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yes accept the fact that some guys that Supercop Lundy here in London and I’m here with W motors this is the first hyper car based out of the UAE where I live in Dubai so that’s pretty special we’re not actually in the UAE they’ve brought these cars there to hypercars over to London to show them off the fenya actually just got released at the Geneva Motor Show so I was there to see that launch but here in the UK is the first time that they’re publicly driving this car so this is pretty special we’re going to be given the keys today both of these actually gonna take the pen you’re out for a spin I’m going to turn on the lichen and see how they compare I mean two incredible cars 3.4 million dollars 1.6 billion dollars right here this is exciting so I’m here with Ralph he’s the founder and CEO of W motors and we’ve got his two babies so the first ten are all going to be unique but you can choose all of the different carbon fiber colors you can do the interior trim all differently each one is no different each one has a beautiful beautiful carbon fiber thread which is integrated to it and each one also has the wolf head which is engraved at the back of the car as a small signal that it is the launch edition Spirit of the world what’s the deal with the wolf head where does that come from well the wolf is around yeah w stands for wolf orders Medicaid ever since I was a kid hi whoops yes it’s gonna create so we called the company W movers after and every car we create is a wolf that we bring back to life so the like in comes back from the bellicose which is the beautiful werewolf attack of agree on to try and veneer is the son of nookie and in also Norse mythology and veneer was the most of this ever existed in the legendary minute and we brought the veneer back to life by putting it in this beautiful shell to say this is the most powerful car we ever created today I have no idea there you go guys there’s the back story if you get one of these cars you’re actually saying that it’s a daily drive it is a Billy drug it’s a very comfortable car again easily drive and park it anywhere you want you have the front suspension lift as well you have boot space in the front so we wanted to make sure that these hybrid cars are daily used first so I’ve got a daily use time for gone but that’s what people can say literally yeah it’s a hyper car but I just take it shopping it’s so I’ve been walking around there for a while absolutely gorgeous car we’re gonna actually both get given the keys today and I really try to contain my smile but it’s not really have you driven in London before I have okay okay so we’ve been driving around the last week or so but this will be the first time I’m driving the Fen yer and the first time we’re driving the Ben you’re in London so I’ll have to see how it goes and I hope they’re making like 25 this one they only made seven so this one’s super exclusive and that’s all gone out to the customers you know if you see one you super lucky yeah so that was made in 2012 ya know this even is ago and this was in was a movie that is fast and furious yes very good exactly so don’t 1:7 this one actually gonna make 110 of the Phineas yeah that’s very good you’re like oh I mean with a super exclusive yeah exactly well let’s super light look like you can pretty easily open that car game it looks quite heavy but it’s not yeah no actually it doesn’t look quite bulky but because it’s all carbon yeah I’m assuming it’s super oh hold the door for you can I so what kind of service oh this is very cool these seats are nice yeah they all do it nicely everything’s quite sort of yeah this dashboard is insane something out of a fighter jet yeah that’s true that’s the interior view right there Wow all right you’ve had your turn yeah you know look they’ve got this as well so I’m gonna construct it okay your turn oh yeah it’s quite choppy the seat isn’t it yeah see what I like about it and they say it’s a daily you can tell because it’s quite practical you know you’ve just got to start and stop button you’ve got a couple buttons here and that’s it you know you’re ready to go it’s not like having a massively difficult start sequence when you press that button turn that knob you know with a lot of other hyper cars and libraries yeah so this is a feature in a couple of super cars and hyper cars where the passenger can actually see how fast you’re going that’s the passenger view this is just like an example yeah exactly so the passenger can see how fast you’re going yeah and they can put their fake brake on you know – farts this is exactly the car that you’re gonna get looks-wise nothing much is going to change but it’s still a prototype prototype so it means that they’re still tweaking a few different things so for the moment we’ve got to turn the engine on with the actual key but when you get the car actually you’ll be turning it on with the start button that just goes to show how new this is this is the first experience of driving like so few people have been able to get this this honour to be able to drive it so let’s turn around [Music] this is a flat six engine with 800 horsepower what I know you didn’t see that coming so 800 horsepower to get to 100 kilometers an hour 2.7 seconds that’s ridiculously fast guys you might notice that there’s like no window here in the middle usually you’d be able to see out the back actually they’ve done that on purpose so that is going to be fully enclosed it’s because they have enough mirror space to cover regulations on the side mirrors so the side mirrors are so big that you get to actually see way more than usual so you don’t actually need to see in between you and the passenger seat out the back of the car so look no no mirror here see how massive these mirrors are here on the side of the car that pretty much gives you as much visual cues as you need very cool I’ve never seen this on before so you need to tell me I’ve heard it had some pretty cool features put on it so you can get I think you can get whatever jaws you want to when the guys first wanted this car but they choose whatever jaws they added yes no way and an energy innovation diamonds in this shape okay okay that is so that is insane sorry we need it huh yeah of course he doesn’t want diamonds in their headlights right well I know there’s a cool feature that you just go up I mean is one of the things you don’t know something that’s that first but once you see it it’s so what you notice on the thing here is they’re just suicide right so they just come out here these are actually butterflies suicide we go up and yeah it’s a massive V sunroof this car is actually a manual so the fenya comes automatic and this one is all came manually so yep yeah Wow I’ve never seen so you just push that forward to put it in gear all the way up okay and then all the way back like this so it doesn’t go like this yeah yeah just forward and back I know that’s not kind of like a sequential yeah exactly but look there’s a hole there is a hole here and this is the coolest feature so absolutely nothing happening here at the moment so you could actually just use it as like a candy box or something okay put your favourite snacks in there okay just in the morning just throw tips in there I’m very confused as to why they’ve put a hole yes that it was just a snack spot oh I see yeah boots is a KitKat spot do you have a snack spot in your car that no I don’t see I know it’s kind of one extreme to the other we put diamonds in the front and a snack spot in the middle yeah and then at once you don’t have any snacks left then it turns into a hologram sounds good okay let’s turn on the hologram oh it’s here it’s burning I’m standing on this watch this empty box turning to the road the W comes up that’s in the CL so you made it uh it’s creepy that’s so cool so from this angle I can kind of see like 2 wc though yeah but then it’s straight oh you need to be kind of like right in front of it yeah otherwise on camera you it’s it you look like you can see too but from this particular area you can see one we can now we can go through the playlist we’ll see what we want to want to use look how cool that is [Music] say isn’t that psycho I is one of those things where you don’t even want to ask how it works because on there now let’s accept the fact that we see that [Music] majority of people’s something to look at this car right now are women [Music] let’s activate the spoiler it’s amazing sorts of flat-six with 800 horsepower [Music] [Music] that’s my experience with the fenya and we’re gonna leave it here in London we’ll have to catch up with the phen yer again back in Dubai because of course that’s its home like in we’ll say goodbye to that too for now please like and subscribe to my channel guys to see more amazing cars around the world love you guys so much thank you so much for your support and we’ll see your [Music]

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