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I’m going to show you how fast and easy it is to use epic countdown to create awesome timers that will boost your sales and conversions so we’re either going to edit or create a campaign and then once we go into the campaign we’re gonna go ahead and name it and then we can add a website that we want people to go to when the timer reaches zero then we’re gonna set our time zone and when we want the timer to go off then we’re gonna choose from any of the professional clock styles you can see there’s a ton of different countdown timer styles just to keep it simple I’m gonna go with the standard dark medium here and then we’re gonna go to next then we can choose a sales page any page you put here it will automatically have the timer overlaid on it so you could choose the style of timer you want I’ve chosen this one here and then we’re just going to go next and then if you want to upload an image that will replace the timer when it reaches zero you can do that you can also input a URL that it will redirect to at the end of the timer then we finish it and we can go ahead and take a look and preview it if we want to add this timer to an email you just copy and paste this entire code in you can add scarcity timers to your email if you just want the timer image you could copy this and if you want to see what it looks like on the page you go ahead and grab this and this will load that sales page and it will show us the timer at the bottom of the page so that’s how fast and easy it is to use epic countdown to create awesome timers to boost your sales and conversions

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