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Hello everyone now let’s talk about email header analysis so as we all know that the email stands for electronic mail and it’s one of the most popular medium used in order to send our data or send our message across the internet but what does the email consists of so email consists of three things the first one is envelope email body and email header so the email envelope actually contains some server configuration settings files and data which actually used for routing and the email envelope can’t be seen by the user then the next part of the email which the emails ancestors body so the email body actually consists our message which we see and then the next part of the email is email header so email header contains interesting information which one can use to find a good information that from where the email came from and what’s the IP of that sender so the email header consists of a message ID date to from and user agent also and IP address of originated server or the IP address of receiver so analyzing the email header is important because through analyzing email header we can come to know that from where the email came from and whether it came from a legitimate resource and whether it’s a fake email now let’s see how we can analyze email by analyzing its header now let’s analyze email header in order to find out the sender’s IP address so the first of all you have to do is you have to open any email and here you can see that I have opened this emails and this email was sent by CloudFlare so just click over here and now click over here show original and here you will see the email header so the first thing we have to do is we have to copy this email header so once we got the him a letter then we can analyze it so let’s just start copying it from here and we have to copy it before the body starts and we have to copy it here and here you can see that right after this email header our body starts so just copy this email header and then we have to go here to this website that is what is my IP dot-com slash email header lyza so there are a lot of other websites which provide the same functionality of analyzing email headers so example of that websites are like MX toolbox com you get signal com so what we have to do is just paste the simulator here click on analyze and here you will see the sender’s IP information so here you can see the email source IPS this so this is the IP address of the sender and the host name is also same and here you can see the email source IP lookup info that this IP is of United States the countries United States and city is Hillsborough and here you can find out the longitude latitude along with the area code and the ISP information also along with the organization name so in order to just verify we can just go here to what is my IP address comm and we can copy the sender’s IP address from here and let’s go here and paste the IP address here in the search bar click on search and here you will see the list of information or the list of details of this IP and if I scroll down you will found the same information the host name along with ISP CloudFlare and first scroll down a little bit more you will see here continent country state city along with the longitude and latitude so this is how we can analyze email header in order to find out the IP address of sender so in this video we have covered that what is the importance of analyzing email header and how we can analyze him al header thanks for watching this video …

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