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Yeah wizard if somebody who leaves his body and then go out doing things for Satan because there’s a lot of slavery with you called it seems you caught the whole system that Satan has is based on slavery that’s right you’re right all right because you don’t do this out of your world power the moment you leave the body we become controlled by a higher spirit and then you’re like I said we’re sleeves to look to them whether you like it or not witch doctor and the man finds Jesus Christ Bishop Kenko knows an awful lot there’s more we could do a whole series of talks about different kinds of demons demonic anointings inherited curses where they are that we’re going to get in a minute to the to the spirits under the sea well let me just ask you this about to see is there a kingdom under the sea you just please up at all City I’m gonna see the eyes natural eyes cannot behold it but if I have never seen a city where is organized and and and well arranged beautiful like I see the city another scene I’ll tell you I when I was there travel extensively through the whole world and I’m here to find an organized city a city that is well organized and well arranged and we lead and the beauty are never seen some before very beautiful but in cemeteries and the 274 I have seen a computer working unless they achieve the city under siege when you get there everything that I will tell you it is computerized you name it and that is where I learned all the demons and the activities they be more in charge of speed of accident Gog and Magog let me ask you a question about is this city I mean obviously our people in the water or is it is there an opening where there’s air I mean how it’s a spiritual thing unless you you you turn into a spirit unless you wear which a without something you come look it’s under the sea and natural eyes under the sea you see water but when you get into the spirit you will see that there’s no water is a city you cannot behold with your your your your not price I see but these spirits under the sea and their computers they keep track of people here on on the surface that’s right that’s right they know who you see romantic people a lot of a lot of support always thought you can become a president do you deal how to approve from under the sea well I know this that with what we do here I we get a lot of interference we get a lot of attacks on our computers I think being in your you know the business your family was in I think you’ve seen all these things but I don’t think people even realize that that there’s a lot of people amongst us who go to those places yes a lot a lot a lot and a lot of people and when you expose it it becomes a big proven that can mother a devil and his people is agents start start are looking for you like you said and that’s and that was you know something I’d known as a child and you know that’s what I really started fighting this whole reality was I realize it’s not just another world but then again they have access to the Stars already the people here think Bishop can’t go that they that we haven’t yet known the mystery of the UFOs the aliens the different places and planets you can go the different worlds and see cities and undersea cities and underground cities they don’t realize that all this has been established for almost forever it seems that they they’ve been doing this all the time while the rest of us have been sitting here like slaves right let’s leave it right I because of my personal and contact with them I’m able to describe them and to tell you what they exactly mean what it to who is behind this with behind act and tells where the bubbles is we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities against powers against rulers of darkness it is actually describe the hierarchy and the kingdom of it because all the opposing forces all the negative forces all the English spirit is being controlled by Satan himself now after Satan the next in command is what we call the principality it acid in a barrel when we after the Principality the next in command is what we call powers then after powers the lesson command is the blueness of decrees and after rulers of darkness then the one father is a spiritual wickedness in high places and Morada I have our group idea only four in number just for and and one principality know by the word principality control fifty thousand demons plus numerous uncountable whispers for destruction and they just one principality powers are eighteen number powers they are eight and one power confuse twenty thousand demons plus numerous uncountable the respect for this destruction and negative in the happiness in this world they make sure that they design it they make sure that they strategy this day they strategize it they make sure that they wonder finish what they do that they had over everything that they have planned two powers the powers they add as a law-enforcement agencies they unfold the destruction that make sure that whatever they have planned and they have achieved it come to pass whether we like it or not Spanish III so powers are the policemen they enforce the destruction they make sure they want to destroy the whole of America transpose you don’t destroys their plan how to go they complain with a Katrina they can burn with fire they can plant dead after they have finished their planet they have over every document everything to power and whatever I will do is that they’ll make sure that there is fire they’ll measure others wind they will make sure that disaster strike you so when you get into the app that the very lawyer to say that and we are very very efficient that’s why be awakened be a lawyer and very very committed and very very efficient now the reason why even worse is that apart from the spiritual being that I’ve mentioned Satan has a human agent lives without Jonathan he has his human eating living with without so the human can’t help the spirit whooping carry out the activities of season that is why it becomes easy for Satan when he want to destroy let me tell you how the 9/11 came not the sake of heaven is where the spirit flow will get even higher places of is the fact that the second happens where all the space Brooke programming and all the demonic computers have been set up wanna talk about psychic computers that is way happens psychic psychic computers here psychic computers that is where it is and then if if they want to destroy America yes hey what did they do that the higher agents of the higher agent of Satan to the next let’s show less less let’s teach America let lesson so they will not send a petition Christian in the second heaven via B’s and the second heaven now Satan would take this petition and invite them and they’ll give them the reason why did they want this to session took to go on telling people in this nation they belong to a particular group every month they sacrifice not leather six babies and not less than F four teenagers so every month every day people are getting missing in another state of America and they are say so which we scrub involves be assured which got involved they are they are they are they are they are world so what else what happens that when they are operating the Livia body and you couldn’t do what everybody want to do if they want to bring death to a person it easy if they want to start passing within families it is very easy if you want to manipulate somebody is very easy if they want to man manipulate you to commit suicide by hanging yourself of our technical with our easy and they can do something in the spirit you you know she she all is she all where she oh she she all the realm of the dead yes she’ll see or ears well it says that there’s description that connects it it’s a revelation basically it’s you say that this same scriptures used in revelation 22 as a description of Satan the scripture links the sea serpents with Sheol and underground abode of departed spirits alright so the spirits of the dead are wandering around she’ll which means a place of inquiry to bring fear into the hearts of men that they would repent by the storms of life to the gentle breeze of the Holy Spirit right so she all and the undersea world is connected chronic but Augsburg revelation 22 and then of course you go on then with a with a talk about is the devil real well according to most Christian churches I’m told that Satan and all that and too much talk about Satan they say oh that’s not real she that I’m saying that he has been able to enter into some of the churches and cause cause of confusion not the purple has not stopped talking about Satan he says we wrestle not I play against flesh and blood he goes had to say but against principalities against powers against risk of backlash and stroke it s in the higher places also you talk about in the book sea behemoths in other words giant monsters either literally monsters out of the sea they are big bad monsters this Jamo monsters are out at em in this sea and then delivered them as c’mon dude please ask away just they come and do all these things before the real demon comes and what about the W do they come to destroy your spiritual vitality and and then also measure of measure that of your spectral fiber it is been broken so that one Doozers have been broken down you get people to safety servers not loaded obviously people that’s going to blow their minds what he’s saying is it a lot of demonic attack what you think is demonic isn’t even the demons yet yes very much they’re not you’re not seeing the really bad stuff yet those of you yeah that’s right that’s right and you say something the first chapter of your book we you say basically anything but Jesus whether it’s pan Krishna Diana Thor anything the all these gods there’s one person behind it that Satan yes people believe that if they come out if they walk into that Jesus won’t protect them so they don’t take the chance that’s right exactly they because they don’t it’s a leap of faith isn’t it I mean as they say we have to you know we can only walk by faith we really we trust that Jesus is the net and he’s the safety net but I just found that people when they really love the Lord what happens is that they’re happy to live and happy to die that’s right to suffer for the Crucified one you’re right.

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