Easily Sync Audio with Video using Shotcut (plus 3 Extra Tips)

in this video i will show you how to synchronize audio and video in shortcut watch to the end of this tutorial and i’ll share with you some extra tips how to manage your audio and video files so that when it comes to synchronizing your audio and your video together you will be much easier so let’s dive straight into this video now if you are new to my channel my name is james and i help you to leverage text so that you can create greater impact in your life now i received this question from one of my viewers ttt asking how do i sync audio and video so this is why this tutorial and this is for you if you have questions please put it in the comments and i will see if i could answer them now unlike adobe premiere pro shortcut doesn’t have a function to automatically sync audio and video clips in a shortcut so you have to do it manually by eyeballing it and listening to it it is actually not that difficult i’m so going to share some tips towards the end of the video that’ll help you to synchronize this and some of the things that you can do as you record that will allow you to synchronize your audio and video much easier alright so let’s dive straight into this tutorial so this is my video track from my camera in video track number one i’m going to drag my audio which was recorded separately onto the audio track okay so let’s move this here i’m going to trim this clip and this is where i clapped so in order to synchronize it’s just a matter of aligning these clips together and make sure that there is no echo by listening to it now if by any chance you forgot to make a clap or you don’t use a clapper then the way to do it is actually to just match your waveforms from your video and your audio now i hope that you have actually recorded your video in such a way that it has a reference track if you don’t have a reference track then this will be much more difficult to align your clips so i’ve aligned this basically as a rough guide and so let’s take a listen to it whether this matches in this video i will show you how to so there is a little bit of echo so i’m going to move this clip slightly to the front so as you can see if i were to move my playhead is actually almost matches the waveforms all right let’s try this again in this video i will show you how to synchronize audio and v so still a little bit of echo which means it’s still out of slightly out of sync in this video i will show you how a bit more so you get the idea of how to synchronize this in this video i will show you how to synchronize audio and video perfect so that’s all about synchronizing audio and video in shortcut now some of the other tips and tricks include uh making sure that number one you do not erase this reference track now once i’m done with this normally i just milk this so it will be exactly the same and i don’t have to worry that the audio will get out of sync if you have a clapper board then the best thing is actually use that clapper board like what you are seeing on screen if you are using an audio digital recorder with your dslr try to synchronize their date and time before you use them that way your files will have the same date and time stamp that will help you to organize your files better even before you bring them into your video editor i hope that this video has helped you the next time you are recording your video and audio separately remember these steps make sure you have either a clapper board if you don’t have then either clap your hands or what i normally do is i just snap my fingers but stamp your fingers you can’t really see things that well the other thing is to make sure that you do not separate your audio and your video track you want to always have a reference track that’s linked to your video camera so that anytime you want to sync it up it is actually much simpler now if you want to have more tutorials check out my playlist here about using a shortcut i also have links in the description below for my official shortcut training course there’s a lot a few hundred people have taken this course and found it very helpful to help you get started fast



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