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Ep20-Revelation chapter 15 – relating to now 2020 – GOD’S FINAL CALL-LAST CHANCE by Dr John Barnett

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You can open your Bibles to Revelation chapter 15 what a marvel is part of the scriptures to look at tonight this is the shortest chapter in the book of the revelation of Jesus Christ and yet I think in a way it has some of the most profound truths for us to dig into deeply the fifteenth chapter if you were to divide it up into bite-sized pieces that you can’t forget the first chapter if we were to distill it down would be to say that God I mean the first verse God is never in a hurry we’re going to talk about that a little bit tonight because it’s a marvelous thing to think about that God is never hurrying through his plan when Jesus Christ was on earth he was very very very active in the pursuit of doing God’s will he seemed to have his days filled from morning tonight but he was never in a hurry he had time to talk to women Atwells men in the middle of the night that snuck up to see him he had time for unexpected interruptions as people came down through the ceiling he had time for lepers time for maniacs time for deaf dumb demon-possessed he had time for all of them God is never in a hurry verse 2 we see something wonderful when we see all this harps and this fiery glassy sea and there’s a truth to be really pondered from that and that is that Jesus never changes the Jesus that Moses anticipated and look forward to the Jesus said John the Baptist pointed to on the banks of the Jordan River is the same one that’s in this book he never changes never the third thing we see is down a little bit lower in chapter 15 verse 5 it says after these things I looked and saw the Temple of the tabernacle or excuse me the Temple of the tabernacle of the testimony in heaven was opened and that is that heaven is open right now but the last point which i think is really sad when we get down to verse eight that some day will be too late for some people people that put off getting ready for heaven some day it’ll be too late for them and one of the clear teachings of the scripture is if you wait too long the door closes and even though we see the the tabernacle of the testimony in heaven standing open it shuts and it’s too late just like the Red Sea closed over Pharaoh’s army just like God shut the door of the Ark the doors of heaven are gonna closed and they’re gonna be closed to the end and it’s too late I remember a very moving dramatic production every Sunday afternoon when I was at school there was a program called Vespers and when I went down country bumpkin to civilization I didn’t know what Vespers were I had no idea I thought it was sitting around sipping tea with someone playing the organ I didn’t know what it was but it was a dramatic production on theme that they ran every Sunday down at the University and one week they did a the theme of this concept of too late sinners there’s one of the most moving programs I’ve ever been in as they took the entire stage works of the of the Shakespearean Opera House that they have down there at the school dropped all of the platforms down and had steam coming up with red lights and they had people in black robes singing too late sinner too late sinner and people were crying out and saying God God and much like it says in revelation 6:17 too late too late well let’s go through this chapter little by little and and truly see number one I’m going to read the first verse and it says and I saw another sign in heaven this is the third sign the first sign if you remember was the woman the second sign was the dragon this is the third sign this is the last of the major signs and it says great and marvellous seven angels who had said plagues which are the last because in them the wrath of God is finished now we’ve already talked about the fact that wrath is a common theme in the scriptures that God is angry at sin God is also angry at some sinners that are unrepentant but the wrath of God is a very present and real truth in the scriptures and it says here that these angels came walking out of this heavenly temple area and they came carrying it says they’re the last seven plagues and it tells us that these plagues are in urns Bulls King James vials very unusual word it’s hard to know what it is it’s an association with the ancient temples and it was something that they carried things in and out of the temples for they’re not the temple of God the pagan temples for their sacrifices they could be looked upon as giant urns and these urns are taken and most likely dipped into this fiery glassy sea that is the consuming wrath of God and poured out over the edge of heaven onto the earth and God smites the earth with the culmination of his wrath on the planet what I like is it says for the wrath or in them the wrath of God is finished now turn back real quick to Genesis 6 I want to show you when the wrath of God started and the Scriptures tell us that God’s never in a hurry if we looked at chapter 6 of Genesis and looked at what’s been building up for the last several thousand years and by the way Genesis 6 the flood was probably about 4000 years ago I’m of the Isle of the old school excuse me about 6,000 years ago it’s 4,000 years BC I’m of the old school that if the Bible says it I just believe it I don’t try and figure out some way to accommodate godless society with the Bible if the Bible says that lame Eclipse 777 years and if the Bible says that no one lived 950 and the Bible says that ye Methuselah lived 969 and the Bible says Enoch lived 365 you know how long they lived 365 777 and 69 it just says it and I don’t try and say well that you know they were counting in sevens and so they lived a hundred years and you know it’s just good enough to just believe what Paul believes what Christ believed and what Moses believed and what Daniel believed in and they were writers of Scripture and they just plain believed that the Bible was true for what it said and I’m kind of content with that too but it says in chapter 6 and it came about that when men began to multiply on the face of the land and daughters were born to men the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were beautiful they took wives of whoever they chose and the Lord said verse 3 my spirit will not always strive with man for ever because he is also flesh nevertheless this day shall be a hundred and twenty years well that’s interesting that tells us how long Noah had to build the ark isn’t that interesting one hundred and twenty years because Noah had his sons when he was five hundred the ark door closed when he was six hundred and the flood was a hundred and twenty years promise before that so Noah was four hundred eighty years old when he started building the ark four hundred and eighty years old and God said that every verse for that the Nephilim were in the earth and afterward the sons of God came in this daughters of men and they bore these children these monsters verse five then the Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great on the earth and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually God says I’m not going to put up with this any longer and the wrath of God was revealed and what God did was he prefigured what’s going to happen in the end because Peter tells us in 2nd Peter 3 that just like God destroyed the entire planet with water the first time that God’s going to destroy the entire planet with fire the second time that really does problems with the Christian schools that teach the local flood you know that’s how you don’t get hokey nowadays you go to a school that believes that Genesis is talking about the fact that Noah lived in a valley somewhere somewhere probably in Tennessee or something and and a river overflowed and all the people in the saloons got drunk and I mean that were drunk got drowned and that was the flood it was local well you know what it says here it says that the flood and a little bit later it went higher than the tallest mountains on the entire planet it was the water was deeper than the highest mountain if the water is deeper than the highest mountain and you’re living in a valley it’s not a local flood and what God said is that he destroyed the whole planet and if you don’t believe you destroyed the whole planet how can you believe he’s going to destroy the whole planet with fire and remake it the second time around so you have real problems as soon as you start tinkering with the front end of the Bible you get big problems at the back end if you know what I mean if you start laying your wallpaper crooked up there it’s really crooked down here if you start sewing a seam crooked it gets more and more crooked etc etc the Bible says that Noah built an ark for a hundred and twenty years he pounded nails it was the longest sermon in the history of the world and it was a sermon of God’s patience because God is never in a hurry God warned the planet that judgment was coming you say how do you know well now go to the other in the Bible to the book of Jude because there was a prophet prophesying just before Noah in fact it was Noah’s great grandfather because Enoch had Methuselah had Lamech had Noah so Noah’s great-grandfather was named Enoch and Enoch had a son named Methuselah when he was 65 years old he had his first son Methuselah Methuselah means literally in Hebrew when he dies it comes very simple Hebrew when he dies it comes Methuselah lived until the flood began he wasn’t killed in the flood he died and the floodwaters came upon the earth he outlived his son he lived 187 years and had his first son Lamech and he outlived his son who lives 777 years he outlived him because God says Methuselah when you die it’s gonna come but God was patient look at the book of Jude what what Methuselah was dad was preaching and it says in verse 14 and about these also Enoch in the seventh generation from Adam now how do I know that there are countless generations of people to make up millions of years of evolution between Adam and Enoch because the brother of Jesus Christ under the inspiration the Holy Spirit said that the seventh generation after Adam was Enoch that’s real simple isn’t it if he believed that Enoch was the seventh generation I believe that Enoch was the seventh generation Christ believed that he was and the church believed that he was and it’s very simple this earth is not as old as everyone thinks it is it’s very recent that all this happened just in the last perhaps 60 centuries or so but it says seven generations after the very first human being to ever be on this planet his name was Enoch and he prophesied he was a prophet of God he got he got kind of connected with God we have 65 years of age it says after the birth of Methuselah he started walking with God you know having children does that to some people having children is one of the most profound events that I’ve ever experienced because you begin a process that you have no control over the outcome of it and then once that child’s born it’s a self-guided little missile it’s gonna go somewhere and only prayer and tears and a lot of agonizing for the Lord will will do for those many years that you get to influence them well that’s what happened to poor Enoch here and he started really walking with the Lord for 300 years but this is what he said behold the Lord is coming with many thousands of His Holy Ones listen to verse 15 to execute judgment upon all to convict all the ungodly of all their ungodly deeds which they have all done in an ungodly way and of all the harsh things which the ungodly sinners have spoken against him he was walking around for 300 years warning the earth of this judgment 70 years later a little boy was born named Noah and a little boy named Noah lived for 480 years in the most godless society that the earth has known it was so wicked that it says in Genesis 6 that every imagination their thoughts was only evil continually and God said I’m gonna destroy them and God looked down he found one family on the whole planet that he could save and the first occurrence of the word grace as we heard on Wednesday night and this wonderful grace sermon we heard from Jim DeWitt the first occurrence of grace in the scripture God looked down and he said Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord and God was gracious and merciful and compassionate Noah because he was the only one on the planet that was following him and God killed every one else do you know many people there could have been on this planet with people having been seven generations from Adam approximately 1900 some years if you add together how old all those men were and how old they were when they had their first child and if they all had a normal-sized family and if they continued having children Noah had his first three children when he was five hundred that means that they could have children for hundreds of years back then and it’s possible Shem ham and Japheth were triplets because the way it is in Hebrew it just says and he had his his three sons and it’s like he had them all at once we don’t know anything about it but all we know is that there was potentially hundreds of millions if not a billion or two people on the planet and God drowned all of them you say do you think that most of the world is going to get saved no I don’t that’s the sad part because no matter what God does people don’t listen but God is so patient he’s never in a hurry he’s long-suffering toward us he gave them three hundred years of Enochs preaching he gave them 120 years of Noah’s preaching with his hammer he gave them all of the all of the building awareness of what these prophets had said and all that God was doing and this incredible structure called an ark that was growing up before their very eyes and they’d never seen anything like it and this guy persisted in building this this monstrous thing that they’ve never seen before there was no there were no oceans there were there was nothing it was kind of incredible they couldn’t figure out what was going on and God was not in a hurry well the Scriptures tell us revelation 6 if you want turn back there get to the other end of the Bible if you’re in Jude it’s just the next book revelation 6:17 the God’s wrath started back there in Genesis 6 it continued as as in the book of Jude Enoch was preaching about it but now we see in revelation 6:17 it says for the great day of their wrath has come and who is able to stand now something to understand about the book of Revelation is it’s it’s consecutive but it seems like it’s it’s kind of like those firecrackers you watch of air are fireworks they go up and there’s a big boom but then out of that boom another boom comes and then out of that boom another one comes and the first one wasn’t everything but the first one was kind of a very big display and it’s like the book of Revelation is boom boom boom we’re getting near the end of the booms in chapter 15 but in chapter 6 it was kind of like the first big explosion that says and if you look back a couple of verses in verse 14 the sky was split apart like a scroll when it’s rolled up every mountain and Island were moved out of their place and the kings of the earth and the great men and their commanders and the rich and the strong and every slave and free man hid themselves in the caves among the rocks of the mountains and they said to the mountains and the rocks fall on us hide us from the presence of him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb that’s fascinating where I look at that a little bit more because what’s so fascinating is that Jesus Christ the Lamb of God is the wrathful instrument of the judgment of God upon unbelieving humanity and the meek and mild sacrificial lamb who there was no guile in his mouth when he was reviled he didn’t revile again he didn’t speak harshly he turned the other cheek they pulled the hair out of this side his face they pulled it out the other side he didn’t say a word he’s going to incinerate the multitudes of the earth in the end why because God’s not in a hurry and I think that’s something and I keep saying it over and over again because it needs to sink in to us because most of us are in a hurry we’re in a hurry for you know when you’re little you want to grow up fast then you get older you want to get everything paid off when you get a little bit older you want everything to be nice and we’re always in a hurry people drive in a hurry they live in a hurry that’s why I talked a couple people this week they said I’m not driving as fast this week you’re right it’s really funny you know people are all going by you did you know that does a lot to your life to not be troubled to let everybody go by you we don’t have to be in a hurry if you’re in a hurry usually you’re a vengeful person because if you’re in a hurry and someone cuts you off it you know you have step on your brakes and it bothers you both your emotional brakes your physical brakes or your car brakes but if you’re not in a hurry then you’ll say with the Lord vengeance is mine saith the Lord I will recompense we don’t need to be stomping out all of our enemies we just wait why because God says if you leave it up to me I’ll do what’s right you just love and forgive and I’ll give them their just desserts don’t you do it that would save a lot of bitterness a lot of anger and a lot of wrath in our churches today if Christians would just learn that God’s not in a hurry.

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