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Ep26-Revelation chapter 18 – relating to 2020 – by Dr John Barnett

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This evening for us to study the book of Revelation chapter 18 I really think we need to turn to Luke chapter 12 and if you would turn there with me and I explain to you the reason that we would go to Luke chapter 12 on our way to Revelation chapter 18 is that the book of Revelation is the revelation of Jesus Christ it’s an unfortunate so many Bibles put the revelation of st.


John st. John isn’t revealed st. John is just the the conduit through which a revelation of Jesus Christ was given to us and that revelation of Jesus Christ in the 18th chapter has very much to do with what the infinite eternal God thinks of the very finite and very passing world system that is part of Satan’s way of distracting human beings from that which is eternal and our Lord Jesus Christ talked about that and Luke chapter 12 and Luke chapter 12 and verse 13 and I guess I’ve been particularly impressed with how how much we need to allow the Word of God just the Word of God without any comment to impact our lives I was challenged about that this week someone said for a very little amount of time if you would just have us read the text you’re going to preach from even if we don’t care at all about what you say the Word of God will deeply impact our life and I thought about that I thought that without any comment the word of God is quick and powerful can pierce our lives and so I would like you to join me in reading Luke chapter 12 beginning at verse 13 down through verse 34 and for some of you it might be the very first time in your whole life you’ve been exposed to these words and if you’re like me and grew up in the church I’ve seen these literally hundreds of times and yet my prayer and I trust your prayer to it these words of Jesus Christ which are eternal and which are able to pierce us would pierce us and touch our lives where they need to be touched tonight do not be afraid little flock for your father has chosen gladly to give you the kingdom sell your possessions and give to charity make yourself purses which do not wear in a treasure in heaven where no thief comes near normal of destroys or where is your heart be also let’s bow together for prayer and Lord Jesus our Savior when you spoke these words how moving they must have been how inviting they must have been as you publicly invited people to invest their treasures with you who are totally honest who are totally trustworthy in whom is utter in eternal security and you who pay the very best dividends you’ve said that you will give ten thousand percent interest one hundredfold for all that will invest with you and that you will take anything time you’ll take even a word spoken you’ll take sacrifice that no one sees for you see all things you’ll take proportion to what we have as to what we give and not merely volume or amount or earthly value and tonight we ask that you would do the sweet work through your spirit of quickening your word that we have just read and causing our hearts to be moved to have a view toward the passing treasures of this world and what it really means to lay up treasure in heaven to that end we dedicate ourselves tonight for Jesus sake amen our Lord Jesus Christ definitely had just two things in mind when he gave this story the first thing is he said starting in verse 13 watch out for covetousness covetousness is when we want more than we have it’s a discontent its elevating things to the point where we’ll do anything to get them the second thing he had in mind was that we need to watch out for his return because the very next line after we finished reading was he says be dressed and ready and keep your lamps alight because I’m coming and so Jesus Christ tied our view of material possessions to our view of his return and historically in the church it’s been almost like looking at a flowchart or a spreadsheet of financial figures or of world markets that goes up and down and there’s an ebb and flow and to the extent that the church is expectant of Christ’s return there seems to be a high amount of they’re turning loose of their earthly Goods and to the extent that the church is not excited about his return there has been a greed that is set over in kind of a possessiveness of their earthly Goods and the Lord said be careful for what our goal in life is he said this man in verse 19 said soul you have many goods laid up for many years you’ve well-funded your pension in your IRA and your Keogh and your 401k and 403b and every other possible thing you have taken full advantage of the stock ownership plan of your company and whatever else and you have really prepared for the future but he said there’s one problem verse 21 you have laid up treasure for yourself but you have not been rich toward God the wonderful thing about that is richness toward God is not measured in two three four five and six figures its measured in proportion it’s measured in the perspective of what it costs us to give it to him I’d like to read to you something that someone I’ve grown to love and consider to be a friend although I never met this fella he’s a kind of an unknown pastor that is out in the country in Washington but he wrote a not very best-selling book many years ago and the title of that book was money possessions and eternity never went into a second printing it’s one of those books that died on the vine and I think I know why and you will too when you hear these two paragraphs they’re actually the words of a sermon he preached to his country church many years ago he said this does the incessant call to put Christ before all to deny ourselves and to take up our cross and follow him as Jesus talked about in Matthew 10 mark 8 in Luke 14 have some bearing on me today can we indeed put Christ before all can we deny ourselves can we take up our crosses and follow him with no apparent effect on what we do with our money and possessions what are we to think of all the current teaching on money in possessions that emphasize what doesn’t apply to us we are assured by confident voices over and over that the Old Testament practice of tithing doesn’t at all apply to us that the New Testament practice of sacrificial giving by liquidating assets and giving to the poor certainly doesn’t apply to us and that the biblical prohibitions of interest and the restrictions of debt certainly could never apply to us and that the commands not to hoard not to stockpile assets don’t apply to us and so on and so on at some point we must ask then what in the world does apply to us he continues sometimes more is to be learned from the passages of Scripture we avoid or skim over than those which we underline or post on our refrigerator the Bible contains an arsenal of such verses on the subject of money and possessions and they just keep firing away at us no wonder CS Lewis called God the transcendental interferer he has this annoying habit of stepping into our lives even when we have pulled in the welcome mat bolted the door and put out the Do Not Disturb sign God can throw a great party but he also knows how to ruin one the more we allow ourselves to grapple with these unsettling passages the more we are pierced Jesus wounds us with his words about money then just when we think we will heal we run into another passage and Christ reaches out from it and picks at the scab on our hearts our only option it seems our only options it seems are to let him wound and pick at us until he accomplishes what he wishes I want you look back at that 33rd and 34th verse and without I’m not gonna comment on it at all I just want you to think about the fact that Jesus Christ in utter integrity in his ministry as the last word on everything said these words and they are very unsettling verse 33 sell your possessions give to charity make yourselves purses which do not wear out and unfailing treasure in heaven where no thief comes near nor moth destroys for where your treasure is there will your heart be also that’s very amazing if you continue in Luke turn over to chapter 21 with me please as we head to Revelation because in Luke 21 verse 34 our Lord continues with this reminder that if we are to be those who are prepared for the future we have to remember that the ultimate clowder of our vision of his return the ultimate distractor as I mentioned this morning will probably not be revelry and debauchery it will most likely be affluence and comfort it will most likely be hoarding and stacking it will most likely be figuring our finances until we’re sure we have enough to keep our comfortable lifestyle until we’re sure we have met coverage that that will cover no matter what Clinton does until we’re sure that no matter the rate of inflation we can pay for things until we have it all figured out that’s one of the greatest distractors that there is this is what Christ said is he’s preaching about the future and you remember he’s talking about ad 70 and and all of the the different events that are going to come on in the future and then he goes from the destruction of Jerusalem and takes a quantum jump into the future into his second return and he starts talking about that verse 25 but then in verse 34 he says be on guard that your hearts may not be weighed down with dissipation drunkenness and the worries of life and that they come on you suddenly like a trap now this warning is not primarily for Christians but the fact that he speaks it and the fact that he warns about that in the end days people are going to be so caught up with things and so caught up with as Christ said when he returns it’s gonna be like the days of Noah people are gonna be eating and drinking they’re gonna be marrying and giving in marriage they’re gonna be building they’re gonna be planning what it is is that Christ’s return is going to come at a time when there’s going to be nearly global prosperity and if you think about the way our world’s going if we can keep up this disarmament trend and if you can keep bullying the the aggressive nations like the North Korea’s and we haven’t heard from Qaddafi for years I mean since you shoot down his airplanes to get scared and if you can kind of you know go in and attack Iran or Iraq I mean and and knock out their atomic stuff and if you can and through economic sanctions start quelling all the problems and shoot down a few planes in Bosnia and quell that thing if you can keep doing that on a long enough time people will spend less money on armaments and more money on on just the infrastructure and and the global economy will get better and better and and whether that’s what happens or not what he’s saying here is that that one of the real things verse 34 says we should be on guard for his materialism it’s people that are starving to death in an agrarian society do not have the problems of verse 34 they’re not dissipated and they’re not drunken if you can barely live on one bowl of rice a year you don’t get our one bowl of rice a day like some third-world countries have you don’t get drunk and you’re not dissipated which means overeating and over indulging and being so satiated that you just have no desire for anything those are all marks of affluence and that’s what Christ is talking about and the predominant New Testament warning for the return of Christ is that people will miss it because they’ll be so busy with everything and they’ll be so enjoying themselves well now let’s turn to chapter 18 of Revelation where we’re really headed and this is just by way of introduction and we’re gonna look at revelation 18 in the context of of Babylon and of materialism and of the whole economic structure of our world and where that’s going and what we see is when we come to Revelation 18 that we’re looking at the full-grown evils of the world remember this is the the the full-blown mature end of the age time and what the Lord does is in chapter 18 I believe he talks about the the fact of Babylon not as the ancient city and that is the empire but as that philosophy that permeates all of the world in chapter 17 was babbling the religious babbling the that the world religion the the system that that embraces all religions into some ecumenical hybrid but when we get over to chapter 18 something changes and and what happens is that it’s looking at Babylon in physical terms as far as being a system of materialism a system of of desire for money and for pleasure and for possessions and for things and it’s a very interesting chapter of the Bible and I’ll start reading in 1801 it says after these things I saw another angel coming down from heaven having great authority in the earth was illuminated cried out with a mighty voice saying fallen fallen is Babylon the Great now remember in Chapter 17 Babylon the harlot this seeming world religion gets eaten up by the beasts and and basically we talked about that meant that it talked about that that way back from the Garden of Eden on there’s been this religion of Satan Cain’s idea of doing it my way and of offering the God what I want and that’s proliferated into all the different religions of the world which basically all of them have this idea that you can do enough good stuff to make the gods or God happy and so we looked at that whole idea of Satan’s false and counterfeit religion but this is a different perspective and this angel comes and starts proclaiming a whoa I’m babbling but babbling has already been destroyed by the Beast the church this this World Church thing has been destroyed so now we’re looking in a different facet of Babylon and it’s has fallen fallen is Babylon the Great she’s become a dwelling place of demons and a prison of every unclean spirit this starts getting a little difficult to understand and it says in verse 4 and I heard another voice from heaven saying come out of her Wow my people Wow and this is saying that that there are believers this seemly are getting intertwined with whatever this babylon this Mystery Babylon the Great is that you may not participate in her sins and that you may not receive her plagues and so it’s almost a warning that God says the time has come to destroy this Babylon whatever it is and there are believers that are involved in it and get out of there so that that’s very interesting and then it describes the little more it says in verse 9 the kings of the earth who committed acts of immorality lived sensuously with her will weep and lament over her when they see the smoke of her burning so something physical is involved here because people on the earth are gonna watch something get destroyed and verse 10 says standing at a distance because of fear for her torment saying woe woe the great city babblin the strong city now if you just take it literally it sounds like this is talking about a city of babylon and it says for in one hour your judgement has come in the merchants verse 11 weep and the merchants of the earth weep and they mourn over her because no one buys their cargoes anymore now you have that symbolism or something or it’s talking about you know the the material things of this earth and then to kind of enhance that idea 28 items are listed I mean this is very interesting because these 28 items are actually each typical of the basic commodities of affluence and if you look at them cargoes of gold and silver which historically have been precious metals precious stones and pearls and fine linens and the stones and pearls are the whole gem and jewelry market and fine linen and purple and silk and scarlet of course when you get wealthy you don’t wear clothes like everybody else you wear better things everybody else and things that show your wealth and in scarlet was a very difficult color to get back then it was very very expensive and articles of ivory and every article name from costly Woodall the Aramaic a very intriguing woods like of India where they make things out of sandalwood and things like that the very expensive I mean not just plying that you can get all the grades of you get something that’s very very rare and citron wood whatever that is and which I missed and an articles made of costly wood whatever that is in bronze and iron and marble which are our good building materials instead of you know mud bricks and normal sticks it’s kind of an expensive thing and going on it says in cinnamon and spice which we all know that that when you start wanting to to eat other than you know meat and potatoes you go to all these different places that cook with all the different culinary delights which have spices and and different ways of preparing food and it talks about that whole concept of kind of the better way of eating in since and perfume frankincense all of the you know people really spend a lot of money to smell good and and if you think about how much people in America alone spend on colognes and fragrances and all this and and in the ancient world that was no different and wine and olive oil and fine flour only the best we eat and cattle and sheep cargoes of horses chariots slaves and this is interesting in human lives human slaves which to us you know slavery is abolished 130 years ago but it’s not abolished around the world there are many people in slavery right now but this goes beyond just merely slaves which are already mentioned but human lives speaks of people that are used for things which makes me think of the whole Thailand slave market for sex slaves and the whole concept of that and and all of the the children that are in bondage that are used for for wicked and sinful things but that’s also a part of affluence right when you have so much that you’ve done everything you have to do strange things and and so it’s talking about this going back and forth between a literal and a symbolic and everything else but basically this chapter is harkening back to babylon and i think for us to really understand this why it’s going to take us a while i think we need to back up and look at what babbling was and what the Bible said babbling will be because before I even go into these passages more and more biblical scholars really believe that the city of Babylon is going to be rebuilt I think that’s a fascinating thought and I don’t mean the wackos and the guys that are selling their books for 1995 and their tapes I’m talking about seasoned men that don’t they’re not making any money on their wild zany predictions I’m talking about the old-time Bible teachers that that are writing books and are teaching in churches and what they’re saying is if you really look at the scriptures the Bible prophesies about Babylon have not been fulfilled the Bible says the Babylon would be totally destroyed and no one would ever rebuild it did you know that the Apostle Peter was in Babylon and minister babblin and that there was a Roman garrison and there was a large city on the ancient site of Babylon up until 1000 AD and even to this day Saddam Hussein is restoring Babylon and digging it out and making it a resource city hoping to bring people back it’s very interesting what the Bible says about Babylon so I think what we should do is to understand this chapter just go back to where Babylon came from and we’ve done this earlier and I start in Genesis but I want to go with you to the Book of Daniel and I want to look at the full-blown babbling so if you turn back to the Old Testament Book of Daniel just briefly and we’ll we’ll zip through what Babylon was and and when we go to chapter 2 you’re going to the life of Daniel who spent his nearly his whole adult life from about the age of maybe 16 or 17 to his death in Babylon 70 plus years and Daniel is prophesying he’s receiving visions from the Lord he’s also a very effective businessman and politician and a man of God there’s so much to get from this book but a lot of us don’t realize what Babylon was and starting in in chapter 2 in verse 36 well it’s starting 31 you O king we’re looking and beholding remember Nebuchadnezzar had this dream and there was a single great statue verse 31 that statue which was large and of extraordinary splendor was standing in front of you and it’s appearance was awesome so so Nebuchadnezzar has this dream and it scared him and he saw this big statue and the head of the statue is made of fine gold its breasts and its arms were silver its belly and thighs of bronze its legs of iron and its feet partly of iron and partly of clay and you continued looking until a stone was cut out without hands and instruct a statue on the feet of the iron and clay and crushed them and then the iron and the clay the bronze and silver and the gold were crushed all at the same time and became like chaff in the summer threshing floors and the wind carried them away so that not a trace of them was found but the stone that struck the statue became a great mountain and build the whole earth now this passage of scripture talks about the fact that God has planned out the future there’s so much in just these four verses that talk about the fact of that God is telling him about the future of civilization and in God’s estimation prophetically the greatest and most luxurious and the most costly of all the kingdoms the head of gold it says in verse 36 this is a dream which we shall tell its interpretation before the king you O King are the King of Kings to whom the God of heaven has given the kingdom the power the strength and the glory so basically what he’s saying is that Nebuchadnezzar was the head of gold you’re the kingdom at the top you are the pinnacle of earthly kingdoms and in Nebuchadnezzar’s time in God’s estimation it was the glorious kingdom of wealth verse 38 and wherever the sons of men dwell or the beasts of the field of the birds of the sky he has given them into your hand and caused you to rule over them all you are the head of gold this is about 600 BC and this is Daniel as a vice region or a leader in this this great Babylonian Empire now babylonian ism geographically didn’t take up that much area it was just in the Near East in the Mesopotamian area but the influence of babylonian ism is still with us today astrology necromancy the whole idea of of all the occultic arts all of the the astrological and and fortune-telling people all trace their roots back to the influences of Babylon it’s permeated all the religions of the world it’s permeated all of society but the Lord has more in mind because he says in verse 39 after you there will arise another Kingdom inferior to you now Daniels saying this and all of you that have have studied this book you know that Daniel was talking about the future here and he says that Nebuchadnezzar’s Kingdom was going to come to an end in a second Kingdom which he actually names by name and says it’s the Persian Kingdom that’s in chapter 8 verse 20 if you want to look over there 20 and 21 and what he says if God knows everything that’s gonna happen he’s laying it out he says babblings here Persia is gonna follow Greece is gonna follow Rome is gonna follow and then out of Rome is going to come another Kingdom that’s going to be Roman but it’s not going to be as strong that’s going to be weak and that’s what he’s telling him because another Kingdom after you will be inferior and then verse 39 says another third kingdom of bronze which will rule over all the earth and then will be a fourth Kingdom that’s Rome as strong as iron in as much as iron crushes and shatters and if you remember the Roman Legionnaires were unstoppable during the early part of the Roman Empire they just stand out and conquered the whole known world they went from the Straits of Gibraltar all the way through to the the entrances to the Indus Valley in India all the way up north into Britain and well up into what is now toward Russia all the way down into northern Africa and all of the the Middle East in the Mesopotamian area it was a mighty empire he said they were gonna be invincible it crushes and breaks these in pieces verse 41 and in that you saw the feet and toes partly of potters clay and partly of iron it will be a divided Kingdom and and as you know Rome divided in two and there was the eastern and the western empire and Rome was the longest enduring Empire it started 746 BC with Romulus and Remus it went all the way the last reigning Roman Emperor was in 1453 ad how long that is 2200 years of empire so long reign and God says that it would be divided and there was there was Constantinople which was the eastern capital there was Rome which was the Western capital but he said and you saw the feet and toes partly of potters clay verse 41 partly of iron it would be divided Kingdom but it will have in at the toughness of iron in as much as you saw the iron mixed with common clay and as for the toes of the feet we’re we’re partly of iron and partly of pottery so some of the kingdom will be strong and part of it will be brittle and on and on he goes and it starts getting a little confusing what he’s talking about but basically what he’s saying is God’s mapped the future and he sees five steps Babylon greet our Persia Greece and after grease comes Rome and after Rome comes this something Roman Kingdom that God destroys in the future and so that’s what was going on and what I thought was interesting was we don’t even realize the splendor of Babylon so I pulled out dictionary what the archaeologists and historians say were only our babylon was like in in Nebuchadnezzar’s time in Daniels time and it says that this city of Babylon was a city that was fourteen miles square three and a half miles long in each of the four sides of it 14 miles square with Euphrates River the mighty river a Mesopotamia running through it from north to south according to historians the walls were three hundred and fifty feet high 35 stories that’s kind of like the fleet or the Textron tower downtown you know are big tall buildings you imagine walls that high 35 stories high and they were 87 feet thick that’s about from back there to the back wall that thick it’s kind of impenetrable wouldn’t you say walls that thick 35 stories high and it says that there were 250 watchtowers a hundred feet higher than that wall going around that 14 mile circumference 250 of them 62 on every three and a half mile alongside ten stories above this 35 story wall that’s 87 feet thick the city was surrounded by a deep water moat which made attacking it difficult babblin was large enough to sustain itself for many years provisions were such that the claim was made that the city could last for 20 years of siege without lessening any of their revelry or parties that’s a very wealthy city that’s a very big place of course other sources dispute this some say no the walls weren’t three miles long they were only a mile and you know 9/10 long but you know it doesn’t matter how long that was amazing city that was a very powerful Kingdom it was a very wealthy place and in that place this prophet Daniel came and God said for him to tell the king this is the the record of history and to the Kings grandson he said it’s all going to be taken away from your gonna be killed and the kingdoms can be turned over to the Persians so the first point is this that God describes the rise and fall of kingdoms we don’t have to think about anything else except this God knows what’s going to happen and God says that from his perspective because God centers all of history around the Middle East and he any explains all of cosmological history as the earth being in the center and so in the universe God says the earth is at the center and in the earth the center of all his dealings are in the Middle East and God says that all of world history is to be viewed as to how the Middle East is going on that’s why China has never mentioned in the Bible unless it’s the kings of the east in Revelation that’s why India’s never really mentioned in the Bible that’s why none of the Mayan or the Aztec or the Incan civilizations are mentioned none of the African civilizations why not because the Bible says they didn’t exist it’s just that God looks at Jerusalem in the areas surrounding Jerusalem as a center of history I think that that should glimmer to us it’s very important to him and what he says is the the chronicle of the future has to do with this image and he said there’s going to be babbling and babbling came and went and the medo-persian Empire came and they destroyed babbling and they were in power for a relatively short period of time and then Alexander comes along and conquers at thermopylae or wherever he had his big war and conquered the Persians and destroyed them and the Greek Empire came in place and then the Greek Empire fell apart after Alexander and 333 as he our 323 BC as he died in Babylon in the city in a stupor of drunkenness and dissipation and the Romans took over and then the Roman Empire never actually was destroyed it just kind of dissipated the way we marked the end of the Roman Empire is that the last pure Roman Emperor was assassinated in 1453 BC but the Empire continued what do you think Kaiser Wilhelm Kaiser is Cesar the Czar’s of Russia were Caesars along the model of the Roman the Holy Roman Empire Charles the great Charlemagne that whole concept is the continuation of the European Roman Empire even today you see the whole Roman Empire continuing in the organization of the Roman Catholic Church the Pope has taken the titles of the Emperor’s of Rome Pontifex Maximus was what all the Roman emperors were called in their day the the great titles he has taken the Pope and so we see the Roman Empire’s continued but what God says here and Daniel – is that the Roman Empire is going to seemingly come back now there’s a lot of discussion to the ten toes mean ten nations because the Bible talks about that there are 10 and and then seven and three and one takes out and they all you know there’s a lot of symbolic references but basically what we can glean from the text is that God says that there are five stages as we count down to the end and Friends four of them have passed and the fifth one is on the horizon because a united Europe would encompass an awful lot of the ancient Roman Empire and if someone could rise up to take over the European Federation and have a united Europe and if that person was willing to go and make a deal with Israel and give the Jews perfect peace so they could disarm and let them build a temple we would have exactly what the Bible describes in its prophetic passages so that’s what we’re talking about that God says watch for this concept of this successive four empires and all of a sudden one kind of fades out and it comes back and that’s what Daniel saw number two the first one was what what was Babel in the ancient number two the second thing we need to answer tonight is will Babylon be rebuilt because if chapter 18 talks about this magnificent city of great opulence and wealth being destroyed and burning and all of the people of the world that were selling stuff to this commercial place weeping as they see it burn does that mean Rome the city is going to be destroyed that’s what a lot of people say or does it mean that Babylon is going to come back let me just share with you a few things turn to Isaiah with me for a few minutes Isaiah that’s just back from Daniel chapter 13 and I want to show you why a lot of Bible scholars are saying that they think Babylon is going to be rebuilt I think it’s an interesting idea and I think that it is somewhat supportable from the scriptures first of all I’ll read – as you turn to Isaiah 13 that computer studies at the Institute of Creation Research in La Jolla or Vista California have shown for example that Babylon is very near the geographic center of all of the Earth’s landmasses in fact if you are gonna make a hub for the planet and if you wanted to kind of like Federal Express made their hub in Memphis and as kind of novel I mean nobody had their hub in Memphis when Federal Express thought of it and from Memphis they do their empire of all of their package distribution because they found out that Memphis was the place that they could overnight their packages everywhere very very easily it’s their hub well if you’re gonna make a hub for the world and if you put the whole planet and the demographic distribution of all the population centers down and ask the computer where would be the most central place and had the computer put down its finger much like Federal Express did for Memphis if that computer could point to where would be the ultimate distribution hub of the world it would land just outside of modern-day Iraqi and their capital everything about that just outside where the ancient city of Babylon used to sit I’d like to read you what else they say because it’s very interesting it says that it’s this within navigable distance of the Persian Gulf it’s the crossroads of the three great continents Europe Asia and Africa there is no more ideal location anywhere for a world trade center a world communication center a world banking center a world education center and especially for a world capital that interesting idea this author continues the greatest historian in modern times arnold toynbee used to stress with all his readers and to all his hearers both in his books and his lectures that and this is an unsaved man who knows nothing about Biblical prophecy and doesn’t care about Biblical prophecy he stressed that Babylon would be the best place in the world to build a future world cultural metropolis no reason I say that is for this reason and if you look in chapter 13 of Isaiah this is talking about Babylon being destroyed I see a 13 and verse 1 9 and 10 say this the Oracle concerning Babylon which Isaiah the son of a MOS saw verse 9 behold the day of the Lord is coming cruel with fury burning anger to make a land to make the land a desolation and he will exterminate its sinners from it interesting look at verse 10 for the stars of heaven and their constellations will not flash their forth their light the Sun will be dark when it rises the moon will not shed its light now let me ask you what does that sound like doesn’t that sound like Matthew 24 mark 13 Luke 21 revelation 6 doesn’t it sound like why it says verse 9 the day of the Lord is coming now historically the Bible teachers have said ah this is when the medo-persians came and destroyed Babylon well the interesting thing about that is number one this speaks of a much bigger event than the night that Belshazzar was drinking and having an orgy and God said may name a neat echo you farsan and wrote with his finger on the wall in the plaster seventy feet up from the banquet hall and Daniel interpreted that is as measured measured and found wanting you are and that night the Persians cut off and diverted the flow of the river and marched in underneath that eighty seven foot thick wall that was 35 stories high with 10-story high guard towers 14 miles in circumference and marched right through the river Brett the river vet and massacred Belshazzar in all of his leaders that night and took over the kingdom it seems to speak of something bigger than that because it says this that God with fury and burning anger will exterminate sinners God didn’t exterminate anybody belthazor did number to the stars of heaven and the constellations didn’t dim the Sun was not darkened and the moon didn’t refuse to give its light there was no celestial earthquake going on so number one the destruction of Babylon has talked about here seems to be a bigger deal than happened in the sixth century BC while Daniel is alive number two if you look at verse 19 of chapter 13 it says this it says in Babylon the beauty of the kingdoms the glory of the Chaldeans pride will be as when God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah do you know what happened God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah remember that event in Genesis 19 it says that that all of a sudden or is it Genesis 14 Genesis 19 14 19 19 40 Anna’s in Genesis somewhere God set down fire and brimstone and it burned the place up and nothing is left even to this day there is no known ruins left of Sodom and Gomorrah just the memory a lot of archaeologists put it at the lower end of the Dead Sea where the Dead Sea is the deepest and where there are all kinds of sulfur springs and volcanic activity and still there’s a smell down there that’s really awful and that’s where they say possibly it is but there’s nothing left did you know that when the Babylonians were conquered and medo-persians came in that if you’d have been living in babblin and got up the next morning the only thing you were to notice was the flagpole was different and he had a Persian flag up they didn’t destroy anything all they did was kill the king and his top men and kept Daniel and installed Daniel the next day as one of the bigwigs and everything went on as normal for hundreds of years three hundred years after this event Alexander the Great came to Nebuchadnezzar’s palace and had a party where he died because he drank too much alcohol and he had a bad case of malaria plus a lot of other bad problems from his immoral lifestyle the city was not destroyed as verse 19 says he wasn’t burned up like Sodom and Gomorrah was it didn’t disappear from the face of the earth as sodom and gomorrah did and it did not cease to be remembered that’s the second thing that really makes us wonder it says in Jeremiah 50 verse 40 another text it says this God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah along with their neighboring towns declares the Lord so no one will live there in Babel and no man will dwell in it as I told you people dwelt continuously in the city of Babylon until the year 1000 AD and then it fell on hard times they didn’t keep up the agriculture and it didn’t any longer because of the the onslaught of the Moslems it no longer was a big commercial center because they did not promote that and so in about 1000 AD a mere 900 years ago Babylon was not populated except by Bedouin ‘s and by people that were just wandering through the desert but babblin after this prophecy was made and after the events of Daniel and Nebuchadnezzar in Belshazzar continued being an inhabited city and a very important one I might add for over 1200 years and it’s never become like Sodom and Gomorrah here’s another thing look at verse 20 of Isaiah 13 it says in verse 20 it will never be inhabited or lived in from generation to generation nor will the Arab pitch his tent there nor will Shepherds make their flocks lie down there now that’s interesting I just told you for 1,200 years everybody was there here’s the last verse before we go tonight Jeremiah 51 62 then say Oh Lord you have said you will destroy the place so that neither man or animal live in it and will be desolate forever did you know either there’s an error in the Bible for all these verses I’ve read tonight and a whole lot more that I have written down have nothing to do with the city that Nebuchadnezzar built and it has a lot to do with a future city that will be astride the city Euphrates that is coming well as we go I want to share three practical points if the world is ticking off like Daniel statue said and if God says that all these things are going to happen and if Jesus Christ said that we are not to stack up stuff and lay up treasures where’s the middle ground and I think this Jesus Christ said this he says judge nothing before the time until the Lord comes he will bring to light the hidden counsels what have you that you did not receive and why do you glory as if you had not received it number one remember that we’re not supposed to be hoarders were merely supposed to be stewards of everything we have if God’s given you a lot it’s not to keep and hold on to it’s to be a steward and do something good with it number two the Lord said also this according to grace which is given unto me as a wise masterbuilder Paul said I’ve laid a foundation and other builds and let every man take heed how he builds you know God says not only are we supposed to be stewards we’re supposed to be builders and we’re supposed to be careful what we’re building our lives with and what God said is anything that we hold on to here on earth and that we clutch to it’s going to be like wood hay and stubble because it’s going to burn up but everything that we invest for eternity is going to be imperishable it’s gonna be like gold silver and precious stones and it’s going to last forever think about that and the final thing is the Lord compared our lives here on earth to this though you do not know that we’re all in a race and only one gets the prize like a man running with a purpose we’re in a race and if you’re in a race you don’t wear your hunting boots you don’t wear your waist for when you’re scuba dive you don’t wear air tanks you don’t wear mountain climbing gear you try and get as light as possible if we’re building with imperishable materials if we’re stewards and everything we have is in our own God gave it to us and you wants to see what we do with it and if we’re running a race we need to do some calculating friends not to see what our bottom line will be in 10 years because we might not even be here in ten years but to see how much we can invest of our time and our life’s breath and our physical possessions that will multiply the advancement of God’s kingdom and that’s what revelation 18 is all about.

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