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Ep25-Revelation chapters 18, 19 – relating to 2020 – WHEN THE WORLD PASSES AWAY by Dr John Barnett

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We’ve come to our 18 in our journey through the book of revelation the 18th class we’re covering revelation 18 and 19. what’s amazing is the title of uh this lesson when the world passes away most often prophetically we think of that like the slide you see kind of the disintegration of the earth but i’d like to read 1st john 2 and want you to connect in your mind how the book of revelation connects other portions of the scripture as we’ve seen in almost every lesson now first john 2 15-17 is one of those core verses that that in this list of verses we publish online i call it the 108 verses every believer should know this is one of them it’s kind of the core of everything we believe and know about the lord first john 2 and i’ll read it to you do not love the world or the things in the world if anyone loves the world the love of the father is not in him now that’s a very serious verse then most of you have heard the next verse verse 16 for all that is in the world the lust of the flesh the lust of the eyes and the pride of life is not of the father but is of the world so god in first john 2 is defining world or what you may have heard in discussion of bible study or in church worldliness or world likeness or being conformed to the world all of those concepts are what we’re talking about the world passing away and first john 2 says this look at verse 17.

And the world is passing away so what we’re looking at is when the world passes away in context look of revelation 17 religion revelation 18 where we’re going to begin materialism those are satan’s deadly viruses but when that whole chapter is done look what we come to the saints in heaven and the second coming of christ so god has designed revelation to show us his priorities as 1st john 2 says the world is passing away in the lust thereof but he who does the will of god abides forever look at this the world is passing away but those that do the will of god abide forever they come with christ at his second coming they’re at the wedding supper banquet of the lamb in revelation 19 1-10 and they are the ones who do not love the world and when the world passes away their world hasn’t passed away because it’s the lord let’s pray and ask the lord to bless this word we’ve read in this chapter to our hearts dear father i thank you for this lesson perhaps this lesson touches most on where most of us are because most of us are constantly immersed in a world that seeks to get our attention onto the physical and off of the spiritual seeks to make your word dull seeks to make your word not more than our necessary food but something we often forget about for great periods of time how i pray that this lesson and the world that’s passing away will renew in all of our hearts a desire to not love the world to not love the things in the world to beware the lust of the flesh and the less the eyes and the pride of life and to know that loving the world means we don’t have your love within us increase your love within us so that we love you and your word and your truth and your plan in jesus name we pray amen well remember where we were yesterday satan’s two deadly viral infections satan has two desires that we get infected with number one he wants us to be infected with religion making my own way to god kind of like the idea that it really doesn’t matter whatever i think whatever i want you know god will accept anything that’s satan’s view that’s an infection and it’s deadly materialism as opposed to religion is things are more important than god so physical things my pleasure is more important to god my possessions and me accruing more and earning more and having more is more important than god in his word and his will or or me having power you know what’s interesting is that god says his strength is made perfect in our weakness but materialism says you have to have more power you have to seek physical power and domination the next slide remember where we are in the book of revelation christ church on earth is the first three chapters one through three christ church in heaven is chapters four and five and look we’re going to be on the other half of that revelation 19 1-10 goes back to the church in heaven and we see the great banquet and we’ll read those words then where we began many many classes ago the tribulation events in heaven and earth and that’s revelation 6 to 18.

So if you remember one through three church on earth four and five church in heaven as well as 19 1-10 then from chapter 16 to 18 is the tribulation look where we are we are in chapter 18 concluding our view of the tribulation on earth and the culmination the kind of exclamation point of the tribulation is the second coming of christ when he comes to right all wrongs to execute vengeance and so that shows us the that fourth event the second coming then we’re going to see in the next class christ’s earthly millennial rule revelation 20 as well as maybe 10 of the old testament is all about when jesus returns rules on earth and israel comes back to all of her uh promises in the davidic covenant and then we see the final rebellion uh we’ll see that in the next class which is just an amazing um time to to examine the the the real core of humanity being our hearts are deceitfully wicked uh jeremiah 17 tells us and then dwelling with god in heaven but our lesson for today live for what’s eternal look at this remember yesterday i told you these are your handouts because you’re out there on the other side of electronica i can’t send to you your handouts but i can hand write them for you on these whiteboards and you can you know if you need them take screenshots or whatever but number one live for what lasts live for what’s eternal the slide says now look in your bible with me in matthew 6 and verse 24 matthew 6 24 sermon on the mount this is what jesus said no man can serve two masters for either he will hate the one and love the other or else he’ll be loyal to the one and despise the other you cannot serve god and mammon live for what lasts what the lord is saying is satan is always wanting us to target the temporary to give up the eternal for the temporary uh the less the flesh less the eyes the pride of life as first john we just read and so if he can’t get you infected with religion which is earn your way to heaven and find your own way and you know just just kind of uh as isaiah 53 says go your own way all we like sheep have gone astray we’ve turned to our own way that’s religion if he can’t get you that way chapter 18 says he’ll get you with materialism living for the material world for physical pursuits physical possession physical power that’s what satan wants jesus said no you can’t have two masters you can’t serve me and religion you can’t serve me and materialism you can’t serve me and the world that’s passing away so it’s it’s huge and this is what revelation 18 tells us a cataclysmic day is on the horizon of the future that will launch a series of events that arrest everyday life on planet earth now you just got a preview of it there has been no history in in modern times that compares to this coveted 19 period where basically almost every country on earth is following some kind of sheltering social isolation social distancing and watching the millions of infections rise but did you know there’s coming a day when it’s not going to be a shortage of meat in america and the fact that there are drug shortages and ventilator shortages we’ve heard about and all that what’s going to happen is a complete economic collapse what the bible says is that there is a coming global financial collapse wow that’s what chapter 18 is all about there is going to be a worldwide collapse of materialism of the seeking and finding and living for material things there’ll be no radio no tv no telephone no internet the supply of power will fade and blink off darkness will rule in the homes and businesses of the world in short there’s a day when the lights are going off all over planet earth and will not come back on now some of you think that’s like a solar flare or a disaster or some kind of you know global warming event no no it is the result of god saying you have lived for the world and the world is passing away that’s what chapter 18 is about it’s a fulfillment of what god’s word says in eight the 18th chapter of revelation we see a road map for the coming economic collapse of the world why do why do you think we have this we’re we’re actually not even going to be here on earth according to the scriptures if you’re a born-again christian watching and taking this class you won’t even be living on earth during this time so why does chapter 18 even matter to us see that’s that’s the power of this god says when the world passes away i want to show you what happens so that before it passes away you don’t get targeted by satan to be neutralized living for what is only temporary live for what lasts see that’s what chapter 18 is about we can see the response god desires from us as his servant not only in the ultimate collapse but in any coming financial reversals between now and the end and also in every day of our life so let me show you what i mean revelation 18 is jesus condemning worldliness uh let’s read the first three chapters so you i mean the first three verses of chapter 18.

If you have your bible or your electronic bible i actually have my paper bible because i love to underline and remind myself of things i learned but first three verses chapter 18 after these things i saw another angel coming down from heaven having great authority and the earth was illuminated with his glory and he cried mightily with a loud voice and this is verse 2 captures what he says john heard it wrote it down babylon the greatest fallen is fallen and has become a dwelling place of demons a prison for every foul spirit a cage for every unclean and hated bird for all the nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication remember in chapter 17 religion was compared to a harlot and there was a cup and everyone was drunken with with her harlotries this materialism in chapter 18 is presented the same way of of being drunken with this this irresistible what what i call the infection of satan of either materialism or religion they’re both deadly and so verse 3 all the nations have drunk the wine of the wrath of her fornication the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her again we talked about this in the last class what is fornication have to do with religion and materialism we are to be engaged to christ to marry him we are to keep ourselves pure as a chaste virgin and betrothed or engaged to christ when we drink of the of the potion of satan the infection of satan and start going our own way we’re getting drunk on his false way like religion is or when we live for the physical world materialism we’re getting drunk and we’re not faithful anymore to our creator that’s what he’s saying i created you to be my children to be my possession to be my chaste virgin that i will forever be exhilarating in as your creator and redeemer in heaven keep reading and her merchants in verse 3 of earth had become rich through the abundance of her luxury so back to verse 2 and he cried mightily the first lesson of revelation 18 is that worldly possessions can’t buy spiritual life but what they do by is spiritual death if you take the pathway of religion the end result is spiritual death you take the pathway of materialism living for the physical world the pathway is spiritual death actually what i think about this scene in revelation 18 depicts graphically what jesus said look on your side do you see the other reference on your slide matthew 16 26 listen to what jesus said for what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul what will a man give in exchange for his soul i believe that the loud voice blooming through the earth at the time of the global financial collapse is going to be an echoing of what jesus said in matthew 16 26 what does it profit you if you have gained the whole world if you have gotten infected by satan’s deadly virus if you have lived for pleasures and possessions and stuff you’ve gained all of that but what have you lost well do you remember what revelation 20.

Verses 11 to 15 talk about and i saw a throne and he that sat upon the throne from whose face heaven and earth fled away and the books were open another book was open which is called the book of life and if anyone’s name was not found written in the book of life he was cast into what the lake of fire what the lord said is if you love satan’s way if you have got infected with satan’s deadly viruses of religion you’re headed to the lake of fire of materialism to to the total neglect and ignoring of god you’re headed to the lake of fire that’s the sobering message and that’s the loud voice what are you giving in exchange for your soul are you going your own way are you living for stuff it’s such a condemnation by christ of worldliness well jesus says something in verse 4. look what it says in revelation 18 4 and i heard another voice from heaven saying now this is curious come out of her my people who is that directed toward do you see even to the last minute of this coming meltdown of of the world and it’s passing away a voice from heaven gives one last chance for people to repent even at this this crescendo of satan’s deadly viruses just as this the whole world financial system and material world and everything all the music stops can you imagine what it’s going to be like in chapter 18.

It says there’ll be no sound of music i mean some people are going to go crazy have you ever met the people that have to have music playing in the background all the time either in their earbuds or or the television out or they can’t live without music god turns it all off wow jesus said come out of her my people jesus see the slide calls saints to come out of worthless worldliness keep reading verse 4 lest you share in her sins and receive her plagues for god has remembered her iniquities and rendered to her just as she rendered to you repay her double according to works this is god saying religion in 17 materialism in 18 they only will make you come up empty dry hopeless purposeless restless and endlessly suffering so what he’s saying is if if it’s all going to be destroyed if it’s all going to be worthless why live for it now that’s what he says about coming out of worldliness next slide let’s look at the end of worldliness starting in verse 20 rejoice over hero heaven and you holy apostles and prophets for god has avenged you on her then a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone threw it into the sea and said thus with violence the great city babylon is thrown down and shall not be found anymore your merchants were the great men of the earth now wait in our world i mean what do we love the rich and the famous we love we love the the to see the houses of the rich to see the the trinkets and toys and even looking back in history we’re just amazed at the treasures of the pharaohs and the treasures of of all of these great mighty people they’re the great ones of the earth the ones that had material things but the lord says bless the flesh bless the eyes the pride of life don’t live for that live for what lasts there’s another verse on your screen i want you to look up with me second peter 3 jesus said don’t live for what in second peter 3 is going to burn up this is what it says in verse 11 therefore since all these things will be dissolved remember again revelation 18 is explained by first john 2 as well as ii peter 3 11 and 12.

Since all these things verse 11 will be dissolved what manner of persons ought you to be in holy conduct and godliness since the world is going to pass away what should you live for he’s saying looking for verse 12 enhancing the coming of the day of god because of which the heavens will be dissolved being on fire and all the elements will melt with fervent heat therefore we verse 13 according to promise look for a new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness dwells what peter is saying is underscoring the lesson of chapter 18 live for what lasts don’t live for what’s going to burn up god has shown us the end of worldliness god has shown us in ii peter the end of the physical universe he has said the world is going to pass away he actually uses the word dissolved and he said live for what lasts now let’s go to the very first book written in the new testament no it’s not matthew actually the first of the new testament books that was written down is james so james remember james was the earthly brother of jesus jesus had four brothers one of them was james another and he wrote the book of james another was jude he wrote the book of jude and these were leaders in the early church but see the slide in front of you james 4 4 totally parallels with revelation 18 21 on and this is what it says in chapter 4 verse 4 adulterers and adulteresses do you not know that friendship with the world what did 1st john 2 say love not the world nor the things in the world for all that’s in the world the lust of flesh thus the eyes and pride of life is not of the father but is of the world and the world is passing away so this is what james says in the first he was the first pastor of the first church in jerusalem and he was the lord’s brother and he wrote the first epistle of the new testament and he says this do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with god whoever wants to be a friend of the world makes himself the enemy of god totally paralleling what john will say 60 years later wow question the slide poses are you a worldly person in revelation 18 we find there are seven elements of the world system jesus brings to an end the rejoicing of the world will end because they’ve ignored their creator the lord will remove everything that has distracted people from looking at him so as we go through this list starting in verse 21 of revelation 18 you’ll see the current dangers and traps and snares that keep us from the lord look at verse 21 of chapter 18.

A worldly person’s identity is found in the world and not in heaven in fact you know what’s curious how the lord shows us this all the way through the book of revelation this is what unsaved people are called earth dwellers that term an earth dweller or let’s say those that dwell upon the earth is how god identifies the lost the saved are those who are citizens of heaven now they still live on earth they’re not in heaven yet but they are the saints they say this world is not my home i’m just passing through my treasures are in heaven but look at verse 21 thus with violence the great city of babylon will be thrown down and should not be found anymore a person’s identity that is worldly is found in what they do what they have what they hold onto they dress like the world they act like the world they’re drawn to the world but god destroys everything that their identity is rooted in secondly look at verse 22 a worldly person finds escape through amusements and entertainments and pleasure seeking look what it says in verse 22 the sound of harpists musicians flutists and trumpeters will not be heard in you a worldly person has to be amused do you know what amusement means muse means think deeply ah muse the alpha primitive means not not to think deeply an amused person doesn’t think deeply people no longer want to think they just want to be carried along by action and excitement society has become captivated by movies and music and everything else that’s entertaining but god turns it all off there won’t be any more distractions verse 22 the second half it says no craftsmen or any crafts will be found anymore it’s the third direction that a worldly person goes a worldly person uses work career accomplishments and even daily life as a way out of spiritual responsibilities they’re they’re too busy working to get in the word they’re too busy uh you know protecting their possessions to to give them away and sacrifice they say stuff like i don’t have time for that because i have to work or i don’t have time to leave my family i don’t have time to read my bible by the sweat of our brow and diligent labor we’re supposed to earn money to support our family but when we wind up that our work excludes us from worshiping god then it is no longer pleasing to god fourthly if you look at verse 23 it says the light of a lamp will not be shining anymore a worldly person is tied to technology science and the knowledge of this world not the next they’re earth dwellers their their antenna is pointed down they’re they’re not looking for heaven they’re living for earth and they’re tied such a person is constantly looks at the bible through science than looking at science through the bible the bible is always communicated the principles of hydrology and astrophysics and and everything else but but god cuts short the distraction that has kept them from him and there’s not going to be any lamp in other words it’s a total electronic stop look at the end of verse 23 the voice of the bridegroom and bride will not be heard in you anymore a worldly person is tied to their social life their party life their calendar their holidays this is a person who lives for the weekend he or she goes from one social event to another because life represents an endless party that’s how they live and that’s why god lets us see that he strips all those things away and they begin to weep and howl the end of verse 23 in chapter 18 your merchants were the great men of the earth a worldly person is tied to their finances their wealth their possessions they measure people their worth by how much they own and possess and and show off society makes gods of the millionaires and billionaires earth dwellers find their greatest joy and money and belongings they live to acquire and hold if all of your assets were erased what would you have left that really mattered that’s what the bible says you gain the whole world but you lose your soul finally look at what it says in the end of verse 23 it says by your sorcery all the nations were deceived a worldly person is intoxicated by the world the end of this verse speaks of drugs and sorcery which can include alcohol as well as drug-induced witchcraft but there are also people who are intoxicated by the world they don’t care about the gospel god just brings an end to all those things look at the next slide because satan always targets the same three areas that’s what first john 2 15-17 says the apostle john in 1st john 2 explains the world where not to befriend or love is all of the lusts and evil desires packaged in the various shapes and sizes and colors and they always come under these three categories number one the world operates by sending us temptations packaged as enticements for our lusts the first one is the lust of the flesh we are tempted by the flesh to chase pleasure that equals the cravings of the body the lust of the eyes we’re tempted by our eyes to chase stuff that’s the lust for things the pride of life is we’re tempted to change status that’s the boastings of our mouth this is selfishness because i’m most important this is irritableness because the world should revolve around me this is untruthfulness because i always need to protect myself this is laziness because i want to rest and comfort myself all of these things are pride as well as the obvious lust for status pride in all its forms are heinous to god now look at this the lust of the flesh is our body as it chases pleasures you know what the lord said if you live for pleasures that’s not of of the father now god designed the greatest pleasures but we don’t live for them they’re a byproduct of doing the will of the father you know what it says in in psalm 16 11 god wants to show us the path of life he wants to guide us and if we will say to him i want your will then it says in your presence is fullness of joy so if we stay close to him we find pleasure that can’t go away we find if our pleasure is attached to a person or a possession or something that that that we have power through it can be taken away that person can leave us we can have our possessions stolen but you know what the lord says if you stay close to me and at my right hand are endless pleasures what the lord said is i’ve designed pleasures for you you know what a few of them are loving the beauty of the world loving the sound of music that god designed loving the joys of marriage and relationships i mean god desired all those things but he said they’ll only be lasting if you follow me let me guide you through life if you stick close to me and if if you stay at my right hand that means do what my word says pleases me the lust of the flesh see the slide equals the cravings of our body chasing pleasures god said that that doesn’t please me number two the lust the eyes equals the temptation of our eyes our eyes are chasing stuff have you ever met people that they just want they want that if they have those shoes or that outfit or that car or that house or that trip you understand it’s our eyes the lust of the eyes do you remember what the lord had solomon say the eyes of a man are never satisfied once satan infects us with this desire see satan’s virus when we’re infected with the materialism virus our eyes are never satisfied and then look back at the slide the pride of life equals the boastings of our mouth where we’re chasing status we sure live in a time this is so obvious uh this is this is uh posting uh somewhere a picture uh of all that i’m boasting about or writing about this is this is so prevalent in our world this pride of life that i show off satan always targets these whether it’s food or pleasure or fun our bodies are craving what god says we are not to allow our flesh to control our cravings god says fleshly desires are worldly he’s against lust lust to the eyes we’re tempted to chase things we think that that that that’s not as bad as the lust of the flesh but actually the lord calls this this chasing stuff covetousness which is idolatry and we’re so attempted we’re so tempted to chase status boasting about our lives what’s god’s solution for that first john tells us that’s not of the father so what’s the solution well paul in 1st timothy 6 gives us basically a list for how we can learn contentment now do you remember how paul that’s a famous verse that’s another one of those 108 verses philippians 4 11.


I’ve learned in whatever state i am to be content how do we get content first timothy 6 gives us a pathway and i want to take you through that and kind of show those to you right now contentment is a byproduct of following the lord remember he said i will show you the path of life when we turn and start following the lord do you remember how jesus called his disciples two words follow me when we do what he says follow him he said you will learn contentment contentment is a byproduct of following the shepherd it’s experiencing an inner peace only he can provide it’s knowing that he will promote us at the right time have you ever thought about the fact that the lord has your email address he knows your phone number he he knows where you live most people think that they’ve got to promote themselves our culture teaches us that that i mean if you’re not on linkedin and if you don’t have a good cv and if you are not that you’re going to miss something in life god says hey i’ll show you the path of life in my presence is fullness of joy at my right hand are endless pleasures learn contentment by following me contentment is a sense of satisfaction that comes to a husband and wife as they emulate the provision of the care of the shepherd to their own children contentment comes from serving christ instead of money from providing not only financially for your family but emotionally and morally and spiritually how do we cultivate that well first timothy starting in verse 6 all the way down to verse 17.

Let me walk through these verses with you quickly principle 1 remember that things are only temporary this is what paul said godliness with contentment is great gain we brought nothing into this world we can carry nothing out do you remember the great lesson you can’t take it with you yet most people live like they’re going to be able to take it with them first lesson to be content the first lesson to fight against satan’s materialism that we’re all infected with the way to to build contentment and grow content number one remember things are temporary number two look at verse eight having food and clothing with these we shall be content only seek necessities wait for the rest now out there in the class is my wonderful wife bonnie and i never will forget moving into our very first apartment after we were married we drove from our wedding i was in new york and we visited my family in michigan and then we visited you know friends on the way all the way to california went out to be on staff with dr john mcarthur grace community church and we moved into our first apartment that was called a step saver apartment do you know what that means i could touch both walls it was that small okay it was really a step saver apartment and i remember we had no furniture in the apartment and so bonnie and i went out and drove behind the supermarket and found the crates that grapes or bananas or something came in that were in the trash these were wooden crates in california back in the 80s and we brought home crates and that was the first furniture in our apartment and then we got bricks and boards and built a bookcase and we got a mattress and had it on the floor we didn’t even have enough money for the the frame and then we went to the goodwill and bought a used couch you know what we did look at only seek necessities wait for the rest we didn’t go out and buy it all and go into debt we gradually bought what we could afford and never we’ve never been in debt our whole marriage we’ve always spent less than we earned you see that’s that’s what we were that’s the old world i mean when we were counsel for marriage they said the best way to survive is always spend less than you’re earning that is not what you hear nowadays most people are very discontent because they don’t think things are temporary and they they don’t seek necessities they never wait for anything they they buy the brand new everything wow we need shelter in the basic provisions of life everything beyond that is simply a great blessing whether it comes or goes is okay god said all we’re supposed to expect in life is food and clothing and be happy with that principle number three avoid the consuming desire for prosperity look at verse nine those who desire to be rich fall into temptation like what temptation like sacrificing everything for your job like moving to the other end of the country where you’re out of touch with your family and with any christian accountability and just to earn another thousand or five or ten thousand dollars wow those who desire to be rich fall into temptation and many foolish and harmful lusts for the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil for which some have strayed from the faith and have pierced themselves through verse 10 says with many sorrows america is being fed a prosperity diet you might say that’s not me i’m not rich well if you have a car you’re rich 95 of the people in the world can’t afford a car don’t ever forget that your watch i mean if if you have a watch on and you’re closed you’re worth more than hundreds of millions of people on earth have tens of thousands of people starve to death around the world and we throw so much away avoid a consuming desire paul said in first timothy 6 verses 9 and 10 because it’ll pierce us through with many sorrows principle number four is in verse 11 pursue righteousness godliness faith love patience gentleness verse 11.

You know what that is flee materialism satan’s deadly virus is that you’re only happy when you have that thing you want you’re only happy when you have that possession or that pleasure that trip that that power that position flee materialism if if we seek to accumulate possessions at the expense of growing in christlikeness we’re not living for what lasts if you live for materialism you’re living for now you’re an earth dweller you’re living like a lost person citizens of heaven are on earth but their antennas are pointed up this world is not my home my treasures are in heaven and that’s where my heart is pointed flee materialism principle number five it says in first timothy 6 12 that we should cling to eternal life fight the good fight of faith lay hold on eternal life to which you were called wow we need a whole generation of people who hold tighter to eternal life than they hold to this world and you know what god can direct you anywhere remember what uh you know the famous jim elliott saying he is no fool who gives what he can’t keep material things earth to gain which you can’t lose live for what lasts principle 6 is in verse 17 and it says this command those who are rich not to be haughty not to trust in uncertain riches but in the living god you know what that principle is fix your hope on god not on the corporation not on the company not on the ira not on the 403 b not on the stock matching fund not on your real estate whatever cling to eternal life verse 17 fix your hope on god command those who are rich to not be haughty but in the living god to cling and finally number seven give until it hurts let them do good be ready to give willing to share storing up a good foundation for the time to come that they may lay hold on eternal life cling to eternal life fix your hope on god give until it hurts this takes us now to a juncture we leave chapter 18 with that call for saints to deny worldliness and we head for one of those views back around the throne and that’s what chapter 19 is in the first 10 verses this is what we see we see what jesus described in matthew 8 and verse 11.

The first 10 verses are what jesus describes in matthew 8 11 and this is what he said in fact this is one of my favorite descriptions of heaven jesus gives in matthew 8 11. many will come from the east and west and sit down with abraham isaac and jacob in the kingdom of heaven did you know when jesus describes the saints in heaven he describes it as a giant banquet now see to the the best way to understand the bible remember the first canon of textual interpretation is to understand what it meant to the people it was first written to to most the people in the first century they got up early in the morning went out and worked all day came home dead tired at night and ate their meal and went to bed to go back to work i mean they just worked all the time and if they didn’t work they couldn’t eat and so a banquet where you sat and didn’t work and had food put in front of you that you didn’t go out and cultivate or grind or catch or clean or whatever was an unbelievable delight think about it are you getting ready for the ultimate banquet the greatest party of all time is approaching the king of kings the lord of the universe is preparing a wedding feast like no other it’s in the most breathtaking location imaginable he’s spreading an immense table the greatest names of all time will be present at dinner the invited guests will be rubbing shoulders with adam and his lovely wife eve and their twin son abel will be sitting next to them as well as seth and his wife and not too far away will be the amazing preacher the earliest known prophet enoch and his family that’s what jesus is saying they’re already there and we’re going to join them that’s the first 10 verses well how do we understand the book of revelation this chart is just a reminder of the technicalities of interpretation eschatology that’s the theological term for last things has three divisions see it on the chart the amillennial view and preterism or the post-millennial view and reconstructionism or the pre-millennial view that’s us in this class and most of the popular teachers that you know um and and maybe have their study bibles are these type of people uh amillennialism would hold to what we would call a non-evangelical allegorical view of the bible and so basically the the non-evangelical churches mainline denominational churches do not believe that prophecy is talking about the events that they would say all these are symbolic but they’re not literally what they say other than this one even the mainline denominations believe in the second coming but they don’t know anything about the context for it and they certainly don’t believe in this part the lake of fire and so that chart is just to show you hermeneutics that’s how you interpret the bible from allegorical to literal allegorical is amillennial kind of center as post-millennial but pre-millennial pre-tribulational evangelical belief is taking the bible for what it says but what does chapter 19 tell us four things the first verse i heard the loud voice of a multitude in heaven saying hallelujah salvation and glory and honor and power belong to the lord we celebrate our salvation when we get to heaven that’s the first lesson of chapter 19 verses one and 2.

Secondly we celebrate in verse 2 his judgment because he is the one who has avenged the blood of his servants in verses 4 and 5 of chapter 19 when we get to heaven there’s another alleluia and that’s the alleluia of worship and finally in verse 6 it’s the alleluia of our sovereign god so we come in verse 7. see what it says in verse 7 of chapter 19 let us be glad and rejoice and give him glory now this is one of my favorite favorite parts of the the book of revelation look what it says for his bride has made herself ready keep reading in verse seven his wife has made herself ready and to her it was granted to be arrayed in fine linen clean and bright for the fine linen are the righteous acts of the saints clothed in this fine linen so this is what we’re going to be wearing in heaven do i know what you’re wearing in heaven find linen what is it made of righteous acts of the saints did you know one of the saddest things i know of is people that are taught that we’re under grace and doesn’t matter how you live and the lord’s already forgiven us so you know it’s okay to just kind of slip and slide and be in the ditch half the time and kind of live like a lost person and those kind of people mock those who deny ungodliness who get up early in the morning and spend time in the word are always memorizing are always saying no no no i don’t think i can do that i don’t think it please the lord and they just laugh at them do you know what is going on here look look again what it says in verse seven the lamb has come his wife has made herself ready and she’s a raiden fine linen clean and bright for the fine linen is the righteous acts of the saints we’re going to a wedding banquet where we’re going to wear what we were in god’s sight as his servants did you know that verse is so powerful that it changed the life of martin luther martin luther see the slide i have two days on my calendar today and the day i stand in front of jesus christ clothed with what i lived the righteous acts that i the choices i made the sanctified choices sanctification remember i’ve told you all the way through this class sanctification is how useful i am it’s usefulness to god martin luther said i’m living my life every day seeking to be useful to god that’s why the lord’s prayer i focus on my father in heaven i say thy kingdom come i want you to control me your will be done i want to follow you why because i’m headed to this banquet this banquet is described in second corinthians 5 9-11 you know what it says there we must all appear before the judgment seat of christ that we may each receive for the things done in our bodies the righteous acts what what is that going to be like it says in daniel chapter 7 verses 9 and 10 that we’re going to be in front of a throne burning with fire and a river of fire coming out in front of it why does that matter well first corinthians 3 10 through 15 actually i’ll never forget the moment i understood this passage when i was in high school i used to go to burger king because they had whoppers which were this big around whoppers today are i call them whimpers they’re about that big they used to be as big around as a saucer and you could get two for 99 cents with a coupon and i would get my two hoppers i’d eat them in my car and i would i would just enjoy going to burger king but what i was doing one day is after i made my order i moved down the counter and i watched them and i saw the way that they cooked them over flames and they would put the patties on this little conveyor belt and it would go over a fire and the fire would be coming up through and on the other end someone would catch what didn’t get burned up and would put it on bun and give it to me and all of a sudden i saw first corinthians 3 10 through 15 and this is what it says in first corinthians 3 and it changed the direction of my life as a high school student it says take heed what you build on verse 10.

Verse 12 for anyone who builds on this foundation gold silver and precious stones wood hay and stubble verse 13 each one’s work will become clear for the day will declare it because it will be revealed by fire the fire will test each one’s work if anyone’s work which is built on endures he’ll receive a reward the righteous acts of the saints if anyone’s work is burned he will suffer loss but he’ll be saved so as through fire this is describing the bema seat judgment do you see on the slide obedient obedience what we do under sanctification all good for him is eternal and a crown what’s wasted what burns up is all good for nothing the time we spend doing things that aren’t sin they just don’t last is it a sin to watch a football game absolutely not is it sin to watch home shopping network is it a sin to play a video game well if you’re murdering it is if there’s bloodshed if there’s witchcraft if there’s immorality or nudity it’s sin but if it’s just playing you know playing some game is it sin no but look in the middle of that chart it’s wasted it’s good for nothing it’s burned the cross took all my sin and shame away and everything that’s wasted gets burned up at that moment of the judgment seat of christ but what makes it through the fire is what lasts forever what’s the only thing you can take to heaven people well that takes us to the final section before we go the second coming of christ the second coming of christ is the return of the king of kings it’s described all the way through the old testament we’ve talked about all the vengeance of jesus probably the climactic moment is described in zechariah 14 12 let me read it the second coming of christ he’s coming in the clouds with all of us behind him all the armies of the earth armageddon are right there we already saw that in chapter 16.

They’re all standing there marching toward jerusalem to destroy the jewish people jesus shows up in the clouds and listen to what zechariah 14 12 says totally parallel with revelation 19 14-21 and this shall be the plague the lord will strike the people with who fought against jerusalem their flesh will dissolve while they stand on their feet their eyes shall dissolve in their sockets their tongue shall dissolve in their mouth it’s the vengeance of jesus it’s his wrath on sin what he’s saying is jesus will right all wrongs do not avenge yourself romans 12 19 says vengeance is mine i will repay the lord knows how to deliver the godly out of temptation and reserve the unjust under punishment for the day of judgment second peter 2 9 that jesus writing all wrongs is when the world passes away lesson for us are you living for what lasts do you know what helps you to live for what lasts watch for christ’s return he’s coming back he wants to clothe us with the righteous acts we offer for him sanctification sanctify them by thy truth thy word is truth let’s pray father thank you for reminding us the world is passing away may we have your love for your truth for you as our guide not for this world passing away may that be embedded in our hearts for jesus sake we pray [Music] amen.

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