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Hello everyone in this video we’ll talk about virtualization so what is virtualization so virtualization in the term of computer it actually means the duplicity of computer hardware as well as the software so what it means so with the help of virtualization we can properly utilize the computer hardware and its processor even with the help of virtualization we can create and install different operating system in a single operating system so here you can see that this is a single computer or a single operating system and with the help of virtualization technique we can install different sub operating system inside it so the most popularly software’s which are used in order to perform virtualization czar Oracle VirtualBox and VMware so now let’s see how we can install one of them that is Oracle VirtualBox in our system now let’s see that how we can install VirtualBox in our operating system so here you can see that right now I am at VirtualBox dot R and here are different download links so depending upon your pedestal you can download one of them so I have already downloaded the VirtualBox setup which you can see on my desktop so I’m let’s double click on it ok click on next next ok so now task for the various things like you want to create a shortcut in a quick launch bar you want to create a shortcut on desktop so uncheck these two click on next ok yes and install okay now click on finish’ and it will start VirtualBox for us ok so here you can see that the system first menu of the Oracle VM VirtualBox so here are some few options like file machine help so by clicking on new we can create a new virtual machine and by clicking on file we can import our appliance and we can export an appliance so here you can also change some network settings so this was all about this video so in the next video I will show you that how we can install Kali Linux inside the VirtualBox thanks for watching this video ..

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