with the volume and just like make it way more silent for example or of course make it way way louder it’s probably a bit too much another cool thing that you can do is you can grab it here at the end and just do a nice fade out for example right that’s gonna be the volume so let’s just see this let’s just see how that feels like [Music] that’s very very elegant and I suggest you do that for a lot of like at least for the beginning and the end of the video you definitely want to have a fade in and fade out because it’s just much much nicer but the way the way it works here in filmora is the audio track right now is combined with the video track and have a bit more flexibility what you want to do is you want to separate them and the way you do that is you’re right click on it and go here where it says detach audio and now we just move to the audio on a completely different track and now we can just play around with it move it around right left or whatever or just leave it where it was here all right now let’s have a look at properties of the video so for example if I double click on this it’s just gonna take me to the properties of the video where I can play around with a few settings I can rotate this if I want to I can zoom in or zoom out if I want to make it smaller I can just grab this here on the preview window and just move it around and a lot of other cool stuff as well like I’m not gonna go into it but you can also stabilize the footage or just some chroma key like remove the green screen background and that kind of thing but for now I’m just gonna reset it and put it all the way back to how it was a very important thing you have to understand when editing videos is the order of the tracks which is really important right now we only have one video track so all three videos are one after another but what do you want to understand how it works is if for example I have this track on top right so the way the way video editors work is just gonna show you the video that is on top even if underneath it you still see this video it’s gonna be covered by this video of the guy playing the guitar because it’s basically on top however this aerial shot is still underneath this video but it’s covered because this is fullscreen so for example if I make this smaller and just put it in a corner for whatever reason that’s when I can see both videos at the same time to understand this concept maybe a little bit better I’m just gonna reset this and I’m just gonna use this other clip of this is a stock animation clip from video pasty and of course it doesn’t make any sense and this in this combination with the guy playing the guitar but this one is a bit different because being a stock animation clip it means it has a transparent background so you can use with anything you want and I’m just using it right now to explain to you how the other video of the guy hoops the other video of the guy playing the guitar is underneath and it plays at the same time and of course if I move this on top for example it’s just gonna cover it I mean it’s still behind it it’s just that we cannot see it alright so that’s pretty much how track or their works and for for audio it’s for audio it’s pretty pretty simple you can have to order tracks at the same time they’re just gonna play one on top of each other and you’re gonna be able to hear both tracks it’s just gonna be pretty weird all right so I’m just gonna remove this now one cool thing that I want us to have a look at is this part of Fillmore right here where it says audio tiles transitions effects and elements because Fillmore comes with a lot of really really cool elements and the library of things that you can use in your videos to make them nicer so first thing that I want to look at is the transitions right so to do a transition you obviously need two Clips one after another so I’m just gonna drag this here move this right here actually I’m just gonna remove it completely and here we have a lot of different transitions and of course you can just play around preview a lot of them actually if you want to preview any one of those transitions you just gotta select it and just click play here and you know things can go pretty pretty crazy I mean it’s up to you whatever you prefer I mean personally I like to go with very simple transitions usually fades or I don’t know like a push right like this to the right or whatever but you know you do you do whatever you like personally I’ll just go with something fairly simple but for the sake of this video let’s just go with something pretty crazy like this so say we like this mosaic and we won’t apply it to our video so I’m just gonna drag it to the timeline and put it here where those two videos connect so if I put my playhead here and play the video it’s gonna have a very nice and smooth transition and then you can still play around with it maybe you want to make it longer so you just click here and drag it and it’s gonna be much much longer all right it’s probably a bit too long but you get a point another really cool thing you can do in filmora is to add the titles to your video and it doesn’t only have titles it has credit roles lower thirds and some other cool things as well in this example let’s just use a simple title right so I’m just gonna select I don’t know say this one it’s pretty good I’m just gonna drag it here and it looks pretty cool I’m just gonna double click on it now because I want to be able to edit the text here where it says title here I’m just gonna say welcome or film or a tutorial I mean it’s probably covering the rest of it so I’m just gonna say film or off and of course you can play around with with the font make it smaller make it bigger whatever change the phone’s all that kind of thing and then I’m gonna select this other text move it a bit around say tutorial all right click OK and let’s have a preview there you go it’s already animated and it looks super good if you go to audio you can explore this tab as well it has a couple of royalty free music tracks that you can use some sound effects as well it’s up to you just have a look play around there’s absolutely nothing you can break so just feel free to explore next I want to have a look at this tab where it says effects so there’s a lot of things here but again it’s up to you to explore so just to keep things very simple I’m just gonna go for some simple black and white so if I just click on it it’s gonna show a sort of preview first there you go I think that looks pretty good so let’s say I like this this effect I’m just gonna do drag and drop it here and the way the way it works is it’s only gonna cover as much as the video as you tell it to cover so maybe you just want this part right here so as you can see we still have a colored video but here we have it black and white and then it’s gonna become colored again there you go you can just make this as long as the video or just right-click and delete it completely and the last tab that I want us to explore is here where it says elements there’s a lot of interesting things here again feel free to explore or download even more from the film or our website but in our case let’s just have a quick look at a I don’t know like this emoji for example or this one so I’m just gonna select it drag and drop it here on top of our video and let’s have a let’s have a look alright that looks pretty fun and it’s basically super easy to do so say for example I want to keep this emoji a bit longer on screen so I’m just gonna right click on it copy and then move my playhead all the way to the end and just right click here and haste to have this emoji again and I’m just gonna move it all the way here where it snaps automatically and that’s how I’m gonna have the emoji on screen for a bit longer all right another interesting thing that you can do and it’s pretty advanced I’m not gonna go into a lot of details is you can color correct this video for example so let’s just say you select this video and you can go here where we have all the other tools and just click on color correction and this is a bit advanced of course but for the sake of this example I’m just gonna add a bit more temperature to it just make it look more sunny add a bit of magenta as well and just play around with this for example maybe in contrast or whatever remove some of the vibrance and some of the saturation and let’s say we read something that we really like and then you just click OK and it’s gonna apply it or if you want to have some fun you can just go here and play with some color presets and those come from really famous films or series as well as you can see here we got Batman we got Game of Thrones Harry Potter and so on and what’s really cool about this is you can go here and click this button to to see a preview of how it looks with the preset or without or maybe even better you can just go here to have a split view left and right and just see how all the different different presets look like and once you’re happy with the preset just click OK and it’s gonna apply it to your video so that’s pretty much it when you’re done with editing your video you can first of all save the project but you have to understand the difference between saving and exporting when you when you go here on file and click Save it’s just gonna save the project file and for more so you can keep editing it later alright so when you want to export the video what you do is you go here where it says export this green button right here and to be honest I mean there’s a lot of settings you can upload directly to YouTube personally I don’t like to do that but you know it’s up to you if it makes life easier for you what you want to do is most of the times you just want to export as MOV or M before I wouldn’t really touch any of the other formats unless you really know what you’re doing and of course you know give a given name for your video saves to give it a path where you want it to save on your computer and you can also play around settings but again unless you really know what you’re doing I will personally suggest you live this as it is by default or just learn about it a bit later but for now just leave everything as it is and then just click export and of course it’s gonna take a while because exporting videos is pretty pretty heavy on the processor so I’m just gonna cancel it for now and yeah that’s pretty much all of it for this Fillmore online tutorial for beginners I hope you learned a lot of really cool things let me know your thoughts in the comment section below this video if you enjoyed this tutorial be sure to smash that like button it because it really helps without with a youtube algorithm and for more content like this make sure to subscribe to my channel where I publish video marketing and leader production videos all the time and one last thing I want to add if you want to have a quick look at a library of elements that you can use in filmora like stock animation elements like this one you see right here head over to video plastic comm and browse our collection of animation alright my name is ador’d sting from video plasti I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I’ll see you soon [Music] you



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