Evidence of The Tower of Babel

[Music] in 1 chronicles 12:32 we read about the sons of Issachar who had understanding of the times and I want to ask us do we have understanding of the times do we know what is happening in our Western world we see the collapse of the Christian fabric the collapse of the Christian worldview why is that because a foundation has been removed and the structure is collapsing what foundation the foundation of the authority of the word of God it’s about time God’s people went out there unashamedly uncompromising least oould in the Word of God and said this is what it’s all about proclaimed the gospel of Jesus Christ show that we can defend our faith if we start standing on the Word of God that’s what’s gonna change this nation or I will welcome everyone I’m gonna be talking today about the subject of the Tower of Babel my name is Bodie Hodge I’ve been working at the Ministry of Answers in Genesis about 18 years now and you know I’ve loved every minute of it but I wanted to let you guys know something right off the bat here we had an Easter conference that was planned but due to the coronavirus situation of course conferences and things like that are taboo right now just you know there’s going to be more than 10 people with something like that so we had to cancel that now what we’ve decided to do was go ahead and have an Answers Easter event we’re gonna do it all online and so we as different speakers are going to be presenting and you can look forward to that April 10 through 12 so it’s gonna be exciting we got Ray Comfort I’m gonna be there Ken Ham we actually have quite a few people you can find out a little bit more on our website Answers in Genesis org but I want to let you know that right up front here that’s again April 10th through the 12th at our babble I actually love this subject I’ve studied the subject of the tower Babel oh my goodness probably 10 15 years now and a great amount of detail written a book on it I’ve actually written quite a few articles done a lot of research on it a lot of rabbit trails around it too believe it or not I’ve read books that were over 800 pages on royal genealogy so I’ll tell you what it was some really boring but for those nuggets that you’re finding they’re really incredible but it’s interesting too because we have people from all over the world that watch these and you know I automatically say the tower Babel that’s what I grew up with a lot of people in the United States say that although there are some in the United States that say the Tower of Babel if you go over to England which I toured over there a couple of times it was not Babel it was Babel it’s like that in Australia number of different places and I actually looked up well what’s the proper way to say it and come to find out you can say it either way here in the United States the merriam-webster dictionary allows us to do that you go over to England and place it you know like the Oxford Dictionary it’s it’s Babel but you know what I realized after I studied this and looked at how they pronounce Babel and all these different languages you could say it that many different ways coming out of Babel and they were all correct so it’s kind of interesting when you think about that being a word a culture that’s heavily influenced by secular worldview you know I don’t really have to tell you that we see it in textbooks it’s on kids programming it’s in kids books it’s in journals it’s all over the place a secular worldviews really started to dominate and that actually affects the way people look at the Tower of Babel for example the secular timeline here they have essentially there was nothing no time or space something pops into existence from nothing rapidly explodes or spans that’s called the Big Bang they claim this happened about 13 to 15 billion years ago as the story goes you get the Sun and the stars forming the earth and the moon finally forming it the first oceans then through random processes chemicals come together and form the first life and it evolves further and further further to where you get some sort of monkey-like creature then you get some sort of a plight creature and then you get humans and modern Apes that sort of thing that’s what the secular story is we see this all the time it was taught by people like Charles Darwin it was taught by people like Jean Lamarck even some of the old Epicureans believe some things similar to this if you go back to Greek mythology so it’s nothing new and it’s still floating around and yet we have it dominating much of the Western world in today’s culture now one of the things that Charles Darwin himself taught was that people evolved out of Africa and the reason he people he taught people evolved out of Africa was because that’s where we find the Apes the great apes are there and so he’s well we had to have evolved from these Apes these these creatures over there so here’s what he said in his book The Descent a man it is therefore probable that Africa was formerly inhabited by extinct Apes closely allied to the gorilla and chimpanzee and as these two species are now man’s nearest allies it is somewhat more probable that our early progeny lived on the African continent than elsewhere now ever since he taught that that view has really started to popularize in our culture saying that people evolved out of africa and then had to go to different parts of the world all of a sudden the tower Babel came under attack the account in Scripture where everybody was originally at this one general place right there at Babel and they were scattered by God now the sudden act was called into question because of Darwin’s view here and so we’ve seen the reflects of that now what’s interesting if you take the line from Africa they have it going up basically to where the Tower of Babel was and then people going all over the place if you just reverse that one line boy they have it right there with what the Bible would say but of course an evolutionary worldview is errant Big Bang is errant I do not believe those things I believe Scripture God created all things in six days which is not a problem for an all-powerful God and there was a worldwide flood which accounts for most of the rock layers that contained fossils those are not evidence of millions and billions of years as people came off of the Ark the Lord told him to be fruitful multiply and fill the earth instead the descendants of Noah came together and built a city and tower and said let’s not be scattered they tried to defy God God came down confused their language and scattered them abroad to the face all over the earth so where did everyone come from the ultimate answer there I kind of gave you the hint at that they all go back ultimately to Noah and ultimately to Adam and Eve I mean that’s what we get when we read the scriptures Adam was the first man Eve is a mother of all the living only eight people survived the flood according to the book of Jude and what’s fascinating about all this I actually think I might have been Peter I’m trying to get getting my scripture references here confused but eight people survived the flood they come off the ark of course they start to have children they end up at Babel and from there people went all over the world you see there’s no greater authority than God in His Word Hebrews 6:13 says when God made a promise to Abraham because he can swear by no one greater he swore by himself there is no greater authority than God and by extension his word comes with the authority of God himself so when it comes down to did people evolve out of Africa and come from there or do they come from Noah and at the region they’re a Babel they go to different parts of the world there’s no question the Word of God is a higher authority you know God was their God I witnessed these things Charles Darwin did not now what’s interesting if we actually think about this in our culture – there’s another sideline debate to this in an evolutionary worldview you’re evolving from some lower creature into mankind and in that particular view you have higher and lower races and Darwin’s view was that there was about four to five races and he would talk about some of those races he actually submit so far as to say the Caucasians should exterminate the other races in his book The Descent a man but see when we start with scripture no no we’re we’re all one race called the human race we all go back to Adam and Eve we all go back actually to Noah as well because everybody has died before you know at the time of the flood all the other people had died which left just knowing his family and we are all descendants of Noah we’re all Noah i’ts if you want to be be called that we’re all Adam i’ts – if you think about that in fact there’s that entire line from Adam to Noah or our respective ancestors – see this is important because we’re in a culture of the day that talks a lot about racism we hear that all the time I’m not going to go into that in much detail in this particular talk but I didn’t want to talk about it just momentarily here there are people who teach that there’s higher and lower races that comes out of an evolutionary worldview won’t you understand that that doesn’t mean that evolution is a cause of racism racism was around before that but fuel was added to the fire as a result of an evolutionary worldview but when it comes to people groups were all related we all go back to Noah but that event at the Tower of Babel helps explain why people look a little different if the gene pool at the Tower Bible is split apart people went to different parts of the world people went to Africa took jeans for darker skin people went to Australia took jeans for darker skin people went to the Orient took jeans for an almond-shaped I think of China and Japan people went to Europe took jeans for lighter skin we’re all related which means we’re all sinners we’re all in need of Jesus Christ no matter what we look like you see the Bible is the solution to racism in our culture you know at the Tower of Babel the Bible gives us a lot more information they might think in Genesis chapter 10 it gives you a breakdown you know those genealogies you know when you’re reading you’re in Bible study your church and somebody says hey can you read this passage you’re just hoping you don’t get one of those ones that has all the names in it so you don’t have to try to pronounce those names well Genesis chapter 10 that’s one of those things that is a set of these different genealogies that the three sons of Noah Shem ham and Japheth and then we see their descendants and their descendants and and how it was split apart as a result of what happened in Genesis 11 1 through 9 now I like to look at it graphically and that’s what I’ve got shown up here at the very top you in red if you can see as long as you’re not colorblind you can see that Noah is in red there at the top then the next line you have Japheth Shem and ham and then you can see further breakdowns now sometimes we look at those names we just skip right over those names you know years of studying the tower Babel I look at these names and I get excited about it because I look at them and I’m like okay certain people groups came out of these different people or that one right there is my ancestor and so forth it really is exciting and you might think really you know what your ancestor is actually a lot of people can figure it out generically you know Japheth has seen this a father most of the European nations some of the North Asian Nations a little bit of a Middle Eastern nation Shem is a lot of the Middle Eastern and the Far Eastern nations some of those you know like India for example is also descendants of Shem ham has a lot of people as far as China as well as Africa some down the Malay Peninsula extending down into Melanesia some of those kinds of places so from a generic perspective you can kind of get an idea here but I am a direct descendant of Japheth I actually have a lineage years of research I’ve traced a lot of my lines a lot of them go back and dead in that tends to happen you just don’t know we just don’t have records of some of this but I actually wrote an article on our website called many human generations are there from Adam until today and what I’m doing I’m specifically looking at my own lineage one of my lineages on my mother’s side actually goes all the way back and ties in to the same lineage as the Queen of England what’s interesting about the Queen of England is she has a lineage she goes all the way back to Noah and all the way back to Adam so as soon as I got tied into that I could actually count it up and in that particular lineage and Adam would be my 84th great-grandfather Noah would be my 74th great-grandfather that actually pushed me in the 87th generation you know to get to a great-grandfather level there I actually tallied this up I’m using the common usage method not that continent WA knew any method which is actually a lot easier when you’re looking at stuff really broad and long long range but Queen Elizabeth would be my forty second cousin by this lineage but look at this Jesus would be my hundred and thirty ninth cousin what a way to witness to people right now let me tell you about my cousin so it really is neat you know Christ stepped into history to become a relative we need to remember that but that just gives us a taste do you realize that cultures all over the world actually kept track of their history and that is fascinating to the subject of the tower battle that’s how we can know so much of this and of course the scripture is absolute when we read passages in Scripture we know that that’s what’s the absolute truth and as we follow different histories and genealogies and so forth you know those can be taken a little bit higher as an authority than say things like a myth or a legend things like that I got to be careful some of those types of things but let’s jump back to scripture here Genesis 11 verse 4 and they said come let us build ourselves a city in a tower whose top is in the heavens let us make a name for ourselves lest we be scattered abroad over the face of the whole earth so this was the people trying to defy God and of course they got God wasn’t God wasn’t gonna let him get away with this so he came down he confuse their language I’ve had people say well where is this you know what where is Babel where did all this take place it would be in modern-day Iraq is where this occurred in the Bible it’s Eric eric is one of the names listed there in Genesis chapter 10 when the early cities that’s where the name Iraq actually comes from but I’ve had people say well isn’t that where the Garden of Eden was well now the Garden of Eden was destroyed in the flood we got rock layers all over the place yes the Tigris and Euphrates rivers are there but they do not match the ones in Genesis chapter 2 which are two of the four headwaters that came out of this one doesn’t actually match there but the tower Bible yes it was in that particular region and a lot a lot of archaeology has taken place in that particular area so it would’ve been right in this area and that’s where people were then scattered to go around to different parts of the world now didn’t notice this arrow from Babel going down to Africa see in the secular worldview what they do they have that arrow actually going from Africa right up to about where where everything splits apart up there if you just reverse their arrow they’d have it about right at least for the migrations anyway but I’ve had people say well when did all this occur well big picture it’s obviously after the flood because this Noah’s descendants but it was before the call of Abraham okay so Abraham was not at the Tower of Babel you know his people actually came well after the tower Babel now Abraham is a descendant of Ehrlich Audis the Chaldeans were a Hebrew group the abbyr group the every group that’s where that comes from Hebrew comes from ever so that would have been one of the groups that came out of the tower about Noah don’t let that scare you right now you can always go back and look at that in scripture to see ever that’s what the name Hebrew comes from Archbishop James Ussher put the timeline at 22 42 BC he had at about a hundred and six years after the flood which would’ve been 2348 BC just give you an idea in his particular lineage now why does he have a hundred and six years well here’s the reason ancient historian named Anna though actually claimed that the events at Babel occurred five years after Peleg was born Peleg was born 101 years after the flood if you use in standard text and so he just adds five more years on to that to get 106 years is that true I don’t know I’ve seen a number of chronologist put it as early as when Peleg was born 101 as high as 130 years of course I’ve seen people kind of vary even even since I’ve initially done some of this research archaeologically we do actually have quite a bit for the tower Babel one of the more famous pieces is the our Bible steel or the tower Bible steel they’ve heard it pronounced both ways I think you’re allowed to say it both ways but this came from a particular collection this is a rock it’s not made out of steel but it’s an etching and you can kind of see a tower there if you look on kind of the left side you can see it kind of like a ziggurat going out think of a step pyramid and at the top kind of get Sun discern it’s just kind of worn out up there and you see this figure of a person next to it and there’s an inscription this is actually Nebuchadnezzar Nebuchadnezzar from the Bible specifically nebuchadnezzar ii and here he is with this old dilapidated tower in his day remember nebuchadnezzar came far later than the events that occurred the tower Babel yes there was part of the Babylonian Empire that came in and conquered Judah if you remember but that was much later so the tower Babel was still in existence in his time and historically it was one of those places that I think he and initially wanted to repair later when the Persians came in they wanted to repair it and knock it down and rebuild it they never got the opportunity to do that Alexander the Great who came in and conquered the Persians he actually wanted to tear it down and have it rebuilt as well he did give the order it was torn down but Alexander the Great died an early death and as a result of that it was never rebuilt and so it was left as a basically a large pool where they dug out the foundation renowned archaeologist dr.

Clifford Wilson died just a few years ago he actually co-authored on a book with me at one stage the new Answers book volume 1 he wrote the chapter on archaeology in there but he believed that this particular area there and the ancient ruins of Babylon might have actually been the original tower Babel foundation this large fool he says at modern Babylon is over the ruins of an early structure that was possibly the original Tower of Babel interestingly old historian named Herodotus he was a Greek historian who traveled all over places in the Middle East when as far as Egypt and places like that he actually had a chance to visit it and he was living about the 5th century BC 400 or so BC as I recall it was still existence at my time when he had a chance to visit hadn’t been torn down at this stage it was still in existence in my time it had a solid central tower one stadium square with a second erected on top of it and then a third and then so on up to eight all eight towers can be climbed by a spiral way going around the outside going up and there are seats for those who make the ascent to rest on which I think thrilled him but here’s a reconstruction of this edge minaduki tower you can see how you can go up the stairs and kind of go around and as it goes up you’ve got the stairs as you go on around it so it’ll look something like this and if you use Google Earth you can actually look down on it and here is that site and the archeological remains of ancient Babylon and you can see how it was definitely a square and you can see where that initial step way was let me back up so you can kind of see that you know we’re looking straight on to that step way as you go up initially you can kind of see that down here on the lower side of it but you can see how as it goes up you can see they dug out part of that foundation and now it’s kind of filled in with water but that’s kind of that that image looking down on you can kind of see it there now what’s interesting is Herodotus said it was one stadia square one stadium square now Stadium is normally about 600 feet and if you actually look at the dimensions it’s about 300 feet by 300 feet so I think what he meant here was when it’s talking about squared is going from 1 all the way over that actually matches the dimensions quite well what’s interesting too is the Tower of Babel itself that Hebrew word for tower is the Hebrew word Migdal which means tower of course but it also means figuratively a pyramidal bed of flowers so it has a connotation of being pyramidal in its shape which is interesting a lot of people as they left the tower Babel went to different parts of the world you know particularly they’d settle closer and then they move out farther and move out farther some may I went to extensive distances right off the bat but if you look a lot of these cultures initially started to build some of these towers very similar to what we find at the tower Babel just a Mesopotamia low there’s over 30 different ziggurats and some of them have some interesting names the tower to heaven and earth sort of thing which gives you an idea they were trying to build it up hi definitely much higher than everything else in the area but not up into the cloud that’s a misconception they’re trying to build something up into the stratosphere here so yeah we find these not only in the Middle East we find some of these ziggurats as far as China we find them as far as places like Mexico a lot of the Mayans and potentially even the Olmecs were involved in building some of these we find the big mounds in North America so we find these types of things all over the world people took their building project with them but let’s go back to this table of Nations and look at some of these different peoples because I love studying the peoples where they win who came from who and you know I just love look at this you know I I initially did a talk in the way I did it in my book I actually look at these different people for example I look at Japheth I look at Gomer Magog made I Javan tubal and so forth and I’d say where did they go what people’s came out of them you know I don’t have people come out and say well where did Gomer go to I just don’t have people say that but you know if they were I’m just waiting because I’m gonna say go we now some of you guys have no idea what I just did right there a lot of you kids younger people you have no idea ask your parents or grandparents what I just did right there about Gomer I’m not talking about Gomer Pyle I’m talking about Gomer in the Bible gotta have a little bit of fun with this talk right but people don’t come out for me and say hey we’re where did Gomer go to or we’re done may God go to they actually ask it in a different way they come up to me and they say hey Bodhi a word the Chinese come from or they say where the Irish come from we’re the English where the Germans come from and so forth that’s the way people ask me those questions they usually don’t come out and say hey where did the descendants of ashkenaz go for example they don’t say that so what I wanted to do in this talk a little bit different the way I did it in the book a little bit different way I didn’t in a previous talk is I’m flipping it around I’m gonna look at some of the people groups so I’m gonna jump into some of these where did the Irish and the Scots come from now I put them together for a reason because some of these guys actually interchanged some of their positions and I intermixed and so forth but there is some fascination here just to give people an idea where Ireland and Scotland are you go over to Europe go No a little bit and kind of go to the West there part of the islands out here Scotland’s the northern part of if you’re familiar with United Kingdom you have Scotland Northern Ireland Wales and England those make up the the four Kingdom Scotland is very far to the north up here Ireland is a this island off to the side of course Northern Ireland is separated politically but this gives you an idea where they are obviously some people go to went by a land route they could have went right up through there they could have went by a water route now you might be saying well they’d still have to cross some water here even for this land route actually if we think historically okay we look at the world today now I want you to think in terms of a global flood that triggers an Ice Age that followed that and an Ice Age you take a lot of water out of the ocean and you put it on land so what happens near ocean level actually drops and when it drops it actually exposes land bridges now look at Europe up here more carefully actually England Ireland all those places would have been land they would’ve been Islands at that time even if you look out to Japan it would have been connected to the mainland potentially Australia could possibly have connected of course they have a lot more tectonic activity down there if you look up between North America and Asia you can see that the the bering land bridge would have connected things so at the peak of the Ice Age people could have walked through a lot of places potentially even to Ireland and Scotland and some of those areas at the peak of the Ice Age they have estimated that the ocean levels would have dropped about 350 feet creationists and evolutionists largely agree on that at the peak you know now it’s possible things could have rotated through maybe never made it quite that deep but at any rate we would agree that yeah these the the this level we really would have dropped significantly now this land up here if you look at where we would call the North Sea today that’s called Dodger land or doggerel and I’ve heard it both ways I’ve usually heard a pronounced Dodger land but a lot of that would have actually been land it’s actually not very deep out in the North Sea that’s also called the old German sea and we even find some old maps where you could still see you know some areas where boats couldn’t go through it because they would actually get stuck on it here was a map of the British Isles in 1730 done in Amsterdam and if you look out there just off the side if you’re looking at it more to the right side they’re out in the sea you can see some some things that look like they almost look like islands but it’s actually slightly underwater but those are like marshlands or areas where you could actually run into the dirt underneath that’s how shallow it was so the boats had to avoid some of those areas so I mean even in more modern times we’ve had ups and downs of the ocean level that have exposed some of this kind of stuff and you know I like to look at ancient maps sometimes you find islands sometimes you don’t find islands going back and forth at different times that are right there in certain shallow areas well let’s go back to the the Irish and the Scots here now this is from Geoffrey Keating historian this is back in the 1700s he wrote the general history of Ireland look into some really ancient texts I’ve even looked at some of those texts myself but here’s what he says the posterity of japheth inhabited most of the northern countries of Asia and all Europe Magog one of the sons of japheth was the great ancestor of the Scythian and of several families that invaded the kingdom of Ireland after the flood before the my lesions made a conquest of the island and this and this will more fully appear in the body of this history so as he runs through the history talked more about this but basically what he’s saying is Magog it is his descendants that actually went into Ireland fact we have three ancient lineages of the Irish going back to may God just to give you an idea here’s one of them that’s found in James Anderson’s royal genealogies book from the early 1730’s you go Noah Japheth Magog bath Phoenicia farce Newell and then that’s when you go down to the line to Milo who goes right in there and it’s interesting seeing some of these connections there’s just it’s hard to believe how much history is actually out there if you look at the Scots the Scots have one here that go down through Magog as well down to Bath far see Phineas and then refa and he was known as the Scot and that might well be where one of the names actually came from the Scots and that particular their instance so we do see some of these connections there’s quite a bit of history on this you want to look more of it up I just want to give you a sample we’re gonna move on where did the Spanish come from that’s a big one that people have asked you know Spain it’s a fascinating place I actually traced quite a few people there Spain has well been known as the land of tubal we still use one of two bulls variant names I beers for the Iberian Peninsula by the way so we still call that Peninsula down to that Portugal and Spain are both on but if you look in royal genealogies back in the 1700s James Anderson has the listing here Noah did Japheth to tubal now notice a number of different names that tubal had how would you understand why this this occurs actually back in history at the time of the tower Babel when people came out of different different places they start to go to different places or sorry these different people started to go to different places there’s all these different languages now – so a lot of those people at the tower Babel in this new language now has a new name and so we see that reflection – Bulls also known as Jubal he was also known as Pluto the the Greeks elevated Pluto to being one of the so-called gods and and it’s interesting that one of two bulls variant names here was a planet at one stage – going back to this and now of course Pluto’s not that classes a planet any longer but Joe Bell he was also known as Atlas mauritania s’ and so you know you see a reflection of the Atlas Mountains there in North Africa and some of the places that to bowl at one stage lived he was also known as beef or eye beers the iberian peninsula even Caucasian Iberia tubal lived there for a time as well he ended up naming his son i beerus probably as a result of his name in there as well and then i beerus his son oh I don’t know if I can pronounce this one that that good Yubel de I was also known as Gibraltar and we have the Strait of Gibraltar right down there in Spain as well of course that’s owned by the British so if you actually look to Baal himself actually went up and he ended up settling in what we call Spain today or Iberia the Iberian Peninsula there now if you look at the history he actually you know he started a family one stage he ended up moving back up to where it says Caucasian Iberia right there in between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea he lived there for don’t know if it was a hundred years or a little bit more than that as I recall and then he moved back to Spain then he ended up going down into Africa a little bit and lived there for a time so you can see a reflection of the name Caucasian Iberia some of his descendants moved on up you had the tubal River to bulk Siberia see see reflection of those names up in those areas as well but a number of different people groups actually came out of tubal we might think okay fine you go to Spain those are descendants of tubal actually it’s a little bit more complicated than that and I want to give you a little bit of taste of this just by using Spain because a lot of people ended up going to Spain you know I mean it’s one of those areas you go across the Mediterranean Sea it’s a jumping-off point to go to different parts of the world so if you look at Spain some of Shems descendants actually went there some of the descendants of Aaron Mesa bring us they ended up going in there as well there were some other descendents of Magog that actually went down there when are we talking about Milo who ended up ultimately up in Ireland and not that particular area they ended up settling down in Spain as well for a particular time so they intermixed in that area as well you got to think people were moving around going to different places and he was actually that third generation king of Spain was actually there with Milo now also one of japheth other descendants jayven that’s who we call Greece Tarshish he ended up going out there and that area was actually later taken over particularly by the Phoenicians but Jonah when he was trying to get away from the Lord trying to sail he was trying to get to Tarshish it was Tarshish in Spain these descendants of Jay remembered a lot of je viens descendants the Greeks they were seafaring people they’re gonna go all over the place and I’ve settlements in a number of places when it was all said and done just to break all this down some of the people who made it to Spain were tubal obviously Arum may gog some of the Libyans and Egyptians that’s descendents a midstream some of the Greeks descendants of Javan the Phoenicians who were descendants of Canaan later on you have some of the Goths the Romans and the more it ended up in there as well so there’s it’s a melting pot there’s a lot of different peoples that have made it into the land that we would call Spain today well let’s look at the Germans the English and the Scandinavians I mean what are the odds they would all come together because they all have the same basic descendants if you actually look at it specifically the the English come out of the angle tribes and the Saxon tribes and some of the jute tribes which were some of the Germanic tribes a lot of the Scandinavians actually came out of the Germans as well just to give you a taste now the old name for Germany and the old founder of the German people was Ashkenazi Noah Japheth Gomer and then Ashkenaz in fact some of the variations of askins Ashkenazi’s name is saxon a saxon or the ahh Scandinavia some of those names actually are variations of Ashkenazi’s name we actually have ancient lineage that goes through Ashkenaz down through Manas all the way down to wolf I’m stick stick injure of a united Germany before it broke apart and do a massive number of petty kingdoms a little bit after him and so just to give you a taste Ashkan is actually originally settled there just south of the Black Sea and then he went to the northern part of the Black Sea the old Black Seas name used to be the Ashkan C name for ashkenaz from there he moved up to Central Europe with 20 of his sons one of them was Danny as where the Danes came from one of his sons was Sarmatian where the Sarmatian came from and so forth and so a lot of the people in central and northern Europe actually were descendants of ashkenaz some of those names again just so you guys can see him on print isackson variations of Ashkenazi’s name of scandinavia scandia Gandia Ashkan see just to give you a taste of some of that but some of those names you’ll see a reflection now one name you might hear of quite often even today is the Ashkenazi Jews a lot of the Jews after ad 70 when they fled from the Roman Empire they migrated up to Central Europe and became known as the Ashkenazi Jews Jews who lived in the land of Ashkenazi so that’s actually where that comes from some of the variant names of Ashkenaz like I said too people had very names Ashkenaz did as well one of them was two weeks ago he was known as a giant he was taller than other people and a lot of the Germanic peoples tend to be a little bit taller on average and a lot of the other people around the world he was also known as mercury and so you can see where some of these people from the tower Babel were elevated to a godlike status not that they were gods by any means there’s only one God the God of the Bible but at the same time you see a reflection how people viewed some of these people started to worship their ancestors sadly but we got various names of some of these john trap and his commentary says to east cones or boy or joist men you can see where the name Deutsch or Dutch actually comes from in fatherland say the Jews making Ashkenaz the father of the Germans I mean we even see that among a lot of the commentaries that you read out there’s quite common that actually brings me to ancestor water I wanna talk a little bit more about that because we’ve seen a taste of that if you look at 2-ball also being known as Pluto or Ashkenaz being known as mercury you say well these are some of the Greek gods or some of the Roman gods if you actually look at this a little bit more broad horizon what about ancestor worship there’s a reason people started worshipping their ancestors I’m not saying it was a good reason but there is a reason if you actually look at the age decline of people from the time of Noah moving forward the ages really start to decline for example Noah lived 350 years after the flood and all total lived about 950 years his son Shem lived about 600 years about 500 of those years were after the flood and then you see about three generations in there in shims line where they were living over 400 years then after the events at the tower Babel they were living about 230 years or so and then they really start to decline and you know if you look a bruh ham lived 175 years you go down Moses lived 120 years but we see that decline as it starts to go down what people don’t realize when you graph this if you look people like Shem or even Noah outlived a lot of their aunt their descendants for example Peleg who is you know he’s what let me let me just count this up just so yeah if you have grandson great great this is great great great grandson Peleg Noah outlived him so do you think people start looking at their ancestors differently I mean Shem outlived a huge portion of these people he he would have basically almost been a contemporary right there with Abraham I don’t know if they would have ever met each other or not that’s a good question but I’ll tell you when you look at this you’re seeing certain ancestors out living some of their descendants they’re far descendants are they gonna start looking at their ancestors different yeah they are and so what happens they elevate them to almost like a god-like status they say wow these guys are mortal well no they just outlived everybody else but they still died but we start to see this drop all the way down so yeah when when people start looking at their ancestors and they’re out living their great great great grandchildren yeah I mean they’re gonna start looking at him a little bit different you know Shem for example he outlived his great-great great-great-great-great grandson Tara Tara was Abraham’s father so when you look at this sort of thing you go wow this is incredible so it makes sense why the Greeks or you know Japanese Shinto or the North Germanic mythology is Egyptian mythology a lot of times these guys were elevating some of their ancestors to be gods I’m not saying that was the right thing to do it was dead wrong but you can see how they were doing it they started looking at them differently well what about those decreases in age since we’re kind of talking about this subject I’ve had people say well you know after the flood maybe maybe it was because of meeting as soon as people started to eat meat maybe that triggered it because it wasn’t till after the flood people first allowed to eat meat but you know what there’s been people have been vegetarians their whole lives they don’t live 900 years old some people thought maybe it was increased oxygen or environmental changes things like that and you know people studied that for quite some time there’s a little bit of benefit but overall it’s actually more detrimental when you start to add increased oxygen you had free radicals that causes bigger problems too that’s why we take antioxidants for example so none of those were really changing it some people think maybe there were some anatomical issues and mutations things like that the biggest thing is probably genetic bottlenecks at the flood and at the Tower of Babel so that’s when we started to see the big shifts of the decrease in age there may be other factors involved but I would suggest you take a look answers book vol 2 there’s a chapter by dr.

Georgia Purdham geneticist and dr. David Minton an anatomist that co-authored a chapter looking at this age decline so if you just look after Shem there was three generations that on average lived about four hundred forty five years after Babel specifically you have three generations were people living on average about 236 years and then boom it really starts to drop off significantly after that now there may be more to this if you look at Shem and you look at you know cash-in was born before the flood and yet he lived only 600 years old which is actually far less than some of the other people born before the flood if you look at Leigh makhno his father he only live I have tonight say it this way he only lived 777 years think about that for a moment that’s 200 years less than his own father so makes you wonder if there’s a genetic thing going on in there now what we find in Scripture we find shims line where they’re dropping how did Japheth and ham slime drop were they equivalent to shims did they outlive them for a time I don’t know those are great questions when you actually sit back and think about it so imagine trying to find a job in those days 125 years experience required ah too bad I only have 96 years I’m still not qualified come on let’s have a little fun with this all right let’s keep going hey where did the French Portuguese and Celts come from ah it’s convenient that those who are all put together – you know it’s almost like I knew the answer to this question well let’s look at this the French the old name for the French were the Gauls or the gelts the Celts so the Celts actually dominated certain parts of Europe Portugal port of Gaul you can see the connection in there they’re Gaulish people even the Welsh were Gaulish people a lot of the celts that were in brittany and you know the british isles and some of those areas they intermixed with some of the Irish and the Scots up in those areas some of them actually went down and ended up in Galatia they’re more kind of an Eastern Europe and then as far down as down in Turkey there was an area known as Galatia as well what happened where some of these Gauls were fighting to war and they went all the way out there finally the Greeks got involved in the war and obliterated their army which left couple of colonies of Galatians out there Paul actually wrote to these Galatians in Asia Minor by the way now one of the many people groups within China the mid-south people they have a direct lineage it goes right back to Gomer as well Gomer is the progenitor of the Gaulish people Gog alia gelt Celt these are all variations actually of gomers name so that’s where they came from they came out of Japheth as well in fact you know linguists and people have done a little Studies on this arthur customs and his book know his three sons says thus we have the following series Gomer GMR is how that’s basically pronounced you don’t have the vowels in in Hebrew so he’s kind of transliterating this a little bit become G you are becoming GU all gu l which the final form is to be observed as the more familiar Gul so you actually do you have a reflection the name sometimes it’s tough for us to follow that if you don’t understand some of the list linguistics back in the history of those areas so yeah he did all sorts of connections on this to bring that together we see this in John Gill as well so there’s a number of people who have talked about this is quite well known what are the Canaanites and the Chinese come from all right let’s look at this now the Canaanites were those tribes you know where the Israelites are right now and where Josh will went in and they destroyed seven tribes of these Canaanites well there were other Canaanite tribes as well and one of those tribes particularly was the Sai Knights now let me just kind of explain this little area in here so you have the Israelites were given the land of Canaan because of their sin and that included the the Hittites and the girgashites the Amorite Hittites Jebusites Jebusites is where Jerusalem is so that particular area so you you have a lot of these guys being judged by God using the Israelites in some case the descendants of Esau Edomites actually judge some of them as well but the sign I think of the Sinai Peninsula wilderness of sin Mount Sinai that particular area there a lot of those sites actually moved out and moved away and where did they go – they actually went to what we call the land of sin in that’s what it’s mentioned as in the Bible Isaiah 47 12 for example behold these will come from afar and lo these will come from the north and low from the west and these from the land of sinem so the Sinai it’s actually moved away where is the land of sin it’s actually a land of the cyanides the land of what we call China today Manasseh bin Israel will have it that the Chinese are intended China is indeed called by Ptolemy the country of the Sai Knights all through history the land of China has been known as sonam’s Sinai we still see a reflection of that even when Japan and China went to war it was the sino-japanese war you still see the reflection of that particular name in there so a lot of the Chinese groups actually came from the Sai Knights so yeah some people there in the that area of the Middle East that were not wiped out by Joshua or intermix some of those Canaanite tribes places like China particularly came out of the sign eyes where did the Greeks and the Japanese come from boy through the Japanese and they’re almost like like it was an afterthought here the Greeks are pretty well known we know where the Greeks came from they came from jayven whenever you see Greeks in the Old Testament the Hebrew behind that is Javon want to know his grandsons here jayven so Javon and his descendents you know we see reflection of them all over throughout areas around the Mediterranean Sea of course Greece Macedonia certain places of Asia Minor a lot of those were descendants of jayven I mentioned Tarshish earlier in Spain that was a descendants of jayven that went out there some of them went all over the place but these guys were coastline people they went all over the place and so they were doing trade in faraway places some of their settlements reached far and wide just give you a taste in Scripture here the shaggy goat represents the kingdom of Greece that’s jayven the Hebrew behind that in the Old Testament here in the New Testament whenever they saw Greece here you’re feein Hellas which is one of jayven sons Alice or Hellas in there so we see those reflections as well so some of these Greeks they went all over the place traveling by boat they went as far as Java Island Java Island is named for jayven as well we see jayven Tigers and all sorts of names that come out of there that was an early trading post now I’m not saying that that’s largely made up of descendants of just Javan because it was a popular trading port people came from all over the world that was the main area there but it was initially owned by jayven some of them went as far as Japan that was a trading outlet for them and people had recognized that of course the Sai Knights came in and dominated much of these areas as well so you got to think there’s a lot of other people groups in there but we at least have that particular lineage traced in there as well on the Japanese islands Francisco Collins the Spanish chronicler and during the Age of Exploration this was back in the 1400s and that this was really so and that the principal settler of these are archipelagos was Darcis that is Tarsus son of Javon together with his brothers he’s talking about the Japanese islands here so I mean they recognized this early on in the Age of Exploration when they first got there and started doing a little historical research where did the Egyptians come from this is also very well known when the Egyptians are mentioned quite a bit in Scripture Genesis 12:10 for example now there was a famine in the land so Abram went down to Egypt the Hebrew behind that is Mitzrayim that’s how that’s pronounced even though it looks like misery omits mitzrayim and mitzrayim is one of Noah’s grandsons and so that’s actually where the name Mini’s comes from some of the early Emperors of Egypt for example but mitzrayim came down here and settled in what we call Egypt today even the Philistines are descendants of mitzrayim as well so of the Luba Libba boasts some of the people in Libya ended up being descendants of mitzrayim as well there’s one area between India and China known as Meza Ram that we believe is actually descendants of mitzrayim as well as people of scattered and went to different parts of the world what about the Africans now as soon as I say Africans Africa well that’s that’s a big continent so a lot of times people just want to lump all the Africans together but they’re really not I mean if we just look at Egypt for example they are a distinct people group if you look at the Moors for example in other parts of North Africa North West Africa specifically the Moors are descendants of put we can actually trace a lot of that historically put originally settled in Libya and then move farther west a lot of places in West Africa are descendants of foot or the more sync Morocco Mauritania Mali some of those areas reflect that name even the Olmec which are over in Central America the Olmec were the precursors to the Mayans they actually had a written language this written language is very similar to what we find here in West Africa they even have legend it was a written legend that they came over by a legendary leader named it sama by boat from the West from places like Africa of course some of their descendants went in conquered Spain and Portugal for a time a lot of slaves that were actually brought over from Africa to you know places like Brazil or in two different places whether it’s the America North America or even there in Central America some of the islands in that area a lot of them probably were descendents of the Moors now if you look farther south in here I was actually descendants of cush and I’ll get to that here momentarily but those are the two main groups were a lot of the slaves from Africa came out of so I know I’ve had a lot of people who are who are descendants of slaves I said well you know I don’t know my ancestry we were slaves we were brought over actually we can do some tracing in that my friend dr.

Nathaniel Jensen has been doing a lot of genetics research which adds a whole new genetic element I’m looking at a historical element in here and some archaeological and geographical stuff but genetically you can actually see a lot of intermixing so that’s kind of fascinating he’s done a lot of research on a lot of the slaves that have been brought over as well which is some fascinating research I would encourage you to take a look at that cush is that that’s actually the the the name for Ethiopia a lot of Ethiopian will still call themselves Kushites today so they came down here and settled just below where mitzrayim was that they actually ward with mitzrayim that is the Egyptians for a while but a lot of the lower part of Africa was actually settled by cush as well so if you just kind of step back and look at this momentarily you have the Moors that is the descendants of put in West Africa a lot of the Kushites in the southern part of africa mitzrayim up on the north east of africa in that particular area now this isn’t the only place they went for example some of pushes descendants stayed in the Middle East Nimrod for example someone went out and founded a Hindu Kush out as you get closer to India in those areas so yes some of these people did go to various places what are the Turks come from the Turks are a population group that kind of moved up think Turkmenistan I think if you know what the Caspian Sea is kind of movies just a little bit all that big area then a powerful empire the tartar empire at one stage that the Turkish Empire was gigantic at one stage they came in and conquered the Byzantines and I ended up conquering what we call modern-day Turkey today which is Asia Minor and Turks were introduced there as far as Kosovo and Albania some of those areas in the southern part of Europe south eastern portions of it so they were in that particular area I’m not going to go through all the the history in there because of my time reference here where did the reference rather the Russians come from a lot of the Russian groups came out of two primary groups you have Magog and Meshach may gog moves up here between the Black and Caspian Sea a lot of the Scythian groups came out of them and of course that’s where the Irish and the Scots came from they came out of Magog as well some of them migrating over to where Spain was and then moving on up so if you move over to mesh check mesh it goes up they were the north Russians up farther their language family and would include a lot of the the Finnish groups the Baltic states Estonia Latvia Lithuania some of those areas even as some people in Hungary share that similar language family she’s quite a unique language family so a lot of these guys were conquered by Magog and they intermixed with a lot of those peoples as well I would suggest Magog and Meshach were some of the people that actually went over to the net to the Americas as well which brings me to the next one here where did the Indians come from now I’m actually gonna talk first about the continent of India and then move over to what we call the Indians in North and South America even though technically they’re not really Indians I actually prefer the name Native American but historically they’ve been known as Indians for quite some time a lot of people in India were actually descendants of Shem specifically of octant joktan actually had 13 sons listed at the Tower of Babel so they all came out with a new language now they originally settled in Arabia and then they ended up moving over to India from there John Gill and his exposition of the Bible says and 12 more mentioned later this is talking about these 13 sons the Arabic writers say that he this is talking about Joktan ultimately had 31 sons by one woman but all excepting two left Arabia and settled in India now I want you to think something about India India is a melting pot of languages if you take at least 13 language families and put them all in there you’re gonna have all sorts of variations and I knew a number of people from India some of them where my lab great guys and these guys you languages and stuff and you know I’m not the greatest expert on some of that I rely heavily on people getting stuff translated into English for me but let’s just step back now and look at a big picture at Asia Africa and then Australia as people start to migrate down there so you can see in Africa you got put you got lower cush you’ve got Joktan all across India they’re the Medes and the Persians came out of media and some of those areas going all the way down into India as well – garma Magog tubal and meshach along the top continue to migrate out in those areas you see the sign eyes dominate much of East Asia certain people came out of go Merc and Javan there in Japan now if you look though I want you to follow this line you see cush right in the very middle of some of this cush of Seba cush of seebut goes right down the Malay Peninsula cush is where the Ethiopians came from in Africa but that’s also where the Hindu Kush came from that’s actually where the tribe of siva Seba and the malay peninsula that area came from as well now notice they continued on down and there’s actually genetic ties with the Australian Aborigines to the descendants of Seba they’re in the Malay Peninsula and they’re also connected to genetically to some of the people in cush in Africa and that kind of surprised people but it actually makes sense from a historical perspective the name of cush is son Seba that’s the connection between cush and Cebu here in Southeast Asian area in northern Borneo as Seba in the lesser sundry all now in Melanesian areas so even historically we see this this is john is good in his book over the face of all the earth he’s chronologic chronicling a number of these peoples they go to different parts of the world – so yeah they can get to a lot of different places well I’m actually significantly running out of time but I can talk about the Tower of Babel for days and days if I really need to in fact if you were to get my DVD on the subject of the Tower of Babel you would actually get a lot more information that’s different than some of the stuff that I was talking about in here but what I like to do now is just kind of summarize this because you look at all these different people groups and I know we just got to scratch the surface of some of this what’s the point well here’s the point ancient history and geography actually confirmed biblical history over and over and over again I was just giving you a taste of what we found out there and and here’s why this is important you know I could have said this up front but I saved this for the end just for this reason because I want to make this point strong we’re in a culture where people have ignored the Bible they’ve ignored the history in the Bible they now I’m gonna say this is very bold they’ve ignored most historical accounts historical accounts from all over the world they’ve ignored most of them why because they have a rewritten mythological history that they believe that brand new history rewritten by people like Charles Darwin that we evolved out of Africa has been taken over and has been treated as though it’s real history but it’s nothing but a myth and when you actually look at real history all around the world cultures kept track of their history and you know what when you actually look at it it goes back and matches what we read in the scriptures to me that’s a powerful confirmation of what we read in the Bible I’ll tell you the Bible can be trusted from the very first to the very last verse and you know what cell else is true if the history in the Bible is true well that means a gospel which is found in that same history is also true you see I don’t want us to miss Christ in all this yeah I can talk about the tower Babel I can talk about people groups I can talk about the history I can talk about age declines I can talk about those things for hours and hours and hours but let’s not miss Christ in this when you look at the account in Genesis 11 7 let us go down and confuse their language that’s a reflection of language we see in Genesis 1:26 let us make man in our own image you see the plurality of God and what I mean by the plurality of God it’s singular and yet plural I mean there’s something fascinating about that that’s a reflection of the triune God that’s seeing Christ right there intimately involved we see in Isaiah as well even that word for Lord I am that’s a variation or that that the name Jehovah that’s where this actually comes from I am Who I am it’s a variation of it in Exodus 3:14 this was a name revealed to Moses in John 8:58 Jesus uses that before Abraham was I am he said you see a reflection of Christ right there that word Lord is Jehovah a variation of I am notice the mild judgment here which shows the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ not too long before the events at the Tower Bible there was a very violent flood to judge a very violent group of people and here we have people already starting to defy God disobey Him and the Lord confused their language but what’s fascinating is even though we saw those languages confused as a result of Jesus Christ his death burial and resurrection he gave the gift of the Holy Spirit where at Pentecost we saw the languages come back together it gave us a taste of what Heaven’s gonna be like France I would encourage you to visit us on our web site Answers in Genesis org we have a new lead article every day a whole bunch of information on the tower Bible and people groups and you know hoping to write some more of this stuff up I’ve got quite a bit already in the book the Tower of Babel so I encourage you to get that I also have the DVD the Tower of Babel like said there’s a little bit of crossover and that talked to this one but they’re done in two different fashions so you’d actually probably garner quite a bit information on the tower Babel just by watching this fascinating book the annals of the world by James Ussher this is a gigantic book probably one of the most complete chronologies going from the beginning of the world up and up through the New Testament about AD 70 so it is an incredible resource he quotes from books that just don’t exist anymore we just can’t find him but it really is a fascinating if you love history at all I don’t know how you don’t have this in your collection it is fascinating also Adams actually did did this chart about a hundred years ago and when he did this chart what he’s doing is he’s taking a lot of these cultures in their own history and you just follow him from the creation all the way up to the tower Bible and then all these different nations that came out of it who was the king in charge at what time there was so much information back in those days and we still had that information you can actually plot out so many of these these cultures it’s just fascinating I do want to recommend the Josephus Josephus was a Jewish historian he actually lived through the war with Rome in AD 70 and he was commanded to make a history of the Jews write it up and so you see a lot of confirmation of what we read in the scripture in this history although you know there’s there’s few things I’d probably disagree with Josephus on on a handful of things but by and large it is an incredible historical works only encourage you to consider that if you’re brand-new to Christianity you thought maybe wow this is really neat stuff where do I start I would start with the book begin its selected scriptures from Genesis 1 to 11 the 10 commandments the Gospel of John the book of Romans and the last few chapters of Revelation we give you some short answers to certain things but this is a great place to start to give you an overview of Scripture answers books vol 1 through 4 they answer the top questions in the creation/evolution biblical Authority debate what about the tower Babel I actually have a chapter in there and one of these how old is the earth how do we arrive at that how does the world arrive at that what about evolution what about millions years how the Grand Canyon forming those rock layers what about racism why is there death and suffering the world why do we need a Savior what about dragons and living fossils and cavemens distant starlight climate change incredible array of of information most people can read these they’re written generally toward the layman the average person in the church to give you some good answers but they’re meaty meaty responses answers DVDs for the first three volumes we as authors give you a short answer to some of the questions the books of course have a lot more information we do have answers books for kids we have eight volumes now one on evolution one on the Ice Age one on Satan and one on creation in the fall one on dinosaurs and the flood send salvation in a Christian life actual questions from kids with a short response great for devotions with kids two answers wicks for teens one and two what about the Big Bang what about dinosaurs and millions of years what about sexuality in our culture our kids are drilled with that sort of thing dragons dinosaurs in the Bible this is probably one of my most popular talks a lot of fun in this one I know what tower Babel is a little bit higher level just because we’re talking about different people groups and geography and things like that but this is a great one to follow if you want to know more about dinosaurs I have a book on dragons I did this with Laura Welch we co-authored this looking a lot of the dragon legends accounts of dinosaurs and dragons and and how they interconnect the fall of Satan the fall of mankind we also have like the textbook of our ministry outside the Bible this is the lie evolution why should not take evolution millions of years and mix it with your Christianity you run into theological problems scientific problems all sorts of issues how do we know the Bible is true how do you actually answer that question a lot of people give bad answers to that this is an incredible book a flood of evidence looks at the flood looks at Noah’s Ark glasshouse evolution what’s wrong with evolution what’s the problems with it this is a powerful book I just read a letter that I just got yesterday a man and his wife were reading this book and they just think this book is absolutely incredible demolishing evolution and seeing the problems of it world religions and cults if you have any questions about this this is the go to book series we worked with experts from five continents to write and review this book series but we have so many resources I can’t even tell you about all of them one thing that I use all the time you guys might be saying well how in the world does he do so much research I actually use a Bible software called online Bible there’s different editions of it online Bible not only could I search the Bible and look at various translations I can look at the Hebrew and the Greek behind it but this has host of commentaries john gill john trap Calvin’s in here I mean there’s so many that you can use is great reference resources because sometimes these guys have done a lot of research that just helps it out then I can go back and find some of the original resources well now I did a lot more searching outside of this but this is a powerful program it works on Mac and it works on Windows the latest Universal edition by the way I think this is one of the older ones right here I have 20 17 on there but the picture on here is from a 2011 so don’t don’t worry about the picture on it how could a loving God allow death and suffering we have DVDs on that subject 7 sees the history I go through the whole Bible in one talk now I’m going to sum up here with couple things we do have these Facebook live programs the noon one yeah it’s the long one this is the one that goes an hour and I you know I really appreciate when people stick around and and follow through all this it really you know we’re really trying to train we really want people to grow in their faith and be able to get answers hopefully I was able to give you some answers about some of the the people groups in the tower Babel now every day we do these Facebook live programs there’s one every morning at 10 o’clock with Roger Patterson doing some science and some labs these are great for home schools 12 o’clock we have the speaker at 3 o’clock we have an animal encounter and somebody’s interviewing one of the people at either the Creation Museum or down at the Ark Encounter looking at the animals and those have been hugely successful kids I want to encourage you to hop on with those ask all sorts of great questions we like to respond to those live I’ve done some of these myself under Ken Ham has done a number and LeAnn and Corrina they’ve done a great job and then at 7 o’clock we do some sort of behind the scenes or something unique so one encourage you to do that also if this has been a blessing to you want to encourage you to donate to the Ministry of Answers in Genesis you know I’ve made this appeal a number of times but you know what it’s it’s hard times now with the coronavirus because we don’t have guests coming through so we are limited in our funding so anything you can give will help with small gifts big gifts you know somebody want to write out that check for seven million dollars we’d be happy to use it and put it towards the Lord’s work because we want to get the gospel out we want people to understand the Bible’s true from the very first verse and we’re right up front with that now also I mentioned a number of resources here and so the last slide I’ve got for you is we do have a special for you if you liked any of those books or resources make it caught your eye 20% off if you go to the Answers in Genesis org slash store or just go onto our bookstore there use the promo code Matthew 6 you can have a space in between at Matthew 6 or nospace Matthew 6 this also works in our UK bookstore which handles a lot of people in Europe so that’s really helpful as well so I want to encourage you guys to use the discount I know we’ve had some people say oh I don’t want to use the discount I want to support you which is very kind as well I just want to say thanks to those who who have been doing that too but we want to be able to offer this we want to be able to get these resources into your hands we are in equipping ministry what I’d like to do now is close this out in prayer dear lord I know a lot of people have hopped on try to find out a little bit more about the tower about and Lord have really hope that people got excited about some of this information I know we just scratched the surface there’s so much more but Lord bless them bless their families especially during these rough times I know a lot of people are confined to their homes and not just here in the United States but in various parts of the world certain countries are on lockdown lord I do want to pray for Christians around the globe Lord bless them strengthen them during these times lord I pray that the gospel even though it feels like the church is just being squashed right now in certain respects that the gospel will go forward in power and in truth Lord we thank you we ask for your blessings in all areas we pray this in Jesus name Amen thank you.

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