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Ep19Revelation chapters 14,15,16 – relating to 2020 – MANKINDS PREVIEW OF HELL CHRISTS COMPASSION by Dr John Barnett

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Welcome to our 16th lesson it’s hard to believe that we’ve been together for 16 class hours the title of today’s study is Christ compassion as mankind gets a taste of help it’s continuing that this theme in the book of Revelation about Christ’s compassion and as we study chapter 14 15 and 16 we’ll see the hundred and forty-four thousand again those evangelists and profiling the love and compassion and patience of Christ then we see Christ wrath and that’s usually an attribute of Jesus Christ that is rare most people maybe think of him cleaning the temple cleansing the temple driving out the money changers but John chapter 5 says all judgment has been committed to Christ so he because he’s so holy he is completely against all unrighteousness and that’s the theological definition of his wrath and then in chapter 16 of Revelation we’ll have the most interesting time looking at life without Jesus that culminates in Armageddon and we’ll study all the elements of life without Jesus but if you have your Bible ready I’m going to be turning to chapter 14 and we are going to read just the first two verses the backdrop before we read and pray is the tide of the war for planet Earth turns in chapter 14 in this chapter we find Jesus standing on his holy hill Xylon Zion and as he stands there beneath the group of the hundred and forty-four thousand standing with him we see the beast from the abyss empowered by Satan has crawled ashore now that was last hour chapter 13 the rise of the Antichrist on the earth death is stalking all who refused Satan and turned to Jesus but in chapter 14 right in the middle of all hell breaking loose across the planet what do we find probably the most touching chapter in the book of Revelation chapter 14 verse 1 then I looked and behold a lamb standing on Mount Zion and with him 144,000 having his father’s name written on their foreheads and I heard a voice from heaven like the voice of many waters like the voice of a loud thunder and I heard the sound of harpists playing on their harps now you know I would normally pause and say you’ve already heard those titles right back in Chapter 1 but you’ve been here in this class so many times you remember that but it says in verse 3 they saying as it were a new song before the throne before the four living creatures and then it begins to describe even more in detail these 144,000 the picture is Jesus standing with them showing his love his care his compassion as they are deployed in such a wicked world with so much hatred and so much evil Jesus said just as he said do you remember in the Great Commission lo what I am with you always even to the end of the age that’s portrayed right here in chapter 14 of Revelation let’s bow and ask the Lord’s blessing as we study your father in heaven I thank you for your word I thank you for the joy it is to have it but I thank you for the blessing it is just to read it and I pray that we would all be blessed by this time in your word because we here read and keep and obey what you’re saying and that’s only possible by the power of your spirit and because of your grace and that’s what we asked for that you would pour out your spirits power and grace upon us during this class period and every day that we get to live for you in Jesus name Amen well Christ compassion as mankind gets a taste of hell especially will see that taste in chapter 16 remember the the three divisions revelation 14 one hundred 44,000 evangelist compassion then we’re gonna unfold the wrath of Jesus in 15 and then we’re gonna explore the elements of life without Jesus and Armageddon in this these first two verses that we read what we’re seeing is Christ’s most frequent remember that emotion there are 89 chapters in the Gospels Matthew Mark Luke and John and in those 89 chapters as you look at the life of Christ you’ll find all different descriptions of him but the most frequent emotion of Christ is compassion it’s a word in Greek that speaks of being moved it’s a visceral it’s a physical it’s not just you know oh I feel bad for them it’s oh I feel bad for them and Jesus shows most frequently compassion and that’s what chapter 14 opens with the lamb standing on the mountain now remember that God as Savior always has evangelist we already looked a few weeks for a few classes back at the Old Testament but look at the New Testament the church commissioned empowered by the Holy Spirit to go to Jerusalem Judea Samaria and to the ends of the world in Acts and the church is the vehicle of evangelism for the Lord from acts 1 through revelation 5 continuing on that slide look from revelation 7 picks up with the 144,000 now do you remember I told you that chapter 6 starts all that wrath but chapter 7 if you remember a couple days ago is parenthetical that means that it it tells you some of the events that are going on within that time period so actually the Lord lays out all of the seals that he’s going to pour out his wrath but before it starts he deploys hundred and forty four thousand and they’re going to be ministering the gospel so those evangelists are there then the two witnesses we saw in the last hour in revelation 11 this hour we’re going to see in this chapter the gospel angel that’s that’s a big part of Christ compassion he not only has these 144,000 that are at work he’s also sending in this this amazing gospel angel will read the message and then it’s going to be exciting near the end of our class time in lesson 19 looking at the Millennial temple and what I call that that God’s visitors center where the gospel is presented again remember we’re every day walking through Satan’s realm and as you look at that slide think of the original recipients of these the Gospels and of the epistles of Paul are those two generations here’s the cross of Christ here’s the time until Patmos and the book of Revelation and what we have is from ad 32 ad 60 to 80 90 we have one generation the first generation the second generation the first generation of the church had the Apostles and many of them would have met or heard Jesus Christ speak but then by the time we get to 60 almost all of the epistles and the New Testament almost all of it was given by this time so the second generation that Jesus who ascends back to heaven actually comes back to visit the churches the seven churches right here and he is seeing how they’re doing living in this dangerous world and whether or not they’re applying what they heard because every day we walk through Satan’s dark realm and remember his archers are shooting those flaming arrows so what does Jesus offer look at this 14th chapter and the end of verse one it says having this is revelation 14:1 the the end of the verse having his father’s name written on their foreheads as the world plunges into desolation and destruction God gives us living proof that he cares what is that well remember the book of Revelation that is given right here in at the end of these two generations refers back to all the other scriptures look what Romans chapter 8 says because I really believe that these hundred and forty-four thousand are just a visualization kind of a illustration of what God has already promised he’s doing it with them just like he wants to do it with us and it says in see on the slide Romans 8:37 239 yet in all these things all what things well look at verse 36 were killed all the day long we’re accounted as sheep for the slaughter that’s what’s going on in the Tribulation Period in this time people are being martyred now not the two witnesses yet a little bit later the Antichrist will kill them not the hundred forty-four thousand the Lord is using them not the gospel witness but all the Saints that hear the gospel are being martyred and they’re accounted as sheep for the slaughter but look at 37 yet and all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us for I am persuaded that neither death nor life nor Angels nor principalities nor powers nor things present nor things to come nor height nor depth nor any other created thing nothing nothing of all these angelic monsters these fallen angels not the Beast not the Antichrist not Satan himself look at this shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord Jesus offers true security and joy no matter what’s going on in the world around you now right now we’re in the middle of the pandemic did you know many Christians are acting fearful there they’re not acting they are fearful and and they’re actually responding the same way the world is responding rather than knowing that Jesus offers true security nothing can separate us from his love nothing no creative thing no demon no monster and no pandemic because we are in Christ Jesus our Lord that’s what Romans 8 and and any of you that are new following the Lord and I know some of you are I I’m reading all these posts you’re making on both YouTube and Facebook and and on our website and and it’s a joy I hope some of you I’ve heard from are you’ve been watching this lesson but you have recently come to faith in Christ well that verse on the slide Romans 8:37 239 is one you ought to have marked in your Bible that is one of the greatest promises there’s no separation from God’s love and that’s what Jesus offers but keep going to verse 3 because Jesus also in Revelation 14 3 is offering what I call purity in the Sea of filth now where I get that term sea of filth is from one of the Roman historians said that the Roman Empire in the first century had degenerated to a level that it was like a cesspool a cesspool is like a septic tank it’s like a sewer system and he said that’s what Rome had become kind of like a sewer look what Jesus offers purity in the sea of filth verse 3 they saying as it were a new song and no one could know the song but 144,000 redeemed verse 4 these are the ones who were not defiled with women well what is that does that say women are bad no that’s harkening right back do you remember – chapter 9 look at chapter 9 the last verse they did not repent of their murders or sorceries or their sexual immorality the characteristic of the tribulation is gross immorality these 144,000 witnesses these men did not succumb to the temptations of immorality they were pure in this sea of Filth which reminds me of two of my favorite verses Hebrews 9:14 which is a verse I learn I remember before I went to college after high school I was a truck driver for about a year and a half and I can never forget those days of backing my truck up to the loading dock jumping out was my clipboard coming up to the the shipping receiving clerk’s desk putting my my clipboard down there and I would look up and I learned that on every shipping clerk loading dock back wall were pornographic posters it was just kind of the thing in the 70s it was kind of the Hugh Hefner playboy era and they would put those Center folds up and I remember the first time I slid my clipboard up and looked I was just shocked I just stood there and then I looked away and then it became a conscious choice every time I back my truck up and delivered somewhere whether I was going to look at what they had pasted it up but guess what our minds are kind of like one of these you know 16 megapixel cameras on our iPhones once you’re mine see something it’s imprinted in your mind and I’ll never forget when I learned Hebrews 9:14 look what it says how much more shall the blood of Christ who through the Eternal Spirit offered himself without spot to God purge your minds from works that lead to death do you know what I found the Lord could do if I asked he could give me purity in the Sea of filth of loading docks he can erase the pictures that are in our minds did you know they’re only in our minds if we want him there but if we come and ask him to cleanse that’s what verse 22 of chapter 10 says huh let us draw near to God in full assurance of faith having our hearts sprinkled clean from an evil conscience from all those things that that we know don’t please God so Jesus offers purity in a sea of filth but he doesn’t only offer that look liquid else he offers Jesus offers truth in a world of lives verse five and in their mouth was found no deceit for they are without fault before the throne of God basically we live in a world energized by our Father the devil I had says in John 8:44 that all of us are born into Satan’s family jesus said you’re of your father the devil so what that means is when you and I were born we were born in the kingdom and very much representing the god of this world Satan and what does it say he is he is a liar and abides not in the truth so he doesn’t like truth for he is a liar and the father of lies so not only are we living in a world of Filth we’re living in a world of lies and it’s almost normal for people to not tell the truth truth is selective you only tell people what you want them to know and if you don’t want to know something you deceive them guess what these servants are they’re different what’s marvelous about the Holy Spirit is that it says in 1st Peter 2:22 that Jesus committed no sin nor was deceit found in his mouth that’s what these servants are like they’re like well it’s Ephesians 4:25 that’s right in front of you that’s where Paul says that don’t lie to one another because we’re members of one another we are in dwelt by the one who is the way the truth and the life the Holy Spirit of Truth so what we have to do is be vigilant to never surrender our mouths to being deceitful untruthful Jesus offers truth in a world of lies now one of my favorite parts of Revelation look at revelation 14:6 then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel to preach ever lasting gospel this is the gospel angel and Jesus offers hope in the land of Doom I can see this angel much like a drone that’s flying over I was reading this week about the drones that are being used all over the world to measure people’s temperature and they fly up there and their infrared everybody and tracking them and the drone alerts the police whoever’s sick down there well this is not a kovat 19 drum this is the gospel angel and look what he’s sharing with the world to preach the ever lasting gospel everlasting means unending infinite eternal this is God’s gospel now it’s very much like listening to Jesus speak when Jesus spoke he was God the Son speaking when this angel speaks he is just communicating the message from God in heaven to try and show the compassion of Christ as mankind is getting a taste of Hell do you remember what’s been happening when those trumpets were blown when those seals were unfolded and now is these bowls of wrath are coming what is happening the Sun is scorching there are meteors falling there are horrific creatures from the abyss coming up that are tormenting people and killing people in fact the largest carnage ever has already happened in Chapter 9 and what does Jesus do he has a same soul going as he preaches to those who dwell on the earth now look what the end of 6 says every nation tribe tongue people this is not a flyby this is a global just blanketing a global blanketing is kind of like crop spring as if you ever watch one of those crops fairs they go back and forth back and forth this angel is going to what God says look at the four qualifiers every nation within it every tribe within that every tongue and people group this is basically what we were called to do in the Great Commission and the Lord is doing and showing us that he is not willing that any should perish but what is the content of the gospel verse seven saying with a loud voice I can just see this angel looking down and with this huge voice empowered by God he’s saying verse seven fear God give glory to him for the hour of his judgment has come so it’s it’s a call to fear that’s reverential awe that leads us it’s kind of like repentance I see where I’m going and I have a change of mind about that which leads to a change of direction so when you fear God you alter your behavior you give him glory instead of yourself instead of the sins of the flesh it’s now I want God glorified for the hour of his judgment has come worship Him now who who do we worship look at verse 7 him who made heaven and earth to see in the springs of water the Creator you know what’s interesting when God gets to preach through megaphone angel gospel angels he preaches that he is the creator and that we must worship Him as the Creator that’s why evolution matters if you believe that there’s not a creator and that everything just happens somehow that must be repented of because the everlasting gospel see this is not a temporary this isn’t just all for this group we’re saying this the good news of salvation that’s everlasting is worship the creator and God tells that to every Kingdom tongue tribe a nation and they do Jesus look at this slide offers hope in the land of gloom Jesus also starting verse 8 offers compassion in the midst of judgment verse 8 and another angel followed saying Babylon is following the great city she’s made the nations drink of the wine of her of the wrath of her fornication then the third angel said with a loud voice if anyone worships the beast or his image and receives the mark in his forehead or his hand he also shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone and the smoke of their torment will ascend forever and ever and they’ll have no rest day or night now look at the Lord he doesn’t blunt he doesn’t mute the horrors of judgment against sin but he warns and offers mankind as their getting a taste of Hell he offers them through the hundred and forty-four thousand through the gospel angel before he pours out his wrath he keeps saying repent turn to me believe worship I’m the Creator the good news is it’s not too late for you the passage starting in verse eight is the second half of chapter 14 in which were confronted with what happens to those who exist without Jesus eternal judgment and condemnation now see the book of Revelation is fascinating because side by side all the way through its heaven and hell heaven and hell heaven and hell heaven for those who who turn in faith and cling to Christ Hell for those who want to live without Jesus you see God gives everybody what they really want and if you really want to deny him to deny him as creator to not worship him to not submit to him God will give you the the next slide shows what starts happening in verse 14 and I’ll read that and I looked and behold a white cloud and on the cloud one like the son of man having on his head a golden crown in his hand a sharp sickle and another angel came out of the temple crying with a loud voice saying thrust your sickle in and reap for the harvest of earth is ripe and he who I had he who sat on the cloud thrust in his sickle and the earth was reaped Jesus offers understanding to us in a time of wrath wrath is one of the attributes of God there are over 20 different attributes of God and I’ve mentioned these just about every other class there’s been some touching upon them and you know many of them all the omnipresent omniscient and and all those but one that we don’t think of often is God’s wrath tied to his justice which is also tied to his love God loves so much that he compassionately offers mankind this gospel angel this eternal gospel but hand in hand with that his wrath is that he will forever punish all sin so there’s a choice either sin is on me my sin is on me or my sin is on Christ those are the only two choices are if it’s on me I’m gonna die with it it’s gonna be like napalm burning you know petroleum that that is like the fires of hell eternally tormenting me for my sin Ezekiel talks about that he says people go through life and their sins stick to them and it’s like they have this gigantic pile of sin that gradually Ezekiel said it’s like an avalanche that overwhelms them and they’re buried by it and they go into eternity with sin which has the fiery wrath of God see on your slides 2nd Thessalonians 1:9 let let me read that verse to you because that’s how Paul describes the return of Jesus Christ in judgment not his rapture for the church 2nd Thessalonians 1 well actually it starts in verse 8 7 let me start in 7 to give those who are troubled rest with us for the Lord Jesus is revealed from heaven with his mighty angels that’s the second coming like a verse 8 in flaming fire taking vengeance on those who do not know God and those who do not obey the gospel Lord Jesus so those that don’t respond to the everlasting gospel right here keep reading verse 9 these shall be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord and from the glory of his power Jesus offers understanding in a time of Wrath the in Penant dwellers only face doom in their lives they’ve said God leave us alone so he does forever in the next slide we see chapter 15 unfolding so chapter 14 is this whole 144,000 Christ’s compassion with this gospel angel chapter 15 we meditate on the character of Christ remember these attributes I talked about Jesus side by side is patient and wrathful he is supremely patient he is supremely wrathful in revelation 15 you discover Jesus is patient that’s verse 1 his Saints are triumphant that’s 2 to 4 Jesus Christ is victorious that’s verses 5 to 7 and then look at verse 8 of chapter 15 it says the temple was filled with smoke from the glory of God and from his power and no one was able to enter the temple till the seven plagues of the seven angels were completed what is going on what’s the smoke back up to verse 7 then one of the four living creatures gave the seven angels seven golden bowls full of look at this the wrath of God who lives for ever and ever God’s eternal attribute is wrath against all unholiness it’s because he is just and that is totally affected by his love so his love makes him have compassion but his holiness and justice makes him have wrath so we meditate on the character of Jesus do you know that this Jesus Christ the Lord who merits such praise as worthy is the Lamb that’s that’s the song of heaven worthy is the Lamb he is worthy because he is loving he is worthy because he’s creator and we should worship Him we his worthy because he is just and he’s worthy in his wrath now some Christians have trouble with that they say how could a loving God create an eternal hell remember the Scriptures tell us that Satan and his angels is who hell was prepared for it was not prepared for humans but any human that will not take God’s offer to be born again out of Satan’s family into Christ’s family will suffer the same wrath that Satan has now Jesus on the cross Jesus justifies us sinners who come to him in faith what that means is that God punishes Jesus like he committed my sin so either I’m going to be responsible to pay for my sin forever that’s hell or I will forever be grateful to the one who already took the penalty punishment and even the record of my sin see that’s the everlasting gospel to fear and worship the one who became sin for us well Jesus in Chapter 15 shows us his Saints are triumphant in the first two verses it says then I saw another sign in heaven a great marvelous that was great marvelous seven angels having the seven last plagues for in them the wrath of God is complete and there come and and I saw something like a sea of glass mingled with fire and those who had victory over the Beast over his image and over his mark and over the number of his name standing on a sea of glass having harps of God who are these martyrs these are the ones coming up we already saw them in seven and now we see them again in chapter 15 these are the martyrs coming up that as chapter 12 says overcame the beasts by the word of their testimony and they were not ashamed of Christ even unto death they loved him these are martyrs in fact the greatest number of martyrs in all of history are gonna be coming up out of the earth the greatest revival the most in take a harvest of saints comes out of the tribulation because the Lord says you can’t even number them it’s an uncountable number coming out because of the compassion of Christ because of 144,000 the two witnesses the gospel angel and so there’s so much to see in this chapter I saw something like a sea of glass it says it’s not an actual sea of glass it’s like a sea of glass I don’t know what it is and it’s not for us to figure out but what it does is it’s it’s mingled with fire remember there’s a river of fire flowing out from under the throne it speaks the fire of persecution and refinement the Saints have gone too and they have victory over the Beast and they’re standing there from a human perspective we’d say just all those people were killed but God doesn’t look at it that way God doesn’t say that they were just killed it says they are the one who desires not to save their life but they lose it for Christ’s sake and therefore they gain it forever they are an example of what Jesus preached about there what I do quoted was mark 8:35 whoever desires to save his life will lose it but whoever loses his life for my sake and the gospel saves it see Jesus Saints are triumphant either we are going to die offending our faith or we’re gonna die displaying our faith it’s a choice some are martyrs because they stand up for Christ one of these you know very very difficult places and they die the rest of us the majority of Christians in this age are going to go through life with the long slow decline and this is what the Lord says we’re supposed to do 2nd Corinthians 4 we have this treasure in an earthen vessel and so the more the earthen vessel the clay pot cracks the more the treasure shows did you know Psalm 92 says the older we get the more we should declare the Lord is good and it should be that that everybody in the hospital everybody in the nursing home everybody that sees us as we’re declining sees more and more of the treasure that’s because Jesus Saints our Tri outfit but look at verse 3 this is the final song in the Bible did you know there are 14 different worship songs that are recorded in the book of Revelation 14 and this is the 14th one right here in chapter 15 verse 3 let me read it to you this great doxology to God they sing the song of Moses the servant of God and the song of the lamb saying no way met Moses remember Moses led the children of Israel through the Passover through the Red Sea toward the promised land so Moses is the servant of God and the lamb remember Moses could not get them into the Promised Land but Joshua you have schewe you know what that is in Greek Jesus hey sous Joshua pictured the grace of Jesus Christ Moses pictured the law the law can only get you to the river can only get you to see your sin but grace Savior gets you home to the promised land so that’s why it’s the song of Moses the great deliverer the Passover one but the song of the Lamb the sacrificial one the one who became sin for me the one who became my Passover but look at the content of the song great and marvelous are your works Lord God Almighty just now see all these attributes come out see the songs of heaven the lyrics of the songs of heaven reflect the proper theology the attributes of God and truth just and true are your ways o king of the saints who shall not fear you O Lord and glorify your name for you alone are holy for all nations shall come and worship before you for your judgments have been made manifest Wow the final song recorded in heaven a song of God’s Justice of his redemption of his of worshiping him glorifying him of being touched by the compassion of Jesus Christ well Jesus is victorious deceived verse 5 after I heard these things chapter 15 5 I looked and behold the Temple of the tabernacle the testimony in heaven was opened and out of the temple came seven angels bearing the seven plagues clothed in pure bright linen having their chests girded with golden bands and one of the four living creatures gave to the Angels the seven angels seven golden bowls full of the wrath of God this wrath keeps coming up see the wrath of Jesus is so filling this 15th trapped err but that wrath is based on his justice and his love and his compassion but giving the the bowls full of the wrath of God who lives for ever and ever and the temple was filled with smoke from the glory of God and his power now remember smoke is is tied with judgment remember at the Mount Sinai that it was like a pillar of fire and smoke coming out when the law was being given it was speaking of God’s wrath against sin that’s why this temple fills with smoke now we’ve never seen the temple full of smoke we’ve seen the glory clouds we’ve seen all of the glory filling it but not smoke this is it’s kind of like the the wrath of God is is showing up and that’s that’s the emphasis of verse 8 Jesus Christ is wrathful this temple was filled with smoke from the glory of God and from his power and no one could enter the temple do you know what verse 8 is I would say it’s probably the saddest point in scripture it’s the point where God’s patience stops and then interesting it’s when God says okay that’s it mankind gets to taste what hell is gonna be like and that’s what launches in verse 8 we could call it this life is horrible without Jesus that’s that’s kind of the way I would title this chapter now remember those of you that are taking this for credit you have your devotional journal don’t forget to do that you got to turn it in before class ends where you do well let’s just do chapter 16 of Revelation I’ll just do one for you so listen so revelation 16 first of all you summarized sixteenth chapter kind of give it a title a summary and in form of a title you know what a title is it’s not a paragraph a title is a short phrase or a single sentence and and this is how I would title the sixteenth chapter life without Jesus and Armageddon life without Jesus so you’re right life without Jesus then you look at the lessons or truths that are in the sixteenth chapter what are those well I’m going to go through right now I just thought it would be fun for you to see how to do one of these chapters have you ever wondered what the world would be like without Jesus in fact I know that this being on YouTube that there are probably some of you if you’ve lasted this long 40 minutes into this video that that you might not even be a Christian but what is life like without Jesus if you’re considering them and haven’t decided you’re looking but you haven’t placed your heart’s desire in Christ you haven’t chosen to follow him then pay close attention to this sixteenth chapter it shows you exactly what life without Jesus would be like it’s the most graphic vivid and powerful description in all the scriptures what hell is like think about it this sixteenth chapter is a taste of hell now that could be another title you could say a taste of Hell for your devotional journal okay in twenty one dramatic verses of chapter sixteen John sees and records what happens when mankind joins the fallen angels in living without God I’ll just summarize okay here are here are the lessons okay the first Bowl human bodies will ooze malignant sores as all the evil within them the inward corruption starts showing up on the outside the second Bowl Earth’s oceans become death and they wash up on every shore the waters of the sea are filled with life but it becomes a stench of dead blood it says of man’s hopelessness apart from God the third Bowl all the water has the stench of corruption rising and it’s absolute desperation because all of them are poisoned and people don’t have anything to drink the fourth Bowl people’s bodies burn from a solar fire pouring down from the sky the fifth Bowl and in instantaneous impenetrable darkness it goes from the brightness of the Blazing Sun to inky black darkness with that fifth Bowl the sixth Bowl the waters of the Euphrates River dry up and a demon trio round up the Antichrist army and then the seventh Bowl as all the earth dwellers gather Godin leashes the greatest earthquake of all time you know we have magnitude 8 earthquake s– someone even said that to Sumatra quake may have measured 9 there’s gonna be a 10 okay it’s gonna be the most powerful earthquake ever to hit the earth it obliterates all monuments and levels all cities and islands in the ocean sink and hailstones weighing over 60 pounds start slamming down on earth Wow it’s the final days of mankind’s unending fight with God and at last they are brought the freedom of what they’ve always wanted life without God that’s what mankind is always wanted and God gives it to them finally now look at this slide remember the sequence the seven seals go from six one two eight one of Revelation the seven trumpets go from eight one to eleven fifteen the seven Bulls start at 11:15 and go all the way to sixteen fifteen and that’s the whole span of the seven years we’ve already seen the seven sealed scroll in Chapter six you can see it before you then these trumpet judgments have sounded and we’ve gone through all those from chapter 8 verse 1 through 11:15 but now the seven bowls of Wrath 16 to soar zhan men with the mark 16 three a sea of blood everything dies in the sea 16 four to seven rivers become the water of the rivers become blood like in Egypt 16 eight and nine the Sun scorches with fire 16 ten and eleven darkness in the beasts kingdom sixteen twelve to sixteen the Euphrates and the kings of the east come so life without Jesus number one is kind of like having a deadly incurable disease look at the description 16 1 I heard a loud voice from the temple saying to the seven angels go and pour out the Bulls of wrath of God on the earth so the first went poured out as well remember the picture we talked about this a couple of classes ago that it’s the throne of God the edge of the crystal see earth is kind of seen below them this angel comes out of the temple walking to the edge and he takes that bowl and He pours it out on the earth and as that bowl of Wrath descends on the earth listen to what happens a foul and loathsome sore came upon the men who had the mark of the beast and those who worshiped His image Wow and the second angel poured out his bowl on the sea Wow and what happens there keep going life without Jesus is like dying of thirst in verse 4 the third angel pours out his bowl on the rivers and springs of water and they become like blood and I heard the Angel of the waters saying you are righteous O Lord member righteous just in his wrath God is warned and warned and warned and his spirit has been striving with mankind since the Garden of Eden but now he says enough I poured out my wrath what’s interesting is is you see on the slide life without Jesus is like dying of thirst Christian’s John seven see that reference on the side John 7:37 239 when God saves us his spirit moving within us is like a river of life-giving water flowing out of us we become like fire hydrants wherever you are like right now if you have roommates if you’re living at home with your family if wherever you are in fact I got a note last night from someone over in Germany who’s watching these in a hotel in Germany I mean he just wrote me last night and said I am watching the Revelation class in Germany in a hotel in that hotel in Germany or wherever you are we’re supposed to be like a hydrant of the water of life flowing out to people that are so dying of thirst around us because life without Jesus is like dying of thirst and Jesus said if anyone thirsts let him come to me and drink verse 38 he who believes on me as the scripture says out of his heart will flow rivers of living waters nextslide life without Jesus was like being enslaved to the worst master what does this say in verse eight the fourth angel poured his bowl he comes to the edge of the throne pours his bowl on the Sun and power was given it given to him to scorch men with fire verse 9 and men were scorched with great heat and they blaspheme the name of God Wow enslaved to the worst master Johnny 31 to 36 jesus said that that he has come to set us free and if we come to him were free indeed next life without Jesus is like living in total darkness verse 10 the fifth angel poured his bowl on the throne of the Beast and his kingdom became full of darkness and finally life without Jesus is like endless despair it’s it’s the idea of being never able to overcome the bondage the discouragement the depression that that’s why one of the greatest mortalities among young people is suicide the the cause of death because they’re an endless despair well this next slide I want you to see because usually when I’m teaching this class it’s to a live classroom and we have all these breaks and they have 10-minute breaks in some Institute’s I speak in 15-minute breaks and others and as soon as the break comes after about the third or fourth class half of the group you know all the young ladies go over and they’re just talking to Bonnie and and two or three or one will pull her off the side and and just have this heart-to-heart talk and boy the men come up to me and this this slide I just want to show you what I would say to you if you were in my class and you came up as countless young men have come up to me and said they usually turn they don’t anybody here and they say I’m really struggling I’m kind of like enslaved to my lust and I always pull out my Bible and I said let me show you what I have taped right here in the back of my Bible on this page and I have post-its over it it’s it’s something right now on your computer if you type in the word anthem a and th e m and John Piper’s name this is what will come up it’s a printable little thing for the back of your Bible and basically he says the same thing I was taught when I was your age in college how to overcome the setting sins and it’s a and th a.m.

Avoid sites and situations that promote evil psalm 101:3 I will set nothing wicked before my eyes say no in less than 5 seconds Romans 6 don’t yield your members to sin if you actually say no Lord I don’t want to do that I don’t want to look at that I want to you know re-enslave myself to that turn your mind forcibly toward Christ I wrote Colossians 3 1 and 2 that means set your affections on things above hold on to the promises of Christ do you remember in our class yesterday I was talking about the shield of faith that you say I hold those promises don’t let those fiery arrows of the evil one inflame me to give up and go back into sin so hold the promises of Christ as a shield enjoy the superior satisfaction of Christ in Hebrews 12 it says Jesus endured the cross who for the joy set before him the the superior satisfaction did you know you and I get a dose of grace every time we’re tempted and we cry out to God and say Jesus help me save me now I don’t want to do this we just get this amazing it’s kind of like a huge mega dose of His grace and we enjoy in that moment the superior satisfaction like Moses did in in Hebrews chapter 11 he endured seeing him who was invisible 11 24 to 27 and then moved to a godly activity usually idleness as the old-timers you say is the devil’s workshop when we are alone have nothing to do and we’re flipping around and looking at our phone and whatever Satan wears us down and we break through the walls or restraints that Grace has built and we do not obey Him so this is what I would tell you let me show you a quick example in Titus 3 it’s one of my favorite memories I have it was my first pastor it I was up in New England I just moved into this church and was serving and every day when I drove to church I would always see the same thing and everyone saw it I began to notice one of the better-known people in town mr.


Muscles the power walker he had 210 pound barbells in each hand as he walk and he would flex his muscle and sweat every day as he walked around town he wore only these little tiny athletic shorts shoes and sweat as he went around with his muscle building program well one day he walked right into my office and I’ll never forget a little commotion my secretary didn’t want to let him in because you know he wasn’t even hardly dressed and there he was dripping with sweat running down his face and he said father he called me Father you know what that instantly told me he’s Roman Catholic he said father I want to talk to you and I told my secretary let him in so he came in he set his barbells on the floor and started ripping on my floor and he says I walked through your parking lot all the time I said I know I’ve seen you and he told me his name and I said was so good to meet you at last he says no I want to talk to you he said when I walk through on Sundays he said I walked through my power walking and he said I feel something from all those people he said I feel peace I feel joy he said what what is it they have so I started I said you really want to know and so I took my Bible and I started sharing the gospel with him and I was really busy I had it marked the Romans Road and I was just reading the verses and and I paused and I looked up and he wasn’t there and I went like this with my Bible and while I was so busily reading my Bible not looking at this nearly unclothed man he got down on his face on the carpet now he wasn’t just dripping out he was laying on it and I paused and he said I want it I said you want what he says I want that and I now down with him make long story short led him to Christ gave him a paperback Bible and I thought I’d never see him again I didn’t know if this was a stunt if there’s gonna be a television crew you know me coming out with this you know notorious guy he came on Sunday carrying his paperback Bible he says hey I found myself in the Bible I said you did he said yeah he said in Titus he didn’t even know how to spell or how to pronounce Titus he says Titus and I said ok Tito swear he said three three four seven he said for we ourselves were also once foolish disobedient deceived serving various lusts and pleasures living in malice and envy hateful he said that’s me but look at the next but then the kindness and love of God our Savior toward man appeared not by works of righteousness which we have done but according to His mercy he saved us by the washing of regeneration and renewing of the Holy Spirit did you know life without Jesus is just total fear and that young man that notorious I found out later he was a brawler and a drinker and a womanizer he’s told me himself the grace of God took away his fears took away is his enslavement to sin he became a radiant follower of Christ he ended up marrying one of the ladies from the choir and and what a godly husband he became okay in the next slide we’re looking at the Armageddon event and there are actually four different places that final battles occur and you can see from this chart that theologians have differed because the Bible didn’t come with a chart but basically is Ezekiel 38 and 39 and Psalm 83 either are describing Armageddon or the events just before Armageddon which could happen at any time Daniel 11 in Revelation 16 really truly talk about the final battle so yesterday we saw Russia in the end of days and I ant kind of explained that as well as this map this Psalm 83 war could happen at any time listing off these people but this is the Armageddon event that chapter 16 ends with which is a culmination of Christ’s compassion remember as mankind gets a taste of Hell and chapter 16 concludes Jesus has shown us compassion through offering the eternal gospel with the gospel angel he has shown his wrath but it’s after a great time of patience and he has already deployed his hundred and forty four thousand and so always remember that the compassion of Jesus his love reflected is tied to his justice and the wrath of God let’s just have a closing word of prayer as we finish this sixteenth lesson father I thank you for this great journey seeing the attribute of Christ’s wrath and the amazing compassion of you Lord Jesus you’re not willing that any should perish you want to rescue people like Power Walker and every one of us today from living in any way apart from worshipping you and so I pray we would renew our desire to live for you to speak for you and to declare that everlasting gospel to call people from darkness to light thank you for letting us gather in the precious name of Jesus amen [Music]

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We are now living in the absolute End Times as per biblical prophecy.

Our Lord Jesus Christ – King of Kings. 2nd Coming and return is IMMENINT!.

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No matter what religion you serve, there is only one God.

If, you want to be assured that you will not have to endure the perilous times that will befall you.

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