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hello my name is Linda Markowitz and I’m here to share a supernatural story with you this story goes back aways my youngest daughter Michelle had been in some trouble with the law and she had been sent to juvenile detention in Albany New York I was living in Harrison New York at the time about a two-hour drive away and I was only allowed to visit Michelle on the weekends only for a short period of time and I started out from my regularly weekly visit but I was very quickly overtaken by a huge snowstorm it was blinding snowstorm and I was just determined I was going to go anyway so I just continued to go I was moving but there were cars on the side of the road that couldn’t make it any further but I’ve determined if I could move I was moving and I was going almost the only car on the Turnpike and I saw this figure ahead of me and when I got closer I realized it was a man walking and I drove past him and I just felt compassion for him I thought I just need to give this guy some help there’s not another car in sight so I stopped and waited for him and he finally approached my car came from the back of the car around to the driver’s side and he said what can I do for you ma’am I thought what can you do for me you know I’m not the one that’s freezing I I said to him all I thought maybe you could use a ride would you like a ride he says all I’d be so grateful for a ride would you would you mind and so I said come on get in and so he got in the car now this has been many years ago probably wouldn’t pick up a hitchhiker today but it was much safer back then and he got in the passenger side of the car and immediately took off his boots and his shoes his boots and his socks I’m sorry and his feet were blue he was really cold he didn’t have a decent jacket on and he looked a little scrappy and I just his hair was a little long blonde and sort of matted and snow the snow of course made him look even worse and we’d be just began talk and he told me that he was in the was in the service he said I’m in the service that’s what he said and he said I just finished an assignment in Hawaii and I came through New Jersey and couldn’t get transportation to my next location I said where’s your next location I said even that I thought that was weird I thought of course you can get transportation out of New York I mean you can get anywhere out of New York but he said that was that’s what he said so he told me he was going to Boston he says I have an assignment in Boston and I have to get to Boston well I had determined how much further I could take him before I would need to turn to go to Albany and he would go a different direction to Boston and we continued on this very very slow journey well I came to a rest stop and I thought I really needed to call the facility where my daughter was at to tell them that I was gonna be really late and to beg them for mercy to let me still get to see her because I only got to see her one day a week and they knew about the snowstorm and so they said yes they would still give me my visit when I got there well I pulled off to the rest stop was in the phone booth making the phone call when I all of a sudden sort of came to myself and realized I had left the car running because the man was still really cold I thought I’d leave the heat on and I left my purse in the car and I had this flash in my brain this was years ago where you still had to use phone booths you didn’t have a cell phone that he had everything I owned and if he wanted to just take off there was no way I could get back to the car fast enough but I just finished my call what could I do and I walked to the car got in the car I did glanced at my purse to see if maybe it looked okay and it appeared that it had not been touched and we continued to talk on the way to our destination and he told me some really fascinating things he told me that there were things that were going to come in my life that would be interesting and difficult and I thought you don’t even know me how in the world would you even say such a thing like this and I let him talk I didn’t ask him questions I just let him talk and we went of ways longer quite a ways actually he was probably in my car a total of probably 45 to 50 minutes until we came to the place in the road where I needed to go one way in him another and I said to him this is where I need to let you off and he said okay I understand and he looked back to me before he got out of the car and he said I will see you again in a day when you need me the most and I thought you are really weird and I’m glad you’re getting out of my car and he got out on the passenger side and immediately disappeared he just immediately disappeared and I thought oh my goodness I the snow was so blinding and it was building up on the side of the road I thought maybe maybe I was just too close to the edge of the road and maybe when he stepped out of the car he just slid down an embankment so I got out of my car ran around the back and went around and I was absolutely overwhelmed with what I didn’t see I did not see one footprint anywhere and I did not see the man I looked everywhere I looked all around the snow was still very heavy and I looked everywhere but there were no footprints anywhere and I stood there and this powerful presence of warmth just came over me and I just knew then that I had had an angelic visitation I I didn’t know why or what purpose it would serve at that point in my life later I had a real clear understanding why he was going to Boston but at that point I didn’t know anything and I got back in the car I couldn’t even move for a while I just sat there and pondered the things that he had said and the last thing he said that he would see me again at a time when I needed him the most and I asked the Lord about that and began to understand a little bit over time that the Lord had given me this angelic visitation this scrappy looking sort of military looking guy he was not particularly handsome he wasn’t big huge he looked like a normal man but he had a countenance about him that was so attractive it was so inviting that’s the word I wanted to look at him more than I did but because I’m driving and I’m driving in a snowstorm I wasn’t paying a whole lot of attention to him face to face his voice was like soothing water he was very gentle spoken very kind and very gentle spoken and as we as we parted and I’ve discovered that something supernatural was happening for sure because if you get out of the car when there’s 12 inches of snow outside the door there’s going to be some evidence you stepped in that and there was none anywhere not anywhere on the passenger side of the car not a single snowflake had been interrupted or disturbed in any way shape or form he just left he just disappeared I guess he went to Boston and I was so overtaken over time with the Lord sharing with me that we have angelic forces around us all the time we don’t see them most of us never see them but and I’ve never seen another one but I became very aware of how tangible that power is for us that God prepares that for us and that we have access to it as it is necessary and needed so I wanted to share that story with you and I wanted to encourage you to believe God for Supernatural Encounters of your own not to seek signs and wonders the Bible tells us very clearly that we shouldn’t be seeking signs and wonders but that we should have an open heart and an open desire for whatever God would send us so that we can walk in the fullness of everything that he’s provided for us he gives us an April meant and empowerment in a lot of ways including angelic forces and so I want to pray with you now and pray that the Lord open up your heart and have you in a position to receive what he has for you in this room so father in the name of Jesus I just thank you for everyone that is watching and I Oh God that Lord you ministered life to them and that father you open up the heart open up the heart and the understanding of the heart that they may be able to comprehend and see and know that your greatness and your power is available even when they do not see and father I’m asking that each and every one of us in the body of Christ move closer and closer to working together with you in this earth to bring your kingdom to the fullness that you have promised and we give you thanks and praise for that father in the name of Jesus and by faith I prayed that for myself and for everyone watching thank you thank you for joining us today [Music] you [Music]

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