EPIC!! NEW!! Steve Quayle – Cannibalism Making Headlines, is The Tribulation Near??

The reason this subject has come so much into the public eye now is because the gates of Hell have literally been open you know I before coming on the show with you and praying earlier in the morning I went to numbers sorry 13 31 33 and basically it talked about the Giants and the offspring of the Giants you know when God Moses come out and Caleb to take them in and go in and spy out the land I just want to share one thing that the men who brought an evil report brought the report that the land through which we have gone to search it is a land that eateth up the inhabitants thereof and all the people we saw in it are the men of great statue in other words and stature the Giants and here it is and there we saw the Giants the son of a Mac which come of the Giants who and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers and so we were in their sight you know Rick 25 years ago when I started on talk radio and this is what I shared with you last week no one would have even imagined that cannibalism would come into the headlines but this is one of the things that those who remember me starting out and Colorado radio station I said when cannibalism becomes the headlines of the day know that the great tribulation is starting so the fascinating thing about this is you know that it’s uniquely tied to petaa gate because what we have been exposed to in the pentagon’s and all the photographs the photograph of Podesta’s office with the two men sitting with the forks and a plate getting ready to eat someone we’re now seeing that it’s sheet to eat human flesh referring to that CNN article that you just kind of or did a great overview of what kind of an entity or human being drink you know alcohol out of a human skull by the way that’s what the Cissy ins did in biblical times Citians they were what Paul the Apostle Paul called the cruelest of all people but the fact that he z flesh is very I would say telling because number one is a Muslim and Muslims are a sex of Muslims now especially their Imams are telling people it’s okay to eat the flesh of your enemies so what I find fascinating and this is really interesting is that when you have the release of cannibalism it’s like literally the gates of Hell have opened and jesus promised that they wouldn’t prevail against his believing body but nevertheless the idea that it’s sheet to each your neighbor I think it’s true bearing more and coming to Olaf on who are the stars from that I mean they’re trying to make it what I call cliche chic and comedic but unfortunately it you know it’s the appetite of demons expressed through humans so this tells me and I know that it’s a how do I say this it’s so far off of most people’s radar that now that it’s coming into the time of our you know even into the living rooms I would tell anybody do not watch that stuff but what I’m sharing is this is that the appetite of the the Fallen Angels expressed with their giant offspring and the demons of disembodied spirits now as those demons get released in the earth like you know unimaginable numbers and only God it even in the Book of Enoch says that God numbered the amount of demons now those are and and imprisoned I would have don’t know the majority of them I guess at one point but now all hell is breaking loose on earth and isn’t it amazing that out of numbers 13 33 that we now have the same issue that Moses Moses was going into the promised land leading the children of Israel obviously he didn’t get to go in he got to look at it but the point is is that now we’re coming into the time of God’s promises in our land and we’re being confronted with the same thing he was Steve in the beginning did you the scripture that you read was it from numbers 13 yes numbers 13 30 through let’s see in 31 31 32 in it yes and and so the Israelites said the land through which we have gone as spies as a land that devours its inhabitants and all the people whom we saw in it are men of great stature we there we saw the Giants and we were like grasshoppers in our own sight and so we were in their sight when you read that scripture that was the very first time I ever saw cannibalism in that scripture when I you know in the past whenever I’d read that they were devoured I was thinking you know there’s powerful people who who overtook them defeated them overwhelmed them are you saying that the Giants were eating humans oh absolutely now has one of the I would say this one of the lead researchers in the world on the Giants you cannot separate Giants in history in any lands Rick and I’ve tracked them all over the world through thousands of years you know be even you’ve got the Odysseus running in the island of Cyclops there is no vegetarian Giants that I have found that didn’t practice cannibalism Aztecs Incas and Mayas as you know practice ritual sacrifice but they also were cannibals the curried Indians from which we get the word Caribbean were cannibals the South Sea Islands were riddled with cannibalism even into the Papua New Guinea and it’s interesting even in the Solomon Islands and during world war two Rick the Solomon Islands there were people allies as well as Japanese talking about people be eaten literally you know I’m sorry to sound so disgusting but come to find out the Solomon Islander ‘he’s absolutely have a long history of the giants and cannibals and so that’s what that word means it doesn’t mean like you know someone say well he got devoured with death that’s not what it’s talking about and the Giants that word for Giants is the Nephilim the word Nephilim is only and everything nowadays people call a Nephilim but an epilogue is only two places in the old Elson of the word in Hebrew both in Genesis chapter 6 the name of my book which obviously I named after the the passage of Scripture and numbers 1333 it’s interesting because the Bible says there were giants in those days and after those days now the Giants were hybrids you know in essence the Greek myths all the legends everybody the heroes that the star beings they all practice cannibalism so what’s fascinating I thought that this Hindu sect with the CNN guy when you’re getting religious and what would you call it even thought was from a population of the world that’s close to what billion people and they’re being told some sects of it now I can’t say it’s across the board but they’re being told it’s okay to eat human beings and then we see the atrocities coming out of Syria thing it makes me want to vomit is that the church the the professing Christians have been so silent doesn’t matter the denomination anybody who calls themselves a Christian a follower of Jesus Christ should have been screaming at the top of their lungs because this truly is a phenomenon that has only been released as the gates of Hell have been opened in my opinion and my opinions based on 40 years of research thousands of documents and so it’s the same thing in the Native Americans in the desert Southwest you know we’re seeing the identical stories legends myths coming out of the Four Corners region of the United States Tom Warren and I met with some of the elders and they talked specifically about the giant cannibals that ate their people up especially the Pueblo people so you know it’s it’s really a critical issue because you cannot separate cannibals from demons and fallen angels and their office of the Fallen Angels offspring are the Giants when I read that you know it’s very very clear and we have cannibalism taking place in other places of the old customer member when the two during great famine the women each had a child and they agreed to kill their children but the first one killed its child but the second one would not kill her child do you remember that story sure so so what we have now we have the most gruesome and the most diabolically wicked sinisterly disgusting habits of the Canaanites coming into America now I know you did a show I believe you did a show on the arch of bail and the world leaders standing under it I think either you did sure we talked about it off off you know off mic but the point is is that is it interesting the word can a bail or Canabalt or cannot deal some people point out the ball let’s just call it ball Roz say da al that means literally priest a bail so the priesthood the secret priesthood that is what I would call the real control of the shadow government they embrace cannibalism they embrace pedophilia they embrace child sacrifice and you know there’s a book written once when I forget the name of the title I’ve quoted at length before over you know 25 years on talk radio but the the even the Satanists mocked the Christians because the Christians sat by and let you know close to what 70 million wonderful children of God created as the 139 Psalm says before they were even in the womb God knew them and as thoughts towards them are more numerous in the sand of the sea see what we don’t get is the blood now that would that we did not speak up against and did not stand up for of the innocence will now be brought to our doorstep in this country and isn’t it interesting Rick that our country the former United States of America now I call it the dis United States of America that cannibals would even be placed on television by the way in history it’s known as the last taboo Steve let’s go back to a league campaign in the fall of 2016 and the WikiLeaks disclosures were coming out daily and I’m reading from the Washington Times Friday November 4 just days before the election a new WikiLeaks release of stolen emails belonging to Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta reveal an invitation by his brother to a spirit cooking dinner at the home of artists Marina Abramovic spirit cooking with essential aphrodisiac recipes was released by Miss April Novick in 1966 and the ingredients call for fresh breast milk with fresh sperm milk to be consumed on earthquake nights see what was going on at these spirit cooking dinners with John Podesta well first of all the title tells it all the spirit cooking dinners the people who are cannibals even as I’ve studied the phenomenon worldwide through the beginning of time and are they believe that when you eat human flesh you basically absorb the enemies me the energy of the person you’re eating or the enemy you’ve conquered for instance in the jungles of New Guinea one tribe would take great pleasure in having killed the warrior or the mightiest warrior of another tribe and in participating in eating his brains now interestingly enough kuru K uru was what the natives called it and it’s a it’s a brain wasting disease the technical name of it is a spongiform encephalopathy where your brain basically turns to mush and by the way Rick remember that mad cow disease or what happened to know what yeah so what’s going on these people are invoking evil spirits they drink blood they are you know they do gross things with women’s body fluids they do gross things with the semen of men because that’s the seed so everything that God created good and initially through the creation of Adam and Eve these people are perverting it and you know that by the way her name is Abramovich okay Abramovich so when you see that that were disgusting paintings and her disgusting the people that hang out by the way the people that hang out with her or Hollywood’s elite and Hollywood all the revelations let me share this with your listeners I believe that this was the unfolding of a promise that you know I’ve even shared on your show seven years ago I think five to seven years ago and it’s that God said before he allows Russia and China to destroy the United States and a nuclear war that he was going to reveal the sins of the peoples leaders to the people and and the sins of our leaders and our sins before a holy God it’s like we’re all being taken to the place that Ezekiel the Prophet was taken and looking through a hole in the wall to view all the disgusting things that were being done and and that are being done in the world WikiLeaks also talked remember that one about Hillary she’s going to go sacrifice a chicken to Moloch so when you deal with the aluminous the the global powers of be isn’t it fascinating that they would gather for a group shot under the the arch of bail and standing you know it was almost armed to arm the most powerful people in the world and these are the people that evidently have been so you know a lot of them sexually compromised but the idea is not enough to just be a pedophile and I would say this this is the disgusting part they have to in so many of their rituals kill those children and basically butcher them and eat them and drink their blood now look Rick were believers in the end times were annunciators of the events where proclaimers word to those of us who teach to those of us preach to those that educate to those that do whatever God’s called them to do but the people of God don’t get it and I asked the Lord I said Lord and this is how I pray I don’t get it Lord now Green breakthrough and I was saying to God how are you Lord going to break through the people that seem to be so hard-hearted that nothing bothers them and then you’ve got the people on the other side that say well there’s nothing I can do about anyway I’m just waiting for Jesus to come well you know again we’re told to occupy till the Lord does return and so many people do worried about trying to name that date you know the date of this or the date of that that they don’t recognize the fact that they’re failing to be the salt of the earth and you know the whole point that people fail to recognize when salt loss is savor it was thrown on the road is road mix in every horse and every beast in every foot path of a human feet walked on that and so that’s why the scripture to see we lose a lot of it we don’t get the fact that the salt has lost its savor now that’s not everybody but there’s still the flickering light of truth but right now the world has embraced the evil one lock stock and barrel the gates of Hell are open the appetite of demons the Fallen Angels are you know loosed in a dimension they never have been loosed before let me just deal with this Rick because there’s a there’s a DVD on YouTube where the gentleman is saying that all the fallen angels are locked up in Antarctica and they’re they’ve been unloosed well that that’s true they’re fallen angels but the Bible says that 200 original angels that fell on Mount Hermon and committed gross sin by taking to them the daughters of men and producing children the Giants those are the ones who are locked up in everlasting chains of darkness you know the scripture tells us that it’s an innumerable number of angels so if you take a third of an innumerable number that’s still pretty big so those 200 angels and and the Antarctica let me show this the Antarctica is you know oh I don’t know if I I think you had me on your book show talking about you know empire beneath the ice is it interesting that the entire occult the basis of the Third Reich spent their time in looking for every occult relic every occult book Heinrich Himmler had a library of 13 ow some uh different editions of everything that’s occult a lot of people believe that that was the teaching of the Fallen Angels to their progeny and now we’ve got a situation and this will blow everybody’s mind when a giant was killed and they can be killed obviously David kill Goliath their contemporary events that Giants have been killed in our days as little as seven years ago was the most recent one I know of and when I say giant I’m talking 12 feet got at 12 feet tall guys you know I’m not talking guys that are seven eight even eight feet you know that suffer from acromegaly a glandular dissolve disorder or a bone disorder these guys were the mighty men of renown these are the mythological creatures but when those guys died that hybrid human a demonic spirit was was loosed and Jesus spoke about the demons walking you know in dry places and looking actually to come back into their house imagine this Rick imagine a sinister plan of Satan to identify the genetic markers of anybody that still might have some of what’s called the triple helix the fallen angel genetic marker and then literally reconstitute a body and we know we can do this with the hair on your head the point being is that we are going to become literally in this country and this really makes a lot of people crazy but we we are becoming quickly especially I say this especially the West Coast a habitation of devils Steve I want to go back to this topic with Marina Abramovic Abramovich and again she’s an artist who is known for her promotion of spirit cooking and there were there were some extremely violent evolving photographs I came out days before the election campaign I’m looking at one of them right now and there are some celebrities there’s a coffin like container that’s filled with blood like substance there’s a human being who is submerged in this blood and I mean you can’t tell if this is a real human or a mannequin it certainly looks like a real person and there’s blood everywhere and the the chest has been cracked open there is a woman with a spoon of scooping out something getting ready to eat it and the other woman is licking a spoon and there are a group of guys standing around laughing this is a spirit cooking event this is what John Podesta was invited to attend and apparently by reading emails he knew exactly what it was and apparently had been to others the spirit cooking is not a just revolting disgusting display of art these people are eating human flesh what is going on Steve who are these people our help the people who are listening to us right now they can’t comprehend that we’re saying that there are powerful wealthy influential people in high places in this country and around the world we’re not talking about you know savages in a jungle we’re talking about people in Washington DC and London in Paris who are participating in the spirit cooking dinners and they’re eating human flesh the best way I can describe it Rick and I think the most historically and biblically accurate way is that it literally the appetite of demons that I’m talking to some body spirits the Giants literally you know the Giants which were allied before the hybrid spirit became ate up the land they devoured the land B I’ve recorded so many instances of giants that were even kept there was one called max ammonius who was literally an emperor of Rome for a number of years and the amount of food it took to feed him was off the charts but here’s what’s interesting this phenomenon is worldwide so in order for people to understand this we’re not talking about but I think there’s 20 20 scriptures in the Old Testament that absolutely deal with cannibalism oh can this be on the show I can send them to you but listen to this how about first Peter be sober minded that’s what we’re hoping people are doing be watchful your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour most people cannot even begin to understand the contempt that Satan and the Fallen Angels have for God’s marvelous initially marvelous creation and then through Jesus Christ the restored creation by the blood of Jesus what we’re talking about is we’re talking about a group of people to address your specific question that have been given themselves over to power now remember the devil has real power to give until God throws him in those fallen angels and lake of fire but then people say I don’t believe that I believe that’s an allegory Satan believes it and so the rage remember they are literally trying to devour the entire image of the Living God they’re doing that in very scientific ways now instead of just sending bunch of fallen angels or angels under Satan’s command that obey Him to let me share this angels fallen angels can size themselves accordingly because people substitute the word Nephilim and Giants everybody says well how can I join enter into a human woman well that’s not who did it although there are instances that battler II happened in South America and God sent fiery angels in the sky with source and through the Giants by the way that’s two non-christian tribes who had never heard about Jesus Christ they have those in their myths and legends which we cover in our DVD but the point that I’m trying to make for everyone to understand is these people have yielded themself to Satan he’s promised them Fame he’s promised them fortune he’s promised them pleasure and he delivers there is a subculture that rules over our culture that superimposes its will and it’s cannibalistic sadistic will on human beings because remember if God created us or forgive me not if as God created us in His image and likeness every one of those little people aborted every one of these little children sacrificed and raped and dismembered Rick you know this is this is a time for the people of God to grow up you know I would always rather talk about something you know think on these things which are pure and holy but God is trying to warn his people what’s coming and that’s what I want to share with everybody this stuff isn’t just some obscure a rabbit trail this is the headlines of the day and just think when they can associate and this is coming when Christians become the primary enemy they end up on the dinner plate I want to just give one more scripture maverick because it was really important you know and God talking to you know his people the Vivica is 26 27 through 30 if you still refuse to listen to me and if you still turn against me then I will really show my anger I yes I myself will punish you seven times for your sins you will become so hungry that you’ll eat the bodies of your sons and daughters I will destroy your high places I will cut down your incense altars so what a Brahma bitch and those people have done is brought they hidden if you will the the dark the shadow sacrifices and rituals into the common man’s psyche that’s why you’ve got satanic altars going across the country that’s why you’ve got the member when Anubis the kitchen God came into the United States his giant statue and was paraded through different cities and capitals you know when you’ve got the God of the Dead being worshipped okay Jesus said why seek either living amongst the dead well the dead that were dead in the Old Testament is Rafa from which we get the word reffing which means the Giants so it’s really interesting on a casual reading just like you just shared as many times you’ve read numbers thirteen thirty through thirty-three you never it never dawned on you that that’s what they were talking about because this is the time of the revealing okay and and you know this you’ll say something on your show talk radio or I’ll say something as a guest on somebody’s show and they’ll say now I get it for instance why did God tell the children Israel to go into the promised land and kill every man woman and child because they weren’t human they were not created in the image and likeness of God they were hybridized and that you know when God said everything in Genesis after its likeness and kind and God and the Lord said and saw that it was good that’s what everything that God created now is under supernatural wicked fallen angel demonic attack Steve were there Giants hybrids before Noah’s Flood yes were there Giants after the flood yes can you explain it okay real simple Rick because here’s there in Genesis 6 it says that there were giants in those days and after those days the Giants built the the massive architecture before the flood that’s what we call pre-flood and by the way the Greeks and others refer to it as cyclopean architecture in the Greek myths you know and they were the 1i Cyclops by the way if you look at the pyramid with the eye of the Cyclops the New Age everybody thought that was the Eye of Horus or other things the one-eyed Cyclops which comes from the word circular in there as in one eye every myth and legend credits the Cyclops to the building of all the massive structures around the world whether it’s at saqsaywaman or Jonte tombow in Peru whether it’s in the Bulgarian whether it’s in a Persepolis whether it’s in any place in the Middle East or even the great structures of the Parthenon you know Abu Simbel in Egypt I’m sorry I’m running through a bunch of stuff but there were giants before the flood and after the flood and so now we’ve got genetic alterations going on in secret labs around the world with cultivatable DNA from giants to incorporate into the super-soldier program and that’s what china is working on this with russia is working on that’s what the United States has worked ok we’re I’m stumped is if the flood killed all all life on on the earth on the land how did we get Giants after the flood well it’s simple because the Giants remember fallen angels don’t die ok and I really want you to get this I want the listeners to get this fallen angels don’t die the Giants were a composition a binary composition of both fallen angel DNA and human DNA ok so the Giants felt the second incursion of the Fallen Angels in other words what they did before the flood the Fallen Angels Rick they did after the flood does that make sense to you yes and that’s the answer I was looking for yep so so now what modern science is doing is they’re looking all over the world I’ve had multiple generals four stars that can’t say that’s above my pay grade tell me uh literally that the special operations of different worlds are looking for basically extractable DNA ancient technology and ancient weapons boy who does that sound like the thief that comes to rob to kill and destroy do you believe that there was an advanced civilization before great flood yes I do and actually the all the the Golden Age you know whether you’re talking about Atlantis Lemuria me to hyperborea ultimate uli and ultimate Uli was believed to be in the north and Hitler finally found it in the great if you will civilization under the ice so what what’s really really important for people to understand is that this isn’t just you know what I’m saying a legend without substance for instance the great supercontinent of Pangea or what’s called GaN wonderland there’s a mouthful you know in I think it’s Genesis 8 it talks about when God separated the land in the time of a leg P eleg so what’s what’s really critical Rick is this is that those the same technology which was the wisdom that that by the way the street let me change something go back real quick there are 360 books of Enoch not just a couple variations of the limited amount of Dead Sea Scrolls it is believed that the luminous possess quite a few of those that aren’t made public so God took Enoch to heaven you people know that a Hebrew tradition teaches that Enoch was taken and basically given and showing all the secrets of the universe you know that that I guess he could handle that God wanted people to know and that was brought back to earth so the technology when we’re talking I’ve talked to people who you know and I’m sure you have too but the you know we’re not a hundred years in the future we’re ten thousand years in the past which is you know beyond anything that most people can grasp the ancient myths and legends of India the vimana flying machines all this stuff goes back to fallen angels I’ll tell you something you can go and I think the book of Obadiah only one chapter and here’s where a lot of the Fallen Angels hid they went it would God says you know you set your nest amongst the stars the stars yet well I bring you down so you know we know that the inhabitants of the earth are going to come under a supernatural angelic attack in the book of Revelation where the angel and I tell people of an angel whoa that’s a big deal whoa whoa auntie would have us here so the devil your adversary has come down amongst you knowing it is time is short I’m paraphrasing that so I hope I’m being clear this is really hard because basically what this takes us out of the paradigm it puts us into true spiritual warfare everybody quotes Ephesians six but now is the time for God to reveal because now is the time that people can handle it I don’t believe outside of you know the anointing of the Holy Spirit throughout history and I’ve been studying this stuff you know I mean I’m 65 so I’ve been studying this stuff for half my life so actually that’s not true more than that because I started this when I got saved I got saved when I was 22 so whatever percentage that is but we’re at a point now where God is surely and accelerating the knowledge of the stuff Rick who’d have thought that robots would be having sex and now human beings are talking about having sex with robots there’s the end of the seed of Adam and Eve who would have thought that there would have been you know the average Christian could care less about hybrids or chimeras or half animal/half humans they didn’t even pick it up I wrote genetic Armageddon 15 years ago the only reason I can see and write about what I’ve written about so far in advance is because you know people hate it when I say does a lot of people but there’s no way humanly I could have got it and God evidently called me to be one of the guys that brings it what do you believe Satan desires to do to the human race in the last final days of mankind well to destroy could literally destroy every last human being he tried it with Herod he tried it with feral anything and everyone who was creating the image and likeness of God he’s doing it through chemtrails he’s doing it through water because remember we are what we eat he’s doing it through the emasculation of the human race so look at how seductive it is you know and Jesus made it clear be not deceived and the Bible’s very there Jesus said now this is Jesus if you’ve got a problem with this anyone take it up with Jesus especially the claim to be his follower if God did not shorten today’s for the deal for this up the site for the sake of the elect there’d be no flesh left alive that means nothing that he created would be left alive but then goes on to say yet for the elects sake who peer defines as those who are washing the blood redeemed by the blood of the Lamb walking in repentance you know all the things that the Bible lays out to be a follower of Jesus Christ bloodbath power everything that we know is under attack in all realms even our ability to have free thoughts are ending with you know the ability to plant our brains with any thoughts that the global brain which you’ve been talking about decides we shed we’re being assimilated into the Borg will be brought into the hive and by the way according to the different special ops military commanders you’re they call hives and stasis or Giants and stasis I’m sorry they call them hives okay and there’s an unique ability of the Giants even while they’re in stasis meaning suspended animation to communicate with each other and so this is this is this is so you’ve got to miss some of the stuff is pretty startling is it not it is but how is this tied in to cannibalism the last days in cannibalism what do you believe the Lord is showing you is what explains this sudden news media fascination with cannibalism what are they what are they setting us up for they’re setting us up for cannibalism to be the norm okay they’re setting us up to literally you know it used to be we were backstabbers you know and unfortunate in the church there’s that which calls itself the church but the point that I’m trying to make is they’re setting us up for the total devastation and and destruction of the seed of Adam and Eve the mega-corporations the aluminous the glow the Satanists they’re the ones that control the news media they’re the ones that control the situation by the way that new Beauty and the Beast that’s the battlenet that they’re revealing is not just a hairy beast now they put the goat horns and oh by the way it’s the same thing Abramovich used in hers suppose it are you know this the the goat of Mendes M en de s it’s the battlenet and so that’s you know half human half goat and you know the Bible talks about separating a sheep from the goats I believe that God specifically is showing people what is coming and that we as Christians must stand against a trick and that’s that’s the critical point you know it’s a creek we’ve reached critical mass and and you know my number one concern over the years is what happens when all the chemtrail spring is let say a primary in a binary chemical composition that basically you either take a an antidote provided by the powers that be or you basically die so you know we’re in a position now where it’s so late in the game and this is the plan the plan and I want to make it clear the plan is the total zero help me Jesus the plan is a total eradication of human beings there are offspring and the introduction of homeowner atticus the new man the super man you don’t need God ye shall be as God’s the oldest deceptive statement in the Old Testament is now the most prevailing headlines of our time will the hatred of Christians become so great in the last days that people will be encouraged to kill and eat them yes and we know that even from the French Revolution the French Revolution was notorious when Robespierre and the revolutionary even even you know basically had giant pans and they would you know kill their enemies and cook them here’s the thing I’m trying to get across the appetite for human flesh is so great not only because because you know they need nourishment etc but they derive some kind of force lifeforce again obviously touch the spirit of us when we’re dead but they absolutely hate us with such a passion that they they devour that which they hate and isn’t that isn’t that what we’re seeing right now we’re seeing identical identical you know attitude and it’s portrayed now on TV now I want to go back to the headlines that I read at the beginning because I think our audience will pay more attention to those headlines now that you know they’ve heard Steve talking on the subject so we opened up the program talking about a CNN religion reporter actually eating human tissue on CNN as though it was normal by the way the reaction the reaction to the reaction is they’ve coined a new term if you’re upset about it you’re Hindu phobic you’re Hindu phobic if you if you get upset about Hindus eating flesh so then we had we had the the website box and it’s talking about a new movie and please do not go see this movie don’t let any of your kids or grandkids go see this movie it’s called roll the headline roll is the teenage cannibalism drama America needs right now and then the Daily Register cannibalism is talking about a book the book cannibalism shows good taste with grisly topic National Geographic cannibalism the ultimate taboo is surprisingly common the Washington Post five tasty facts about cannibalism what kind of wine pairs best with human cannibalism is totally natural and not at all as weird as you think and they said imagine your favorite food and it becomes illegal not only illegal but demonized ah the headlines proclaim God puts it in neon sign first neon sign flashing neon signs Rick if it is demonized no it’s demon up the root is is absolutely identified the tree is known by the fruit it bears that’s what Jesus said you know I want to share something this will be like a we’re going to deal with this in such an amazing way Tom Horn and look this isn’t just a pitch for a book you can’t even get it yet a couple months out but here’s when we met with the Native American elders and these guys one of them was 80 years old they openly talk about Rick they talk about opening star gates and talking to Giants and the Giants are going to come back okay that that had if you will of the Pueblo people I she was a Zuni elder said this he said the cloud eaters that’s the title of our book unearthing the lost world of the quality ders kamorin i co-wrote it but here’s the subtitle compelling evidence of the incursion of giants their extraordinary technology and imminent return do you know what the subject matter of that the Giants the Native Americans was after and we literally have my camera is that why my question was they wouldn’t answer this question on camera I said then why do you do you guys worship the giant bones we ask that they would take us to the giant bones and giant skulls they said we can’t its sacred I said so you’re telling me and this isn’t this isn’t to make fun of anybody you’re telling me that the very creatures that eat your people and destroyed the people in the Anasazi which stands for the ancient ones are the alien ones unearthing the lost world of the cloud is compelling evidence of the encourage of giants or extraordinary technology and imminent return then we went to Europe and that’s what you know came albariño my film crew been doing for gen 6 productions and we literally track the absolute Giants and their appetites and their human sacrifices from Sardinia which some people believe is Atlantis you asked me about that earlier we track it all the way to South America in which you get into South America every tribe that in and by the way those guys none of those guys built their pyramids or altars or anything those were built by a previous people and the size of the steps indicates that they were built prior to the flood of Noah same thing with the Great Sphinx the same thing with the pyramids now there were pyramids obviously that were built with clay but those were like step pyramids and they weren’t equal to the massive Great Pyramid of Giza or on the Giza Plateau so then our and our title now this is you’re going to love this the title for the DVD and Jeremy your son would really appreciate this is it’s the Holocaust of giants okay it was that had God not stopped them they would have devoured the whole planet then but now God is saying to his people wake up because the same thing that my people had to deal with in the time of Moses is now coming into your dimension and your time frame you’ll have to deal with it do you know how much flack I get when I say that plenty but people can’t explain to me how I was talking about monsters except by the grace of God you know 25 years ago so genetic engineering what are we hearing we’re hearing about chimeras we’re hearing about wooly mammoths being brought back michael crichton wrote Jurassic Park how pertinent was that and oh by the way the Nazis which went you know and and built a literally civilization under the ice I’m not talking about where everything’s cold I’m talking about literally a tropical up almost like paradise the fact is that the Nazis were the ones who are using the majority of cult occult practices and all of the dark arts to seek out the very kingdom that they would ultimately inherit and I’m saying this I’m saying that watch what comes up because again the alien phenomenon the most famous Twilight commercial is where giant aliens come to earth they promise people all of these wonderful benefits they seduce them and then at the very last minute of the show they have this book they keep reading from it is called to serve mankind Rick it is a recipe book and it’s too late for the people that got on board the the starship and guess what it was giants in even that episode giant aliens and so when when you take it all in you know how do I by the grace of God how do I get you know 40 plus years of whatever of research into one show but it comes down to this the hybrids are now being genetically not only manipulated but originated that means our building species from DNA in order for the demons that once possess them to come back into their home in other words there’s a homecoming coming for all the disembodied spirits and when they become embodied they’ll express themselves in cannibalism and that’s what you’re seeing in the newspapers that’s what you’re seeing in TV that’s where you’re seeing in the headlines and who would have ever thought that a CNN and by the way that stands for cannibal news network now whoever thought well that cannibal news network would actually show it it has nothing to do with Hindus it has nothing to do with that it has everything to do with cannibalism Steve wood in this interview with a 2009 Wired magazine article again this is 2009 okay we have reported so many things and Steve and I have talked about so many topics over the years you know we we forget about the articles that we discussed but this is a 2009 Wired magazine said the US Defense Department is funding research into battlefield robots that power themselves by eating human corpses a listen to what the Pentagon is calling them energetically autonomous tactical robots the acronym is eater II 80 are our military Steve is developing an army of human flesh-eating robots when a robot invites you out to lunch you know you probably shouldn’t accept the invitation I’m not trying to be sarcastic but everything Rick I believe that God and when the devil and God decide to go at it now look I’m just suggesting this that God made the requirement that the devil tell people openly what he’s going to do and I believe that that’s why God raises up mouthpieces he raises up people see I get it all the time that this stuff isn’t important are you kidding me the fact that you’re on the lunch menu and it’s not Soylent Green like the people want to see an interesting movie Soylent Green but now they’re figuring a way to basically allow the robots to to fuel themselves and so let me ask you a question what happens when the eaters their acronym run out of humans to eat I don’t know the answer to that you know I don’t know if they’ll you know knock off each other’s robot to get their power suppliers they’ll have an autonomous apart from the human cannibals but Rick this stuff is beyond science fiction it is and so when Jesus said that there will be tribulation as has never happened and that the days would be shortened for the elects sake I don’t think any of us imagined that that society would would fall to such a low state that we would have armies of human flesh-eating robots making war against the human race and devouring the corpses well that’s what’s right in our face and that was 2009 were eight years ahead of that imagine what they already have it’s amazing that the devil and his cohorts his fallen angels their secret government be – scenes their priests and priestesses this is interesting that hate they have for the savior of the universe and by the way that’s this is what the second Psalm is all about you know the kings of the earth set themselves against the Lord meaning God and against his anointed meaning Jesus saying we will not have this man Jesus rule over us and that’s the promise what’s the greatest thing that the billionaires are seeking for right now eternal life apart from God you can read that on and that grudge every day just about the Drudge Report calm so the point is is that the lie that was told and Eden you shall not surely die the same lie is being told and the knowledge of good and evil you know we’re being told Rick that our DNA can now become if you will a composite memory system where we can almost have an infinite amount of knowledge okay we can take downloads we can recall that all this stuff in essence Satan’s saying I’m going to make you technological gods there’s just one problem with that they though they are believing that and acting as if that were true they don’t realize the deception that will cause their damnation their damnation is in the deception hey Steve you and Tom Horne and have a Marzulli a number of people are having a true legends conference coming up in September tell our audience about it well it’s pretty exciting thank you Rick we’re having for the first time it’s going to be more of a seminar conference teaching our because what was put on my heart is to bring all the lead researchers and and I would say this by the fact of who’s been in writing for all this time that’s a true statement it’s not an embellished statement so we’re going to be in Branson Missouri the 15th 16th and 17th of September of this year and we’re also going to have Bob Timothy albariño who’s the writer and director of the true legends of DVD series and also an film P Rambla one of the most famous explorers in the world we’re going to have these guys that dr.

Michael Lake is going to be there as mentioned la Marzulli myself Derrick Gilbert but these are guys who specialized in antiquity ancient research and it all but suppah so did the very question you asked today Rick about so what what how are the giants before the flood and after the flood that by the way is my topic and I don’t know where I appear in the speaker’s roster but the true legends the conference is on my website Steve quale calm and I’ll just read the little thing I wrote this so I guess I can read it the most cutting-edge up-to-date researchers and authors concerning giants fallen angels ancient civilizations and the now unfolding genetic war between men and beasts boy that’s a sick think Taz I could make it and each one of us will be building upon the others so when we’re dealing with the great finds in Peru and and that led to Europe and the island of Sardinia by the way you know we’re looking at James Cameron has put tens of millions of dollars into one of the most expensive raw Oh research investigations he’s looking for Atlantis now and interestingly enough it all starts in Sardinia so our newest DVD is called the Holocaust Giants both on the book won’t be available until the end of April god this April but the point is Rick is that these questions that you and I are discussing today have incredible ramifications it puts for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God just as God overthrew the Giants for the believers that went with Joshua and Caleb his report versus those who accepted the evil report God gave them the victory and I’ll make this statement I think it made it on your show once before I can find no case in the Old Testament or the new where the victories were given apart from Jesus Christ or the supernatural power of God I’ve had you know real warriors guys who are tougher than top tell me I don’t need your God I’ll rely on my strength eyes I don’t care how tough you are but I’ll give you one word that will take you down or another word virus okay so it when people stand on their own strength or the power their own wisdom none of us can stand against the wiles of the devil but jesus promised us behold I give you power to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt you but that’s not for an armchair a quote a casual believer that just thinks that you know he can click his fingers and all this stuff happens faith is tried faith is proven faith is put through the refining fires of life’s experience and it’s exhibited and I tell people David David is the guide that’s specifically singled out as defeating a de Goliath giant by the way these giants have such a hatred for the God of heaven I want to make this clear these are not Neanderthals these are not guys that are dumber than a box of rocks you know typical politician Washington that I had to get that in but these are incredibly intelligent sentient entities that have literally been taught by their fathers just as the fathers of yesterday taught their kids and they’re coming back and the only way and I believe this God will bring about a new outpouring of this holy spirit to more than empower his people to stand against it but look at how lovely God is honest he’s trying to get his people to understand but Rick you know this you can speak the greatest truth that God reveals to you and unless God speaks it to the person they won’t receive it so I’m telling everybody take everything that we’ve talked about today to the Lord in prayer and by the way they can register for that conference on my website if I didn’t say that already it’s it’s over on a banner under gen 6 GE and six conferences named for the very scripture that there are giants in those days and after those days when the sons of God saw that the daughters of Earth were fair daughters of men were fair so it’s pretty it’s pretty telling and compelling Rick that you and I are having this conversation on true news after you just got done with your series on the global mind put that into the context of the high by global hive with everybody buzzing to the queen bee and the queen bee is Satan in this case and all of the worker bees out there and they’ll all bring it to pass so I again I would say this this me wants to see and it’s not dirty or anything so it’s good to you go on youtube and watch The Twilight Zone episode to serve mankind I think you’ll find it interesting because it’s human nature when someone promised uses something that’s too good to be true ie the globalist saying you’re going to have eternal life without God you’re going to have unlimited intelligence you’re going to have unlimited pleasure they’re going to invent new ways to on trying to say this carefully they’re going to invent new ways of titillating of bringing people into a whole new world of what I would call psycho robotic sexual bliss there’s the only way I can say it that’s the first time I’ve used that word so that you can you can claim that as a crew News idiom but the point is is that this is what we’re up against this is what we’re dealing with and like I said it is reality none of this stuff is like you know this is just Rick and Steve in their imaginations this is the Word of God and it’s so threatening to people and so upsetting to people that those who profess Jesus but don’t possess the power of the Living God their lives seem to be the ones that fight it the most Steve after attending the mobile telephone Congress in Barcelona several weeks ago I I came home more convinced than ever that the church is sleepwalking into the future it has no idea what is about to happen a total transformation of human society and the reengineering is underway one of the speakers in Barcelona was a maréchaussée son the billionaire owner of Softbank and he announced a 100 billion dollar investment fund called vision Fund which I later found out was primarily Saudi money but mr.

Sun is a strong proponent of singularity he talked about singularity throughout his speech and he’s also the owner of arm the UK chip manufacturer and he said that if I recall by the year 2030 there would be a trillion microchips in produced by his company a trillion microchips in use in connected devices that would be connected to a global brain that they are building well he’s also a major investor he may be the sole owner of a company called 1m and he he said in Barcelona that one web would soon launch thousands of low orbiting satellites that would bombard every square inch of a planet with Internet connectivity now I’m saying this because I want people to understand how close this is I got a number of emails from true news listeners who said yeah I hear ya I know this was what they want Rick but this is a long way off we’re not going to see it in our lifetime now just days ago space comm reported one web breaks ground on Florida Factory that will build thousands of satellites this factory is is there on the Space Coast but you know at the near NASA and it said one web satellites the joint venture between rising satellite operator one web and Airbus broke ground March 16 on a dedicated factory that will build thousands of one web satellites instead of the hundreds originally envisioned now they plan to produce I think two or three satellites per day Steve we are what we’re racing into a endtime beef system and if you turn on Christian television and and Christian radio who go to your typical church there living in another century there’s no awareness that any of the stuff is presently under construction and so all these things that we’re talking about I you know it may sound overwhelming to people but we our own military is building an army of human flesh-eating robots which will be connected to a global brain if you do not conform to the requirements of this new society they’re going to send a robot to your house to eat you for lunch now that may sound extremely radical but that’s where they’re taking it they will reduce the human population you will conform we’re at the point now the church is so dumb unto death okay so in a reality avoidance mode that I don’t know how to even articulate it anymore when you’ve got a thousand people meaning that are supposedly quote Christian leaders of trying to make God a heard we’re in for a real problem book the real issue is this when when God said his people were destroyed for lack of knowledge and he goes on to say it’s not that they didn’t receive it but they didn’t they not only didn’t believe it okay but they didn’t apply it okay that’s why scripture says apply yourself under wisdom proverbs chapter 8 you know Robert chapter 8 is Jesus Christ as the wisdom of God first corinthians said jesus had been made the wisdom of god to us so we’re not at a disadvantage but this is this is why everything that you’re talking about the global brain i don’t think people can really understand what you’re saying and then in please the only way may the living god grant unto his people who truly love him lord grant unto your people the spirit of wisdom and and understanding and acknowledging of you in this because god your your your desire your press well on the word of God is that none should perish but Rick we’re seeing a how do I say this and I call it the word dud d UD my acronym for dumb unto death but dumb unto devastation and and so it’s not a value judgment it’s a perception look the tree is known by the fruit it bears you know somebody says you can’t judge I don’t judge anything I’m just saying hey if that’s a pineapple palm and over here we have grapefruits those grapefruits didn’t come from that tree so I believe that God’s people are so entertained and so void of the understanding of the Bible that because they are ignorant of the Word of God they are going to be deceived by the word of the devil and by all of what I would call the trinkets and pencil of technology the three the three TVs okay and they’re going to follow through and by the lie they’re going to buy the lie they’re going to say those old Christians ha ha ha they’re going to die at 80 because they won’t take the mark they won’t take the chip they won’t take the injection we get to live for 300 years and oh by the way Rick I want the you know car you’re OK I’m just making some bill collectors car and Steve I want all your camera stuff you know blah blah blah the point is that the the promise the promise is the most how should I say this seductive picture that just analyzes everybody it’s like somebody who’s on a desert and sees a mirage of a waterfall and and people say oh this water so great only to find out that it’s a sand fall and there’s no water at all you know so the point is I’m saying everything is being offered sounds good but the price and this is Christian’s don’t believe in Hell anymore the majority of Christians they don’t even believe the Bible’s the Word of God nor do they believe heaven is exclusive to those by the by the Declaration of the Old Testament New Testament that you have to come a certain way to get into God’s presence so you know the point being is that the deceptions already here Rick and the global mind a trillion to two trillion it doesn’t matter the number everybody’s plugged in I remember interviewing a very famous guy one of the most famous martial artists in history Frank Dux and that was probably 20 years ago on my radio show I he basically made to say statement Steve everyone’s got a thermal signature and you can be sitting in a stadium with 50,000 people and the satellites are so exact they can pick you out now they’re saying Rick the satellites are so exact they can read your brainwaves oh and by the way they’re even more exact in that they can impart images they can impart thoughts and you know the number one thing they’re working on is to identify the part of the brain that God created for us to be able to know him they might be on the wrong part of the body and that’s not that means the ganglionic nerve center in the stomach is Jesus that out of your innermost being will spring forth rivers of living water but the point is that they can implant thoughts in your mind you know most people laughed when they talked about I remember talking about this with you on your show years ago that TVs were watching us ha ha ha I don’t believe you until Samsung came out and said hey if you’re going to do anything in frame your TV make sure it’s covered and now everything spying on us the greatest revelation I think that that is out there is the degree that the hive if you will is are in effect obviously you’re on the internet I’m on the Internet everybody on the Internet but even beyond the internet cell phones every form of our radio wires telephone wires everything now has the capability to spy to monitor to identify and ultimately to obliterate and and people should should understand this if there was ever a time in history where the people of God if you can’t see it you can’t fight it but what you can’t see is making war against you that God would grant you to sermon and an anointing and the faith in prayer and intercession to come against this stuff because Rick I can no longer say it’s coming it’s coming it’s coming it’s coming you know did that for 25 years now we’re doing the same thing it’s here it’s here it’s here it is Steve for four decades as long I’ve been a Christian since 1978 I’ve heard Bible prophecy teachers trying to figure out you know who are the 10 kings that that are ruling the world in the last days who are these 10 kings and you know they give them different they assign different countries to them I have long believed that that the the powers that rule the world in the last days are not political governments it’s not the United Nations it’s not it’s not going to be a revived Roman Empire it’s not going to be the European Union it’s not the UN or whatever I believe it will be multi I would say trillionaire technocrats it will be the wealthiest men and women in the world who are in control of this global brain technology absolutely you’re seeing it right now you’re seeing it on the front pages of Judge David Rockefeller died at 101 I only bring that up at this point because he’s one of the billionaires okay let me just put something into perspective as evil as he was where do you think you know where do you think we know his human spirit is most likely well because of his open luciferianism is in hell but where do you think the demon that left him where do you think it’s going to make its new home I’m just gonna leave that as question mark I don’t know but Jesus talked about that because people who yield themselves to that form of what I would call global elitism and the following worship of the powers of darkness they have evil entities in them when they die God says appointed a man once to die and then the judgment but what we’re not dealing with is as these evil entities go into eternity what happens to the evil spirits step assess them Steve I’m going to every time I get ready to close I think of one more thing to talk about when Paul Benson and I were flying back from Spain we had a long flight to debrief and and we discussed you know all the things that we had heard in Barcelona and I told Paul I can see this getting so weird reality becoming so weird because we were we heard a lot about augmented reality virtual reality and and I told Paul this was going to get so weird that people are going to be in augmented reality or virtual reality and they are going to have an encounter with Lucifer and they’re they’re going to be demon-possessed but they will they will perceive it as being born again and I can see this new reality becoming so strange so perverted so weird that there will be there will be congregations forming churches denominations of people who have been quote born-again while in augmented reality or virtual reality and they will they will co-op all of the terminology all the experiences of the Bible and people will be joining these churches and they have been demon-possessed but they will think it is God but it’s Lucifer who’s possessing them that’s how strange I think reality is going to become in the next twenty thirty years I don’t think it will take that long Rick because when Robert Mueller was a head of the religious department at the United Nations okay and I really don’t think it’s that long at all he said by basically one way or the other no one will enter into the new world without the Luciferian ishi a ssin which you just said is an absolute bombshell and I’m not saying that any way to flatter but I’m saying that that’s the conclusion God is is I would say this at war with the powers of darkness to get is people to realize that you’re being assimilated already into the world of virtual this and virtual that augmented this augmented that and with the augmentation will come the demand look we’ve given you all this stuff now we want your allegiance and your a loyalty and that’s exactly what he talked about and by the way the New Agers are calling it the Ascension okay there are a lot of guys that you know I met a I’d say intellectual roar with on the internet they’re saying that the aliens are good and that you know the Giants are good and you know a former the aliens that creatives are coming oh by the way as an interesting that the aliens are basically scientific cannibals having to extract you know female eggs and male sperm and isn’t it interesting that all the different mutilation of all the different animals and different things you see here’s the thing the life that God gave us is so beyond our understanding or appreciation that we don’t see the rage that is against us you know we’re told were made a little lower than angels temporarily but also know you not that you shall judge angels that doesn’t mean pass sentence it means rule over them scripture says that angels are ministering spirits so what people have got to understand I probably get nothing else out of what we’re saying it’s time to get so serious with the Lord and I don’t think it’s twenty or thirty years Rick personally I don’t I could be wrong I pray them wrong this could be the next five years they use the phrase of bridging the digital divide it refers to the moment the time when there is no gap between the developed nations and the undeveloped nations literally the entire human race is connected to the Internet and has the technology and connectivity that is universal what I heard in Barcelona is that date is 2025 that’s what they’re shooting for 2025 the bridge the digital divide remember this what they say they’ve already done yes okay if there was any point that’s ever been driven home to me by the way let me share something I couldn’t know this stuff unless God brought the people to me to tell me this stuff any more than you can Rick but because we’re by the grace of God and people brain post we’re trying to be faithful with which that or with that which God has given to us and the thing that people have got to understand this is that I ask the Lord one time and I want people to pray the same person lord I don’t know people that know all this stuff going on he said if you will be faithful to warn my people I’ll bring the people that know to you Rick hasn’t that been true in your life you you wonder about stuff and all of a sudden God brings somebody cross your path that that illustrates or gives you additional information that gives you a witness absolutely you know one of the other thoughts I had coming back from Barcelona you mentioned earlier that the scientists are trying to trying to discover a place in the human brain where there is that God consciousness one of the thoughts I had on the flight back is that the technocratic are going to use augmented reality and virtual reality to separate the soul from the spirit and people will go insane absolutely they’re going to separate people’s soul from their spirit and there will be mass insanity but that’s where this this uh born-again experience comes you know people will be told to embrace this deity that they can find in augmented reality but they’re going to drive people insane ever they’re going to like a laser cut and sever the connection between the soul and spirit I think it’s important that people understand there is a difference between the soul and spirit because you know for so long the Christians used the wrong term saving souls the soul is the mind will intellect an emotion the spirit is what God breathed into man is God’s life for since that which gives us image and likeness when it’s restored through Jesus Christ but the Spirit of the Living God when he created each and every one of us how it relates to the physical body through the sense of the physical body to the to the world around it so soul again mine will intellect emotions it’s just kind of like Rick their times God speaks you you know it you don’t know it in your no or what some that used to be the old-time preachers the statements of figuring it out of your brain you know it internally it’s instantaneous it’s like it doesn’t come out of nowhere it comes from deep within and so the thing is is that we are we are in a planned if you will obsolescence mode by the devil the virtual reality and the augmented reality will be exactly that to take us away to separate by the way the first you’re going to love this the first microchip put out by British Telecom was called the soul catcher I was twenty years ago the soul catcher chip to help people understand what we’re talking about humanity was separated from God in the Garden of Eden by sin God’s plan to redeem mankind through Jesus Christ it requires a three-step process the Spirit is born again the mind is renewed and the body is resurrected amen we’ll let that be the closing words for today’s discussion with end time commentator Steve quale you can find out about the conference on his website Steve quale com god bless you Steve thank you Rick powerful show powerful show …

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