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Hello everyone in this video we’ll talk about ethical hacking faces or the steps which one have to follow in order to perform a successful heck so there are five faces of ethical hacking recommends scanning gaining access maintaining access and clearing tracks so the first phase of vertical hacking is recognized so the term recommends also stands for information gathering which means gathering the information about our target so our target could be anything like a website person web server or so on so what we can do is in this phase requirements or information gathering we tries to find information about our target so if our target is a website then you can find the information of that website like the overt IP address of that website is that website hosted on a shared server or a dedicated server or the or that website is built with any content management system or what kind of frameworks are used in order to build that website so if our target is a web server then we can find out that what are the open ports on that web server and what are the services running on them and if our target is a person then we’ll try to find the information about the person history like where the where that person works its contacts number and something interesting information from its social profile so that once we complete with this first phase reference then we’ll jump into scanning so in the scanning phase we actually scan each and every component of the system or the website in order to find the vulnerabilities so once we found the vulnerabilities then the next step is to exploit that vulnerability which means in order to take the access so once we scan the system we found the vulnerability then we will try to take the access of that system by exploiting that vulnerability so in the third phase we actually take access and once we are inside the system once we are successfully expert in that system then the first step which one have to perform is we have to first make a backdoor so what is backdoor just for example we are inside one system and we somehow lost the access from that system that what we can do we are not able to get into that system back so the first process is that once we are inside system we tries to maintain our access so in order to maintain our access we can upload any shell and even we can generate our own vulnerability in that system so that we can come back into their system in order to take access so this is what we do in maintaining access phase there is fourth phase so once we maintained our access once we have exploited the system then the last one is clearing tracks which means clearing our records so we what we can do is we can even leave the log files we can clear the histories even we can change them registry settings so these are the five phases recurrence in which we find the information then scanning in which we stand the system and finds the vulnerabilities then the third one is gaining access in which we try to exploit the system then maintaining access in which we can upload any web shell or we can make a backdoor so that we can come back into that system in order to take its access then in the last clearing tracks so these are the five phases which one have to follow to perform a successful hack so in this video we have covered there what are the five phases of ethical hacking and thanks for watching this video ..

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