Elementor Theme Builder – Pro 2.0 Overview

If you’ve created WordPress websites before you know there are parts of a site that you just can’t change without code I’m talking about your header footer single post and archive and screaming at your developer probably won’t help either I’m excited to introduce Elementor pro theme builder in elementary to point O we expanded the overall concept of templates by adding new template types headers footers single posts and archives let’s begin by creating a header under element or my templates click on add new header look how cool choose a pre-designed block for your header or build it from scratch here you see the elementary editor that you know and love opened in the exact same place of the header area we’ll make a few design changes so you get the idea lightning fast right the new header is already done all that’s left to do is to implement the revised header on your site how do you do it hit publish and a conditions window opens here choose where the header will be shown across the site only in a specific category or excluding a particular page any condition you might need here’s our old header refresh the page and the newly created header appears creating a footer also a piece of cake it’s the same process add a new template select the footer type a list of blocks opens and choose a footer block now it’s all about customizing the design setting the conditions and publishing it there you go we built a brand new header and footer for our site next up designing our blog unlike static pages like the home page or about that only have static content the blog has dynamic content spread across however many blog posts you have when adding a new blog post its content dynamically fills a certain design framework and this is exactly what we can now build with Elementor so add a new template single choose a block or start from scratch a single post is made up of dynamic widgets post title post content featured image metadata and so on these widgets are in the panel under theme elements when you’re working on dynamic content like single posts you’ll want to see how it looks on different posts so click the preview icon hit settings and here under preview dynamic content as choose the source of the content and then preview your dynamic content to see how the design looks play around and edit the single post however you want when you’re happy with the results pick your conditions and publish now we can see our live blog with a new blog post design what’s neat about this feature is that you can create several single post templates and attribute each of them to a certain category or any other taxonomy on to creating an archive page archive is the page that shows that shows an assortment of posts it can be used as your main blog page as a main category other taxonomy pages or as a search results page let’s add a template type archive choose a block and here customize the archived posts widget publish and set it to apply across the entire site we successfully customized our header/footer blog page in blog posts without any roadblocks of coding as you’ve seen the element or theme builder significantly expands your reach setting you free to design any part of your site join the design revolution and explore Elementor pro today transform your website vision to reality

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