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Ep27-Revelation chapter 19 – relating to 2020 – PARADISE IS COMING TO EARTH by Dr John Barnett

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Welcome to class 19 and some of the students that have gathered for our virtual classroom said whoa we’ve gone way overboard there’s more drawings than ever before that’s because this is the most fascinating of all the chapters in Revelation revelation 20 ties together all the parts everybody wonders about in the underworld the nether world the spiritual world the lake of fire the abyss Tara Taurus Sheol and Hades and the grave and paradise and the cross the empty tomb Christ seated in heaven and the paradise of God all of those things are tied into our look at this and this is what chapter 20 is about and it’s probably what young people all over the world who are hoping to save the earth from global warming and destruction need to hear and that is paradise is coming whoa how do you like this I wrote that too fast paradise is coming there is coming a perfect ecologically correct you know flourishing unpolluted perfect air earth coming on earth it’s not in heaven it’s on earth that’s what revelation 20 is about this chapter also ties together some of the most well known events in the Bible from Armageddon the Second Coming to the judgments to the Millennium starting what goes on in the Millennium the final rebellion which is one of the most insightful parts of this whole chapter the great white throne and the lake of fire all of that is the most fascinating fascinating chapter so as I read revelation 20 verses one through three and then I’ll pray as we launch into this just incredible fascinating Bible study this hour it says in Revelation 20 and I saw an angel coming down from heaven how the key to the bottomless pit that’s the abyss right here by the way see this circle right here this is earth Jesus was crucified on earth buried on earth every human that’s ever lived from Adam and Eve to the last one is either in the presence of the Lord or in this pit called Sheol or Hades which is on earth the abyss Tartarus the bottomless pit is on earth whoa and look this angel comes down with the key to that pit whoa verse two he laid hold of the dragon the serpent of old who is the devil and Satan and bound him for a thousand years so Satan has been from chapter 12 a fewer if you have watched that hour yet in Chapter 12 Satan is bound to live only not running around heaven he is confined to the earth so here he is causing trouble on earth now he is chained and put here that’s what verse 2 says for a thousand years and a thousand years is what this word means min lay is 1,000 on them is years that’s what millennium means is it’s a word right there in the Bible but look at verse 3 and cast him into the bottomless pit Greek word a Bustos we get the English word abyss right there into the abussos bottomless pit and shut him up and set a seal on it so that he should deceive the nation’s No More till the thousand years milller Onam millennium were finished but after these things he’s released for a little while Wow is it gonna be amazing to go through all these pieces let’s bow for a word of Prayer your father I pray that more than fascinating and interesting and kind of stimulating to our minds this chapter could be I pray that you would open our eyes that we might behold wondrous truths from your word you are the teacher your word is how we learn to know you to follow you to feed our souls to have joy and rejoicing and to really lay hold of the fact we’re called by your name I pray this class with deep in us in finding and eating and understanding and living your word in Jesus name Amen well you see the slide paradise is coming to earth isn’t that a picture look at that perfect water all those lush plants and the clear air that’s what’s coming to earth basically about 20% of the Old Testament of 20% of this much of the Bible is about this time it’s all the promises because of the Abrahamic covenant and the Davidic covenant that God made to Israel are going to happen on earth Israel is going to be blessed they’re going to be the center of the world this is Jerusalem right here and Jerusalem is going to have this massive temple there’s a visitor center from God Jerusalem’s gonna be the center of the world and Jesus Christ Himself is gonna sit enthroned on the throne of his his father David in Jerusalem Wow well let’s walk through the seven clear events because when paradise begins coming and a new age Dawn’s on earth and all warfare has ended and sickness and disease and and horrible just the murders and and all the the evils of humanity are kind of banished that event is in a sequence look what happens Christ Church on earth revelation one two three Christ Church in heaven four and five then as we saw again last hour Christ Church in heaven in chapter 19 but between those events is the tribulation which we slugged through class after class and all those seals and then all those trumpets and then all those bulls and all those parenthetical looks at the woman and the dragon and and the beast out of the sea and all those things we saw are from Chapter six to eighteen then in chapter nineteen we saw so this is Revelation 19 we saw the Battle of Armageddon which actually is described at the end of chapter 16 and then remember the twin evil agents of Satan are in seventeen religion 18 materialism then we get back to 19 picking up with the Armageddon scenario and and that final battle and then the climax of the tribulation as we saw in zechariah 12 to 14 is Jesus Christ coming to the rescue of Israel because Israel is in Jerusalem earthly Jerusalem surrounded by the Antichrist armies facing destruction and when two-thirds of them have been murdered by the evils of of the Antichrist warring against them that one-third the remnant looks up and they call out to Jesus and he breaks through the sky that’s the second coming and we’re with him all the saints that immediately uh sure’s into an event we’re going to talk about in just a couple moments that’s between see these that don’t have the boxes are the events that are in Revelation these events are outside of Revelation but fit in to our understanding by seeing expansive scriptures and other places that explain what God is doing so between the second coming and the Millennium is this sheep and goat judgment Jesus talked about in Matthew 25 as well as in Joel 3 in other places then everybody that enters the tribulation I mean everyone that that exits the tribulation and enters the Millennium our followers of Christ they’re called sheep he divides him between the sheep and the goats so the only people that populate the millennium are believers but look at this after 1,000 years almost everybody rejects the God who sits enthroned in the visitor center in Jerusalem and the God of their fathers and mothers because all of them their parents or grandparents were believers and almost the entire earth goes in rebellion marching from every corner of the earth toward Jerusalem this final rebellion it says they come like the sand of the sea and the Lord just doesn’t he doesn’t even you know put up a battle he just it says fire comes down from God and consumes them and immediately launches the Last Judgement the great white throne and the lake of fire right here now see the lake of fire is not on earth and it’s not in heaven it’s somewhere else in the universe God prepared it it’s already there revelation 20:15 tells us about it no one’s in it right now it was only made for Satan and his angels but for all who join in rebellion against God at the great white throne they and all who have resisted and rejected the Lord and refused to call a name the Lord go there and then we dwell in our father’s house those are the seven clear events so the steps to eternity that I’ve just been describing to you in this chart remember this is your handout that I’m giving you because I can’t email it to you as you watch this class there are too many of you I’m just putting it up there for you to see Armageddon in the second coming is Zechariah 12 to 14 revelation 19 the sheep and goat judgment is Joel 3:12 and Matthew 25:31 234 and that’s what I that’s the one I want to read to you right now Matthew 25 because before we jump into paradise on earth I’d like to show you Jesus describing who’s going to get to enter this this paradise on earth this almost sin free not quite sin is still present but sin is is pushed back it’s the curse is is pushed back and almost remove from the earth in other words there won’t be thistles there are poisonous serpents there aren’t poisonous spiders there are carnivorous animals there aren’t piranhas there aren’t sharks that are that are or like I saw any of you watching the news yesterday an unfortunate lady was walking in South Carolina and an alligator came up out of the pond and ate her killed her there won’t be any of that in the Millennium it’s it’s paradise it’s it’s God giving man humanity a perfect environment for a thousand years here’s what Jesus says in verse 31 when the Son of Man comes in his glory with all the holy angels with him that’s 25 thirty one right here Matthew 25 verse 31 the slide has 31 to 34 you notice what it says all God clears out heaven every angel in heaven comes with Jesus with every one of us so it’s gonna be the first time that the throne that we see in Revelation 4 and 5 that that area is going to be emptied out and all of the saints and all of the holy angels and all of the redeemed of all time all come back to Earth in the second coming at Armageddon second coming the the battle is won by the Lord we already read about that in Armageddon and look what happens then all the nations will be gathered before him so people survived the tribulation you understand them these are the survivors after seven years of God’s wrath poured out on earth and after all the the angels in Revelation 9 come out those locust creatures and cause death and carnage they’re still survivors because God wants he’s been preserving by the way Israel you know a great majority of those survivors are the ones that that he saves in Jerusalem in Zechariah 12 to 14 but look what he does all the nations would be gathered before him he will separate them from one another as a shepherd divides his sheep and this by the way is Joel 3 to 12 14 18 so Joel’s three parallels what Jesus is saying here in Matthew divides his sheep in the goats verse 33 he will set the sheep on his right hand the goats on his left and the king will say to those in his right hand the survivors of the tribulation Matthew 25:34 come you blessed of my father inherit the kingdom look at that paradise that’s what revelation 20 is all about can you imagine surviving the horrors of the tribulation seeing the Lord on a throne seeing him divide all of those that were unbelievers and rebels and they’re the goats and they’re put on the left and then you are put on the right by the way Jesus told a parable about this in in Matthew 13 and he said his angels are gonna go and separate the wheat from the tares and cast the tares into the furnace and the wheat is going to be right here into the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world and then keep going to verse 46 it says in these will go away into everlasting punishment but the righteous into eternal life so basically the the goats go to this place of torment the grave Hades Sheol until chapter 20 verses 1115 and it says death and Hades are brought up at the great white throne and all of those who whose names were not found written in the book of life are cast in the lake of fire so those are these steps I call it steps to eternity now let examine this paradise on earth in the first six verses of Revelation 20 we already read verses 1 through 3 look at verse 4 and I saw throne and they that sat on them and judgment was committed to them then I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for their witness to Jesus this is the revelation 6 verses 9 through 11 remember the martyrs the fifth seal that group the souls of those who had been beheaded for their witness to Jesus these are tribulation martyrs these are Saints the ones that are led to Christ by the 144,000 the ones that are led to Christ by the two witnesses the ones that are led to Christ through the gospel angel that we covered in chapter 14 all of those that the Antichrist kills are there who had worshiped for the word of God who had not worshiped the beast or his image this is revelation 20 verse 4 and had not received his mark on their forehead or on their hands and they lived and reigned with Christ for a thousand years so tribulation martyrs are going to live and reign with Christ now this harkens back to what Jesus said to his disciples he said to them and they’re not in the tribulation they’re 2,000 years ago living on earth and he said to them you’re going to join me and be ruling and reigning during the thousand years so basically during this time of the millennium we as well as the martyrs who have died and have gone into the presence of the Lord in heaven we are going to get to come down to earth kind of like angels visited Abraham or angels visited you know Samson spirits or angels you know came down at various times during Christ’s ministry and comforted him they weren’t living on earth they were from heaven and they came down to earth and they kind of came and went they would just disappear and come back and be everywhere that’s what we’re going to be like wow but especially what is profiling is look at these martyrs living and reigning 4000 years but the rest of the dead now look at this the rest of the dead are still here in Sheol or Hades they were not do not live again until the thousand years were finished this is the first resurrection blessed and holy is he who has part in the first resurrection over such the second death has no power but they shall be priests of God and of Christ and shall reign with him a thousand years what is that well that’s the promise that all the redeemed of all time that have ever come to know Christ those that were before the cross went to this place Luke 23:43 remember how Jesus said to the thief on the cross remember there was a thief right here next to him and in Luke 23 as Jesus was dying on the cross in Luke 23:43 Jesus turned to that thief and what did he say today you’re gonna be with me in paradise now this is fascinating the sequence and we’re gonna cover it in just a couple minutes of where did Jesus go after the cross before his ascension and we’ll cover that and it will tie together the dead that are on the earth but the armies the nations have been disbanded from the tribulation warfare all the militaries are fallen into ruin all the machinery of war has been smelted down and converted into implements apiece remember what it says in Isaiah that you will take you will Forge your swords into plowshares remember in the lion and the lamb and will be beside each other that’s what’s happening all the nations of the earth are coming to worship God in Jerusalem prosperity is evident from pole to pole poverty is unknown everyone has all that their heart can desire there are no prisons can you imagine the world during the Millennium during this time a world where there are no prisons there are no Haas there is no such thing as is a place for the age at an infirm because basically if we understand what Isaiah says Isaiah says that people will not die during the Millennium everyone that enters the Millenium will live the entire thousand years unless Isaiah 65 tells us that they fight against and rebel before this final rebellion so if you’re a solo rubella and won’t do what God says he cuts you off and you’ll be considered a child if you’re a cut off at a hundred years old because everyone’s gonna live the whole thousand years it’s just really amazing to think the wolf and the lamb the calf and the lion the cow and the bear the child and the scorpion all are at peace Jesus has come the millennium is here the Golden Age so frequently herald by the prophets of Israel member I told you 20% of the Old Testament prophecies are about this time period all that heralded by the prophets of Israel’s past has dawned at last the earth is filled as eya says with the knowledge of God Jesus is Lord he rules Psalm 2 the nations with a rod of iron his reign is righteous and all the nations obey Wow by the way what do you do in the Millenium oh it’s in so interesting if I was teaching the Book of Isaiah just finished it did it in Korea a few months back we talked about this millennial time do you know what Isaiah says it says everybody on earth has their own farms so the whole earth will have all these farms your little allotment of land everyone gets a section of this no weed no pests no spiders no snakes you understand everybody gets this perfect farm no thorns no pollution and and everyone lives and it says they sit under their vines so you have this this kind of jungle like everybody’s going to be kind of like on Hawaii you know living in this this beautiful climate but once well actually three times but but once each season every spring every summer every fall do you see what these are these are the feasts of God the feasts of God are the Old Testament holidays guess what happens during the Millennium not only does the temple return so does the holiday schedule of Israel remember I said Israel’s the center of the world so each season three times a year everyone is asked to come from all over the world and go through this temple just to show you something I don’t want to get too far off but Jesus Christ was crucified on Passover he was buried on the feast of unleavened bread and he rose from the dead on the holiday of firstfruits this is one weekend this is Passover crucifixion buried during the time of unleavened bread risen at the launch which was a Sunday of firstfruits and then 50 days from Passover from right here to right here from Passover to Pentecost is 50 days Jesus stayed for forty days after his resurrection forty days he told the disciples to tarry for 10 more days in Jerusalem and a day of Pentecost came now guess what these feasts are written down in Exodus and Leviticus Old Testament with Moses Jesus God chose that he be crucified and Passover buried on unleavened bread third feast he rose again the fourth feast the church was born there are three Jewish festivals left most likely the trumpets will be what we call the rapture and the start of the tribulation the Day of Atonement will be the the horrors of the tribulation and the Feast of Tabernacles will be and and of course culminated by the second coming and then the Feast of Tabernacles will pry be the millennium and so what the Lord does is throughout the whole thousand years he invites everybody to come to a spring gathering and when they come to this temple what do I call it it’s God’s visitors center you ever wonder what you’re gonna be doing during the Millennium well I know what I’m gonna probably be doing have you been to anything like the Ark exhibit you know Answers in Genesis you know how they have all those nice people around that explain the exhibits for all the people that are Christians or donor stand them did you know the Saints are gonna be here we’re gonna be explaining to the whole world about Christ’s coming and dying and the church and that that he came at the second coming and the day of atonement and right now they’re in these little farms and all that what happens if people don’t come Isaiah tells us that – if you’re from this farm right there and it’s the spring feast and you don’t come do you know what the Bible says in Isaiah it says no rain will fall on your farm what God says is if you won’t cooperate I’m gonna give you a warning if you continue to not cooperate you’re gone I mean it’s amazing that’s what it means in Psalm 2 in Psalm 2 it says he rules with a rod Jesus from Jerusalem rules with a rod of iron so that’s what’s going on on earth Satan is restrained in verses 1 through 3 he’s put into this so Satan during the Millennium is chained here on earth for a thousand years the lid is locked he’s chained up and put there that’s what’s going on as the sheep enter the Millennium only believers go into the Millennium they can’t wait to go to the temple in fact what happens is starting in verse seven look at verse seven it says they are living revelation 20 verse seven actually it’s not verse seven it’s verse nine the camp of the Saints it says they go up the breadth of the earth and surround the camp of the sings so revelation 20 starting in verse seven through verse 10 says here’s this eighth chapter described millennial temple here around it are the people that just can’t get enough of God the Saints basically people move from their little home that the Lord let them have and they finally say Lord you know it’s we don’t just come three times a year can we camp right here and gradually all the believers of the whole world migrate they just can’t get enough of God these are people that are the sheep that survived the tribulation that believed on the Lord that are living in physical bodies on the earth for a thousand years and they can’t get enough of God and they stay there around that temple and that place becomes God’s visitors center for the world and that place is described in eight chapters of the Bible Ezekiel 42 48 so what is Ezekiel 42 48 say well basically this look at the next slide it describes the size it’s 25 thousand cubits this temple Visitor Center 25 thousand cubits so 25 thousand cubits how much is that well a cubit is a foot and a half so that is 7 miles by 7 miles so this is is a 50 square mile visitor center well-planned by God to be the very central focus of the whole world in Ezekiel 40 to 48 explain this The Book of Isaiah repeatedly explains it and right here in in Revelation 20 it’s explained the fascinating thing is what it says in verse 9 about the camp of the Saints and and I think that that is a moment we should stop and think about did you know true believers are drawn toward the things of God and unbelievers are not drawn toward the things of God the Lord says you’ll seek me and you’ll find me when you seek for me Deuteronomy 4:29 what with all your heart remember what David said with my whole heart have I sought thee oh let me not wander from thy Commandments thy word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against thee that’s the heartbeat of a believer it’s represented right here in the last days for just a moment look at Ezekiel 42 48 with me because this is really truly one of the more fascinating and mysterious parts of the Bible Jeremiah lamentations Ezekiel just go to daniel and back up ezekiel begins in chapter 40 saying this in the 25th year of our captivity at the beginning of the year verse 1 the tenth day of the month in the fourteenth year the city was captured in the very same day the handle orders upon me verse 2 in visions of god he took me to the land of israel and what’s happening is Ezekiel is a priest he’s carried away to Babylon he’s off in the captivity he has this vision the Lord takes him by vision from Babylon and he starts seeing this temple and look what it says starting a man took me verse 3 man whose appearance was like the appearance of bronze he had a line of flax and a measuring rod verse 4 of chapter 40 and says son of man look with your eyes in here with your ears fix your mind on everything and verse five now there was a wall around the outside of the temple a man’s hand they start measuring this structure starting in verse six they have an Eastern gateway they start looking at the rooms in verse 17 there are thirty chambers facing the pavement so it tells about the structure the actual structure of this place verse seventeen has an outer court verse twenty has the northern gateway verse twenty-four has a southern gateway then he goes to the inner courts of this giant visitor center and he keeps describing it and look at chapter 41 and it says he brought me the sanctuary he measured the doorpost the width of all these but if you just keep reading he goes to chapter 43 and something happens now see Ezekiel was there when the temple was destroyed by the Babylonians he was carried away as they were destroying the city he recorded what happened in actually chapter 11 of Ezekiel that before the Babylonians destroyed the temple the Shekinah glory cloud went up from the temple went to the eastern gate and went up toward the north that was portraying God leaving the temple the Shekinah the glory cloud was a picture of the glory of God now look what it says in chapter 43 of Ezekiel afterward he brought me to the gate and the gate faces toward the east you know the eastern gate and behold the glory of the God of Israel came from the east his voice was like the sound of many waters and the earth shone with his glory verse 4 and the glory of the Lord came into the temple by way of the eastern gate so here’s the eastern gate this is the east and what Ezekiel sees in Ezekiel 43 is the other end of what happens in Ezekiel 11 in Ezekiel 11 the glory of the Lord left departed in Ezekiel 43 the glory cloud returns and comes in to this temple and fills the temple see that’s Ezekiel seeing what we call the fourth temple never first temple Solomon second temple zerubabbel and Herod third temple tribulation fourth temple seven miles by seven miles God’s visitors center and it’s described you can read that the priests are described in chapter 44 talking about their lives and their character and what’s interesting is in chapter 47 there’s water flowing out from underneath the throne and it goes to the east into the Dead Sea area if you know anything about Israel the Dead Sea is dead and it brings life so all that is what’s going on in this Millennial temple the people are following God’s prophetic calendar that’s these feasts that I pointed up here and you see on your slide they’re spring summer fall Passover unleavened bread firstfruits Pentecost trumpets Day of Atonement Tabernacles those seven are signpost each pointing to the cross and death of Christ his burial his resurrection the birth of the church the rapture launching the tribulation the Second Coming when the children of Israel in Jerusalem call on the Lord to save them as Zechariah talks about and then the fulfillment of all the promises to Israel in the Millennium these are called the biblical holidays Jesus death you can see on the slide his burial his resurrection historically part of his first coming the Holy Spirit coming down at Pentecost that’s the church age and then fulfilled are these fall holidays during the second coming of Christ so basically the Millennium and this entire period of Revelation chapter 20 verses 1 through 6 is all about fulfilling the rule of Jesus as Messiah you see on this slide the Millea the thousand-year reign remember millennium is milller that’s Latin word for a thousand on them that’s the Latin word for years so mil a is 1000 on them is years that term is six times millennium is six times mentioned in Revelation chapter 20 and that time period is described see the slide promised to David in three chapters predicted in the Psalms and prophets in 31 chapters promised to marry and to the Apostles in five chapters it’s in the Lord’s chapter and is described in Psalm 2 there are over 40 chapters of the Bible that describe this period this event 40 chapters the Millennium what is it like well those 40 chapters if I summed them up would be this there are physical changes on the earth the climate changes the animals change the curses rolled back lifted Isaiah says in Isaiah 11 creation is redeemed do you remember it says in in you see on the slide Romans 8:22 22 all creation is groaning for the Lord to return and rule the earth it says in Isaiah 11:9 is filled with the knowledge of the Lord that’s repeated in Habakkuk another book about this event how back it 2:14 says the whole earth is filled with the knowledge of the Lord like the waters cover the Seas so this is a unique time of God’s presence being seen but it’s not eternity this don’t confuse the Millennium with heaven and dwelling in our father’s house because death and sin are still present they’re just kind of pushed back everyone has their land that’s what micah 415 says and amos tells us it’s fruitful but it’s not heaven so what happens next the next event the sixth event of the seven on your prophetic chart is the final rebellion look what it says in starting in verse seven which I’ve alluded to over and over when the thousand years have expired Satan is released so look at this Satan is chained now chains taken off doorway is opened Satan comes out to do look what he does to be released from his prison he will go and deceive the nations which are in the four corners of the earth Gog and Magog and gathers him gathered to battle whose numbers as the sand of the sea they went up the breadth of the earth and surrounded do you remember I told you they’re coming from everywhere surrounding the visitor center that Millennial temple and what’s here the camp of the saints see how it says that they surround the camp of the Saints verse nine of Revelation 20 and the beloved City Jerusalem and the Lord just does one thing look what it says in verse 9 and fire came down from God out of heaven and devoured them and the devil who deceived them was cast into look at this the devil is cast into the lake of fire so Satan is cast into the lake of fire he is loosed he deceives one last time he’s cast into the lake of fire verse 10 continues fire and brimstone where the beast and the false prophet are now wait a minute when Jesus returns in the Armageddon scene in chapter 16 and 19 the Beast and false prophet are thrown into the lake of fire the devil joins them wow that’s what you’ll see this on this slide let me just review with this graphic the church on earth the rapture John 14 Luke 24 acts 1 first Corinthians 15 verse onions for the Bema seat we talked about that last hour with the whole judgment of our works and our wedding garment the tribulation Christ’s second coming the thousand-year reign now we’re at that Brown box there the rebels and the great white throne and then having this home life is camping do you know what I like I like the fact that the Saints camp camping do you ever go camping you know camping is where you go out and lay on the ground and get dirty and smell like smoke and you have outdoor toilets and you can’t wait to roll up your tent and go home having this home notice it says camp of the saints note they stay close to God’s temple close to each other that has always been God’s desire that we stay close to him that we never get comfortable with the world Peter and Paul remind us that our lives here are like living in a tent heaven is home life is camping the best is yet to come this world is not our home we’re just Pilgrims and strangers that’s what second Peter 1 says so the release of Satan and his doom when Satan is released Satan deceives the nation’s but what’s terrible is to think that people could sink so low that after 1,000 years of every year coming three times to visit God to see the saints to meet Jesus Christ that people still rebel that’s that’s boggling there’s perfect justice perfect peace perfect health perfect agriculture and yet once the old dragon gets out everyone follows him again you know what the Lord shows us I want you to think about this especially you young people a perfect environment will not produce perfect people there’s so many that want to go clean up the earth and they want to get and get and pure water is important then food is important and and cleaning up all the you know slums is really noble but a perfect environment will never produce perfect people because only a new heart see that’s why Ezekiel 36 member chapter 40 is this Millennial temple but ezekiel 36:26 and 27 remember yesterday in our 18 I said 108 verses every believer should know that’s another one of that list a new heart also I will give you a new spirit output within you I’ll take away your stony heart do you know what the the Millennium proves that everyone even though their parents come in as as believers each succeeding generation if God doesn’t give you a new heart and a new spirit like he wants to you’ll just join in to the rebellion against God a perfect environment will never make perfect people only a new heart one lesson from the camp of the Saints I’ll never forget our dear friends we went camping on Prince Edward Island many years ago we took a family with us that never camped in their life and so of course they went out and bought a tent and they I bought cots and they bought they just got everything go camping and it rained most the time we were there but I’ll never forget the putting up of our tents I came out with this little plastic topped mallet that my wife got and I gently tapped our steaks in and our friends Rick was watching he says wow he says you are putting your steaks in very deep I said no no no camping you’ve got to be able to pull him up quick well he had one of those mallets with a wooden head that looked like a circus tent you know one that you bury steaks about that deep and he came and he buried his steaks he said I wanted to blow away and his steaks were so far in the ground you can even see him reminds me of something I know I should I should have warned him I to warn them but you know what it says in Hebrews 11 verse 13 it says these all died in faith not having received the promises but having seen them afar off were assured and they embrace them and confessed that they were strangers and pilgrims do you know what pilgrim our Sojourner means it means you go through life not burying your tent stakes we’re supposed to realize that we’re Pilgrims and strangers on earth that our earthly life our bodies are like a tent and soon we’re going to have to fold up this tent and go home heaven is home dwelling in our father’s house is home you know most believers do like our friends camping they bury their tent stakes so deep that going to heaven they kind of back toward heaven this world and their their possessions and everything is what they’re longing for and God says this world is not your home and people end up backing toward heaven it’s like a tractor beam pulling them because their tent stakes are too deep remember that we’re pilgrims and strangers well to conclude look at Revelation 20 starting in verse 11 and this is the saddest part of the Scriptures and I saw a great white throne see where we are right here the great white throne and the lake of fire and him who sat on it from whose face the earth and heaven fled away and there was found no place for them who is this sitting here John 5 tells us God has committed all judgment to the son and the ours in coming when all in the graves will hear his voice jesus said and he’s sitting on that throne of judgment and I saw the dead verse 12 small and great standing before God the books were opened another book was open the book of life and the dead were judged according their works by the things written in them the sea gave up the Dead which were at death and Hades remember this the grave give up the dead that are in them and they were judged verse 13 each one according to his works and death and Hades were cast in the lake of fire so death and Hades hear this the whole grave this is cast into the lake of fire the devil has already been cast in there the beast and the false prophet are already in there this is the second death remember to point on man was higher than the judgment and anyone not found written in the book of life was cast in the lake of fire we should fear the holiness of Jesus no scene in the entire Bible grips our minds and stirs our souls as much as these last verses of Revelation 20 imagine the scene in one moment all the angels and all the humans who have ever lived on this planet into the billions of souls are assembled in outer silence it opens in the glow of God’s glowing throne stand the redeemed of all the ages behind them in countless ranks the angelic hosts and then the dead small and great are assembled every person who’s ever lived not one soul escapes this summons by the way Jesus spoke more about this moment than any other moment he spoke more about Hell than heaven two for one and this lake of fire is what Jesus constantly warned about in Christian circles we speak more of heaven than hell yet jesus warned of Hell from the start of his ministry to the end in the Gospel of Matthew from chapter 3 through 26 there’s a common theme eternal judgment Jesus preached continually about the horrors awaiting the lost ones well as I read through the scriptures I look for scriptures about what I call the hideous doctrine of Hell and basically I’ll summarize it this way jesus said the horror of Hell is that it’s eternal darkness hell has two aspects that are rarely considered which are both curious and frightening on earth we take for granted two physical properties that keep us physically and mentally stable the first is light the second is solid fixed surfaces oddly these to dependables aren’t inhale it says you see on the slide in Jude 1:7 and 13 that hell is the blackness of darkness it was called in Revelation 20 a bottomless pit so the people in Hell are in an endless tumble a bottomless pit always falling in pitch-black darkness think about what Jesus said jesus said in matthew 8:12 what a person who just entered he’ll be at your neighbor or your relative or co-worker friend after the roar of physical pain blast them they’ve spend the first few moments wailing and gnashing teeth jesus said but after a season they grow accustomed to the pain not that it’s tolerable but their capacity has enlarged and as they hurt they think and instinctively a person entering hell starts looking around as they tumble but all they see is blackness impenetrable blackness in the past we learn if we look long enough a glow of light will sometimes yield definition so we this person blinks and strains to focus their eyes but as they turn as strain their eyes and wait they see nothing but unyielding black ink it clings and smothers them then they start reaching out their arms and legs and they touch nothing then they realize hell is what Jesus said a bottomless pit that’s revelation 20 verses 1 & 2 where the devil is put into this bottomless pit before he gets in the lake of fire it’s an endless bottomless pit after fir’d verse tries the person in Hell pauses from exhaustion suspended in the black suddenly they scream they twist and they tumble onward and they become lost in the blackness by the way everyone in Hell believes you know says that in James 2 19 you believe there’s one God you do well even the demons believe in tremble people in Hell will be crying out Jesus saved me but it’s too late revelation 14:11 says that they have no rest night or day the smoke of their torment goes up forever they have no rest night or day and God’s Word tells us this there’s no second chance were appointed to die once and after that Hebrews 9:27 to face the judgment Jesus describes Hellfire he said there’s two entrance gates two roads two destinations destruction and life two groups of travelers many who are on the broad road leading to destruction few that will repent and come to Christ so back to this chart I showed you Jesus died and finished the price of salvation for our sin on the cross when he died he was buried into this tomb and it says in Luke 16 22 and Luke 23:43 that he went to the spot called paradise with the thief after he took the thief and all the redeemed from paradise it says in as you see on your chart there in the book of Ephesians chapter 4 verse 8 that he takes all of captivity captive he preaches as 2nd Peter 2:4 to the spirits that are in prison he comes through the empty tomb ascends to heaven and takes all the redeemed of all time with him and he seated on the right hand of the throne of God now what’s interesting in the Garden of Eden there’s paradise but after man fell Paradise moves down here to what’s called Abraham’s bosom but Jesus takes paradise here and we see it in heaven and when Paul was stoned to death 2nd Grandin’s 12:4 says he was taken to paradise in Revelation 2:7 it says that those who loved Christ in the church on earth go to paradise so that’s what we call Christ tour of the underworld but the bottom line is this paradise is coming to earth a perfect environment come but without a new heart people rebel all who rebel face the judge are cast and lake of fire and as we’ll see in the next hour those of us who repent in faith calling in the name of the Lord dwell in our father’s house let’s bow for a word of Prayer lord I thank you for the most fascinating chapter of the Bible revelation 20 thank you for your love that sent your son to be the savior of the world may your love constrain us and compel us to share the good news so that no one will have to spend their eternity in the lake of fire that we have the privilege of sharing the gospel with make us good and faithful servants sharing your salvation in the name of Jesus we pray and all God’s people said amen.

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We are now living in the absolute End Times as per biblical prophecy.

Our Lord Jesus Christ – King of Kings. 2nd Coming and return is IMMENINT!.

Please do not waist another a minute.

No matter what religion you serve, there is only one God.

If, you want to be assured that you will not have to endure the perilous times that will befall you.

Irrespective, of what sins you may have committed at any time of your life. If you humble yourself and ask for God’s forgiveness. He will forgive you and wash them all away and welcome you as his beloved son or daughter with open arms.

If you are not a child of Father God or have not asked Jesus Christ to come into your life yet?

I implore you to do this without delay.

Read this prayer of Salvation and ask God to forgive you now and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour and you will be assured of eternal life.

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