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Look in the book of Revelation tonight let’s open to that book and as you’re opening there I want you to know it it has been a long time since we were in this book and as I studied and prepared and prayed and thought about it I thought that whenever we meet around the word of God there are some basic questions that we always should be asking and I thought that I would give you the opportunity tonight to let me ask some for you and perhaps before we’re done at the end of the evening lets you ask some questions because one of the factors that factored into the early church was the fact that the apostles knew that they were confronting a culture that knew very little the further they got away from Jerusalem that knew very little of the whole foundation of the church which was Old Testament Judaism and because of that they would confront these pagan people they would believe and be supernaturally saved but after that everything they were taught caused them to have increasing exponentially number of questions and so the Apostle would dialogue especially the Apostle Paul would spend usually the the entire day when he was in Ephesus renting the school of Tyrannus and for over a year and a half he would answer questions with the people all day long and I’m sure that since I’m not an apostle I probably engender more questions than I answer and and so I’d like to help in any way possible with answering those and so tonight one of the the dear friends I have in the church said you know could you could you use some graphics or overheads so hard to sit for a whole hour he didn’t really say them so hard to sit for a whole hour but I understood what he meant and so I thought instead of overheads it’s even more electrifying for people to hear questions that they’re too afraid to ask and that that I’m too afraid to answer so we’ll have a good time but look at the The Book of Revelation we’re going to just introduce verses 1 through 12 this evening of the ninth chapter that’s how far we’ve gotten and those of you that are following along we started this about a year ago and went pretty strong until about and then we’re just picking up now but whenever we come to word of god we need to ask and answer some key questions in our passage tonight is revelation 9 and these are the questions I thought you might be thinking the first one is why should we even study the book of Revelation isn’t that the most ambiguous apocalyptic kind of symbolic the most controversial most disagreed upon book in the Bible why would we ever study that book secondly when should we study it isn’t there something you should wait for the kind of when you get to be old and go to Bible conferences all the time and have lots of money to buy books shouldn’t it be then what does it really have to do with now with our lives where we are today and thirdly if if we should even study it and if it should be now how should we go about studying it should we get charts should we have all kinds of how should we do it should we try and identify everybody and say uh-huh that’s the you know that’s the Pope and that’s Saddam Hussein and and and that’s Germany should we do that and have charts and global maps and and drawings and pictures how should we go about studying it and finally and I think this is really what all of us need to ask whenever we go to the Bible to learn anything can we really know anything for sure about the future do you think it’s really possible to know the future and can we know that from the Bible those are just some basic questions those are the questions I ask and I know that they’re the same ones that perhaps you’re asking tonight well the first one why should we even study the book of Revelation and let’s back up because I think we’re gonna use the Bible to explain the Bible look at Revelation chapter one and verse three if the question is why should we even study this book does it even have significance does it even have a place in our life I think the Bible speaks to that in Revelation 1 and verse 3 gives us the answer I think that we’re looking for it says in the book of Revelation chapter 1 and verse 3 blessed is he who reads and here’s a little insight into the ancient world people read out loud back then and your family would be doing well if dad’s you read out loud your kids and moms and and any of you single parents if you have children read out loud to them read them the Bible but especially this book it says blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of the prophecy but not just read them in Purim but listen and heed the things which are written in it for the time is near and I submit to you that if the time was near in AD 90 it is nearer today and if it was important to read and to listen to the book of Revelation 19 centuries ago it’s imperative that we read and listen to and heed the message of this book now I want to back up a couple more books to second Peter that’s very close don’t go too far and I would encourage those of you that perhaps have happened on us tonight or have been happening on us and maybe you didn’t bring your Bible to take that little one out of the Pew and don’t feel funny if you have to look both ways to figure out where we are because it would do you much good to follow along but second Peter and then 1st 2nd 3rd John Jude revelation it’s only 5 books back from the last book so it’s easy to find 2nd Peter chapter 3 kind of delineates now John just said the prophecy Biblical prophecy of which 17 18 chapters 19 chapters of Revelation are prophetic the first three are our historical they’re in the present tense and the rest are in the future tense but but the vast majority of the revelation is prophetic and it speaks of future events and Peter gave us a real nice thumbnail sketch of why we should study prophecy which I think is something that whenever that question comes to bear in your life you should remember what Peter said Peter was eminently practical he was a dirt under his fingernails calloused hands fishermen he’s the Apostle the foot shake mouth he was always speaking for he thought he really was down to earth and here’s what he said verse 10 of Chapter three a second Peter he said but the day of the Lord and that should just ring buzzers for you because that’s the the buzzword the catch word for the end times it’s called the day of the Lord the day of Jacob’s trouble that that that day of Wrath that day of the Lord he said that future event the consummation of Christ’s plan the the conquest of the universe back from the ravages of Satan the adversary and sin by Jesus Christ that conquest back the day of the Lord will come like a thief by the way no thief that has ever been involved in my life ever let me know they were coming I’ve had a few things stolen my life and it was when I wasn’t looking and I know that you’ve ever been broken into they don’t usually come and post a notice they’re coming and send you a couple follow-up letters and make an appointment it’s a very secretive stealthy thing but the day of the Lord will come like a thief in which the heavens will pass away with a roar the elements will be destroyed with intense heat and the earth and its works will be burned up verse 11 here’s the first application and the first answer to the reason why we should study prophecy from Peter and by the way he exactly agrees with John number one since all these things are to be destroyed in this way what sort of people ought you to be in holy conduct and godliness the first wonderful reason we should study prophecy as it promotes the godly life you don’t know when the Lord’s gonna come back and so you want to live he said if everything around you is going to collapse and as John adds in the book of Revelation if the the heli themes are released from the the abode of Tatara sand and the the horrible tomb of the most depraved and defiled and horrific demonic creatures which are not operative in the world right now by the way you think it’s bad right now chapter 9 says that there are demon themes they’re so horrible that God said they’re incarcerated he let him around for the first thousand years and they caused such havoc on the earth under Satan’s leadership that they were imprisoned in everlasting dark black pits but that pits open in Chapter nine and and what Peters saying and John saying is if that’s going to happen if the world is going to be overrun with these these horrific creatures and and if the whole place is going to fall apart and finally be destroyed by fire what kind of people out you live in holy conduct and godliness the first reason we should study prophecy is it promotes godly living secondly look at verse 12 looking for in hastening to the coming of the day of God that’s another word for the end times the day of God the day of the Lord he says we’re looking for it and in hastening the coming of the day of God and I think it’s really interesting that Christians that really get a hold of what the Bible says realize that if you obey God you’ll hasten the day of God now how does that square with Providence it squares nicely we just don’t understand it well what the Apostles told us that the Jerusalem conference was that that we in the church age have got to do what we’re supposed to do so that when we finish our task God can again rebuild the Fallen habitation of David in other words so that God will be through with what the church is supposed to doing who will pick up with what the Jews are supposed to do as his people in this world and so the more that you and I are obedient the more that you and I are fulfilling God’s calling to us as Christians in this world to be proclaiming the eternal gospel the more we hasten the day of God and I want to be hastening all I can for his glory on account of which continuing verse 12 the heavens will be destroyed by burning the elements will melt with intense heat basically the second reason we should study Biblical prophecy is not only it promotes godly living but it definitely discourages materialism did you catch what it says it says we should be hastening the coming of God and hastening the destruction of this physical world and if I’m supposed to hasten the destruction the physical world it should have a very small hole of my life why would you and I grasp something that God says I’m going to destroy why should we spend our whole life trying to conquer a piece of something God says this so wick he’s going to burn it up why should we accumulate stuff that he says it’s going to be of no value it would be like hoarding money during the incredible hyperinflation when the German people experienced a mark going in value from one mark for a loaf of bread to a million marks for a loaf of bread who would who would hoard money that was worthless it was so worthless that it was cheaper to burn it and to fire your stove with it then was to cart it down to buy bread during those years and God says I’m gonna burn it all out and I hope that that this little diving back in the prophecy strikes the chords in our hearts that all of us are holding on too tight to things on this earth and the only way we can keep them forever is to give them to God and it starts with our self and it continues by giving our children if we have them to God and it continues beyond that giving our worldly possessions and it means holding loosely the things of this world why because Biblical prophecy tells us we’ve got to live holy and godly lives and we have to decrease our grip on material things but finally if you keep reading verse 13 but according to his promise we are looking for new heavens and a new earth that’s why we can’t clean this one up we’re not going to be able al gore’s ecological report for the world is right in keeping with what the book of Revelation says that’s going to be a global desire to clean up mother earth so we can worship her more but an accord of the promises we’re looking for a new heavens I’m looking for a new heaven and a new earth in which righteousness dwells I don’t want to reformat it fallen cursed sinful Satan own planet that’s not what I’m looking for verse 14 therefore beloved since you look for these things what since you look for these things that’s the last reason that we should study prophecy why should we study prophecy because it makes us have a holy and godly life why should we study prophecy because it discourages materialism why do we study prophecy because it develops an expectancy in our heart for Jesus Christ look what it says therefore beloved since you look for these things when’s the last time you look for the Lord now what was all day long today if not I hope it starts tonight he is our only hope he is all and I’m looking for and I hope he’s all that you are looking for and if you are one who the Holy Spirit can affect your life it will affect your life in this way the more you look in the book of Revelation to see what’s coming the more you want to live holy and righteous and the more you want to let loose of the things of the earth as the songwriter said in the things of Earth grow strangely dim those sails of words don’t matter as much getting our name somewhere inscribed as doing some great thing doesn’t matter having having collections of a precious and rare things don’t matter so much because the rarest thing and the most precious thing is God’s well done his pleasing approval on our life and it causes us to develop an expectant life so continuing in that verse be diligent verse 14 because you’re looking for these things be diligent to be found by him Peter said you know you know what’s helping me to endure being an apostle and being chased and hounded all over the planet and being the offscouring of the earth as the Apostles work do you know what keeps me going he says I want to live a holy and godly life before my Savior I knew him so well on earth I loved him so much I followed him everywhere he went I can’t wait to follow him home that people that go home with Christ are holy and godly and that’s why he said that if you notice the Apostles really they had very few possessions because they had really left it all to follow Christ finally he said therefore since you look for these things be diligently to be found by him Peter said I don’t know where I’m going to be but he’s going to find me and when he finds me I want to be found in spotless and blameless in peace Hebrew word Shalom complete content peaceful not troubled like the seas not waving around and alternating between this world and in the world to come but peacefully content harmonized with the reason I was created and the reason I was saved that’s why we should study prophecy but go back to the book of Revelation this time to chapter 2 because there’s a second question we need to look at tonight and that’s when should we study it if it promotes godliness if it discourages materialism if it develops expectancy when should we study the book of Revelation I mean should we wait till later in life should we should we wait until we grow a little bit more true wait until we could get more Bible dictionaries to figure out all those symbols when should we start studying the book of Revelation I think that it’s very clearly answered in this book also in Revelation chapter 2 now in verse 7 and I don’t want to be simplistic and I don’t want to offend anybody how simple this answer is but you should start studying the book of Revelation as soon as you’re willing to start listening to God look what it says in verse 7 he who has an ear let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches why was this book written do you think this book was written to help people escape and run to the right places when the whole place is falling apart I don’t think so I don’t think this book is going to have a whole lot of impact on people during the tribulation they’re gonna be running for their lives they’re gonna be under the demonic delusion that the world has never known there’s going to be Satan incarnate on this planet and he’s going to unloose his bottomless pit full of creatures that are so horrible John couldn’t even describe them I doubt if there’s gonna be a whole lot of Bible study going on then the book of Revelation was written for people in the church that come to the point that they say you have saved me you have given me spiritual ears I will listen and I’m going to respond now to what you’re trying to tell me this is the capstone of the Bible this book answers so many of the questions that come from the other 65 books this book is a summation this is the great climactic conclusion to all of the plan of God for the ages don’t relegate it to a book full of mysterious symbols an apocalyptic lore that we must be able to draw some spiritual truth from but we’re not sure what it is the most simple clear and understandable book in the Bible but it sure takes a lot of work to get to that point and that’s why it is most understandable to those verse 7 who have an ear to hear so I guess they answered our question when should we study the book of Revelation as soon as you know that you’re God’s servant and you’re willing to do and to be whatever he want you to be there’s a little chorus only to be what he wants me to be every moment of every day how do you do that by living godly holy lives by letting loose of the constant ingrown materialism that comes especially in the last decade of the 20th century and living expectantly and I’m sorry to tell you that there’s a entire branch of good godly born-again Christians that have ditched their expectancy of Christ’s return and they’ve decided they’re gonna reformat the world for God and I tell you that’s not the mandate of a born-again Christian you can be mixed up and follow that but if you want to live in a spirit tuned in hearing way to God hear what he says to the churches thirdly how should we study this book I think that’s very very crucial for us to to look at verse 19 of chapter one tells us that I’m going to share a little bit because these chapter two and three are so crucial and we spent seven weeks going through chapter 2 in chapter 3 and there’s a lot there that I’d like to remind you of but I want you to really see the way that we should study the Bible how do you study the Bible how should we study the Bible how is it possible to study the Bible what was God’s plan studying this book and I think when you understand how the thing was put together and and and the orchestration of it all maybe it will grip you to read it all it always troubles me when I meet people to kind of avoid the Old Testament they kind of say who you know I understand that or maybe it doesn’t count for us anymore especially when I hear pastors say only preach from the New Testament I think why everybody in New Testament only read the Old Testament why would you only preach from the New Testament and why don’t you see that it’s a beautiful organic whole that it’s the entire mind of God revealed it is from creation to consummation is from the beginning to the ending of everything that began when it’s the final thread when the orchestra the concert of worship of all eternity comes to the climax why would you miss out and why wouldn’t you follow what the scriptures say look at chapter 1 and verse 19 because what’s amazing is that if this is crucial to understand that that God would certainly let us know how to study it and I think that truly the best way to study this book is in the context of the entire scripture this was says verse 19 Jesus Christ is speaking and he says write therefore the things which you have seen and not just what you’ve seen the things which are and not just the things which are seeing the things which are and those things which shall take place after these things what’s marvelous is that this book is most unique in the scriptures this book in the first chapter gives us an incredible insight into the person of Jesus Christ it shows us that he is truly the the Lord of the universe the King of Kings the Lord of lords the Ancient of Days it shows us what he’s doing right now here tonight and everywhere where his true church is meeting all over the world and it shows us what he’s looking for tonight in our midst and then starting in Chapter four that’s chapter one who Christ is chapter two and three what he’s doing starting in chapter four it shows his conquest back of the universe that that he allowed Satan to take in his rebellion and he allowed man to follow in his rebellion but now the time is up and he’s pulling in the strings and he’s taking back the reins that were never out of his hands but he is conquering the universe back and that’s what he said this book is about and if you look at it in the order that it says it’s about you can understand the book so well write the things which are right about me he says and then write the the things which you’ve seen about me write the things which are right about the church and right about what’s going on in the church and write about my piercing eyes that look in the church and record all that as a message to the church and then he said I’m gonna tell you what’s going to happen in the future it’s a wonderful wonderful outline study the book of Revelation in context the basic flow is chapters 1 through 3 Jesus Christ is challenging his church chapters 4 through 20 Jesus Christ is conquering this planet chapter 21 and 22 Jesus Christ is consummating his plan of the ages it’s just a very simple simple but beautiful and profound book of the Bible but you know what I skipped over lightly is really the whole reason why we desperately need to study this book and part of the why we should study this book is that it’s a warning to us remember this book is to the church this book is not to the Old Testament Saints this book is not to Israel this book is to the church which is distinct and separate and marvelous and God’s plan unit and we’re to accomplish something and you should really study the book of Revelation when you see these things and that’s what the seven churches saw and just zipping along the first seven verses of chapter 2 when you see distant arts in the church study the book of Revelation what does that mean when you see people that have forgotten the joy of their salvation when you see people that their salvation is so far removed from them they no longer shed a tear they no longer get choked up they no longer get misty-eyed they no longer get overwhelmed with the wonder of their salvation when you start seeing people getting distant and it’s kind of like they can compartmentalize their life and yeah we’ll get fanatic we’ll listen Tim jumping around and yelling on Sunday but the rest of the week’s mine better read the book of Revelation when people start getting distant from their first love from that overflowing enthusiasm for their salvation it’s time listen to the spirit in the book of Revelation secondly when people start facing persecution this verses 8 through 11 in chapter 2 and that was a church at Smyrna and when you start facing persecution and and when you hit that glass ceiling not because you’re a woman in corporate America but because you’re a Christian in the American corporation when you hit that glass ceiling kid you won’t lie or cheat or steal or carouse or whatever they want you to do and you hit that or whatever persecution you face on the college campus or the high school campus or the junior high school campus or in the women’s coffee clutch or whatever you’re in and you start facing persecution it’s time to read the book of Revelation as it talks about how to handle persecution and thirdly when you start feeling that that wooing to the world that’s another time to read the book of Revelation when when the church starts looking like a country club with no standards and people are focused more on their money in their car on their job and only what is socially acceptable and they kind of filter out what they hear in church from what you know is socially and not socially acceptable and when you start seeing compromise with no true biblical standard and there’s more concern with fashion than holiness you better start reading the book of Revelation because you’re right in the verses of that book because that was what was going on in the church at Pergamum they were wet to the world and this book says as soon as the church starts looking so much like the world you can’t tell them apart you better watch out because the judgment of God coming on those Christians that claim to be his holy chosen ones fourthly the book of Revelation tells us in the Church of Thyatira that you better start reading the book of Revelation when you start hearing false doctrine in the church and I’ll tell you what there is so much false doctrine in the church that the cults aren’t even the problem anymore it’s the church and the church is getting mixed up and the church is getting distorted than their focus and they’re getting wrong in their priorities and it seems like that we’re letting in and saying Oh someone appears to be a nice Christian you shouldn’t criticize them and when we have people that claim to be born-again Christians that are borrowing from the error of Christian Science I mean it was bad enough that Mary Baker Glover Patterson Frye Eddie took that stuff and promoted but when Christians promoted and they drop and steal from the same source she drew from it’s really a bad thing and when those people are accepted on the church and they’re well-known on television it’s time to read the Bible and to beware of false doctrine v Lee v Church tells us that when there starts to be dead and cold and lifeless churches and if you wonder if there are dead and cold and lifeless churches why don’t you take a week off sometime and go out and visit some and go to a church where where no one would have a Bible where you would never hear the Bible talked about where you would never your sin or judgment or hell or Christ’s blood you’d never hear that stuff you just hear ecology and love mankind and don’t you know just just kind of get in in tune with the the earth consciousness just go out and just see how dead and cold and lifeless churches can be when they don’t have the gospel in them or the adherence to the Word of God and when there are dead and cold and lifeless churches as Sardis was crisis wake up and pay attention to the Bible the church in Philadelphia when you find a church as faithful and zealous and outreaching and people love each other and they love Christ and there’s sound doctrine you know what that says boy I really read the book of Revelation because it’s time to keep on as much as you can and stride and it’s step with God and finally if you find an apostate counterfeit Church that sickens God that’s full of liberalism that is coddling people and just paving the road for Satan to take over the church which he’s going to do by the way which is why there’s an interfaith conference of every stripe and denomination of any religious experience going on today and they’re trying to get the Moslems to agree with the Buddhists and they’re trying to get the the Church of Satan to kind of let off a little their bad stuff to get them in line more and get to get them all the line up so Satan can run the church do you know what Antichrist means it doesn’t mean so much opposed to Christ but in the place of Christ on t in the place of and Satan is setting up the planet and as soon as he can find a way to give her the Christians and he doesn’t realize this God’s gonna help him along and take us out of this place so he can pour out his wrath on the earth Satan is lining himself up to be the pastor of the world church through his false prophet through his incarnation the Anti Christ so when you find lifeless vacuous doctrine las’ dead apostate churches read the book of Revelation because you know you know where we’re headed well why should we study the Bible because it will change our life how should we study in context when should we study it right now finally can we really know do we really know anything for sure about the future I asked myself that all the time I say is this really true if it’s really true what should I do about it if it’s really true that lost people are really lost and they’re really going to go to a place that is bottomless and full of black fire and they’re going to scream and cry forever is that really true and if it really is and if Christ is really coming then we should live differently and I guess what we can really know is and rest assured is that this book tells us the future and basically this book follows a simple pattern that I’ll take you through in seven steps because what can we really know can we really know the future number one we can know that God is working with a church right now that’s the first thing to really know and if you want to be in step you need to get in the church and only way you can get in the church is be born into it and not me born to Christian parents I mean born from God as your father and the Holy Spirit transforming your heart and don’t try in the mouth and don’t try and fool anybody we were talking to someone recently we said you know what don’t try and tell us what we want to hear don’t try and act like you’re Christian become a Christian don’t try and talk to talk let God change your heart let God transform naturally because the first thing we know is God is working in the church that’s chapters 1 through 3 chapter 4 tells us that there’s a rapture coming there’s an end of the church and just as much as the church age tells us to tell people they need to be saved Revelation chapter 4 tells us that we need to be ready because if you’re in the church your time is short you’re going to be out of here and you’re going to soon be answering each of us individually to God for how we invested our giftedness he gave us our resources that we were entrusted with in our life energy that we have as long as we have it in chapter 4 tells us that he is going to pull us out of this place he’s going to take us out he’s going to pull us from this earth and we better be ready because we’re gonna stand before throne we’re gonna answer for our life right now be saved live the life but because that’s coming be ready thirdly the third thing it tells us is in 5 through 18 there’s a tribulation coming in this earth that is unparalleled if you think that it was bad that Genghis Khan went across the entire known world and murdered 40 million people with his Mongolian warriors and made it all the way to Europe if you think it’s bad to Hitler precipitated a war that killed 50 to 60 million people then just wait what’s coming will make all those look like Sunday picnics a global carnage in the billions people will not even be buried animals will be walking around devouring bodies the stench will fill this earth waters will be filled with dead corpses and the place will be rampaged with these demon creatures that are so horrible that got imprisoned them for 5000 years there’s a tribulation coming I think what we should do is be thankful this isn’t first Thessalonians 5:9 that God has not appointed us to wrath I don’t know about you but I’m not a Jew I’m not one of the hundred and forty-four thousand so I’m not going to be here I hope you’re thankful for that and I hope that you’ll tell as many people as you can so they won’t be hurt either fourthly revelation 19 tells us about the second coming and that’s something we can be assured of and we should be patient about it because when Christ comes he’s going to right all wrongs he’s going to clean up the planet and he’s the only one that can he’s one that owns it he’s one that created it he knows how to put it back like it should be faithfully revelation 20 if you’re going through it flip over there the next event is going to be the Millennium that’s going to be the thousand-year reign of Christ when the earth is perfect when there is a perfect environment when there are perfect laws when there is equity and justice and when there is going to be a righteous rule and when God’s going to fulfill all this promises you know every time I read the Bible I just get all excited because instead of trying to spiritualize them and remove the the power of those promises I don’t try and make them fit into our world because they don’t I look forward to with great expectancy to a time when Jesus Christ is going to fulfill every single one of his promises and he’s going to rule on this planet and righteousness is going to flourish on this planet and the place is going to be nearly like the Garden of Eden and what should we do we should be focused if Christ is going to perfect the earth and if Christ is going to fulfill those promises why don’t we focus now what we’re supposed to be doing right now because those aren’t the things we’re supposed to be doing we’re supposed to be obedient and carrying out his mandate of being his servants and making disciples 6ly revelation 20 ends with fact there’s going to be a great white throne and I think that that points to the fact that there are people around us that are someday going to stand quivering before their Creator who is their judge and they’re going to look up to him and he’s going to say your name was not written in the book of life depart from me you cursed it and they’re going to literally be picked up and cast into a lake of fire which burneth forever and ever you know what Paul said that did to him is this knowing therefore the terror of the Lord I persuade men I’ve heard people say oh all this you know avenge losing the leading people to Christ that’s not in harmony with the Scriptures we’re supposed to just pray in the elect to be saved well that is certainly something that was born in Geneva in the 15th century it was not something it was in the heart of Paul in the first century or the heart of God from creation because those that knew God best said knowing the horrific terror of a lake of fire the terror of the Lord it causes me to go out and persuade people to come to Christ now how does that fit with Augustinian reformed theology it doesn’t matter what matters is it was in the heart of God and in the heart of his apostle and he had a living passion to persuade men and women and children to beware of the day of God’s wrath and he had a great success and you and I basically owe our salvation to that little funny looking great orator named the Apostle Paul who scampered all over the world of his day and knowing the terror of the Lord persuaded people to come to Christ why because if they don’t know Christ they’re going to be damned forever finally the last two chapters of this book give us some answers number one was the church age number two is the rapture and the end of the church age and the judgment that’s in Revelation 4 or 5 13 was a tribulation 19 as the Second Coming twenty as the millennium the first nine versus the last 11 through 15 is the great white throne but finally revelation 21 and 22 talk about heaven you know what we know about heaven it’s a place the only place that you can have a secure investment with a great return as a farmer so nicely told us and basically Revelation 21 and 22 say that there is a literal heaven and heaven the greatest thing about it is the presence of God forever and we should be investing and that’s what the Bible teaches us and that’s what we need to learn now let’s go to Revelation chapter 9 and it was only by way of introduction to this wonderful portion I’m just going to introduce this chapter by reading the first verse and sharing something with you but just south of Rome a little city called Naples any of you that were in the Navy especially in the Mediterranean you’ve been through Naples now Fellini it’s a beautiful town and just outside of Naples before you get to Amalfi one of the most beautiful parts Sorrento and Amalfi beautiful area of the world there’s a little town twin towns in those little towns in the time that John was living on the earth when he was writing before he had written this book probably before he’d even written the Gospel of John those little towns experienced some shaking and quaking and some bad smells always drifting through town and they didn’t pay much attention because as long as they remember they’d always been this shaking and bad smells and and they enjoyed their thermal baths and they enjoyed all the phenomenon of the area until one morning in the 60s ad that town experienced the opening up of the earth and the expulsion and venting of the poisonous gases that build up under the surface of this planet of course you know the town I’m talking about Pompeii and his sister city is Herculaneum but everyday life was frozen in an instant in those two little towns as the earth split open and as those sulfuric gases came out and as the eruption began and the gases blanketed those two towns and most of the people never felt the hot mud most of them never felt the searing molten rock of the lava most of them never felt the the feather lightness of the ass coming down that buried them 30 to 50 feet because they were killed by the venting of those billow as’ gaseous from the center of the earth coming out you ever been through Pompeii it’s it’s staggering to look at you they have them in cases and I enjoy going there and walking down those streets that were totally hidden for 19 centuries but you can go into a bakery and there are still loaves of bread in those ovens they were just instantly petrified in place the Baker is still there he was overcome by fumes and he’s laying encased in mud and ash perfectly formed you can see his eyes his ears fingers caught in in an instant of time there’s a little dog that’s still on its leash and you can see it’s straining and gasping and it’s frozen in place the little boy that must have owned the dog is lying close near by dead but what happened there was the venting of of that constant fire that’s burning up underneath the earth but you know far more dramatic than that is another venting that’s going to take place that’s going to stun the earth I’m going to stop the earth are more than Pompeii and Herculaneum in 60 AD and that’s in verse 1 because says the fifth angel sounded and I saw a star from heaven now some Bibles don’t translate this well catch what it says new American caught it which had fallen to the earth it wasn’t falling he wasn’t watching a star falling he saw a star that had already fallen it was a past event and the key of the abyss of the pit the bottomless pit the pit of the abyss this this place called Tartarus was given to him and he opened that pit and smoke went up out of the pit like the smoke of a great furnace and the Sun and the air were darkened and what we know about volcanic eruptions is that when those things occur the day becomes as night and the people are terrified because it comes totally dark as as cubic miles of this planet go up and vaporize and block the Sun it becomes an earthly dark piercingly dark well this is not about corruption this is a demonic eruption and it says like the smoke of a great furnace and the Sun and the air are darkened by the smoke of the pit and out of the smoke came forth locusts upon the earth the power was given to them now another question you might be asking and I just need to answer this one and then some others you might have is who on earth are these things that are in this pit and and how did they get there and what are they doing there and you know that’s what’s so marvelous about this book it ties together all the rest of the Bible we would never really figured out if revelation hadn’t told us this if you back up just quickly I want you to do this you’ll have fun back up to the book of Jude Jude talks about these creatures in this pit and it says in verse 6 of the book of Jude Jude is the book just before revelation so don’t go too far it’s only one chapter it’s only one page in my Bible it says in Jude chapter 6 and the angels remember angels are spirit beings fallen angels are called demoness okay Satan is an angel that is follow the demons are angels of God that are fallen but verse 6 and angels who did not keep their own domain he got limits even evil and how far can go and they were pushing it and they were going and God stopped them but abandoned their proper abode listen he has kept in eternal bonds under darkness you know that little term bonds under darkness is this the concept the same thing of pits of darkness which is the pit of the abyss the bottomless pit keep going for the judgment of the great day now back up a little bit more to second Peter you know where that is it’s just about three books back second Peter chapter two and or in second Peter 2:4 tells us a little bit more about Tartarus the bottomless pit the pit of the abyss the everlasting bondage under darkness and it says in 2nd Peter 2:4 for if God did not spare angels when they sinned but cast them into hell and committed them to pits of Darkness reserved for judgment you see real quickly God created all the angels and they witnessed him create the earth and then in some time period there which is very hard and I’m not real fighting over it those angels fell following Satan and Satan took at least a third of them with him and those fallen spirits those fallen angels became demons and those demons became following Satan who was the son of the morning the morning star the the light bearing ones and Christ was a true morning star but but Satan the son of the morning tries to be in the place of Christ the morning star and those angelic hosts those demon beings follows Satan and what they did is they said we’re going to come down and destroy mankind so they tempted Eve and she followed them so Adam followed his wife and so they thought we’ve done it and God said no and he made a provision for them and he had a plan he said Satan his doom so then Satan went back to the drawing board he says ah if I can’t ruin man by making him fall I’ll ruin him by changing him and so they came down and inhabited and it says in Genesis 6 that those sons of God those angels came down and and somehow mysteriously they propagated a race of giant horrible creatures on this planet and so God caused the flood to come and God found one man and his wife and their three kids that were listening to him and Satan’s plan was thwarted again because Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord and God what about all these ruined creatures all this mishmash of demonic hordes and and people in sin and wickedness and God kept ate and destroyed everyone else and then he took those demons that had done that cohabitation and they were so horrible and they were so so indescribably wicked that he put him in a pit and he put him sealed in so they couldn’t get out but Satan with depleted forces still kept on his campaign and tried to thwart God at every hand and he spoke lies and he impersonated God’s prophets and he spoke his plan and he got the world again to follow him as they are today and so God has worked his plan until this point when he has taken his people indwelt by the Holy Spirit out and then he turns over for this time period of seven years he turns over the planet to Satan and what we’re gonna see it is what is going to be like to be on a planet where God unleashes these pursuing ravenous creatures that that led the world to cataclysmic catastrophic destruction at the beginning end of things they’re going to be let out again right at the end for just five months and they’re going to pursue mankind and mankind is going to be so frightened they’re going to wish for death but God will not allow people to kill themself during this time and it’s going to be the ultimate of what man has always wanted they’ve always wanted the god of this world they’ve always wanted to worship Mother Nature they’ve always wanted to worship the Spirit God of this place and so God’s gonna let him and he’s gonna pull out the stops and let him face Satan well that’s a little introduction we’re gonna look at all 12 those verses Lord willing but until then I just ask you three questions the study of prophecy should promote holy godly living are you living holy and godly is there anything you know of right now that doesn’t fit with godliness if so jettison it eject it ditch it turn from it secondly prophecy should make us every day every week every year see there be a decreasing desire for the things of this planet you know there what getting away you know what causes the most stressed thing what caused the stress worrying about them supporting them carting them around guarding them from people stealing them most valuable things are people I hope this week that a hold of things and and supporting things I mean you know it’s nice to get rid of some stuff and then get expectant of Christ’s return that’s what prophecy should teach us let’s just pray father we tonight want to turn our eyes upon Jesus we want to look full in his wonderful face we want to look for you we want to be like you and we want this earth to grow.

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