Falling Away to the Antichrist || The Antichrist-Spirit || In The World Today 2019

Falling away to the Antichrist now Paul here is outlined two frightful things that will strike the church just prior to the Lord’s coming Jesus said it this Paul said Jesus will not come until these two awful things happen and they’re going to happen also in the church two things number one a great falling away the great apostasy in the church secondly a spirit of Antichrist overcoming many who are backsliding a spirit of Antichrist possessing many who were in the church now folks for years we’ve been preaching and teaching about the coming Antichrist and we’ve been expecting a man the son of perdition some have speculated that that man has already been born that he’s somewhere on the earth now and perhaps even a man and soon to take power now is there such a man as an antichrist I say yes there is a man of Antichrist he’s going to come one day and he’s going to be well received and I’ll tell you why he’s going to be well received he gonna be well received even by many who were Christians who have been prepared for his coming and he’s going to be revealed and the only reason he’s not revealed now it’s not his time and Holy Ghost is holding it back but one day the Holy Ghost will lift his restraining hands this man will be revealed he’ll be incarnated by Satan he will demand and receive the worship of mankind and then when his work is finished his time is done the Bible said he’s going to be consumed with the mouth of our holy God but there is an antichrist spirit just as surely as the Spirit of Jesus Christ abides in us description because your son’s God has sent forth the spirit of his son into your hearts crying Abba Father now we have a Christ the Living Christ who is a man now in glory he has flesh he has bone he has hair he has eyes he’s the Living man because he still got his manhood even though he is God he’s a man in glory he is there and we are here but it’s Barrett is here we are living through the spirit I live yet not i but christ lives in me who lives me the Spirit of Christ there is a man anti-crisis you know to Christ in the world Jesus placed the Lord an antichrist antichrist has the spirit there is a spirit of Antichrist that is even now moving in the world preparing for the coming of this man just as sure as you as a believer have the Spirit of Christ in you there are people today that are absolutely possessed of the spirit of Antichrist and I’m going to show you today how how it is overpowering many churches and that some churches believe it or not are directed by the spirit of Antichrist Paul warns that there is coming false prophets who will preach another gospel and another Jesus that other Jesus is the Antichrist and they’re going to be of the spirit of Antichrist and they’re going to be many apostate Christians in the last days but folks while we’ve been looking for this man Satan has been creeping in and by his Spirit preparing you see Antichrist is not going to suddenly appear on the scene and try to overwhelm mankind Antichrist is not going to come and try to influence people by the time he is pum there will have been first a triple because Paul the Apostle said that spirit is already at work it was at work in the primitive Church it’s been working now it’s up to a stream it’s up to an ocean flow and the Bible says by the time the Antichrist is revealed he will have already prepared no heart for his coming they will receive him how will many receive him why would certain so-called Christians backslidden apostate everett turned to the entered place because they are his body of his spirit and like-minded and he now in the world preparing parts to receive him when he comes and there are some sitting here now believe it or not who are going to if should the other place be revealed in our time are going to quickly openly receive the answer Christ because you have already had the seed the spirit of Antichrist planted in your heart and we’ll go on with it here Paul said for the mystery of iniquity doth already work it’s already at work the spirit of Antichrist Paul said is already at work he’s already moving he’s already taking position he’s already coming into power I want you going to first John please second chapter first John first John verse 15 begin to read with me love not the world neither the things that are in the world if any man love the world the love of the father’s not in him for all that is in the world the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes and the pride of life is not of the Father but is of the world but the world passes away and the lust thereof but he that do the will of God abideth forever now listen to this little children it is the last time how many believe that I’m gonna believe this lesson folks if it was the last time when Paul wrote this our John wrote this can you imagine how late it is now almost 2,000 years later how much closer tell me more real is this text little children it’s the last time you’ve heard that Antichrist shall come even now there are what many Antichrist whereby we know that is last time it means that there are many that have been infiltrated and possessed by the spirit of Antichrist the spirit of Antichrist John is saying it’s already moving it’s in many hearts the spirit of Antichrist there are many not not the man not many added place but the spirit of Antichrist in many know in this passage Sean is telling us those whose hearts are still in love with the world those who are still bound by lust have opened themselves to the spirit of Antichrist the lust of the flesh the lust of the eye the pride of life is not of the Father who’s it up it’s of the Antichrist there are many that are still given over to that I want you to go to verse 22 who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ he is what Antichrist that deny have the father the son look at me please anyone John is saying who has not come under the total lordship of Jesus Christ it’s open itself to the spirit of Antichrist if you sit here this morning and he is not Lord of everything in your life you haven’t given him a portion of your life you’re serving him 90% but he is not totally Lord in your life you have denied him you’ve denied his lordship it’s not that you go around cursing his name but you have denied him you have not believed to him for full salvation you have believed and trusted him for half salvation you are not serving him with all your heart and mind and soul and body you have opened yourself according to John to the inroads the in making of the Antichrist spit it into your heart this is so very very clear whosoever denieth the son the same hath not the father but he that acknowledgeth the son hath the son father all is not just to say well I babe Jesus with God in flesh it’s saying Jesus you are God in flesh in me with all power and all authority over left over sin and everything else and I yield to your lordship those who are righteous who worship God in spirit and truth are the prime targets of the antichrist spirit verse four who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God or that is worshipped look at me Greece this spirit of Antichrist is opposed to those who walk closely with the Lord Jesus Christ those who walk with God in intimacy and those who are worshipers this is what the devil is after this is what the answer Christ wants for himself and he’s going to come against everybody he’s going to come against every true believer who walks in the intimacy of Jesus place he’s going to come against you with everything the Antichrist possesses that spirit that invading spirit he’s going to come against you and try to attack you and try to get you to stop worshiping he’ll try to stop your instance messing with the Father he’ll try to give you doubt and fear about the advocacy of the cross of Jesus Christ he will do everything to make inroads to hinder your worship there’s nothing to devil once in this church more than the worship to kill and destroy worship that’s what he wants in you more than anything else he will do anything he not to get you to be a drug addict an alcoholic prostitute he’s not trying to get you to lie and stealing kerfs he’ll do that only if it disturbs your worship he’ll do it only to rob god of his place he’s after worshipers and if you’re a worshiper to worse but don’t be surprised when all that everything out of help comes against you when they addict white spirit comes and tries to knock you away don’t be surprised by it who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God and all that is worship Paul warns that a spirit of lawlessness that is at work in the world and in the church and we know and now we know that what withholdeth that he might be revealed in his time verse 6 look at it we know what withholdeth that he might be revealed in his time what who is withholding the Antichrist from taking over the whole nation in the whole world right now the Holy Ghost the Holy Spirit who abides in you not the Holy Spirit in some cosmic atmosphere but the Holy Ghost in the church the Holy Ghost in you and I and it’s this church and other Holy Ghost Church and Holy Ghost people that are holding back the a dark ray of hell and Satan in the city they talked about the time rate going down or up but if the Holy Ghost was lifted from this church and other churches this city would be a raging hail right now because the stench of Hell is already in our schools the stench of Hell is in our courts the stench of Hell is in our churches and can you imagine or be that the Holy Ghost begins to step aside and see be revealed so Holy Ghost holding back the storm once you go to second feeder 2nd Peter the 2nd chapter folks let me tell you something listen to me for you before you read it careless lazy Christians are going to be overcome they’re not gonna be able to stand you’re careless about reading your Bible you’re careless about the things of God today folks the perilous times that are coming and the closer you see Jesus says closer we get to its coming is going ever-increasing light and folks there’s ever-increasing revelation ever-increasing power of the Antichrist is being released by the devil right now before the full revelation of the death of the Antichrist because when he comes these comets it will be the last step like stepping through a piece of tissue paper it will all been prepared the hearts are ready are prepared for his revelation he’s not going to have to prepare anything the devil will have already prepared the spirit of Antichrist we’ve already accomplished his will and sadly many Christians are going to be overcome I want you to start reading with me verse the second chapter 2nd Peter verse 17 he’s speaking to the church and certain ones in the church these are wells without water clouds that are carried with a tempest to whom the mist of Darkness is reserved forever for when they speak great swelling words of vanity they allure through the lust of the flesh through much wantonness those that were clean escaped from them who live in error while they promise them Liberty they themselves are the servants of corruption but if whom of a man is overcome the same as he brought into bondage now listen to this work if after they have escaped the pollutions of the world to the knowledge of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ these people claim to be saved to the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ you see that and then it says then they are again entangled therein and overcome the latter end is worse with them than the beginning now folks listen to me there are going to be Christians overcome by the spirit of Antichrist at work right now they’re gonna be overcome these are those who’ve escaped the pollutions of the world who are delivered by the power of God through the knowledge of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ but now they’ve turned aside for it been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness they’ve knew the way they knew the way of righteousness then after they have known it to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them that’s happened unto them according to the true proverb the dog has turned to his own vomit again the style that was washed to her wallowing in the mire how many look at me please how many do you know who turned away from God and they’re going back to their old habits they’ve gone back to the old world folks I’m gonna tell you you don’t just backslide you don’t just fall away from the Lord you know he it has to be talking about the church because what does the sinner have to fall away from he can’t fall away from anything he’s already in the pit the only falling away of those who have something you don’t just fall away from Jesus you fall into something it’s not just a falling away it’s falling into you follow away from clay and you fall into the spirit of Antichrist no one simply backslides it’s a falling into something falling into the spirit that’s in the world trying to take control now folks listen to me John proves that the spirit of Antichrist is perfectly at work in the church I want you to go to 1st John 4 now first John 4 verse 3 and every spirit that confesses not that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is not of God and this is that what spirit of Antichrist that’s what I’ve been talking about we’re off you have heard that it should come and even now what it’s in the world it’s in the world now John said you’ve heard that the Antichrist is coming you heard a man is going to come and be worshipped but he said wake up that spirit it is already at work and he’s talking to the church that spirit is already here the spirit of anak place does at work even now already in the world that spirit of Antichrist go back to second Thessalonians so that the verse for who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God or that is worshipped so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God showing himself that He is God now folks look at me quick look into Jerusalem good look into the rebuilding of the temple where this man is going to come in and set himself up he’s already on the throne he’s already in his temple say what what is the temple what is the devil go to first Corinthians third chapter did you know he was going to sit in the temple of God and show himself to be God how many know that he said he’s going to be revealed he going to sit in the temple of God and show himself to be God all right first Corinthians third chapter first verse 16 no you’re not that you are what the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you go to chapter 6 familiar Scripture but I want to show you something verse 19 what no you’re not that you’re this is of first Corinthians what know you not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you which you have of God and you’re not your own go to 2nd Corinthians 6 did you want to establish this well in your mind you’re familiar with it and what agreement has the temple of God with idols for ye are the Temple of the Living God as God hath said I will dwell in them and walk in them that will be their people and they shall be my people look at me please how can such an incredible awful frightful thing happen that at one time the Living God set on his throne ruling and reigning in a vessel how is it now that the Holy Ghost is departed be that careful that throne of the heart has been vacated through lust through pride your covetous to gossip to slander to all of the things that we’ve been warned about time after time after time how is it that we have many Christians who will grow careless who don’t look righteously before him anymore and how is it that the spirit of Antichrist has moved in now and taken over and according to this second vessel in the second chapter he now sits in his temple show himself to be God in other words he is in control he is absolutely in control there is always going to be a Christ on your throne I don’t care where you are serving Jesus or serving ago there will always be a Christ on this throne and we’ve a Jesus Christ the Lamb of God or the Antichrist there will be of Christ every man walking these streets has a Christ on his throne we know the Antichrist is in full control of the secular media all secular television theater all the networks all the printed material all now are under the control of the spirit of Antichrist what glue pedantic price could sow bias the American press it’s so biased the editors and the writers and the actors so that abortion is called a right rather than a sin well but the Antichrist could justify now euthanasia did you hear recently newspaper psychiatrist now in United States who believes in euthanasia killing off the old and infirm he’s willing to kill off anybody who’s mentally ill who banana Christ as a killer killed off the old enemy enthroned if we ought to be shocked in the United States because in the Philippines and in Asia they honor their revered their old folks those are all very the year here we want to tell them public the spread of antic place could be behind it cooper nanak christ could mock everything at sacred and holy and worshiped in filthy movies and wicked vile programs on television the attic price is producing mtv literally the antichrist spirit is in full control of Fox television I I read I don’t watch that stuff that because uh I don’t have television but MTV from what I read and Fox television in a newspaper you just look at some of the reviews and some of the absolute filth hope what the Antichrist hope that the spirit of Antichrist could be behind it and folks he’s getting bolder and bolder our society is on the brink of becoming a raging half but sadly that same Antichrist spirit is moving rapidly into the Church of Jesus Christ we talked about the gates of Hell not prevailing against the church but folks you’ve got to know that he’s talking about a certain church an overcoming holy remnant search he’s not talking about that great first myth that’s out there being ruled and reigned by the spirit of Antichrist he’s talking about a particular Church called out from the world only that search will prevail the gates of Hell will not touch that church I’m telling you right now all over the United States the spirit of Antichrist is absolutely establishing churches that’s exactly what this new outsider friendly gospel is all about who but the Antichrist would go out door to door and knock on doors and say do you go to church no well what would you like to church to be like so we can get you to come and based on a survey people want they don’t want sermons so they have skits they don’t want two hours they want one hour and they want no conviction and so what we have now is another gospel with no cross no repentance no judgment but you all have to sit down be food in your sins and you’re talking about the grace and the mercy of God but nothing of his judgment nothing of hell nothing but heaven and mercy and grace has become a license to sin oh but the Antichrist will build a church on a survey what would you think if I went up I went up the streets I found all the kids that are playing what get from school they don’t go to school you say well what kind of school would you like so I’ll build a school that you would like but you tell me what you want in a school you know we have two hours a day three days a week one two three o’clock no lectures 15 minutes no algebra no calculus no science and we want nothing but pizza and snacks under and we want no lectures we want no laws no rules we want to come and go as we please we want no grades we could have the biggest school in New York in every drop out would run I could go all over write books and tell everybody about the successful speed in New York that was designed on a survey with teenagers dropping out of school so now when they’ve been prepared for nothing it’s not prepared to live what are preachers going to do when they stand before the throne of God and these people not been prepared for eternity they don’t even have their own a message on hell you ever had a reproving messy what’s going to happen when those preachers stand before God it’s a Daniel thing from the pits of hell it’s the Edit quite spirit full but Antichrist can tell people they can drink from two cups the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons first Corinthians 10 hoped I would tell you something as long as I’m in this pulpit not be one person and I know that Q a brother Carter we will not babysit these people you’re gonna here know how to God first with his ten verse 20 but I say that the things with the Gentiles sacrifice they sacrifice the Devils and not to God no I would not that you should have fellowship with Devils you cannot drink the cup of the Lord in the cup of devils you can’t be protectors of the Lord’s table in the table of devils did we provoke the Lord to jealousy are we stronger than he you know folks I have a pastor friend who just did lights the gap and tell this congregation if you’re a reading with touring price you can handle all of this stuff he’s talking about movies he talking about television talk if you’re mature you can handle it no folks it’s not a matter of handling it it’s a matter that you can’t have fellowship with Devils it’s a matter you can’t drink out of two cups you drink the Lord’s cup or the devil’s puff you can’t sip out of both sides you say pastor that it’s scary how can a Christian be overcome by the spirit of Antichrist well there are two causes Paul gives in second Thessalonians go back please to second Thessalonians cause number one now folks if you’re ever going to be given over to the spirit of Antichrist here are the reasons I’m going to give you two they received not the love of the truth verse 10 and with all deceivableness of unrighteousness them that perish why because they received not the love of the truth that they might be saved now look this way please verse 12 says and they all be damned who believed not the truth most Christians simply endure the truth and don’t appropriate it to their hearts we please go to Jeremiah the fifth chapter folks um preach a new Bible chapter five verse one run run you to and fro through the streets of Jerusalem to see now and no one seek in the broad places there if you can find a man if there be any that executed judgment that seeketh the truth and I’ll pardon it and though they say the Lord liveth surely they swear falsely Oh Lord are not thine eyes upon the truth now is stricken them that they’ve not grieved that’s consumed them but they’ve refused to receive correction they have made their faces harder than Iraq they’ve refused to return look at me please this this is so very vital God’s sake German go find me some man go find me anybody that just has a heart for the truth oh pardon that one now use but he said look what’s happening the people they say that they love me they say that I rule in their flies but he says they don’t receive correction anymore they don’t want to be reproved there’s anger in their heart they’re not dreaming at the preaching of the word when it cuts to the mayor of the bone they call it anger and in verse 30 said they’re not stricken they don’t grieve they refuse to receive correction they’ve made their horses hearts harder than a rock they say the Lord lives in me most people sitting here this morning would say well I love God’s Word I I haven’t lost my love for the word of God let me give you three ways to determine whether or not you have the love of the Word of God in your heart first of all you have lost your love for the Word of God if it’s a difficult job for you to get to church and you’re bored and you don’t look for it and you no longer look forward to the assembling of yourself with believers the scripture said forsake not the assembling of yourselves together as the manner of some is but exhorting see the Day approaching the Lord is saying the closer we are to the coming Lord the more perilous the times the more important it is that you gather with God’s people there are some that gets so excited they just love coming to church they come every time the doors are open now I know some of you have family obligations you have job obligations and God understands that I’m talking about those who sit at home those who become boring they don’t want to hear the message anymore they’re just bored it the house of God is not alive to them anymore they drag themselves if you’re dragging yourself to this church god help you you’re opening yourself to the spirit of Antichrist the second way you can know that you’re losing your love is by reading someone else’s name into the message instead of your own you’re gonna hear a breaking powerful message say oh thank god he’s finally reaching brother song so thank God sister Smith he got it he’s getting it God parted on her how many of you have taken this message to heart right now how many you being moved and convicted in your own heart and you’re not thinking about anybody else you’re saying God for the word into my heart sign number three when we proof angers you rather than humbles you but you’ve said it not all my counsel you did not want my reproof you despised all my reproof proverbs correction is Grievous unto those who forsake the way I’ve heard people say all I’ve heard said it brother Carter’s messages like mine it’s too hard he’s angry oh you better believe we are angry at the devil and sin and everything it would attack God’s people because we’re shepherds we’re King greedy at that and not at people but the Bible said correction is Grievous to those that were saved away and he that hated reproof shall die he that hated three proofs will die all right let me cause number one is it’s a loss of love for the Word of God clause number two verse 12 that they all might be damned who believed not the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness look at me please your madness plays your madness folks I’m coming near the end but I’ve got to get this into your heart if you will please that they had pleasure in unrighteousness I want to prove to you right now that in the last days that the lovers of pleasure are going to be more inside the church that outside the church when we think of lovers of pleasure were thinking of cambers and we’re thinking of prostitutes we’re thinking of drug addicts we’re thinking of the jet-set we’re thinking of those that are out in the bars and the racetracks we’re thinking all the levers of plays over there I don’t what the Bible says second Timothy just turn right few pages third chapter 2nd Timothy 3 first one this know also that in the last days perilous times have come for men shall be lovers of their own selves covetous boasters proud blasphemers disobedient to parents unthankful unholy without natural affection trucebreakers false accusers incontinent fierce despisers of those that are good traitors heady highminded lovers of pleasures more than lovers of god having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof from such turn away look at me listen to this list blasphemers unholy truth breakers false accusers fierce traitors in God’s house this is in God’s house folks that’s what Paul is talking to Timothy about they should be where these are going to be this is going to be the spirit of Antichrist in the last days they’re going to be those who are in love with their places the places of on righteousness the places of unrighteousness he said because of this this Antichrist spirit is going to come in because they don’t know the truth and because they’re given over to the love of blasier now it says more than the love of God it intimates that there’s a major of the love of God but there’s more of the love world he’s talking about so-called believers and folks if you sit here this morning you have not laid down the pleasures of this world and he’s talking about the places of unrighteousness I would before I close I have to get this off my heart listen to me now because you you will stand on the before the judgment seat and I’m gonna be there when you pass under the right you go ahead and you go to the show go to a movie pluck down your five or six dollars and you sit there and listen to me good enough you sit there and you sit there well there’s blood and violence and you sit there well the name of Jesus Christ is cursed and mocked and run through the mud and trampled and the name of your holy God is cursed and I’m going to tell you what you’ve done you’ve just drunk from the cup of the devil your fellowship with demons and you’ve provoked God to jealousy and you have supported the Antichrist spirit and the Antichrist spirit that Satan Satan sees where you’re at he knows where you’re sitting in the seat of the ungodly and you’re gonna sit there and you’re gonna take that you rent a movie and put it in your VCR now folks I’m not standing here saying in our office we have VCRs and we watch the tapes that come in we are taping this right now on on video I’m not against that I’m not talking about that I’m talking about when you go and you go past those dirty movies are even pg-13 now even P G’s cursed the name of Jesus do you not even have the grace to get up and walk out you’ll sit there you wouldn’t sit down up and curse your wife or your husband you would sit down and curse your they named your children like that you would get up and scream and say stop it and run out and yet you’ll sit there and let the name of your Christ be mange sit in front of television and watch Phil filthy rocky stuff and let that spit of Anna Christ seep into your soul provoking the Lord to jealousy you know what it is it’s called a sacrifice to the devil that’s what God calls it a sacrifice to demons god help us they’re gonna be just a precious body Paul says who are going to rise up against the spirit of Antichrist and they’re gonna stand strong they will never be overcome they’re gonna overcome the world the flesh the devil they’re gonna overcome the wicked when the Bible says hallelujah verse 13 2nd thessalonians 2nd chapter but we are bound to give thanks always to god for you here’s that special people brethren beloved to the Lord because God has from the beginning chosen you to salvation through what sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth oh look look every just a minute I really believe that this church the great majority that are sitting here this morning you’re here because you love the truth you’re not afraid to be reproved and it because of that God sanctifies your spirit he sanctifies your mind he can fix you when you’ve done wrong so that you don’t run out there say well everything is alright but you examine your heart before the Holy Ghost the word a sharp two-edged sword Pierce’s and it heals you hallelujah wherefore he called you by our gospel to the obtaining of the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ therefore brethren stand firm or fast and hold the traditions which you’ve been taught by word of our epistle or our epistle now our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God even our Father which have loved us given us everlasting consolation and good health through grace comfort your hearts and establish you and every good word in hallelujah folks keep your heart open to the word love the Word of God God will establish you when that addict Christ spirit comes in like a flood the Word of God lifts up a standard against it cannot make an inroad to you the wicked this world becomes the more righteous you will become in the name of the Lord gonna give you one last verse Psalms 125 I want to take this promise home with you Psalms 125 folks you got to memorize this first three verses they’d the trust in the Lord shall be his Mount Zion which cannot be removed let the devil raise let the edifice spirit come you won’t be moved because you’re on the Word of God hallelujah verse 2 as the mountains are round about Jerusalem so the Lord is around about his people from henceforth even forever listen to this for the rod of the wicked that’s the rod of the Antichrist the rod of the wicked shall not rest upon the lot of the righteous lest the righteous put forth their hands unto iniquity look at me he’s got a rod that means Authority but his authority and his power in his reign will not come upon the righteous so not rest upon you but God said I’ll give you power and authority you will not be overcome by Satan you will overcome the world and all overcome this is the faith that overcomes the world even even the Testament overcomes the world even our faith you

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