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A lot of viewers have asked me, “Hey Daniel… Can I remove an element from my video using FIlmora9?” You can remove entire people from your video Now to be fair to the ladies, you can remove men to Stick around, I’ll show you how. She seems way too happy about that! Hit the subscribe button and click notification bell to be part of the conversation What you want to do is find a piece of footage to use in your project and bring it down into your timeline now this may not work with every single piece of footage but it will with one’s if you know what to look for in this case the camera is very still and there’s a lot of area to work with inside of that piece of footage now the way we’re gonna do this is by creating two layers of the same footage so let’s bring down that same footage into a layer above the first aligning it exactly the same somewhere in the middle of your video where the motion seems to be going on with the subject you’re trying to remove what you want to do is take a snapshot now I’ve showed you how to use affinity photo and some of my recent tutorials and we’re going to be using it yet again here to accomplish something I haven’t showed you which is the ability to create custom masks in filmora let’s open up affinity photo and let’s bring our snapshot into the project once you’ve imported your image you want to go up to the upper left and click on layer and add a new layer in the upper right let’s make sure we’ve selected black as a color for our eyedropper and put it into our foreground color so that black will be the color that we’re using in our brushes or paint tools now over in the left let’s select our paintbrush tool and I’m going to bring up the width of this tool so it’s a little bit bigger let’s make sure our opacity our flow and our hardness are all up at 100% and while we have our new layer selected let’s draw over the image of the woman or object that we want to remove make sure you stay a little bit outside of her body we want to give room for any movement that she might make but I also don’t want to eliminate anything like the little green island sections behind her I just want to remove the woman that bit of ocean in that section of sand let me color this all in to create a custom mask shape kind of looks like a cat and once we’re done all we’re going to do is turn off the main layer and once that’s completely black let’s go up to file and let’s export this as a PNG or transparent file and we’re done now back in our filmora project let’s go up to the effects tab let’s go over to utility 9 and let’s select the mask tool and left-click drag that down into your top layer we’ve now applied a mask to the top layer if we double left-click on that upper track in our timeline it will open up the features in the upper left to dig deeper into this track let’s click on the video tab and down below you’ll see under the video effects tab the mask layer that we just added now a lot of you are used to the mask feature and the preset masks that are incorporated into filmora 9 but one thing that you may not have seen is at the very beginning of your masks features you have the ability to import your own custom masks we’ll click on that feature let’s find the mask we just created and bring it in now under your mask selection if you scroll down at the very end you’ll see that your custom mask has been added as an option select that until it’s surrounded by a red box and your mask has been applied now you can’t see that right now because I have it stacked on top of an identical piece of footage if I turn that lower track off you’ll see the mask is applied but it’s the opposite of what I want currently it’s masking out everything else and leaving her in so I want to make sure in the upper left and the mask options I invert this mask that way she’s masked out and the rest of the scene is allowed to show now when we remove something from a shot like this the trick is we have to know that we have something to replace it this is why we’ve created another layer of the same footage underneath I knew if I removed her from here there was probably enough going on just to left of it that was similar that I could move into that place instead that’s the real trick don’t remove anything if you don’t have something else to replace it with so what I’ll do here is down in my timeline I’m going to lock the top track I’m gonna make sure the bottom track is enabled and I’m gonna double left-click on it to activate it up in the preview window now if I click in that preview window and start to move the lower track you can see I can actually move her out of the scene and have another portion of this take the place of where she was standing now it’s a simple matter of stretching this footage out and getting it to sit in a way that we only see sand and water where she’s been masked out that’s pretty close but I can still see a little bit of the mask edge we can take care of that by left-clicking on our track in the main timeline going down to the video effects and let’s increase the mask feather you’ll see that footage start to blend in now when I rewind my footage in play you can see I have eliminated the woman and replace it with another section of that footage that looks just like the beach and water pretty cool huh? if you want to learn more Filmora tips tricks and techniques…


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