Envato Elements: A Promising New Plugin for Elementor Templates

Hi everyone Ben from Elementary in case you missed it invited the company behind the leading themed marketplace team forest developed a free new plugin called elements this plugin offers a long list of elementary templates that you can use to create stunning pages right from your wordpress dashboard today I want to go over five things that I personally found really interesting about elements so the first striking feature I was impressed by was the sheer volume of templates you can find a template for a long list of different niches from restaurants James video production and the list goes on and on here now let’s say you have a client in the seafood restaurant business you can click to preview one of the templates notice it has all the relevant parts you would need for this specific category I know Envato has plans to add more templates in the future on a continuous basis while we’re inside this template I can touch on the second feature that I found really useful which is the option to either import the template into elementor’s template library or create a live page once you hit create new page you will get a link pointing to a draft that will be ready to publish another attribute that sets this plug-in apart is the consistency between templates of the same category if I go back here you can see that the templates share a similar look and feel this means that if you need to use more than one template on the same site you can take a pic and don’t have to worry about ending up with a different style for each page so the next interesting thing about this plug-in is the fact that Envato is behind the project and that means a lot by harnessing the thousands of talented designers from ThemeForest and Votto is in the unique position to create a truly unlimited and versatile template resource last but not least I love the fact that this is a free and open source project elements is the first project by Envato available in the WordPress repository now while the current templates in elements only include free element or widgets and Votto intends to add new templates featuring pro widgets real soon so keep your eyes open for this so these were the highlights I had for envato elements I invite you to download the plug-in and try it yourself until next time this is Ben from Elementor

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