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the overarching reason we’re here tonight is is for you to teach us how to become become overcomers why did you believe that this was the right time for that message I watched the nightly news you know you know David it is true that what happens in the world whether we like it or not spills over into the church and you know the world has no reason to be other than confused and overwhelmed but those of us who are Christians we’re not supposed to be overwhelmed we’re gonna have our moments but I ask people all the time how they’re doing and would you believe how many people say this to me well I’m alright pastor under the circumstances and I usually say well what are you doing down there yeah you’re not supposed to be under the circumstances and so this book and this tour and this whole thing that we’re doing is just from my heart to do everything I can to encourage the people of God not to be not to be defined by what’s happening in the world not to be defined by the circumstances of life and as you read the stories of people in the Bible their circumstances were just about like ours in their own realm but when they walked with the Lord their circumstances didn’t define them they were defined by their faith in God and I’m trying to encourage all of us to live that way so that’s great that so in all that what what is an overcomer an overcomer is somebody who who falls down and gets up falls down and gets up somebody once told me that going to being a Christian is falling down and getting up falling down and getting up all the way to heaven and an overcomer is a person who doesn’t let their circumstances define them who doesn’t let the challenges of the people in the world determine how we feel but we know what the Bible says and here’s what the Bible says the Lord Jesus said in the world you will have tribulation but be of good cheer for I have overcome the world and in Jesus Christ we can do this hey Dad this part of the country has been had their fair share of challenges with hurricanes and other things coming coming through here and it looks like we’re looking at another one coming up so how how in all of this do we overcome how do we have strength and power to overcome in the midst of all these storms when we’re so close well you know what it’s kind of like what happens when you get cancer or something like that what is your first thought well my first thought was why why is this happening to me but I learned along the way that’s the wrong question I mean you can ask why if you want to but let me tell you something I learned God has no obligation to answer you he doesn’t and that’s not the right question maybe the right question is what Lord what do you want me to learn during this time and I learned that hard question the second time around with cancer 20 years ago what do you want me to learn I remember later saying Lord make sure I get it all the first time I don’t want to refresher course amen and so when we face the issues like what can you take away from this devastation in in these carolinas i’m not saying it’s easy and i’m not trying to paint a utopian picture here i’m just saying that nothing happens in this world that catches God by surprise and somehow through all of this out of all of this in the midst of all of this God gets glory to his name so so here’s the hard one dad so why does God allow bad things to happen to good people that Christians that’s one of the age-old questions in fact there’s a couple of books in the Bible that are written to try to answer that question why do why do bad things happen to good people I remember I remember one time reading an article about that and the guy and the article said would you like to define good people for me because of you you know what does it mean to be good if we define it ourselves we’re probably missing the mark and the Bible says that God is not able to tempt us to sin he’s not he’s not going to bring evil into our lives but he allows it he allows those things happen and the Bible teaches us that when those things happen God uses those things to strengthen us in fact he prepares us to be whole people in the book of Corinthians it says that we comfort other people with the comfort wherewith we ourselves have been comforted when I had cancer I found that out that people that I used to just walk right by and not even notice all of a sudden I started to see them and feel what was going on in their lives and be able to interact with them and help them with the things that were happening so I think that’s part of the answer right there God uses those things and when we get to heaven we’re all going to have a lot of questions that we want to have answered I don’t have the answers to all of the whys but what I do know is that God is up to something and when he’s up to something you can be okay amen so then one of one of the greatest overcomers in the Old Testament is David obviously he overcame the giant the Goliath we all have Giants in our lives what kind of Giants are we facing today well you know I wrote a whole book about that some years ago facing the Giants in your life and we all have our own I mean I could start and talk about this for the rest of our event tonight everybody has something that they have to face and you came here tonight many of you one thing about it wherever you go you take yourself with you and when you come here with your problems you know you have those things that you have to overcome I would hate to even start down the list of the Giants we face because if I did I’d miss yours and you’d think maybe it wasn’t included but what I know is this just as Goliath seemed like he was an impossible foe for David our Giants often feel that way for us you know you read the guy’s nine foot six weighed probably 400 pounds biggest man that was on the earth perhaps at that time from the city of Gath and you know the Jewish people when in that that day most people think David was five foot six and Goliath was nine foot six there’s a little disparity there in height but that didn’t bother God you know so when we see our Giants and they seem overwhelming to us we need to remember that story what I love about David the Bible says he ran toward the Giant and in this book that I’ve written I talk about how we can either run away from our problems so we can run toward them when we run toward them that means we’re in the we’re in the spirit of faith and we’re gonna go deal with those problems and that’s what David did so is that how we’re supposed to face our Giants we’re supposed to run toward our Giants my belief is that when you have a problem in your life the worst thing you can do is run away from it let me tell you what happened for David the people in Israel ran away from it for all these weeks every morning Goliath came and bellowed out his insults to them and they didn’t do anything and he came back at night every day for six weeks morning and evening Goliath intimidated those people because no one was willing to go and meet the Giant one day David changed all that you know what that giant never talked again so yeah we all have Giants in our lives that seem insurmountable so how do we prepare to battle those Giants you buy my book that’s a good thing to do I mean cuz I worked really hard to give you guys some strategies on how to deal with the Giants and that wasn’t it set up you know that’s not part of the commercial content but in this book there are eight strategies that have to do with overcoming anxiety with peace overcoming falsehood with truth overcoming evil with good these things are based upon the part of the human body that we are told to protect with the armor of God I remember reading that one day and thought that God gave us a clue here God told us where we’re vulnerable we’re vulnerable in the areas of falsehood so what do we do we put on the belt of truth we’re we’re vulnerable when it comes to righteousness so what do we need we need a heart that’s righteous and if you go through all of those implements of warfare it’s like God gave us the eight things we have to be prepared to deal with in life and so I didn’t deal a lot with the armor I just dealt with a strategy of making sure we’re ready to put those those things in place but you’re right dad I don’t think I’ve in my lifetime seen anybody walking around with that armor no I haven’t seen a helmet of salvation in our church in a long yeah right so dad there’s there’s a lot of stuff tonight and if if everybody can only get one thing out of the message tonight out of this evening what would you want that one thing to be I got to tell you a story David you know this story but several weeks ago I was watching Huckabee on on Saturday and he introduced a young lady who had written a song and she sang this song and it just got ahold of my heart the song is called my god is bigger than the and I that song you don’t had a song get in your head and you can’t turn it off I mean I was really wanting to turn it off I couldn’t turn it off it just played over and over and believe it or not mm-hmm we got the orchestration of that and our choir learned it and we sang it in church and the author and soloist of that song heard it on the internet and said she wanted to come and sing it with us and so when Charles and everybody had the big night of praise she was there and she sang this song my god is bigger than this that’s what I want you to take away from tonight go home not feeling the overwhelming burden of your problems but no just like it says on the little wristband that you got when you came in I am an overcomer and whatever it is that’s going on in my life my god is bigger than this let’s say that out loud together my God is bigger than this amen you get that we won Amen God has placed in you a power that is beyond your understanding know that yours can be a life of unstoppable strength unmovable faith an unbelievable power in the face of every challenge it’s time 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