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Ep17-Revelation chapter 9 relating to now 2020 – THE REAL STAR WARS BATTLE JESUS EXPLAINS by Dr John Barnett

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We’re going to finish up tonight and conclude in the book of Revelation chapter 9 one of the more money making movies of the 80s began with a few lines that I think are better explained in the scriptures going across the screen that looked like it was somewhere out in some galaxies these words started marching across the screen I guess it was in 77 the first episode of Star Wars came out and a member sitting in a Little Theater somewhere in London waiting for an airplane and with the layover watching Star Wars for the first time and those words caught my eyes as it said long ago in a faraway galaxy a battle was going on well that’s all science fiction that George Lucas a genius of a man invented but the Scriptures tell us that long ago in a different dimension that dimension is known as the spiritual realm there was a battle a cataclysmic battle that most of us have very little comprehension of and it was such a titanic struggle that the father of spirits whose highest created being who was called the Guardian or the covering cherub whose wings or shadowed the throne reflecting the glory of the thrice holy infinite God back upon himself one of those covering cherubs whose name was the son of the morning the star the light bearing one as he was starting to drink of that glory that was emanating from God began to think in his mind and he said five things he said I will be like God I will be like the Most High God I will sit upon the seat of the high places I will have a throne above God and he said I will have God’s place and that covering share of that Sun of the morning that light bearing one started to rebellion then just when it fits in the chronology of the scripture God knows we do know this that the angels were rejoicing at creation it doesn’t seem that there was any dissonance at the inception of the created universe as we know it but somewhere between the beginning and perfection and the 6th day something happened and that rebellion took place and in that rebellion one third of the heavenly host went was Satan what we see in the ninth chapter of the book of Revelation really began much sooner last week we saw the first 12 verses talk about a satanic invasion on this planet part of those one-third of the angelic spirit beings that were with God that defected and went was Satan part of those were incarcerated in this pit that’s opened in the first 12 verses a second group of them will be let loose starting in verse 13 and that second group begins the second phase of this invasion of this planet by Satan and what we are going to see tonight is a culmination of what began back before the foundations of the world but it says in verse 13 that the sixth angel sounded and I heard a voice from the four horns of the golden altar which is before God one saying to the sixth angel who had the trumpet and here it goes release the four angels who are bound at the great river Euphrates one of the benefits of going through the Bible verse by verse is that you have to pull in all the portions of Scripture the only thing that I can understand from the Bible that this could possibly be talking about is the fact that when man fell into sin and Satan was involved in that process there there was around the Garden of Eden the four rivers and the four great areas and the early identic world near that place is a place called Babel where the first city was built by those who fell into the transgression and became those who were in rebellion against the godly seed which was the seed of eNOS and in that time those people decided that they were going to build a tower to get to heaven on their own and God came down and at that climactic moment the whole earth in Genesis 12 was united against God except for a few godly people so God came down and confused them and I believe that most likely just as the angels we saw last week that were involved in causing the flood and destroying the human race through cohabiting with humanity and causing a bunch of monster beings that we saw in Genesis 6 I believe this group that are imprisoned that it talks about in verse 15 the four angels I think these most likely fit in the biblical context as being those angels that had tried to unite the world after the flood in the rebellion in Genesis 12 and 11 against God well God imprisoned them whatever the reason in these four demonic creatures these four demon rulers over legions of angels who had been verse 15 prepared for the hour and day and month and year you see God knew the countdown of history I pulled out of my files this week a lot of interesting articles they have to do with this section of Scripture but I think that if I were to read them to you you would have just thought I was just quoting what’s going on today and basically that’s what the articles are about because every single facet of what this demonic conflict in this satanic warfare that will be on this planet every facet is already in place right now on this planet but let’s see it unfold the four angels were prepared for this hour and day and month and year they were released that they might kill one third of mankind so what we have here is in the first 12 verses we already saw a demonic invasion for five months but these demons were not allowed to kill anyone they just tormented but now God has allowed these pent up warriors whatever they are and again don’t try and shoehorn in here modern military equipment says it doesn’t say that the emphasis is upon the fact that these are our entrapped beings that are leading armies of basically of hell most people try and say well these are the Chinese they’re coming across the river and they’re coming in their tanks well I’m not sure about that and what happens if there aren’t any Chinese someday you know what I mean don’t try and ruin the Scriptures by putting your localized or provincial interpretation just go by what it says and it says that these angels were prepared for this hour and they were released that they might kill a third of mankind and the number of the armies of the horsemen now what’s amazing is there’s no description of who’s riding on the horse it’s just a description of these these destructive beasts that are marshaled by these demonic hordes so whether they’re leading world armies of people or whether they’re leading demon armies of some torrid type of horrific beasts it doesn’t really say but it says the number of the armies of horsemen was two hundred thousand thousand which is two hundred million I heard the number of them verse seventeen and this is what I saw in the vision of the horses and those who sat on them it’s that there were breastplates the color of fire and hyacinth and brimstone now these are biblical colors these speak of the the sulfuric tormenting fire that God rained down in Sodom and Gomorrah that God will again reign down in the last days and these beasts as it were coming from the pit are wearing these breastplates coloured as of the very fires of hell and it says the heads of the horses are like the heads of lions and out of their mouths precede fire and smoke and brimstone again fire and brimstone which speaks of the judgment of God there is definite divine judgment being meted out by these beasts whatever they are verse 18 and one-third of mankind was killed by these three plagues the fire the smoke and the brimstone which proceeded out of their mouths so there’s a plague of fire and smoke and brimstone and these marshaled forces by these four angelic warlords whatever they are demonic creatures fallen with Satan are released from near the river Euphrates say you mean somewhere around Iraq there are four demon marshals of huge armies of 200 million warriors sounds like it say where’s the river Euphrates well it could be in one of two places either the one that’s there now are the one that was there before the flood but it doesn’t matter it’s over in that part of the world which has always been the focal point of history in that hole Mesopotamian Fertile Crescent that rounds out in a 600 mile stretch and ends up in Israel in the promised land but it says the power verse 19 of those horses is in their mouths and their tails you notice the emphasis is not on whoever’s riding these things it’s upon these creatures that they’re riding demonic inspired warring something’s with divine retribution and judgment it says that they have power in their mouths verse 19 in their tails for their tails are like serpents and they have heads and with them they do harm someone has said this is the the back gunner on a helicopter well that’s a great idea until helicopters are out of the air pass a I mean there have been a lot of you can date your commentaries and I do in my office by looking at what the commentators in 1860 said they said obviously these are you know locomotives because the steam engine was coming along and they have people throwing gunpowder off and then you get to 1900 and he’s our biplanes and they’re shoveling out mustard gas out the back and I say whoa instead of trying to provincial eyes it it just says something deadly is going on and John could even describe it he’s trying to in verse 20 and the rest of mankind were not killed by these plagues did not repent of the works of their hands and now listen so as to not worship demons and idols of stone and silver and of brass and stone and wood which can either see or not talk verse 21 and they did not repent of their murders nor of their sorceries nor of their immoralities nor of their thefts you notice scripture says I think the most moving part is not the demonic marshals of the of the Warriors not the 200,000,000 whatever they are that are killing a third of the human race but the fact of while all this is going on and while 1.5 billion people are being killed by whatever is going on that the rest of the populace won’t stop worshipping demons and will stop their sorceries in their drug use and will stop their immoralities and they won’t stop their murdering of each other while they’re being murdered and they won’t stop stealing and they won’t stop making stone and wooden and gold idols that’s the fascination to me the incredible stone hearted humanity that we’re a part of well let’s back up real quickly with that introduction to isaiah 14 and i want to show you who is masterminding this whole affair and i want to show you a little bit about him and conclude our study what’s the backdrop of the cataclysms of the woes of the ninth chapter of Revelation that we’ve read last week in this week we are actually looking at not the fine-tune details of who’s riding what horsemen and what they’re shooting out the tail and what part of the world they’re from and who’s going to get killed but there’s a bigger meaning because you and I won’t be here unless you have decided that you have hardened your heart against Jesus Christ but if you know him you won’t be here during this time so there is a very eternal and enduring spiritual truth that we can learn tonight and I think that is that we need to know who our enemy is we need to know who is in opposition to us and we need to know that he is active and let’s look at his origin verse 12 of Isaiah 14 is the birth of the creature we know today of Satan now the one we know today and have read about and heard about as far different than the one that God created because the one that God created was a majestic and beautiful and a perfect creature the highest created angel that God ever made verse 12 says oh how you have fallen from heaven o star of The Morning Sun of the dawn that’s who Satan was Lucifer you have been cut down to the earth you who have weakened the nations and it’s amazing as Isaiah speaks 600 years before Christ 700 years before Christ and as he looks forward and prophesized Christ coming and he has looked back and he prophesized how Satan entered into this titanic conflict with the king of kings and Lord of lords and then he chronicles everything in between so you have to kind of look at Isaiah which way he’s looking because he’s looking far into the past as he talks about the fall of Satan and then he looks into the nearer past and he looks at the effects and ravages as he says you have weakened the nation’s and then he Jets back in verse 13 in Isaiah looks back to the very fall of Satan and this is how he describes it but you said in your heart isn’t it amazing that the prophet Isaiah under the inspiration of God’s Holy Spirit is writing down what an extremely powerful being thought before time and that interesting how did he know it’s one of the proofs of inspiration Isaiah was told by the Holy Spirit what took place way back at the dawning of creation when Satan fell this is what he said in his heart this is what Satan thought this is what actually Lucifer thought before he became Satan he thought I will ascend to heaven I will raise my throne above the stars of God I will sit on the Mount of the Assembly in the recesses of the north I will ascend above the heights of the clouds listen verse 14 the end I will make myself like the Most High now he was to slur to say he’d be greater than God because he knows nothing is greater than the infinite eternal self-existent father of spirits known as God but he said I want to be like him I will make myself like the Most High and now God says nevertheless you will be thrust down to Sheol to the recesses of the pit the pit that’s what we’re looking at in Revelation it’s the same pit the Hebrew word speaks of an abyss a bottomless abyss and he said you will be thrust down to the pit verse 16 those who see you will gaze at you they will ponder you and they’ll say is this the one who made the earth tremble who shook kingdoms and now all of a sudden this whole context goes back to someone that embodied Satan and it’s actually a prophecy against some of the earthly rulers and it says who made the world verse 17 like a wilderness who overthrew its cities who did not allow us prisoners to go home all the kings of the nations lie in glory each in his own tomb and you say ooh what’s happening what is he talking about well let’s look at the continuation of story it’s in Ezekiel 28 so turn over Isaiah Jeremiah lamentations Ezekiel because there are two passages in the scripture that describe this fall of Satan and both of them it’s kind of like when your children get ahold of the remote on your TV and it’s kind of like you’re watching for a second it goes blue to another channel and flip back to another channel and blip well we have to understand that the Prophet here is inter mingling under the spirit of God’s inspiration the origin of Satan but he’s also holding him up in parallel to the the wicked proud pompous king of a little nation in that time called the nation of Tyre tyre and sidon but if you look at Ezekiel 28 and verse 12 it’s the son of man take up a lamentation over the king of tyre and say to him thus says the Lord now immediately the blip goes on and as Ezekiel’s describing the king of tyre he’s actually looking behind that king and he’s looking at who’s really empowering him in fact who is really empowering the rebellion against God who is really the author of sin who is really the father of darkness and he looks beyond and listen to this prophetic Oracle in Chapter 12 I mean chapter 28 verse 12 you had the seal of perfection full of wisdom and perfect in beauty you were in Eden the garden of God you know that no king phoenician kingdom called tyre and sidon was in Eden so you know he’s looking beyond him just as when Christ said to Peter get thee behind me Satan for you don’t know the things of God by the way Jesus did say that to Peter wouldn’t make a very good Pope if he was Satan woody but jesus said to him get thee behind me Satan and he looked right at Peter but when he looked at Peter and said that he was looking beyond Peter at the one that was instigating Peters impropriety in the Gospel of Matthew chapter 16 and when he did that he was looking at the one that was causing it Satan and that’s what Isaiah is doing he’s looking beyond this little potent ape this little earthly potentate he sings Satan he says Satan you were full of wisdom you were perfect in beauty were in Eden the garden of God listen to verse 13 every precious stone was your covering and he names them the Ruby the Topaz the diamond the Beryl the onyx the Jasper the lapis lazuli the turquoise in the emerald and the gold the workmanship of your setting and sockets was in you I think it’s amazing that nine of the twelve stones that around the high priest ephod as he represented God in the temple are the stones that covered Lucifer’s being when he was in perfection I think it’s very fascinating all the corollaries there isn’t a scripture but basically he said on the day that you were created they were prepared verse 14 here it is you were the anointed cherub who covers the guardian of the glory of God when I placed you there you were on the holy mountain of God you walked in the midst of the stones of fire and Isiah often says that God dwells in a fire and unapproachable consuming fire he is called by the prophets the everlasting burnings God is so holy he is a consuming fire as you’ve probably read in the book of Hebrews but here was this angelic creature who was allowed into the inter centum of God and it says you were walking in the holy mountain in the midst of the stones of fire you were blameless in your ways from the day you were created now listen verse 15 in the middle until unrighteousness was found in you and what happened in that instant he took one-third of the angelic hosts with him in his rebellion they came down and invaded the earth they tempted Eve he used to come to their temptations she tempted Adam Adam wanted his wife he followed her in the transgression and they rebelled against God and because Adam was the head of the race he plunged all of us into sin that’s why you and I are born sinners were sinners by nature were sinners by choice and we’re also sinners by divine decree because of Adam’s headship of the race and so Satan came along and tried to defile the race through sin so what did God do he came down walking in the cool of the day talked to manases where are you and they said we’re hiding we don’t have the clothes on that’s that who told you don’t have any clothes on he realized that that they finally had realized that they had lost their glorious covering as it says in the Book of Psalms they were most likely robed in light but when they fell in the transgression the light went away and they were ashamed because they were sinners and so God gave them clothes because they were sinners and don’t ever forget why we wear clothes we wear clothes not to be pretty but because we’re sinners clothing is supposed to cover our bodies because we are sinners in our hearts some people forget that and they were less and less close Christians don’t wear less and less clothes they wear more and more clothes because they most of all people in the world know they’re sinners that’s why we were closed folks not to keep up with Paris or Broadway or New York City but because we’re sinners and so Satan thought he could defile the race by sin but God came with a covering and he taught man about the sacrifice and he said you put your offering Cain and Abel on the altar and it will cover your sins and so Abel brought the lamb Cain brought his pumpkins and his squash and his gourds and all the other things kids have never liked to eat and he put him on there guys that that doesn’t count only blood covers sin and so this became the great cleavage in the race and there was a godly line and there was the ungodly line and they got so bad and they were code inhabited with these demons and they caused the Nephilim to come that God flooded them all out saved eight people so Satan said I’ll get those eight so he started infiltrating again he started a global rebellion that culminated at the Tower of Babel and that’s most likely where we get back to Genesis 9 when these creatures I told you about were imprisoned after the second great demonic invasion back then at the Tower of Babel and they are now let out in verse 13 of Revelation chapter 9 to wreak the havoc and destruction upon this planet that they wanted to do but let me just conclude our little study of Satan by telling you a little bit of more about him and a lot of you someone told me.there writing as fast they could you’re gonna have to write fast tonight because I want to finish our study of this creature Satan because I think only when you understand who he truly is can you understand how vulnerable he is to the Word of God and how triumphant we are in our finished salvation I share with you many things last week but this week I’ll share with you continuing the Satan is in a pozer or an opposition of God’s servants there are three ways Satan opposes us number one it says in 1st Thessalonians 2:18 I quote because he would fain have come unto you I Paul once and again but Satan hindered us you know what Paul’s testimony was Satan was a hinderer when Paul want to go to Thessalonica and to proclaim the gospel and to help them be even more in the Word of God Satan hindered him he stood in his way much like the Angels stopped Balaam’s donkey Satan stood in Paul’s way Satan opposes God’s servants first of all by hindering us and would that do to Paul they say oh I quit and I can’t go on I’m impressed no he said I’ve had can’t come to you I’ll pray for you and he said I labored for you night and day in my prayers but Satan opposes us by hindering us secondly he resists us it says in Zechariah 3:1 and Zechariah is looking in a prophetic vision it says and he that the Lord showed me Joshua the high priest standing before the angel of the Lord and Satan was standing at Joshua’s right hand resisting him and here was one of God’s high priests and you stand there trying to do the office of high priest trying to take the blood into the see see trying to atone for the sins of the people and while he was doing that Satan was standing right at his right hand resisting in the whole way filling his thoughts with the things that he couldn’t understand why they were there because because Joshua said I’m so filthy because Satan was resisting him and sometimes we need to in our minds realize that when something comes into your mind that you never have thought of before you better realize you probably never have thought of it before and Satan is resisting you and he’s seeking to derail us and oppose God’s working in our lives Satan opposes us by hindering us by standing in the way of our trying to fulfill what God is calling us to do secondly by resisting us thirdly another passage of Scripture he buffets us it says in 2nd Corinthians 12 and verse 7 the Apostle Paul had a test when he said lest I should be exalted above measure through the abundance of the revelation there was given to me a thorn in the flesh the messenger of Satan to buff it me to buff it me buff that means punch punch punch punch you ever watch and watch boxing long time I used to watch Cassius Clay and they changed his name to Muhammad Ali and then he quit and watch the Sugar Ray Leonard and I didn’t like anymore because they always got bleeding and I thought it’s gross you know what that reminds me of satanic demonic buffeting they buffered us and Paul said that the opposition resulted in good though because it kept him humble it drove him to prayer made him depend on God more so you see what Satan’s trying to do is he’s trying to hinder God’s kingdom and so he opposes us by resisting us and by standing in our way and by buffeting us and what he does is he should drive us to prayer drive us to dependence caused us to humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God and then he lifts us up so number one Satan opposes us the next fact of his existence is he tests believers and that’s a whole new realm is’s in Luke 22:31 and the Lord said to Simon behold Satan has desired to have you that he may sift you as wheat did you know Satan is always trying to test us he’s trying to sift us he’s trying to see like he did with Jobe what do they curse you if we take away their money will they curse you we take their family will you curse you I mean no wonder if Satan is saying to you if I take away your your pension your job your savings will you curse God I take away your beauty you get a scar you’re in an accident will you curse God I handicap you so you can’t do anything you want to do when you curse God and get bitter Satan’s testing you know what God’s saying no they’ll follow me no they’ll follow me and God is able to make all grace abound toward us it says and the epistles to the Corinthians so that we will not be lacking in any realm because God’s grace is sufficient but Satan is testing us thirdly Satan accuses us it says in Revelation 12 verses 9 and 10 that the great dragon that Satan was cast out who is he he’s the old serpent John said who was walking around tempting Eve this beautiful creature known as a serpent but that serpent was none other than an incarnation of Satan himself that old serpent called the devil and Satan who deceives the whole world he was cast into the earth and his angels were cast with him and we’re gonna see that in Chapter 12 when Satan is going to be excluded from the throne room of God right now Satan can come up in accuse you and me at any time he wants he has free access before the throne and Christ stands and says no and it says he strongly pleads for us he is he’s the one that’s our advocate but there’s a day coming when God’s gonna say Satan you don’t have any clearance to land here you’re you’re stuck on the earth and if you think this place is bad now when all that are down here are the second-rate demons and Satan’s occasional popping in and it’s horrible I just read in the USA Today a drifter they picked up on the highway and found out he had a little rental place where he kept all the effects of the 60 people he had murdered that picked him up when he was hitchhiking and he had grisly cut him up and put him all over the place and kept their rings and you know their glasses and their knuckles and whatever else he liked in this storage shed now this is under the influence just of these second-rate demons and Satan’s occasional bouncing up and down can you imagine when his crack troops that are and the pit get let out that’s chapter 9 in the first half do you imagine when is four generals the warlords of hell are let loose with their 200 million army members to kill a third of this planet and finally in Chapter 12 Satan himself is grounded to this planet and he’s like a roaring lion destroying knowing his time is running out he accuses the believers finally the last thing Satan will do is he energizes the Antichrist and if it’s not enough that he opposes us and tests us and accuses us he is someday going to energize a human being and that human being is going to take the place of standing in the place of Jesus Christ Antichrist I remind you does not mean against Christ it means in place of Christ on T in place up Jesus Christ and this man’s gonna come he’s gonna have a false prophet that’s gonna bring down fire from heaven gonna do all kinds of miracle raised the dead all types of amazing things he’s going to say worship the Antichrist he’s going to bring global peace do you know the Antichrist is gonna rise to power not in this maelstrom of a horrific war he’s gonna rise on the robes of peace around this planet and it’s coming folks it’s coming fast and Satan’s gonna energize him well Satan is defeated he’s been perpetually cursed since Genesis 3 when the Lord Jesus Christ in the future dying on the cross was going to crush him and that was promised it says the Satan was going to bruise Christ heal but Jesus Christ was going to crush Satan’s head secondly he is to be treated as a conquered enemy it says in Colossians 2:15 that Christ despoiled the principalities and powers he made a show of them openly triumphing over them Jesus Christ has already triumphed over Satan he knows that – he doesn’t want to admit it he shakes you up shakes me up and tests us and scares us but he’s already been defeated thirdly as I said already is going to be cast out of heaven and then he’s going to be let out and finally Satan is going to be put into the lake of fire as I leave you tonight I just want to share with you what we should do in our lives in reference to Satan tonight if you want to overcome the powers that are marshaled against you in demons hosts that are here in this planet we have to claim what Hebrews 2:14 says that Jesus Christ partook of our flesh that he might bring to death him that had the power of death that Satan and what we have to do is just claim the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross secondly we need to wear his armor and if you study the armor of Ephesians 6 every piece of the armor speaks of Jesus Christ he is the helmet of our salvation he is the breastplate of our righteousness he is the truth that Gerdes us the loins of our lives he is the sword of the Spirit Jesus Christ is the armor that we put on this why Paul said on the Lord Jesus Christ and make no provision for the flesh thirdly we’re supposed to be self-controlled it says in Ephesians 4:27 don’t give place to the devil and I really have no compassion for Christians that tell me that they’re having trouble with their thoughts and having trouble with their lives are having trouble and they’re sitting there watching Satan’s medium they’re watching television they’re watching immorality and they’re watching rebellion and they’re watching all the the New Age lives for hours every day and they’re saying you know I’m really having trouble in my Christian life it’s like someone that has surgery and they leave open the wound and they just run it around their dog pen the kennel where all the filth is do you think that’s a very wise thing to do why would we put our brand-new spirit creature that God has made us a new heart and why would we expose it constantly to the filth of this world we are to exercise self-control it says the fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5 is love joy peace long-suffering gentleness goodness faith faith meekness temperance against such there’s no law in that temperance ideas strict self-control I hope you’re exercising self-control we’re supposed to have unceasing vigilance it says in first Peter 5:8 be sober be village it vigilant for your adversary the devil as a roaring lion is walking about seeking to devour what does that mean we’re supposed to keep our eyes open and when we see any of his honest thoughts coming we resist him steadfast in the Lord we say you’re feed it in the power of the word of God and finally it says in James 4:7 I think it’s the most beautiful it’s the first book of the New Testament that was written so practical submit yourselves therefore to God resist the devil he’ll flee from you you don’t have to chase him you don’t have to battle over the head you don’t have to yell at him resist him just say Jesus Christ is my Lord I’m not gonna give in to your onslaught inroads in my life well Satan is defeated long ago in a faraway place that we don’t even know where exactly it was there was a rebellion that took place and the highest created being in the universe Satan himself led away the spirit beings they’re coming back to this planet in full force during the most cruel time in the history of this planet called the tribulation hour how do you get ready for it well the best way to get ready for it is not to be here when it happens instead of trying to figure out how to get in your bunker and exist through it why don’t you miss it the way you miss it is by getting a one-way ticket to heaven call being born again I hope you’re ready to meet the Lord Jesus Christ when he comes or when he calls

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No matter what religion you serve, there is only one God.

If, you want to be assured that you will not have to endure the perilous times that will befall you.

Irrespective, of what sins you may have committed at any time of your life. If you humble yourself and ask for God’s forgiveness. He will forgive you and wash them all away and welcome you as his beloved son or daughter with open arms.

If you are not a child of Father God or have not asked Jesus Christ to come into your life yet?

I implore you to do this without delay.

Read this prayer of Salvation and ask God to forgive you now and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour and you will be assured of eternal life.

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