Ethical Hacking – Course Overview

Hello everyone welcome to our new course that is ethical hacking and cyber security at tutorials point so in this course we’ll learn that what is ethical hacking what are the different steps which one have to perform for a successful hack and we’ll also talk about some cybersecurity terms and techniques so here you can see the course overview so we will first of all talk about that what is hacking and the difference between hacking and ethical hacking then we talk about some information gathering techniques and the faces which are the steps which one have to perform an ethical hacking then we will also talk about analyzing email headers that why analyzing email header is important and virtus email headers then we’ll talk about Kali Linux and how we can install Kali Linux by using virtualization so once we complete this basic part then we jump into some information security topics in which we’ll talk about cryptography encryption algorithm and steganography so these kept ography encryption algorithm and Stegner of free are actually three terms which ensures a data protection or a data security then we’ll talk about some batch programming that how we can make some batch files and how we can turn batch programming into some malicious programming then we’ll talk about system hacking in which we will see that how we can crack windows Password linux password and how windows stores our password and some password storage policy so in windows hacking will also learn about that how we can secure our system by enabling drive security BitLocker we’ll also talk about some different new terms which might be new for you in the security then we will jump into some networking concepts in the network security in which we will talk about what are proxies VPNs and how we can use them in order to jump change over IP and in order to bypass filters then we’ll also talk about some network security tools like Skype e H ping then we’ll see that what is intrusion detection system what is intrusion prevention system and we’ll also do one example of IDs and IP a system that is snot then we’ll talk about some sniffing attacks basically these kind of attacks are network attacks are which are done on the network like sniffing how we can sniff the network either it could be before you want to sniff the network a wireless network you want to sniff an LAN network then we’ll talk about that how we can do em Itanium attack that is man-in-the-middle attack by using our poisoning technique then we’ll see some DNS poisoning technique and then we’ll talk about that how we can crack I Triple E a two protocol that is wireless standard in which you will see that how wireless security protocol works and how we can connect different wireless security protocols in the wireless hacking then we’ll talk about that what is do DDoS attack what is dos attack difference between doors and doors and what are the countermeasures which we can take in order to protect our servers then we’ll talk about some malware like Trojans how the trojan works how malware works how viruses works then we’ll also do some malware analysis that is static analysis dynamic malware analysis in order to see that how malware works actually at the background then we’ll talk about some penetration testing techniques some V apt tools that we can use in order to do penetration testing so then we’ll talk about social engineering toolkit which is present inside Kali Linux and then in the last of this course we’ll talk about digital forensics that what is digital forensics and how we can investigate a particular system if any cyber crime happens so thanks for watching this video hope to see in the next one …

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