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Well welcome as we continue our series on the armor of God and how it relates to your victory and spiritual warfare Ephesians 6 lays out these pieces of armor that are critical to God giving you the victory you so desperately desire today we’re going to talk about the footwear of your victory it’s called the the footwear piece how God’s piece confirms your direction as you move toward your victory a lot of times people do not understand how to put these shoes on and we’re going to put these track shoes on so you can start moving to the victory God has in store for you so let’s get to God’s Word and understand how to climb this hill with the right kind of shoes so that we can have pursuit a victory this is a day of shoes there are shoes for everything their dress shoes they are casual shoes there are making kind of athletic shoes there are shoes that you put on your feet appropriate to every occasion I am sure most of the ladies in here have a wardrobe full of shoes shoes all over the place designed to adorn your feet guess what Paul wants you to know Paul says in verse of 14 there are shoes that if you wear them and don’t take them off will address a major issue of spiritual warfare in your life he says in verse 15 having your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace having your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace Schad means what you have on he says on your feet ought to be some Footwear and this Footwear is preparation for the gospel of peace the Greek word for preparation means readiness you will be ready for the devil if you got your shoes on you will be ready for his attacks if you wearing your shoes he says if your feet are shod you will be in readiness you will be prepared to deal with the enemy but you got to have your shoes on now to understand why he is saying this you have to understand that the Roman soldier had what most football would all football players have they had clicks they had spikes that emanated out of their shoes and the purpose of the spike in the Roman soldiers shoe was to give him sure footing it was to keep him from going James Brown slipping and sliding it was to keep him mobile it was to keep him stationary in battle and in conflict so he was not easily knocked over so he was not evil he dismantled because the spikes that came out of the bottom of the shoe gave him sure footing when he was under attack because we don’t my spiritual warfare so when the Roman soldier was under attack the spiked the klique would give him footing so that the enemy would not knock him down knock him over would not remove him from his place of stability when he says have your feet shod he is talking about positioning yourself in a stationary position so when the devil comes which he calls the evil day in this passage he can’t knock you over he can’t knock you off of your feet he can’t knock you out and knock you down because what you have on you is stationary it is sunk itself in deep giving you a stationary position or sure-footedness in order to keep him from knocking you over many people here this morning knows what it is I know what it is you know what it is in various levels to be knocked over by the evil one you’ve been knocked over your circumstances have knocked you over your situation is not you over other people have knocked you over your finances is not you over your job situation is not you over it has removed you from your place of stability your sure-footedness has slipped you have slipped and slid because you were not able to hold on to the turf he has told us over and over again stand firm stand firm stand firm he now tells us at 15 you can’t stir firm without shoes on you need shoes on you need shoes with clicks to hold you steady when you’re under attack so what he wants to do is create here it is stability he wants to create sure-footedness he doesn’t want you sliding he wants you steady he wants you holding on to the ground he wants you solidified in the turf he wants you holding on under attack because this is a wall frame under attack I wish I could tell you now that you know Jesus you won’t be attacked but that’s a lie we know it’s a lie ain’t nothing but alive from hell because sometimes you haven’t seen hard tell you met Jesus because once you meet Jesus you are now under attack now now let me tell you the essence of the attack and we’ll deal with the shoe that you supposedly wear it the essence of the attack of the spiritual realm Satan and demons the essence of the attack is to keep God’s purposes will provision blessings from being manifested in your life the purpose of his worn out as you’re saying he can’t take away your salvation but he can sure make you a miserable Christian so since he can’t take away from your salvation what he does want is to keep your salvation from working for you now you can’t keep you out of heaven but he can make you have hell on earth by keeping what has happened to you when you accepted Christ from being manifested in your reality so that’s his goal in spiritual warfare to keep you in defeat and to keep you playing defense he now says put on some shoes and these shoes are or is the gospel of peace he says the shoes I want you to wear under attack is the gospel of peace let’s talk about peace all of us know the opposite of peace anxiety weary that’s the opposite of peace so if you don’t know what peace is if you know what where it is not doing that that’s peace okay the biblical definition of peace is calm and tranquility of soul peace is calm and tranquility of soul in the midst of difficult circumstances let me give you that definition again the biblical definition of arraign a the greek word for peace is calm and tranquility of soul despite external turmoil biblical peace is when everything is wrong there is thunder and lightning and the winds blowing and circumstances are against you and nothing looks right and you’re still singing it’s when nothing should be creating a song and you still have a song it’s room there is tranquility on the inside despite chaos on the outside it’s when things are at ease when trouble is all around you don’t know whether you have biblical peace until things are not peaceful the only way you got biblical peace as opposed to peace that anybody would have one everything’s okay is because all hell is broke loose are you still singing guess what the Bible calls that it calls it a peace that passes understanding in Philippians chapter 4 he says the peace that God gives is a peace you don’t understand and the reason you don’t understand it is because based on the situation you shouldn’t be peaceful right now so why am i singing when there is no song why am i calm when everything’s chaotic why I’ll be stable when everything around me is trouble because God has given me a peace that passes understanding cuz I don’t even understand why I’m singing right now so nobody else understands why I’m come right now nobody else understands why when I lost my job I didn’t lose my mind nobody else understands why when there’s no money in the bank I’m still praising the Lord for his provision nobody else understands why the doctor gave me a bad prognosis and I’m still laying here blessing the Lord O my soul and all that is within me I’m blessing His Holy Name nobody else understands why when my world is falling apart I’m not falling apart with it cuz you got a peace that passes understanding that’s peace in the Bible okay now now let me explain something here if peace is not your normal way of operating you ought to sing spiritually let me put it me say it another way if weary is your normal way of operating if weary is your modus operandi if anxiety is how you roll you just go from one worry to another one anxiousness to another and that’s how you roll you’re not wearing your shoes you going out with no shoes on you suppose a role with peace not role with weary so the mere fact that work now everybody has moments of wearing because we still live in our flesh but I’m talking about what’s normative for you it’s peace normative or is worry and anxiety normative if weary and anxiety is normative then that means you are not wearing your shoes but don’t worry cuz I’m gonna tell you how to put your shoes on and how to time up okay but I just want to get this straight peace is to be the normal ruling operative program in your life John 14 verse 27 John 14 / verse 27 Jesus is get ready to go into a very non peaceful situation and give or I’d be crucified guess what Jesus says on his way to be crucified he turns his disciples in John and he says peace I leave with you he says and then he goes deeper he says my peace I leave with you not as the world gives you peace see the world can give you peace momentarily okay the world can give you peace in the form of a pill give you pill-popping peace okay hey whatever the world will give you pill-popping peace the world will give you peace in form of image action okay the world will give you peace and former Prozac the world will give you peace okay you know the world will give you the world will give you peace in form of entertainment if I get entertained and for two hours three hours I wanted to think about how miserable I am because of it so the world will give you peace but here is the difference between the peace God gives and the peace the world gives the peace the world gives is outside in it’s something they view outside that you put in here that makes you feel better temporarily Jesus says that is not the peace I’m talking about peace I leave with you and the peace that I leave with you will be my peace and what kind of people you have peace they can even handle across he says that’s the kind of peace I want you to have and that’s the kind of peace I want to be normal for you not showing up every now and then where we should show up every now and then anxiety should show up every now and then peace useful role with as long as you leave your shoes on how do you put the shoes on tie lace them up and don’t take them off he tells you have your feet shod with the preparation here it is of the gospel of peace peace that Jesus is given in a way he says is in the gospel so to understand the peace that Jesus is talking about you got to understand the gospel so let’s go back to the Gospel the Greek word for gospel is the word Huan Gallion that’s how it’s pronounced human deleon is simply translated good news so I got some good news for you the good news of peace we all know that the gospel refers to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as our substitute for our sins we know that we know that and we know that when a person trusts Christ alone for the forgiveness of sins and for the gift of eternal life they are forgiven for time and eternity for sin we know that okay and that means we are saved or born again you either don’t believe or understand the gospel or I don’t believe or understand the gospel and here’s the problem most Christians apply the gospel only to what it takes to get to heaven see if we only apply the gospel to getting saved so that I don’t go to hell and I go to live with Jesus Christ forever that’s just the part of the gospel the gospel has all a bunch to do with earth I love Romans 5 verses 5 to 10 read it when you get a chance to turn to it now but he says you know when we were sinners Christ died for us but then he says if we were saved by his death how much more shall we be saved by his life in other words we saved for heaven by his death but he says when he rose from the dead and went up to heaven and seated on the right under par he’s delivering you for life we know the gospel because of the death what we have missed is the gospel of the life all right now I do want you to turn here first Thessalonians first Thessalonians okay here is where we gonna go deep-sea diving here now verse 23 of 1st Thessalonians now may the God of peace the hidden now may the God of peace himself oh I love that word himself it means God with nobody else’s help may the God of peace himself sanctify you entirely and may your spirit and soul and body be preserved complete without blame at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ let me read that again may the God of peace all by himself himself sanctify you entirely and may your spirit and soul and body be preserved complete without blame at the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ ok here we go here we go here we go when you accepted Jesus you were justified that means God declared you righteous and now you got a free passport to heaven but the rest of your time on earth is being sanctified that is being transformed in your soul he says the God who gives peace does it as part of his sanctification process and the God who gives peace who doesn’t as part of this part of the gospel the strength defying part of the gospel does it here it is from spirit to soul to body and the order is everything he does not do it from body to soul to spirit he does it from spirit to soul to body so if you’re looking out here for peace you’re looking in the wrong direction he does not start with the body then go to the soul then wind up at the spirit he starts at the spirit he says the God of peace and he moves to the soul then he moves to the body the reason why we can’t find peace is we’re doing it backwards Christian soldiers we’re trying to find peace in the wrong direction so if your body is now is because it’s got a malfunctioning soul the mind is malfunctioning the emotions are malfunctioning and the choices are malfunctioning a malfunctioning soul which all of us have leads to a malfunctioning body well now if I got a malfunctioning body and I got a malfunctioning soul heís my malfunctioning body going to go out and fix my malfunctioning body when my body is malfunctioning I can’t fix me I can only try to manage my mess that’s why New Year’s resolutions don’t last because that’s managing your mess that is trying to get the outside of you to fix the inside of you God doesn’t work that way he works first that’s only 5 to 23 from spirit to soul to body that’s how he works so here it is so if I want my body to work right I got to get my soul working right because my body only does what my soul tells her to do but the problem is my soul doesn’t work right my soul has been affected by the way I was raised my soul has been affected by the sins I’ve committed my soul has been affected by people who committed sins against me and that’s why my soul is one way one year another way another year that’s why my personality is all up and down and and my I got a problem in my soul and my soul is telling my body what to do so with my soul is worried my body starts tricky so when I get nervous and and I stayed urbis long enough my eyes start twitching because my soul is damaged and it’s telling my body what to do it’s called psychosomatic illnesses that’s what psychology calls it psychology the study of the soul is cell you can have psychosomatic illnesses you go to the doctor and you say this is our nature and they say I can’t find anything wrong well what has happened is that the damaged soul is rubbing off from the body so the body is expressing the damage and that’s what happens when we lose our peace the peace is not lost in the body the peace is lost in the soul so the body can’t sleep the peace is lost in the soul so the body wants to stay laying down the peace is lost in the soul so the body gets mad and you get a temper and you cut see you cuss and fuss and stay mad cuz you got an angry soul it just comes out in your vocabulary it’s the angry soul the unpeaceful soul that’s telling the body that you got to let everybody else know how miserable you are so will you say somebody ought to stop cussing you are not cuss like a sailor when their soul has not been fixed all they can do is manage language they can’t be changed by it so but most people start at the body and hope they can do something with the toes so they go for an analyzing and counselling so I’m gonna save you three hundred dollars an hour right now okay this is free may the God of peace the God who gives him peace all by himself himself sanctify you the Greek word sanctify means to set apart as unique or special to some time on something special now may the God of peace sanctify you in your spirit so embody so here’s how it works the goal of the Spirit is to release into the soul the DNA of God the goal of the Spirit is to release into the soul the DNA of God so that the soul gets changed because of what’s being released into it by the spirit then the goal of the soul is to release the DNA that came from the spirit into the body so the body piggybacked off the soul because the soul is piggybacking off of the spirit the reason why we don’t have peace is that the soul is not piggybacking off the spirit so the soul doesn’t have that information to pass on so the question is how do I get the soul to piggyback off of the spirit so that I can have peace because I need to go to sleep I need to be able to rest I need to stop worrying I need to stop twitching I need to stop being so anxious but my soul has got to get back to my spirit not talk to my body okay it is in order for the soul to grow the spirit here it is the soul must agree with the spirit okay follow me ma’am if the soul disagrees with the spirit the spirit won’t release anything because the spirit is perfect and it won’t partner with imperfection the spirit will only partner with the soul when the soul agrees with the spirit which is why you must start with truth you must start with truth because that’s the way things really are despite how you feel despite what mama taught you despite what you learned in school despite what you know all your life despite what your posse thinks if it doesn’t agree with the spirit it must be rejected once you once the soul accepts the outside the inside will close up clam up and release nothing so you could be searching for peace for the rest of your life and all you will get is management on the outside and no change on the inside because nothing is being released from the spirit into the soul because the gospel only relates to what Jesus Christ accomplished not what the doctor can prescribe it only relates to what Jesus Christ has accomplished may the God of peace send peace from the spirit into the soul so that it winds up in the body so here’s the only way to get peace I’m talking about real peace not fake peace the only way is when the soul has to make a decision when you have to decide which way to go which road to take how am I gonna worry in this situation I just lost my job there’s no money in the fight I got the facts the facts don’t look good the facts are causing me to worry I must then retreat to what the Spirit says the Spirit says I don’t have any money in my pocket but the Spirit says my God shall supply all your needs according to his riches and glory in Christ Jesus now that’s what the Spirit says in truth my soul say you broke as a skunk my soul says how you gonna pay your light bill my soul says they gonna kick you out of your house my soul said and that’s fact the fact is I’m broke the fact is my my soul is telling me the truth they go cut my lights off it’s not that my soul is wrong is that my soul doesn’t have the truth it just has the facts but once my soul goes to my spirit and the spirit says the truth of God’s Word and the soul and the spirit agree a release valve is opened up and out of the spirit flowing into the soul is the peace of God that passes understanding because last year this time I would have lost my natural mind but the spirit has been able to release into the soul so now my body can go to sleep at night knowing I’m going to sleep on the truth and I can tell my soul you lying yeah nothing but a liar and I’m calling myself a liar you are a liar cuz God is the truth that’s somebody in here today and you’re under fire you lost your job listen don’t panic run to the spirit realm run go David said I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken and I’ve never seen that seed begging bread and you hold on to what God said and watch what God does some of you are fired from your job and you don’t know where your new job is while you run back to the spirit realm and say God you said that if a man doesn’t work he ought not eat I’m willing to work so I can eat so I thank you for the job you’re already preparing that hasn’t become manifest yet you’ll go back to the spirit realm every time Satan wants to remove your peace you look down at your feet you hold your ground you connect with the spirit world so that you let this world know that that world is telling you what to do he will give you a peace that passes understanding well folks I hope you have gotten excited about this truth of the armor of God we hope you explaining it in a way that’s very practical while also being of course very biblical and we hope you use it not only hear about it and to help you use it we have a tool it’s called prayers for victory and spiritual warfare it covers 30 different areas of prayers you can pray about specific areas in your life and it goes through each piece of the armor in each one of the 30 areas so that you use the full armor in prayer about that area so contact us right now 1-800 813 or logon to Tony Evans organ and we will get you your copy of prayers for victory and spiritual warfare for a gift of any amount of the ministry anything you can give to support us ministering to you is what we would appreciate and as an expression of our appreciation and design a minister to you we’ll send you your copy of prayers for victory in spirit really let us hear from you right now we want to get this resource to you because we’re going to pray with you about the specific area of victory you are wanting we cover 30 different areas in this resource looking forward to hearing from you 1-800-833-3232 you.

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