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if you’d open in your Bibles to the book of Revelation I’d like you to know that if you were in church 2,000 years ago or perhaps 1800 and some years ago when the book of the revelation was penned and the inspiration of God’s Spirit by the Apostle John you would not have had the luxury of holding a copy with bonded leather on the outside and and all the nice typesetting you would have sat in an assembly much like you are this morning perhaps packed into some wealthy persons home because that’s where the church usually met because there were many very very godly and yet very wealthy Christians in the 1st century who would have great courtyards or great inner rooms in their homes where as many as several hundred people could meet for a service and as you would sit there closely packed together you would await someone the reading of the Word of God and so this morning I’m going to ask first of all if and christiansen would do our reading from revelation one and two and as he reads I want you to listen to the very first two verses of this book because Revelation is not a book to write charts about it’s not a book to pin down with with pinpoint laser-guided smart bomb guidance systems all the events of the future the primary reason of this book you’re going to see is Eadie gives those first two verses is to reveal to us the Lord Jesus Christ listen like you were in the first century Church to the first two verses of this book [Music] what’s this book about it’s about Jesus Christ and if we ever lose that truth then we start getting off into the baggage of trying to to figure out what every symbol and every person in jizan as I had said before it always bothers me when I read old commentaries of messages that were preached in days past where every single event the book of Revelation was with precise pinpoint accuracy put on people that are dead now the beast was Mussolini I heard one man preach when I was a young man the beast was alexander haig at one time and then it was kissinger and then it was gorbachev and as soon as gorbachev dies who knows it who they’re gonna say it is next that’s not the purpose of this book the purpose of this book is to reveal Jesus Christ and in the revelation for something to happen to us we’re gonna look at the sixteenth chapter this morning briefly but before we do I want you to see the theme of the blessing that God promises us and I’d like Fred Dixon to read the third verse of this book and I want you to listen carefully because you’re going to see something happening fred is going to get blessed by the reading and if you will listen the Bible promises you’re going to get blessed by the hearing they’re in if you’re a Bible marker this is the first beatitude of the Bible I mean of the book of Revelation this morning at breakfast I was reading this to my daughter and she said that sounds like blessed are the pure in heart that we learned in word of life clubs I said yes it’s the same thing it’s a beatitude it’s a blessing and verse 3 says that those who read the scripture remember first century didn’t have a copy of the Bible remember the first century packed in mostly slaves the majority of the people were well we would call blue-collar people they were ones that had to work all week just to get enough money to eat on the white collar’s of our society we’re the owners of the slaves back then and they were the two tiers of society and these people who who would work from early morning to late at night would assemble because there were no class distinctions in the church they would assemble as equals that’s an amazing thing that in the first century church he could be sitting on a bench with a Roman senator who would be a landowner owning territories so vast that it would rival some of our mega wealthy people of our day and right next to that senator of the Roman Empire would be a common ordinary property owned by another individual a slave and next to them might be a free man and next to them might be a wealthy merchant next there might be another slave and all of those together verse 3 they had a blessing offered to them no matter where they were in the social structure or all the layers blessed are those who would read and so blessed was the one who stood up and would with strained eyes by torchlight hold that manuscript up until they could catch the light because most of their services were at night because they all worked all day because they were slaves and they work seven days a week you think it’s hard to get here when you only have two days off in the weekend how would you like to have no days off and work seven days a week blessed is the one who would get that manuscript in place and read it and blessed would be the ones who would strain their ears to hear it but not just hear look what it says not just those who hear the words of the prophecy but those that heed the things that were written now turn over to chapter 16 because I want to show you a few things we need to heed this morning the sixteenth chapter of Revelation gives us a very clear and very very powerful portrait John wrote in an apocalyptic manner in other words he wrote of future events that are somewhat difficult to perceive because of the language there is figurative language there is a lot of literal descriptive language there is metaphor and there are many other poetic devices that are used but all of it remember is what Ed read to us it’s a revelation not of Jim it’s not a revelation of precise pin-down Obul dates of the future it’s a revelation of Jesus Christ and if you go away from any chapter of Revelation and all you have is a listing of the 666 bumper stickers of Belgium with a supercomputer and the fact that you shouldn’t use credit cards or something like they preached many years ago you didn’t get the message of Revelation because the revelation is a revelation of Jesus Christ what does chapter 16 teach us about Jesus Christ well I believe that each of these bowls of God’s wrath show us a dual truth and I think you’ll see that I want right up front for you to know that I believe that literally the seven bowls of God’s wrath are going to be poured out on this planet literally the whole world’s going to be broken out with a lonesome losing sore those that receive the mark of the beast there’s gonna be a literal mark there’s gonna be a literal beast there’s gonna be a literal sickness on those people the the world’s water is literally gonna turn to blood like the blood in a dead person’s veins that’s pretty graphic that’s what it says the oceans are all the life is going to die the Sun is going to scorch the planet I believe all those things are gonna happen but that’s not the message of chapter 16 because chapter 16 was written to people that live just like you and me every day lives went work in the morning came home at night went to church when they could get home from work and get ready and run over there to the fellowship and meet with their family and when they met someone read to them this 16th chapter and after someone read to them the 16th chapter the leader there their elder their Shepherd the the one who is leading that assembly would explain to them and give them biblical truths tie it together with other parts of the scripture and when you got all done with that those people went home with a clearer picture of Jesus Christ if you lived in the first century it didn’t matter to you who the Beast was you thought it was probably Nero who was butchering all of your relatives what mattered to you was who was Jesus Christ and what did he have to say to you look at verse 1 of chapter 16 it says I heard a loud voice from the temple we’ve already seen what this is this is a scene in the future when John is transported and he looks at the very temple of God he sees the throne of God he sees the glassy sea and beneath the glassy sea are flames that are that are showing through the glass it’s crystal clear and yet the wrath of God is showing in the flames and there’s an innumerable multitude of people around this is a celestial picture it’s it’s not bounded by time and space it’s a future event God on the throne and there’s a temple there and there are Eames those walking back and forth from the throne of God to the edge of this crystal seat and what they do is they take these large urns these large which everybody in the first century would have understood because they used him in the temples the pagan temples to carry holy water and stuff around these big big ornamental buckets and they were going up to the sea and they were taking out this fiery whatever it was we don’t know and they were carrying it to the edge of the crystal sea and they were dumping it over onto the earth now look what happens and it heard a loud voice from the temple saying to the seven angels go pour out your seven bowls your seven urns your seven big buckets of the ass of God into the earth now when we looked at this last time I shared with you the wrath of God and talked to you about how that’s all the way through the Scriptures that God is not only a God of love he’s the god of Wrath and those are tend of tracts to go all the way through the scriptures God is a God who loves so much that he gives the Lord Jesus Christ but yet his wrath is never abated towards sinful humanity that will reject him in it’s a it’s a paradox but it’s part of the tensions of Scripture it’s just like the freedom of man and yet the sovereignty of God those are both present but they’re binding upon one another well these angels come they pour out the wrath number 1 the first angel went and poured out his bowl into the earth and it became a loathsome and malignant sore upon the men who had the mark of the beast and who worshiped His image this is the ooze of unmitigated corruption guilt this is this is just the well I’ll show you what it is turned back to Jeremiah in your Bibles Jeremiah chapter 17 it’s once and for all letting everyone on this planet see what God sees ok Jeremiah 17 and verse 9 this is a really important verse if you’ve never underlined it pull that pin out and it’s not right to write in your Bibles in fact the best thing to do is writing them so much and marking them so much and read them so much they fall apart because usually when you find people whose Bibles are falling apart their lives aren’t think about this sometime it really is a great thing to get to know God’s Word in Jeremiah that’s in the Old Testament sounds proverbs Ecclesiastes on Solomon Isaiah Jeremiah it’s one of the big books of the Bible chapter 17 verse 9 says this this is God looking down at humanity and he says the heart is more deceitful than all else it is desperately sick who can understand it ah then the question is answered verse 10 I the LORD search the heart I test the mind even to give to each according to his ways according to the result of his deeds ok God’s looking down he’s looking down at humanity he sees that we are losing with corruption you say no I know well maybe if you compare yourself to your friends you don’t look so bad we had we had a great spectacle yesterday our family we we were sitting at our chairs watching the show from our front yard the 20 or 30 thousand people that went to the lollapazooza or a la pal Azusa or whatever was over at Quonset yeah I think all of them went by our house and they were hooting and someone were jumping over our fence and back and forth and and they were riding on top of cars they were laying and hanging out the windows it was amazing to watch yes they were just carrying on it and we were standing flowers you know it was fun what a day we had but you know what you go over there and if you went by the North Kingstown liquor barn use I never saw some anybody’s carrying cases of alcohol out of that place they must had their best day in history and about me about 9 o’clock I don’t know when the climax is reached over there but I think if you would have been there you would have seen Howard Lee the corruption God sees inwardly all the time because we’re deceitfully wicked you know what I thought about yesterday when I saw those people go by I thought there’s a bunch of people there looking for a meaningful experience in life the only problems are looking in the wrong place they’re looking for it by being mesmerised and being totally gripped by the music and having some some experience sensual experience from that or maybe they’re looking for it in the passing of the drugs if if they were doing that or the drinking of all that alcohol they were buying but I saw a bunch of empty people looking for something to fill their hearts I talked with you I mean it was the traffic was standing still so I got to talk to field I said especially coming home so I’m stopped I said how was the concert they said uh wasn’t much I thought you spent 50 bucks or whatever they spend for two tickets I could give you something for free that would fill your heart and that’s what the Lord’s time I’ll turn back to chapter 16 by the way you said you should really look on events around you and see them through Christ’s eyes I mean yesterday I I know now that Rhode Island is greatly interested in having a meaning experience because they will drive from all corners of the state and get out in the hot Blazing Sun and do anything to have a meaningful experience think about that and and tell them about your meaningful relationship that’s changed your life it’s a great opportunity but it says the first angel poured out this pool and everybody that had the mark of the beast whatever the mark of the beast is we don’t know what it is bar graph on their foreheads that’s a good guess some chip planted underneath the skin that’s a good guess I mean that’s that is with our technology but what are you gonna do if this is 100 years in the future and they have better technology where they don’t have tips anymore don’t don’t provincial eyes the Bible but all we know is that on the foreheads and on the hands the right hand everybody’s marked that worships Satan’s man the Beast the world leader and everybody that gets that mark is going to have a plague this thing just like that it says they have a loathsome and malignant sore and everybody who got this mark this is the use out of the hearts of the unmitigated never starts never stopped corruption that’s in there and what does that tell us about Jesus Christ that’s what we should be looking for instead of identifying what the Beast is going to do what does it tell us about Christ well turn back to the book just before revelation turn back to Jude 23 Jude only has one chapter so look at the 23rd verse of Jude that’s just before revelation 1 the book just before because the first truth we see about Jesus Christ is that Jesus Christ cleans and keeps clean to catch that here’s the the beast giving everybody a mark and everybody that gets to smart God has his angel come with this big ball and he dumps that bull out over the the the rail of the fence around the temple of God in heaven and that breaks out onto every living being on this planet that’s following Satan in this losing malignant sore that’s a picture of what God always saw but you know who isn’t gonna get that sore the people that didn’t have the mark of the beast to have the mark of the Spirit of God those faithful witnesses 144,000 and those tribulation Saints that are living there why Jude verse 23 look what it says it says to save others snatching them out of the fire and unsung have mercy with fear hating even the garments polluted by the flesh by the way that’s what we’re supposed to be doing and I hope you spend a good amount of time having as many unsaved friends as you can get it’s kind of hard to fish in a swimming pool in your backyard that has no fish in it have you ever thought about that my son loves to fish I could take him out every morning and put him out there but he wouldn’t get anything you have to fish where the fish are and it says here that Christians are supposed to be involved snatching people out of the fire that means get to know people and tell them how they can be rescued from the fire but here’s what happens when you snatch them out through the power of the Spirit of God through the Word of God now unto Him who is able to keep you from stumbling and to make you stand in the presence of his glory blameless with great joy people that get saved are kept clean and pure they’re cleaned up and they’re kept that way by Jesus Christ and what Revelation chapter 16 verse 1 is all about and verse 2 is the fact that those who do not have Christ they have nothing to deal with the internal malignant wicked deceitfully horrible sinfulness that they were born with and that they have lived in their whole life that all of us had the only difference is I’m a saved sinner and majority of those people then honking and screaming by my house yesterday our unsaved sinners there’s only two kinds of people in the world Revelation chapter 1 turn over a little bit verse 5 this talks about this first bowl of wrath and what it says is that God is going to show the unmitigated corruption of the human heart because the people did not receive Jesus Christ what is Jesus Christ in verse 5 of Revelation 1 Jesus Christ the faithful witness the firstborn of the Dead the ruler the kings of the earth him who loves us and releases us from our sin by his blood that’s why the Gospel message is a is a gospel message of of Calvary every time I’m exposed to a friend of mine I I get like this this guy always preaches like this he was a URI basketball star in the 60s I think that’s where he got the strength to keep his arms out but every time he preaches he just keeps his arms out like this you know how he does that the cross he wants if the people aren’t listening he wants them to see the cross he’s always going like this or like this his name is symbol I he used to play basketball in the 60s until God saved him and made him a pastor but it’s the idea that the Jesus Christ is offering the only hope we have and everything that we study in the scripture always takes us right back to Calvary right back to Jesus that loved us right back to him that died for us right back to the only hope we have for our sins to be washed away that’s why there’s a place for psychiatry in psychology but the place is not to solve people’s problems because the only solution to our problems if they’re not medical problems if they’re not difficulties that need professional medical attention which is the majority of us don’t have those kind of problems the only solution that lasts is to him who loves us and releases us from our sins the majority of people in our mental institutions today the majority of people that are long-term patients in hospitals the Surgeon General of California who happens to have the the biggest state and the most hospitals of any place in the country went on record in the 70s saying if I could find a pill that could take people’s guilt away I’d empty half of my beds in my hospital you know stop we’re talking about billions of dollars of long-term care and that time about the cancer patients not talking about people that they’re in long-term debilitating organic illnesses I’m talking about people that are there because they’ve lost their minds people are there because they are trying to commit suicide because their lives are so empty one hope him who loves us it releases us from our sins okay back to Revelation 16 I think you got the idea the bowl of Wrath is that God gives everybody what they really are but the purpose of that Bowl is to give a sharp contrast to Jesus Christ who is the only one that can clean us and the only one who can keep us clean and that’s a wonderful truth till they hold on secondly look at verse 3 and the second angel comes out of this temple now again I want to remind you this is a literal event it’s really gonna happen in the future a literal angel a literal spirit being that God is created to worship and serve Him comes out of the very temple of God with this this urn and he comes to the edge and dumps it over and when that takes place it almost bursts into verse three the second angel poured out his bowl into the sea and if that’s the sea became blood like that of a dead man and every living thing in the sea died I know if you realized but we have a food chain on this planet and the biggest component of the food chain are the oceans of this planet and if every living thing in the oceans on this planet dies then there is a clock ticking down to where every living creature on the planet will die also and what God does is he says you do not believe in me the author of life and I’m gonna make you see death how think we are for the water on this planet you know this happened once before if you want to look at it I’ll reach you in Exodus chapter 2 it was localized but it happened before Exodus that’s the second look of the Bible chapter 2 and about excuse me chapter 7 in about verse 17 this is Moses in Egypt the big power of the world in that time 1500 years BC and says in verse 17 thus says the Lord by this you will know that I’m the Lord behold I will strike the water that is in the Nile with the staff that is in my hand and it shall be turned to blood now listen verse 18 and the fish that are in the Nile will die and the Nile would become fowl and the Egyptians will find difficulty in drinking water from the Nile Exodus – 17 and 18 this happened once before do you know why because all the people in Egypt in the 15th century BC believed that the Nile was the blood stream of their great god Osiris and Osiris was the god of the of the afterlife in the netherworld and the the Nile was his blood stream and the fish that lived in the Nile were descendants of the God happy and so God says you believe all that I’ll turn the Nile River the blood osiris can’t do it but the true God can and he killed all the fish that lived in the Nile revelation 16 verse 3 says God’s gonna do it again but the question we have here is not how is he gonna do it anybody that can make a galaxy of stars certainly knows how to turn the oceans of this planet into blood that’s not a question the question is why is he doing it what does he want us to learn from this and I think the truth is in chapter 10 of Jeremy’s gospel turn back and we’ll just close there there and in Chapter 7 gen 10 Gospel of John and by the way if you’re seeking to know the Lord Jesus this morning one of the best places to start seeking to know him is in the Gospel of John one of the greatest Christian minds of all time Agustin st.


Augustine after being converted from a very wicked life of immorality and chasing women and wine and everything else start reading the Bible and and he was a brilliant man and when he read the book of the Gospel of John he said this book is so shallow that a baby bee can splash in its flowing waters but he said it’s so deep that drowned an elephant and that’s the Gospel of John it’s as much as you wanted to be but chapter 10 verse 10 tells us the thief comes only to steal and to kill him to destroy but I came Jesus said that they might have life and have it abundantly now what’s he talking about we’ll turn back to chapter 7 because he’d already said this in Chapter 7 of John’s Gospel by the way John wrote revelation and the Gospel of John and the epistles of John and and what John is telling us is that Jesus Christ in his ministry promised people that they would have an overflowing abundant life what’s the second bold judgment death Revelation 16 3 that we just read is death the whole planet is turned into a sea of death all the waters turn to to blood like blood and a dead person you know what blood in the dead like it smells do you know how I know I have a black fingernail you know what that black is under though that’s blood from when I smashed my finger it’s starting to come off and this week as I was last week while I was in seminary I was sitting near a seminar and I went like this and I went I looked around all the guys sitting around me I thought somebody hasn’t taken a bath then it went away then it went like this again you know what it is rotting blood next what’s under there that’s what the black part is my daughter is looking at this morning at breakfast what’s all that black stuff I said I’m gonna preach about this morning it’s rotting blood did you know what rotting blood smells like it stinks it’s death its corruption the whole planets gonna smell like rotting blood why because people wouldn’t receive chapter 7 verse 17 of the Gospel of John Jesus Christ said if you’re willing to do his will you’ll know of the teaching whether I speak from me or from whether it’s from God or now now look down to verse 37 of the same chapter and the last day of the great day of the feast Jesus stood and cried out and said if anyone is thirsty let him come to me and drink he who believes in me as the scripture said out of his innermost being will flow rivers of living water life you know what the first Bowl is to show in Revelation 16 is to show the unmitigated booze of the corruption of our hearts yes we can get all depressed about it and think about it but to show us the one who can clean us up and keep us clean the only one Jesus Christ the second Bowl of wrath is to show that those that don’t receive life will get death what’s that for is that to make us think about rotting blood and dead fish in the oceans and the hydrological cycle getting all messed up you know is to show us that Jesus came to give us true life abundant life overflowing endless life here and now and you don’t even have to pay $50 and listen to La Perla Zula or whoever the are and you don’t have to buy in a bottle you don’t have to smoke it you can have it welling up in you all the time you what that’s called salvation cos salvation is coming to Calvary and meeting Jesus Christ you know I have a privilege to spend my whole life to encourage you to come to Calvary for the first time or just again to catch the wonder what’s the message for Christians this morning the message is that Jesus Christ has taken away the unmitigated ooze of our sinfulness let’s live that way let’s live for him who can keep us from falling he can keep us from falling are you following him second thing the Christians Jesus Christ came to give us abundant life are you letting him are you letting him give you the water of life that you’ll never thirst you’ll be flowing with rivers of living water that’s why Christianity is a corporate experience there is no biblical basis for lone Ranger’s in the Bible we cannot exist apart from one another you and I have the Liberty to do anything we want to do now that we’re in Christ but my Liberty is limited by other Christians and as soon as I say you can’t tell me to do that I’ve lost the essence of Christianity as you look Christian living is all about it’s limiting my liberties for the sake of other believers so that the abundant life of Christ won’t be clouded by my frailties and my weaknesses but you say I’m not a Christian this morning or I’m not sure then it’s my privilege to tell you that God presents two options for you either go on like you are like you were bored with no interruption and you’re gonna suffer the results of unmitigated unstopped corruption guilt that is hell you know it’s like you can see a little bit of it on this planet the empty longing voracious desires of the flesh that are never satisfied that’s just in Philadelphia for seminary for two weeks Philadelphia College of the Bible sits on a hill do you know it’s all the way around this school the seedy red-light district peep shows go-go dancers strip shows you know five cent this and that all the manifestations of the corrupts and bars are everywhere you know what those people go there every day because they’re so hungry they never get their hunger satisfied Jesus Christ have you come to me and your hunger will be satisfied you’ll never thirst again how do you get this it’s free you just reach out to the one who loved you and loosed you from your sin on Calvary and like I said this morning in the prayer there’s nothing you can do to make him love you anymore there’s nothing you can do to make him love you any less if you love him enough to respond in faith and be born again you will live with him forever if you reject him he loves you so much that the just penalty of rejection is hell you see there’s gonna be two choirs singing all throughout eternity they’re gonna be the damned in hell that are gonna be saying you are just Oh God you are just we’re here because of our sin there’s gonna be the redeemed in heaven going we don’t deserve this God your gracious your gracious your gracious I’d rather be in the gracious group in heaven and screaming I deserve this God but I rejected you .

We are now living in the absolute End Times as per biblical prophecy.

Our Lord Jesus Christ – King of Kings. 2nd Coming and return is IMMENINT!.

Please do not waist another a minute.

No matter what religion you serve, there is only one God.

If, you want to be assured that you will not have to endure the perilous times that will befall you.

Irrespective, of what sins you may have committed at any time of your life. If you humble yourself and ask for God’s forgiveness. He will forgive you and wash them all away and welcome you as his beloved son or daughter with open arms.

If you are not a child of Father God or have not asked Jesus Christ to come into your life yet?

I implore you to do this without delay.

Read this prayer of Salvation and ask God to forgive you now and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour and you will be assured of eternal life.

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