Ethical Hacking – Overview

Hello everyone in this video I will give you and short introduction of ethical hacking so before talking about ethical hacking first let’s discuss that what is hacking so hacking is actually an act of finding a possible entry points or for finding a vulnerabilities flaws in a particular system or a network device or a networking device or a network so that a hacker can get into that system through that new vulnerabilities or entry points so hacking is usually done in order to gain and unauthorized access of a particular computer system so intentions behind hacking would be different like some hackers wants to hack a particular system in order to steal some sensitive information so whereas another hackers may usually want to hack a system in order to destroy or a harm a particular organization so now we know that what is hacking now let’s discuss about ethical hacking so ethical hacking the term ethical hacking is actually used in order to do hacking for a legal way or for a good purpose so the person’s who performs ethical hacking are called as ethical hackers so the job responsibilities or the functions of ethical hacker is to perform penetration testing finding vulnerabilities in their own company’s organization in order to protect their company’s data so their job responsibilities are as follows so they actually their main goal is to protect systems of their organization to protect their data to eliminate any potential threat the ethical hackers not perform hacking in order to in order to do harm for a particular organization so now we know that the hacking is of two types so now let’s discuss about that what are the types of hackers so there are three types of hackers which are most popularly called as black hat hackers white hat hackers and grey hat hackers so as the name suggests black hat hackers so black hat hackers are very dangerous hackers because they are not associated with any kind of company they actually do hacking in order to harm peoples or organization and also you do hacking in order to steal some sensitive information whereas the white hat hackers are associated with the particular organization and they always do hacking in order to protect their company’s data from another hackers whereas the grey hat hackers are actually combination of black attackers and Whitehead occurs so sometimes gray attackers are associated with the particular company and they do hacking for a good way but side-by-side they also do hacking for any illegal purposes so that’s why they are called as great attackers so in this video we have covered that what is hacking what is ethical hacking and types of hackers so thanks for watching this video..

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