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Hello,, Doctor Munshi is here in Queens Hospital. I’m going to show you some techniques My colleague is here, Sue Elliot who is the director of Nursing from her time advised In the union. So what I want you to understand is that once you have an active infection, You need to get a good amount of air lung base as you are Going for this is having a technique that Sue shared with me kindly Time in union, being a nurse was doing this on a more daily basis while I was The doctor may not have paid much attention. Nothing short of that will go through Technology as Su showed me and I want you to start doing that if you have an infection From the start if you wanted to do this before you caught the infection, good idea. The way you do it takes five deep breaths each time For five seconds your breath will hold your sixth deep breath You will do a little cough and cover your mouth, well, you will do it twice then You’ll lie on your mattress with a pillow in front of you that takes a little deeper breath The next ten minutes because you have to understand that the majority of your lungs On your back, not on your forehead, lying on your back, you are closing more Of the airways, the smaller the airways this is not good during the infection’s period A condition that leads to something called baysilatilexis? This can lead to secondary pneumonia So it is very important that you understand this.

So, two cycles of … deep breath, Hold your breath for five seconds exiting, sixth breathing, in each cycle, you will Make a big cough to open the lower airways and I’ll do anything good, so I’m going to do that now. This is one course, so I did one course and you will do a second course, just to allow you to do so I know I did and felt dizzy in doing that, After completing two cycles, remember that it’s a big cough after all Doing two cycles of this you need to lay flat on the front with a pillow in front of you, Yes, and you will take natural breaths but a little deeper than normal but you lie On the front, but please remember the most important thing is to lie in bed for long periods Periods on your back will shut off small airways, increasing the risk of injury From infection with secondary pneumonia makes your condition deteriorates further Bearing in mind that the patients who are deteriorating due to Respiratory problems.


So, I hope this video helps to spread it out to your friends and family And if there are any other updates to help you guys, I’m sure we’ll share it. take care of yourself.

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