Eric Barger at Jan Markell’s – “Understanding the Times 2018” – Conference

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Eric Barger I’ve worked with him for about the last ten years you’ve heard him on air with me occasionally as my co-host as is Joel Martin Rishi and as is my producer Larry Cutler so we try to make a well-rounded media team and I got into Eric’s kind of topic well through radio of course and of course we lack the visuals there but it’s gonna have that today and I can of quite frankly this is creepy message number two yeah but again it is a warning about the times we are in and when this kind of information and this kind of technology is abused by you know who it’s gonna be a very very dark day in a very dark time the church won’t experience it thank God let’s let’s praise the Lord for that but there will be you will have loved ones left behind and as far as some of the things eric skanz assuring that’s not necess you think you’re you have privacy oh my goodness nothing you do is private anymore and he’ll explain why I don’t want to go any further than that Eric Barger welcome and thank you take over so this title of this of home-invasion the rise of surveillance society home invasion the rise of surveillance society as I speak I hope that you’ll maintain the premise of what we’re talking about here in the light of Bible prophecy it may seem well this it really isn’t about prophecy is it but it is because I think some of the things I want to bring out as some of the things that I think you’ve just heard and certainly what you heard this morning from the other two speakers this morning this is prophetic stuff when we’re in prophetic days how tragic it is that the church let alone the world the church living in these prophetic hours many of them are unaware because they’re not hearing it from the pulpit and if we all know classically that if a church or a people are not hearing something by their pastor from the pulpit then many of them see that it’s really no big deal or think that it’s no big deal especially those who don’t have a church background I hope we can implore those around us friends and loved ones and anyone we have any influence with to understand that this is a very prophetic day that we live in and a day that is not for us the stick our heads in the sand or ignore and act like it doesn’t exist I appreciate Jen asking me to do this material originally as we discussed the this particular conference it was to be four speakers and then she interviewed me on radio for this and you know usually it’s her and I talking to someone interviewing them occasionally she and Jill and I doing a roundtable especially on new-age and a cult and those kinds of things and but when she asked me to do this at the conference I was honored and grateful I’m glad because I think this is really important stuff and certainly it’s gotten in into my heart and my thinking that we need to know this I’ve been swimming in this thing now for over a year and because of the time constraints there is like I said a much greater picture that I’ll be able just to represent in our in our time together here this presentation is unlikely unlike any that you very probably seen in Bible prophecy but I want to assure you that if you maintain the premise a Bible prophecy as I speak and as I bring out these facts that I think you’ll agree by the time we get to that this is really about prophecy what I’m going to share might upset some of you as I was watching some abilities presentation you will probably say that I’m more of a kindergarten teacher in other words it won’t be too upsetting but it will be disturbing the fact that what I’m going to talk about is happening to us generally right now around the world and and what Billy and I love aberration love Billy and we’ve had great fellowship and so on and I’m just grateful to promote what he does because it is a different angle than then then necessarily what I’m going to talk about here though I am going to bridge out into that water of AI here pretty quick and do a DVD on that next year Lord willing remember it’s all in progress right but this presentation will be traveling to some of you because it’s going to talk about things for happening right now they’re happening all around us and in fact for believers I believe if you love your liberties and love free speech and personal expression that we have Americans we’ve all come to appreciate that that this will be sobering for you as we talk about this so this is where we’re going to go very quickly and then I’m going to dive right into it I’m gonna go fast I’m gonna talk about our personal privacy that today is I believe your roading all the time around us and has been for some time I’m going to talk about free speech on our access to all the input that it takes to make good decisions because if we don’t have all the of the information we really can’t make a good value decision we make a slanted decision on many issues unless we know all the facts and I’m going to talk about our personal and even our national security and how all that is at play in in this particular topic and with those areas of concern maybe for you and I as Christians because for us it would be our ability to continue to spread the gospel unabated around the world for us to be able to do it in our country or in our state or city or in our community how do we do that and how can we continue to do that as we all know whether we like it or not the Internet is a way that people communicate like has never been in the history of the world we we have a great tool with us as bad as it can be in as bad as as many things that are that are available there that are not good we can spread the gospel with it for us to simply say well I’m not going to use it because we have the pornographers using it or we have the terrorists using it or something we’re forgetting that how many people we’re deciding just to relegate them to the the pit of hell because we decided we can’t touch them because many people that is their communication link and it is the way people are being found out as way businesses are finding good leaders it is the way that people are being hired etc so this technology can be used to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and it’s not technology that I have a problem with it is the way it’s being used and will be used and I think we need to understand it to be able to to be able to talk to others effectively about these things there’s no escaping the fact that technology is affecting the lives of everyone of us more and more literally each day and just because we don’t like it or understand it or because we say I don’t use much technology or we think we don’t use any at all that doesn’t change the fact that technology is affecting our lives and our mission as laid out to us in Matthew 28 as Jesus told us to go into all the world and preach the gospel and I want to remind you that above all things no matter what you take away from this conference or how depressing some of it might be that God sees and knows and understands and he is in control and he understands the events these are the perilous days the troubling times Paul talked about at the end and if we’re in that time then we should understand that Jesus is coming soon and our mission should be ramped up now you’ve heard that all day I heard that from from Jack this morning and I’ve heard it now from Billy and I tell you what I didn’t hear all of what Amir said but he probably said it too we all feel the same way this is the day to act not the day to lay back and say well you know maybe maybe as God lays on my heart to do something this is a time to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and some of us are aware of the security and privacy and free speech areas and what’s going there and and maybe you’ve heard some of this before but some of this I didn’t know till I begin to research and I can tell you that I feel like I’m pretty well-read on these issues and I’m watching news in some form not necessarily watching it on TV but I’m tapped in the news a lot because of what I do but I can tell you that we’re not the first people that have had our privacy encroached upon by in an unscrupulous manner you think about it’s happened all three of mankind’s history but if you go back to Daniel chapter 6 you can see it live and in person and in a great man a Bible character that we’ve all read it heard of because there were these people the presidents and they and and the prime ministers that stood outside Daniel’s window to see if he would go against the Kings order and he would pray and as Daniel opened his windows and faced toward Jerusalem which was the custom and he prayed and they heard him and they went back to the king and because of that Daniel was thrown in the lion’s den we all know the story we’ve heard it since we were a little kid so we’re not the first people that others have listened in on what we were saying even in a private conversation to God and how people would like to use that then against us so long ago in Babylon Daniel faced some of the same things we’re facing with a whole lot less technology than we were facing it with today granted you know when I first heard about the NSA and and the the facts that came out that the NSA had been spying on American citizens I was incensed and you probably were too and and most of you saw that news story back three years ago in 2015 I remember how I felt about it and I thought my personal privacy is at stake and then it was sometime in that period that I really remembered Daniel I got onto that and begin to write a little bit about it and think about the fact that the very same thing that Daniel faced in is really what we’re what we’re seeing today so you know you can go through the internet and you can search the internet and simple search will tell you there’s lots of articles and lots of things that have been written that have surveillance society attached to them that’s why I believe that was a great title for all I was going to talk about here the writer here in this in this piece and Time magazine said that really that the idea of surveillance is is really a pipe dream that we really we really don’t have our privacy if surveillance is out there like it is he said it’s an illusion of privacy it gives us room to be fully human that illusion that we have a private life and we can share intimacy’s we can risk making mistakes but all the while the line between private and public space is porous as tissue paper and boy it sure is especially if we’re online now it’d be easy to say well that means I shouldn’t be online let me let me unplug everything I’m not going to be online and then we miss the opportunity to be able to use that medium as a way to spread the gospel that’s why I’m not gonna unplug no matter what I am showing you here I’m going to just be more frugal I’m more understanding and I’m gonna be wise about it and I think that’s the key of where I’d like to go with this so no matter how much you know or don’t know about all this happening around us I hope you understand that that I personally am convinced that though there’s a problem there’s also a way for you and I to use the technology that we have now the way this started for me I told the story in the little interview that Jenn and I did yesterday that I’ve saw was played in here once today and will be on the DVDs as well as all the interviews of the speakers will be and the way I got into this was it was last year I I took a picture one of my board members at a conference up in Canada and I didn’t think much about it I didn’t email to anybody I just showed it to him we had it we had a chuckle about it went on her business a couple weeks later I got the picture sent back to me by Google saying see we’re keeping your pictures for you isn’t that nice now I realize that in the User Agreement that most of us never take the time to read and I’ll talk about that to say that that it does give them the right to do this but I I just began to go man it’s real to me now because they have sent a picture back to me now you can go through my phone any of us could talk about we could look at the stuff um I have nothing to hide I have nothing there that I’d be ashamed that’s not the issue the point is that’s my property but I’ve given them the right to do it and because they said that back to me I got on the mission because I’d heard something and I really thought it was kind of like kind of on the edge of conspiracy theories and I know conspiracies exist but sometimes the theory is way bigger than the actual conspiracy and then I really found out what I’ve been reading wasn’t just something that looked like it was greater and bigger than life and couldn’t be true you know it wasn’t long after that that I took a picture of myself up on blood pass Washington I don’t take selfies very often but it was a gorgeous day after a snow that the night before and I decided I’d send that picture to my wife and I to my daughters and granddaughter granddaughters and just to say hello to them though hey I’m up on blooood paths it’s a nice day and don’t worry about me I’ll be home a little bit be back in the Seattle area so I took that picture and lo and behold Google sent it back to me – a couple of weeks later and this has happened again and again and again ever since that first time and I’ve recognized that whatever pictures I take including the ones I took back there today earlier as Jan was here and I took it with the same camera that I had one blue pass that day with a cracked screen anyway I took the picture back there it could very well come back to me – the same way because somebody is sending that picture back now I know that somebody isn’t a person with a headset on in a very nefarious manner it’s the algorithms of Google and how they’re set up but I recognize that that picture is out there somewhere and once it’s out its out for good that’s the point how often we have warned our grandchildren don’t put anything online that you’d ever be embarrassed for somebody to see and the same thing is true for anything that we put out online it’s out there so since then I’ve been consumed with this research getting into it and its really been our inattention to detail many of us that have gotten us to this place where now were shocked when the last few weeks and months that some of this material has come out and we begin to realize that that that there are people in the the tech companies usually that are so extremely far left-leaning you can hardly leave it who are really controlling some of this stuff and we’ve given them access to our privacy and most of us have one of these in our phones or in our hands or in our possession anyway how few people take time to read the User Agreement that that we see either online as we download something or as we buy a new phone in a store or as we even download an app to use on our phone with all the different apps that are so convenient to use whether it’s software or actual hardware or whatever it is and we surrender and we agree to the user agreements and surrender our rights along with it and we give them the the rights to to look at all the different facets of our phones our texts our pictures they have access to our cameras they have access to the microphone on our phones they have access to our contact lists our phone lists who we called and when we called them our location where we are at all times all of that is out there in the ether for the extreme most left-wing people you can ever imagine who were in control of the tech companies and their algorithms which is a big word for the way computers process information but we are not the first people that have failed to read some of the user agreements as you’ll see here now Adam and Eve the first people to not read the Apple Terms and Conditions I don’t know where I got that or who sent it to me that’s something doc Reagan would probably put up on his screen too but I thought that was good that may be the last time you laugh during this message so I’ll just move on now let me ask you and I’m not asking you to raise your hand or to call out but you know just think about it have you ever searched for a product or a service and then immediately begun to see an ads appear in your web browser or your phone your tablet or PC I think we’ve all had that happen and we’ve wondered what’s going on here I search for something and all of a sudden I’m getting ads for it well that’s because Google and other companies especially Google considering that they controlled nearly 90 percent of the searches on the internet in the world nearly 90 percent that’s because they want to advertise to you because they want to sell products and they want their bottom line to increase well Google isn’t quite rich enough they’re only richer than a hundred and seventy nations in the world the GDP of a hundred and seventy nations in the world that’s how big Google is and that’s a problem in itself and not that you make money I think that that’s that’s not the issue but the idea that these things can happen now notice here this Google search I did and I searched for I believe it was for olive tree ministries yes it was it was and I knew that after I searched for all tree ministries like I didn’t already know the address but I did a simple search for it I knew that there was no way that any kind of advertising was going to pop up on my screen from them because there is no user agreement as far as I know anyway between jan and google or anybody else to do advertising like this and there isn’t for me there so if you search for me online or olive tree you’re not going to immediately get all kinds of advertising sent to you but a lot of companies this is this is a big business it’s a big business and advertising it’s certainly a big business with Google as the go-between and some of the other companies too and it’s certainly a big business with many who want to sell products so when you receive such an ad does I’m describing here it happens because the pre-programmed algorithms of Google or Yahoo or others are set to pick up on a particular word in the search so that advertisers they have agreements with can then send you advertising the same thing happens with the apps we have on our phone how many of you are aware we’ll talk about when I say an app on your on your phone would you okay so a lot of us understand what that is that is a small piece of software download phone that gives us something such as driving instructions or today’s weather or sports scores or a myriad of other things so it’s those companies along with Google as the middleman and they call this of course remarketing in the tech world and it comes with computers anyway with cookies which are bits of data I’m making this as simple as I can that are deposited into our computers so that they know from that particular computer someone searched for that particular word or a service or item or whatever it was that was looked for and thus they try to match up advertisers with people at that computer and send it right back to us on our web browser and it could happen also through emails and through text and so on as well so an algorithm by definition is just the basic technique used by computer programs to actually accomplish a task okay data mining as it’s called is big business and I think most of us are aware of this have been reports in the national news about it and they don’t always get it right as we know can I hear an amen but have you ever wondered when you download a game or an app to your phone or to your tablet why you have to agree to give up your location your contact list the use of your camera or microphone when you look at the app that there that you want to download you wonder why would they want access to my camera or microphone what’s going on but you have to course agree to that or the app doesn’t work and what’s going on here is the people who build the wonderful sometimes very ingenious free apps that we download onto our phones and tablets they’re not doing it for nothing they’re selling the data that they garnered that they harvest from us through those apps back to the advertising community usually through Google Google owns the Android operating system now I’m not saying that Apple is pristine that’s for sure they were caught selling people our information in the past even though they tried to act like it didn’t exist but Android is some 86% of the telephones in the world it’s shocking to me what’s going on but what is really happening is when we buy a phone and we get a free app we become the target of the advertising because they want to know all about us they want to know how to do it it’s all about marketing baby it’s all about marketing however the tech companies are doing this remarketing it’s happening to consumers on a new level with both Android and iPhone users alike reporting that just in the presence of the software just with the phone in my hand suddenly I’m getting advertising sent to me I know of a couple of instances personally about this I’ll give the example friends are standing in a group their phones in their hands none of them actively making phone calls or doing a search they’re talking about where they’re gonna go to dinner one of them says let’s go to Mexican somebody else says that sounds like a great idea I haven’t had Mexican in a while and all of a sudden there it is on their phone an advertisement for a Mexican restaurant and not the closest one to them it was one that had an advertising agreement with Google that whenever Mexican restaurants were searched for or were heard by the Google algorithms that they would have the the right to advertise those people of course that’s the way they make sales I’ll give you an example from my granddaughter she told me about this last week my second granddaughter Kacey she and her husband Cameron they were discussing what the best kind of pizza was and he said to her it’s Chicago style pizza he’s from New York I said that I know I’m not sure but not to talk to you about that and within seconds in Casey’s Instagram app an ad came up for Chicago style pizza with pictures they didn’t ask for that search neither of them had their phones with the intent of searching or looking for something on they didn’t do that this happened because the microphone on the telephone itself picked it up that’s why we have to check off that we give right to our contact list our location our camera or microphone this is called eavesdropping in the old days and that’s really what it comes down to now I could bog down here and I’m gonna have to move on for times sake because it I want to be sure that I get to the things I have for you at the end that I think are very pertinent but there’s lots of different ways this has happening you all know about the Facebook scandal that took place where Facebook they allowed information to be given to someone they thought it was for research but he sold it then to a firm who did who did some data analysis for the elections of two years ago and some 87 million users on Facebook had their information compromised while that cost Facebook dearly I believe it cost Mark Zuckerberg the day it happened 19 billion dollars if I remember because that’s how far his stock drove he’s a founder of Facebook and so these things have been coming to light little by little but there’s something else Facebook is doing and I’m going to explain it rather than just try to to put it on the screen they are profiling us in many different ways and one of the ways they’re doing it is by use of these intense very complex Google algorithms by what they see us read or think about by because of the way we look at things online they’re looking at everything we look at and they have right to do that according to that User Agreement that we didn’t look at like Adam and Eve anyway you understand they have a right to do this and they are making up a profile of who we are but it’s not by the groups or involved with or by anything we’ve typed in or by our own personal profile that we could go into lead anytime now they’re keeping a profile on us even if we delete our Facebook account and that profile is the assumed profile that is made up by the algorithms now maybe you heard about this this was in the news Facebook has a group for people who were interested in treason against country 65,000 Russians were matched up by their assumed profile for that group you know advertisers can buy any of the advertising to a particularly very pinpoint marketed group from Facebook so can governments can you imagine the terror in the lives of the 65,000 people that Facebook by their computer algorithms doing something that many humans couldn’t do working together they match these people up as people who are interested in treason I think the Russian government is probably interested in those people in fact some of them have probably been visited by now that’s the unintended consequences as a fallout when artificial intelligence has its way now I would have downloaded my own Facebook profile I I didn’t know how much you’d be there I’m not in Facebook very much maybe a couple times a month and just to receive friend requests and post a new article or an item a product whatever it is you know let people know where I’m gonna be here to talk about like the trip to Israel we’re gonna take here coming up in 45 days and and advertise that but but I was shocked when I downloaded 20 105 pages my facebook profile they knew who all my family are they know the names and who they are to me they know all my friends and some of your real trouble they they know if I mean every little detail my hobbies they know that I am a Christian they know that I’m a minister they know that I’m a conservative they called me a Republican but I would probably want to change that to get you just conservative instead but you understand they know all about me and maybe the thing that that that I saw was probably most scary and I’m looking at my notes here because I I wanted to show you this particularly and I’m a little ahead of myself but I think it’s okay because we’re gonna run out of time anyway well I found out that they had are you ready my facial recognition numbers think about that what does Google have on us this little video that we’re gonna have the first thing I want to do is navigate down in my DVD we’re gonna show how you can find your Facebook pages and how you can find your Google pages I was warned that if you want to download your Google pages it may take as much as 24 to 36 hours at high-speed Internet to download all the pages several gigabytes of information and Google will have way more on me then Facebook does when I saw the facial recognition numbers I think that’s what did it for me because I realized without even having a picture of me they can know if it’s me in a picture because they have the coordinates that are that are common in facial recognition today and this is a big surveillance tool as you know they could build a picture of me without even having a picture and they could know that I am the one in the picture that’s the point and when you think about what Facebook has on us and what Google has on us and we’ll get to all that you think about what they’ve got through facial recognition and it is frightening right now in China what does it work in China the greatest surveillance not greatest by eye wow they’re wonderful but the worst the largest surveillance state in the world their surveillance of people is being done by facial recognition there’s no doubt about it now there was a picture I put through some facial recognition to see what I could get and it simply answered me and said unable to compute but I’ll just move on from bad some of you might might might know that gentlemen so I’ll move on but anyway now this whole report that I’m going to show you that comes from Tucker Carlson on Fox News back in February this year I’m just gonna show you a part of it really tells you how deep the surveillance is how much further along it is I hope you’ll listen with real open ears on this we know that Google is tracking us we agree to it when we set up our phones so we wanted to figure out what exactly Google is learning about us throughout the day so here’s what we’re gonna do we have two identical phones the only difference between these two phones is this one is an airplane mode both of the phones lack a sim card and they haven’t been set up to access any Wi-Fi networks so for all intents and purposes these phones have no connection to a data network we’re gonna keep them with us throughout the day and while I travel around DC we’re gonna figure out just what Google is finding out about me our first stop Sims convenience store just outside our Fox Bureau for a quick coffee from there we took a walk to the Capitol and took a quick walk around the Senate office buildings and then decided to hop in a car and head around town hello we’re going to the Children’s Hospital please to run our tests we had to do more than walk the block so we took a tour around our nation’s capitol first due north to the Children’s National Medical Center hospital then west to st.

Alban school and the National Cathedral our tour around town was a 14 mile journey that lasted more than an hour the entire time the phones had no access to the Internet oh my goodness not a Wi-Fi connection and not any cellular data service it almost seemed quaint to assume that Google wouldn’t even be able to collect data on me let’s head back to the bureau my friend a church is beautiful Google’s business model is simple collect data on its users and then use that data to sell targeted ads it’s a business model called surveillance capitalism but does that critical data collection work even when your phones aren’t connected so we’re back here at our Fox Bureau in DC and we’ve got both of our phones exactly how we left with them the only difference really I snapped a couple of bad selfies at the National Cathedral but otherwise they have stayed in my pocket for the entire day so let’s find out what they know this is our man-in-the-middle device it’s basically a Wi-Fi network that these phones are going to connect to once we turn their Wi-Fi on it’s going to pass data through it on the way to Google but on the way we’re actually gonna get a copy of the same data that Google’s gonna get we’ll be able to decrypt it and then find out where we’ve been throughout the day within minutes the numbers rolled in the phone that wasn’t on airplane mode registered more than 100 locations 130 activities and even 152 barometric readings as soon as it hooked up to our Wi-Fi it transmitted 300 kilobytes of data straight to Google the phone even logged our exact locations tracking us all around town the capital the hospital the school and the Cathedral now you may notice what’s missing here is the exact route that we took but it got that data too it knows when I got out of the car the metadata has a time log down to the very second tracking everything when they think that you’re walking riding and yes even getting out of the car okay so you’re thinking this isn’t a big deal I’ll just put my phone in airplane mode yeah we thought of that too this is the other phone that we had with us that no SIM card also remained in airplane mode the entire time let’s see what kind of data it captured the phone with airplane mode activated actually logged more locations and activities than the other phone and it also transferred hundreds of kilobytes of data to Google as soon as it was activated the only thing that’s missing from this map is our stop at the Children’s Hospital but it still knows we were there there it is exiting vehicle 100% accuracy through complicated user agreements and free software Google gets users to sign away their privacy for nothing they’re even following you in the places that most people would expect total privacy government buildings a children’s hospital a private school a church every move you make every step you take Google is watching you now in a statement to Fox News Google told us that users who want to opt out of tracking should turn off location history but doing that is harder than you’d think and most of googles apps include hitting queries that automatically sign you up for the surveillance for now we will continue looking into how Silicon Valley sells your privacy but until then just remember when you’re using a free online service you’re probably not the customer actually the products I have several reports like that and I said trying to figure out what a lie show I thought that one should be seen with the phone on airplane mode that has never been identified with the sim card in it which means that’s the way you know that John does phone number is and that is this is his email account all those things none of that was in those phones these were brand new phones I had never been identified with a person and a SIM card in them on airplane mode and they still followed him everywhere he went and if you turn off location it doesn’t stop it it stops the apps you have downloaded from being able to use the location that you have agreed to give them the right to see and those absolute work correctly but it doesn’t stop Google from knowing where you were if you want to know what Big Brother looks like look at the phone in your hand and remember that when you’re talking around that phone that ears I’m talking electronic ears now there’s not guys with headphones out the room someplace ears are listening electronic ears are listening they’re looking to see how they can advertise to you all that seems bothersome maybe trivial to some people today not if you believe Bible prophecy as we do in this room not if you understand where all that information ends up in the end not if you understand how the information being gathered today could be used against our families should some of them not make it out of this world when the term protocol goes across heaven when you begin to think about it from that angle things change two of the reports and no time to be able to show them to you I can see that right now one of them is about kids and how kids it is the the job according to a former Google engineer that was interviewed on again on Fox News and it’s not always Fox News like whoa but these were good interviews he says that there are a hundred engineers trying to figure out how they can keep your children’s eyes on the screen and coming back to the screen regularly all through the day and that’s the way the social media companies think about their users and they want to be able to advertise the children hoping that the kids will come and find mom and dad or in my case grandma grandpa and be able to figure out how they can buy the things that are being that are being advertised to them that’s what is happening today but all the time it is attract surveillance that is being kept record of and depending on which of the apps you might have downloaded and it’s done for our convenience let’s face it I mean I’ve said so many times I love the way the GPS works I could find every little twisted turn except of course then when the GPS plotter gets it wrong and has the business on the wrong side of the freeway and that’s something like that’s happened several times but usually works great you think about the marketing treasure trove that that the apps have become on our phones and especially well our special phones and our tablets as well you know Wall Street Journal reported about a company called ground truth ground truth is an advertising firm that builds apps applications 70 million people in the United States have their information transmitted through ground truth on to advertisers every month some of you in this room just like me you have a ground truth app on your phone called weather bug why do you think they want your location well it’s simply you think well it’s just because they they have to know where I am so they can tell me what the weather is gonna be like but in their eyes you have to sign off on that so they have the right to sell your material that’s what it comes down to these apps aren’t free sell the cell phones and many apps constructed with the data the way it is to be able to skim the information to sell it as marketing gold is when it comes down to your ISP has the right to do that to in fact it really starts with them your cell phone company now has the right to be able to sell all the data about you that it wants to let alone of course those who you might log into through the various apps and so on there all kinds of articles out there about this you just think about the many different ways were being surveilled and one of them is we’ve we’ve now been had marketed to us these these very convenient home static robots that’s what I call them somebody knows that actually as just the voice where Alexa comes the voice of Alexa comes out of you know the Google home unit and of course the Amazon echo and you think about the way these things are being used and you know I realized one of them at least does have a mute button on it where you can turn the mic off supposedly I wonder if that switch goes to anything I really do when you consider that that we know people are being surveilled in this way where we are sure there are me there’s no doubt about the fact these things are listening all the time I I am careful these days where my phone is if I want to have any kind of a conversation that I think somebody might think was a you know maybe a bad thing and how many people would believe that in the world we’re in today we’re conservatives and in particular Christians are looked down on how many people who are extreme leftist even communist atheist in their thinking how many of them would say those Chris’s let’s know what they’re talking about listen to what they’re saying just think about that I won’t talk about those things in the presence of my phone except right now if you’re listening Google we’re on to you thank you no I don’t want to go to Mexican food tonight that’s okay oh but it’s not a bad idea I like tex-mex you just begin to think about the marketing what’s happening and now Apple has won it’s gonna be way more expensive than the Amazon echo any of the different echo units the home pod Facebook is going to have their own unit it’s going to be nearly $500 there are other companies lanova and others working on the same type of in-home robots and they’re so good bees I mean you get your music played to your traffic emails in the Amazon echo advertisement online it’s a little short trailer but there’s a little girl that has they has Alexa tell her a joke it’s a really corny joke but you know the idea is that these things will talk back to you and then those little girl leaves a room she says goodbye Alexa and Alexa says goodbye creepy creepy we can’t get our kids to talk to us on the phone but they want to talk to a robot that’s backed by artificial intelligence that we have sitting in the house who’s listening all the time that wants to advertise to us again it’s all about advertising today and the allure of owning one of these things and they’re very convenient and they’re not very expensive all of that you think about our security in fact my son-in-law had one I didn’t know it for a while came in the house last December I had to talk with my daughter the next thing I found that was the thing was unplugged when she understood what was going on he didn’t realize you thought it was going to be a great way to close the garage door if he thought if you forgot to close it or to turn the lights on and off or turn the air conditioning up and down etc that kind of stuff see people think of the convenience only but not about the security factor and how easily these things can be hacked and you know you think about this there was a company that our family who had their conversation hacked by an Amazon echo and that conversation was recorded and sent to friends of theirs on their friend list and they didn’t know it was gonna happen Jan sent me that research I mean she’s on top of everything when I send Jan something that she hasn’t already seen I think it’s a real man that’s it makes my day if I actually could do that because she is so ahead of the curve in her news news headlines that I don’t know she mentioned them but they are so terrific and I hope that you I hope that you have subscribed to those and and you get those regularly as a labor of love for her and you really should get them well I’m looking to see how much time I’ve gotten where I want to go and don’t have much time so I better go to the the conclusion here and hopefully I’ll be able to pull ahead it worked this time that’s good see we’re here before the Tribulation Period and our concern might be somewhat for us but it’s not about self-preservation I mean I figured out a long time ago that Facebook and Google know who I am and if my material isn’t going to be given to some government agency for something that they now well or maybe later consider to be illegal well I’m already toast I figured that but as for the people around me that may not make the rapture that I’m worried about what they’ll do to them because these people may have a chance to come to Jesus Christ after I leave this world after the rapture takes place but what if they’re forced what what if they’re coerced what what if they are strong-armed because of who they were to me you see the Antichrist is going to inherit every single bit of this data it’s it’s gonna be his now the people who are creating this data and all this the web of surveillance around the world they don’t realize it they don’t understand that but our privacy our security and our ability to be able to have free speech and spread the gospel those things are all getting in a much more narrow window than they were listen very carefully to this slide what if the information we posted the surveillance that has been done because becomes dangerous or deadly an undoing to family or loved ones today what is legal in our nation that we take for granted that will always be legal and the freedoms we have will always be free may not be free and we don’t wind up my and I don’t want to stand around and just be a doom and gloom or about it I’m a real positive guy and if your name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life man that is a conclusion that I think there’s no there’s no match for Amen there’s no match for that Amen out of these and I’ll hurry here are these dozens of stories I’ve researched you think about if there’s a left wing company that just loves antifa and would build them up in their search results and give them good promo and give them prominence just for example that’s damaging to our country but the left wing people that we have at Google I didn’t show you the pictures of the people who run Billy founded Google I didn’t tell you how they found there their president CEO Eric Eric Schmidt who literally the man who made Google what it is for the last 17 years he just retired no the the people who founded Google found Eric Schmidt and they hired him because they’ve all had a great love for the Burning Man festival in Northern Nevada which is the ultimate in hedonism each year in the Nevada desert if you begin to understand the lawsuits that are going on right now by conservatives who have been fired by Google because of the things they’ve said inside the walls of Google are on the Google intranet where they have an interoffice communication back and forth those things prove and tell us the extreme left-wing makeup of those in charge of the tech companies I didn’t talk about how Google is building a search engine where they’re going to censor particular searches to a new search engine in China if they’ll do it for the Chinese they would certainly do it for their own political proclivities here in America you get that and they’re building a search engine for China that would exclude terms like free speech student uprising student protests you wouldn’t be able to search for those things and I think they’re already doing that does here no you see I believe with all of my heart that this scripture could never be fulfilled until the day that we live in today people could have said well Adolf Hitler could have Indiana Christ no he could have only controlled a small portion of the planet as horrible as he was but he couldn’t do all the work that can be done today with a surveillance that’s now available and China by the way is a that’s the place to look to to figure out how surveillance is going to be used in the future they have a hundred and seventy million closed-circuit TV cameras in use in China right now and by the twenty by the year 2020 they’re going to have 400 million more in use and there’ll be two different video clips online in the DVDs that will show you how they’re using those things today along with their Social Credit ideas the ratings that they give Chinese citizens know this scripture could never be fulfilled until our day it was given unto him to make war against the Saints to overcome them and power has given him over all Kindred’s and tongues and Nations the Antichrist will be able to control the world but he couldn’t have done it without the technology that is today being built this is the hour we’re watching it all happen right in front of our faces it says all that dwell upon the earth shall worship Him whose names are not written in the book of life of the lamb slain from the foundation of the world if your name is not written in the book of life if you don’t know Jesus Christ as your Lord the Savior friend I got to tell you something you’re skating on thin ice you don’t know if you have another chance don’t put him off and say I don’t want any of that Jesus stuff now I want to live the way I want now and I’ll consider that later you don’t know if you have later that’s the way I thought as a musician that’s the way I thought when I was a druggie that’s the way I believed I’m a fortunate one we don’t know if we have another chance when we see the events we see today I realize that though I’m looking for Jesus Christ not the Antichrist I realized that if if Antichrist could now show up at any time and commandeer the world with this technology I believe the coming of Jesus Christ is imminent at the door and it could happen any moment when I see the events that we see now in the world my time is gone by about a minute and a half here and I apologize but I just I am so passionate we all are about these issues that God has given us to speak about and there’s so much more to say about this but don’t put him off and for you Church don’t despair God is still in the throne God can still do the miraculous he can still make a way in the midst of the technology and a way to also blend the technology he has a way let’s use it to our advantage for the glory of God while we still have time father I thank you and praise you Lord especially for your word that is a light and a lamp to our feet in our path and it’s a way for us to know the future as a friend once said it is a gift you’ve given us to understand prophecy help us be faithful as we share the truth and the good news of the gospel with others around us what we still have breath and opportunity we pray in Jesus name …


We are now living in the absolute End Times as per biblical prophecy.

Our Lord Jesus Christ’s – King of Kings. 2nd Coming and return is IMMENENT!.

Please do not waist another a minute.

No matter what religion you serve, there is only one God.

If, you want to be assured that you will not have to endure the perilious times that will befall you.

Irrespective, of what sins you may have commited at anytime of your life. If you humble yourself and ask for God’s forgivenes. He will forgive you and wash them all away and welcome you as his beloved son or daughter with open arms.

If you are not a child of Father God or have not asked Jesus Christ too come into your life yet?

I implore you to do this without delay.

Read this prayer of Salvation and ask God to forgive you now and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour and you will be assured of eternal life.


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