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Ep16-Revelation chapter 9 – relating to 2020 – FINAL PLAGUE OF DEMONIC BLACK DEATH by Dr John Barnett

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If you’d have been alive 300 years ago in the City of London you would have been alive during the climax of the worst catastrophe that the earth has known up until that time by the year 1666 it’s believed that 75 million human beings had died of what is now known as the Black Death a microscopic organism carried by fleas as they partook of the blood of vermin of rats and other creatures and carrying that that terrible contagion they infected and spread the disease to 75 million people from Asia until finally it ended in the British Isles the greatest most sweeping natural catastrophe that’s been known on this planet the people of London if you’d have been there 300 years ago were dealing with it as they thought was proper it was taught by the College of Physicians that fresh air is what caused this terrible disease and if you would have gone in and told them in that time that it was a microscopic organism that a flea would give to you they would have laughed at you the people were living in doors with their chimneys plugged burning smoldering messes of various types of herbs that would fill their homes with grey smoke it was taught that the air had to be cleared by the discharge of guns and so guns could constantly be heard firing outside and over the entire city there was a black pall of just a smudge as everyone burnt everything possible it’s amazing how much we know now how easy it is to explain that terrible epidemic but much like people laughing in the faces of us if we would have gone back 300 years to have warned them people in our world are laughing when we talk to them about the power of Satan and of demons and much as the the sky was overshadowed with blackness of the smoke as they tried to ward off something that smoke would never touch our culture is becoming more and more enamored with the contagion that is going to someday sweep them into the most gripping carnage that will make the Black Death pale to what it will wreak upon the human race the ninth chapter of the book of Revelation describes in our little journey the onslaught of Satan’s personal invasion of this earth up until this time God has been allowing natural disasters to occur primarily he has been turning the heat up on the earth of the birth pangs as we saw this morning they crescendo and then comes the spirit world’s attack and in Chapter 9 there’s a two-pronged attack that we see tonight the satanic invasion of demonic spirits next week the incredible actual military invasion by Satan that that conquers and decimates the population but as we come to this I don’t want it to be in a vacuum and I want you to really understand the bigger picture and I have to say that just by way of review is crucial to having a prophetic perspective and I’ll just outline that but if you were not here of all of the the understandings of this book that you need to have it’s most crucial since one third of it is written in prophecy that you really get that tape and understand for things to have a prophetic perspective number one why do we study prophecy and I shared with you because God promises a blessing and the first need we have to have a prophetic perspective is to know that the reason why we should study is God promised to bless us and he promises to bless us with some very specific things he promises to bless us with godliness because when you look at prophecy you look at God and you see his hand and you want to be like him and secondly he promised to bless us with a decreasing hold of materialism it causes us to turn from material things and finally it develops in us an expectancy and all three of those are crucial features of of having God’s blessing and having a prophetic perspective secondly when should we study and I really think this is so crucial you shouldn’t study prophecy until you’re ready to be God’s servant and obey His Word because those that have spiritual ears will hear God’s Word and obey Him and that’s the second basic reason why God tells us to study thirdly we should study the scriptures in context and the context I shared with you is that in the book of Revelation we see that God has a plan the first four chapters are God as he speaks through the Lord Jesus Christ challenging his people and his people today are the church and that’s who we are and God challenges us to a life he wants us to live starting in chapter 5 we see Jesus Christ Himself conquering back this planet since the creation of the world the fall of mankind and Satan’s rebellion this world has been careening out of seeming control although God has been orchestrating and working all together for his divine purpose but in chapter 5 and concluding in chapter 20 we see Jesus Christ coming back personally and conquering the planet and then we see finally in chapters 21 and 22 Jesus Christ consummating his plan of eternity but I think it’s very important that you see an outline and for some of you you you need a framework and you need to know what the Word of God teaches as far as future events and you can use this book of Revelation because it nicely lays out into a framework – to understand where we are in relationship to future events so if you just turn through I’m going to turn each page and I want to show you what I mean chapters 1 2 & 3 are about the church age it was written during the church age it was depicting the seven types of churches that would constantly be existing all the way through the church age it was also showing I believe prophetically the stages of the faith in Jesus Christ that would be on this planet and it went from the Apostolic fervor of the in church that cooled and waned into losing their first love through the persecution of the Smyrna church all the way through to the the lukewarmness that is so pervasive today and if there’s ever been an era of global materialism global apathy global lukewarmness it’s right now we’re in the Laodicean age and that’s chapters 1 2 & 3 chapter 4 is the next prophetic event in the book of Revelation we’re seeing the church and how that fits in and you say wait a minute this morning he’s saying you know you’re going to be persecuted and dragged around all that and that’s true because the Jewish people as in 144,000 and the remnant and those Jews that make it through the tribulation are going to go right through it but I’m not a Jew and I’m that call to go through and in chapter 4 we see for the church the church exits from this planet and that exit from the planet is called the snatching away or the Latin word rapture that has come into the English language some people have a hang-up because that word rapture isn’t in the Bible but better than the word rapture is word harpazo which means to snatch especially to grab up something as in a glass before the kids knock it off the table or as in a delicate object before it falls or as in something that’s gonna be crushed you pull it out of the way and that has always been God’s plan he took Enoch out of this planet before the flood but he took Noah and his family through the flood very interesting the twofold way God’s going to take the church out and bring the Jews through God took he lied you out of the world he took Elijah through via terrible decadence of the apostate ancient Israel’s time God took the the Jews right out of Egypt and he kept them through to the promised land always there’s this beautiful two-part teaching the Scriptures have of some that he pulls right out and others that he brings through in the plagues that hit Egypt God kept the Jews from suffering through the plagues the the the plagues hit all around them but it did not hit them much like what God’s going to do to the Jewish people through the tribulation hour but chapter 4 tells us about the next prophetic event which is are snatching out and we looked at that many months ago Chapter five begins the the teaching in the scripture about the tribulation our five through eighteen is is tribulation and if you just turn through these pages you’ll see some of the most horrible sounds of groaning in agony as there is a a cataclysmic eruption of natural disasters and as there is a spiritual earthquake and a celestial earthquake as every realm spiritual celestial and earthly is all impacted with the tribulation hour but for you to understand what the tribulation is about you have to understand that one-third of the Old Testament talks about that hour and it calls that time the day of the Lord which is the time of Jacob’s trouble and the tribulation has everything to do with the Jews and the unbelievers and nothing to do with the Christians who are believers right now and that’s the biblical perspective and that ends in chapter 18 with the ending of that the collapse of earthly kingdoms both religious and commercial and obviously this is very much like people in the occult fine they get into the cult and they dabble with it and pretty soon the power begins alluring them this man I spoke with last month he told me he said I’m gonna commit suicide because I was told by the Watchers that I will have fantastic powers if I will give my life to them do you see the enticement and enchantment and the alluring and these these fiendish creatures that are coming and torturing people yet they’ll have some fascination for the people of the earth and it says a little in chapter 6 and it says it again a little bit later that that even though they’re being killed and even though they’re being tortured it says that they will not repent of worshipping demons and it’s much like the animistic cultures and some of the third world nations around our world where people know that there’s a distant Supreme Being but they also these local pests that get them the local little gods and so they pacify them and many missionaries have to teach the people to quit offering offerings to the demons to these these little spirit gods that are in their areas and worship the true and living God and then you’ll be set free from those demons but the people during the tribulation hour turn their back on the living and true God and they worship these demons that are destroying them well finally they’re deadly if you look at the end of verse 8 it says that their teeth were like the teeth of lions and it’s almost like their people are seduced into to the enchantment of these demons and then they get them and that’s what the teeth of lions the deadly nature the the pain that goes through well that’s the satanic invasion and it says their breasts place there’s a real hardness to them breastplates of iron verse 9 the sound of their wings was like the sound of chariots that’s where people get the helicopter you know the rotor going around and many horses rushing to battle actually what I think it is is that these demonic creatures have some sound attached with them and it’s people on the earth will hear them coming and they will just that’s why it says they’ll run and ask the rocks to fall on them and they’ll try and hide but if you can imagine the horror of these creatures coming and you’re not being able to escape it anywhere that’s what it’s talking about well verse 10 they have tails like scorpions and stings and in their tails was the power to hurt man for five months he repeats it and they have a king over them and if you want to look up sometimes proverbs 30 27 it says locusts have no king that’s the little things that go ha ha you know you know locusts they have no king these locusts have a king these are not bugs these are demonic creatures and it says the king over them is the Angel of the abyss and his name in Hebrew is a badan and his name in greek is apollyon the destroyer and so the the angel of destruction the angel the destroyer is their leader and he comes and destroys people on this planet with pain and it says in verse 12 the first woe is past behold two more woes are coming after these can you imagine that you imagine getting run over by a demonic lawnmower and not being able to dine at the room and then knowing it’s gonna happen two more times and get worse it’s horrible to think about what the tribulation hour is going to be like but the Scriptures tell us in this prophetic passage that it’s a terrible time coming but what’s important for us is to have an understanding of what we should do tonight and what we should do is just practically understand the spirit world and Satan and I want to close with this and you can sit back we just have just a few moments I want to tell you a little bit about Satan and want to encourage you because if you’ve ever had any dabbling in the occult you know how horrible it is and if you know anybody that’s in your call you know how horrible it is if you read the Bible clearly you know how horrible it is but we are not to fear Satan we’re to be aware of him and the Scriptures tell us exactly what to do with this defeated foe and real quickly I’m just gonna read you a series of verses when I told Bonnie I was gonna do that she just went too many verses honey but I wouldn’t do it anyway okay just listen don’t try and write these down I want to tell you about state number one Satan is real he originated sin it says in Ezekiel 28:15 he was perfect in his ways until the day that iniquity was found in him he is the origination and source of sin secondly he causes suffering it says in acts 10:38 this is a verse that says how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit with power he went about doing good in healing all listened that were oppressed of the devil Satan causes suffering on this planet thirdly Satan causes death it says in Hebrews 2:14 for as much then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood he that’s Jesus Christ took part in the same that through death he might destroy him that had the power of death that is the devil Satan is the author of death fourthly he he lures people to evil Paul said this in first Thessalonians 3:5 for this cause when I could no longer forbear I sent to know your faith lest by some means the tempter have tempted you and our labor be in vain Satan is one who tries to to allure people into evil and most often it’s not with the black side is with the white side he I think is most active in religious circles because he’s called the angel of light and he’s always parading himself in human religion because the best thing to get people is a counterfeit that’s very close have you ever seen a fake diamond that looked like it was plastic who would buy that counterfeiters counterfeit to look exactly like the real thing and Satan is a counterfeit err and religion is Satan’s counterfeit to the revelation of God don’t ever forget that there’s only two types of spiritual worship in this world and it might be a little bit offensive to you to know this but if it’s not the true revelation of God in this book which is salvation by faith through the grace of God alone in Jesus Christ that’s revelation everything else the worship of people the worship of the Dalai Lama all the cults all the liberal denominations that don’t believe in Jesus Christ they are all religion and religion is the religion of human achievement which is from Satan ever since Cain remember Cain said I’m gonna do it my way I’m gonna offer my my pumpkin instead of your lamb never that that’s religion and all of the people you know that don’t know Jesus Christ are offering at the shrine of Satan’s religion now Satan’s religion sometimes has a backward caller front caller sometimes they wear robes sometimes they have beads and their heads are shaved and they’re dancing around with little things on their fingers at airports but all of it is his religion and he’s gonna get the people this planet they won’t listen to the living and true God he allure him to evil he ensnares men it says in 2nd Timothy 2:26 it says that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil and many people have been snared by him and he snares through many things with his physical desires whether it’s spiritual power that people want if they want it apart from God he have smears them he inspires wicked thoughts and purposes it says in John 13 to that after the Lord suffered the devil put into the heart of Judas Iscariot to betray Christ he invaded him and got him the good thing is Satan can’t invade Christians he takes possession of Venice’s in John 13 27 that after the SOB Satan entered into Judas he didn’t just get his mind he had actually physically first fiercely invaded his physical body now Satan is not omnipresent it’s not like the Holy Spirit all of us are indwelt by the Holy Spirit if you know Christ Satan can only do one at a time and Judas was so important he did him then and went inside of him Satan can blind the minds of people it says in 2nd Corinthians 4:4 and whom the god of this age has blinded the minds of the unbelievers he dissipates the truth it says those by the wayside in mark 4:15 Satan comes and immediately takes the word out of their mind and if Satan does it his demons do it to you share the gospel and people it seems like they listen and I’ll suddenly say what and it’s just that truth is taken right out of their mind and that’s why anybody that’s saved it’s a miracle it’s a miracle any of us know Christ he also multiplies evildoers it says in Matthew 13 that that while the sore was sleeping that Satan came and sowed tares and he just likes to multiply evildoers and one of Satan’s favorite things to do is to infiltrate the church with people that that look like Christians but yet they never want to be a Christian things and every time the Spirit of God gets moving they go oh you know that’s too emotional or that’s not good or oh we don’t want to do that it’s too you know and they’re a lot and the professing church Christ said that that are Satan’s tears within the true he energizes his ministers in 2nd Corinthians 11:13 it says for such are false apostles apostles deceitful workers transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ in the first century Satan had energized people to be false apostles in the first century and if you think he was busy in the first century he’s very busy in the twentieth century with false apostles that’s why whenever you hear something or read something or see something we are to test it against the Bible it says in Deuteronomy 13 if someone comes and does miracles say uh-huh and listen to their message if their message doesn’t line up with the scriptures it says don’t know now we’re not under that covenant don’t stone any of these guys on TV or anything else but check if their message lines up with the Bible well just quickly enclosing Satan is defeated he is perpetually cursed the Scriptures tell us that he is conquered it says in Colossians 2:15 Christ spoiled principalities and the powers and he made a show he triumphed over them and as we meditated in in our meditation time this morning Christ leads us in triumph remember Satan is defeated he’s a roaring lion but his teeth had been taken out his things if you walk in the power of the Spirit he’s going to be cast out of the heavenlies once and for all says in Revelation 12 he’s not going to have any more access to accusing us before God it says in Revelation 20 he’s going to be confined in the abyss it says in Revelation 20 and verse 3 he’ll be let out one last time after the Millenium and finally in Revelation 20 10 he’s going to be cast into the lake of fire he’s a defeated spirit being and he’s working his hardest well how are we supposed to respond to Satan are we supposed to be yelling at him putting him in his place I was in a prayer meeting once for someone was taken the Bible and said Satan I’m gonna poke you with my Bible I thought oh don’t play with Satan what should we do the Bible says we’re supposed to claim our Redemption rights Hebrews 2:14 it says that Christ partook of death so that we would have him bring to naught the power seat in our life Jesus Christ his Redemption nullifies Satan’s hold on our life it says we’re supposed to take the full equipment and appropriate the armor of God Ephesians 6 it says we’re supposed to have self-control it says in Ephesians 4:27 don’t give any place to the devil you see he can tempt us if we open the door for him if we go down fleshly or proud or undisciplined roots it says in first Peter 5:8 we’re supposed to have unceasing vigilance be sober be vigilant watch out for your adversary he’s trying to devour people watch out for him what do we do when we see him James 4:7 the first New Testament book submit yourselves therefore to God resist the devil and he will flee from you resist don’t talk to him don’t threaten him resist him it says that the people in the revelation that conquer overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony trusting in the sacrifice of Christ and saying I resist you because of the finished work of Christ Satan’s invasion is coming part two starts in verse thirteen we’ll see you next week but I encourage you tonight he’s a defeated foe don’t focus on him focus on a godly walk lessening of the hold of this world an expectancy of Christ’s return that’s why we study prophecy and I hold they got will bless that truth your heart tonight

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