Expert finds unusual change in votes; 2020 election reverses traditional American values: Professor

Nov 23, 2020

00:00 Data Scientist Discovers Unusual Change in Votes In the weeks since the US election, a UK data scientist has been uncovering what she calls suspicious cases relating to the vote-counting system.
She says she found that votes were added unexpectedly and even taken away.
We spoke with her to hear about what she suspects is going on. 02:04 Current Election Reverses Traditional American Values: Professor Victor Davis Hanson is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institute, a professor, and conservative pundit.
He spoke about how pollsters, the internet, and new election rules have “reversed the concept of what it was to be an American.” 06:00 Leftist Strategy Similar to Lenin, Mao: Analyst A Democratic Socialist congresswoman’s recent Twitter post is sparking controversy.
She’s asking people to archive supporters of President Trump.
Joshua Philipp is an investigative journalist with The Epoch Times and the host of Crossroads.
He said that this phenomenon, as well as some strategies used by political groups in the United States today, echo the actions of all communist movements when they tried to seed/spread revolution.

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