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So today we’re going to talk about specialty sections like you see right here some of you may have been wondering what these sections are that are red orange versus the default blue and greens these specialty sections work pretty much identically to the regular sections the only difference is is how the columns get laid out whereas this section will have rows with inside of it that are defined by your columns and usually a column that is added will span the whole section this will give you the ability to add all kinds of information over here without affecting what’s going on on the side so let’s take a look at how one of those works let’s go ahead and create a new page we’ll call it test go ahead set up the Divi we’ll go ahead and add a specialty section we’re gonna go ahead and pick this one for today but just like working with columns on regular sections you have the ability to define how all of those are gonna lay out and today we’re going to use this one for this default everything that’s in orange will fill the whole section all the way down no matter how much of the Green modules are in there it’ll fill the whole thing so let me show you what that looks like so we’ll start it here we’ll get rid of this one so we have our section we have our row we have to define how many columns we want in this particular row for this one we’re gonna go with one column we’re going to go ahead and add our module we’ll just do a standard text module we’ll just add in some generic latin text copy paste that in we’ll go ahead and hit plug publish we’ll take a look at the page so we have a simple section with one row with one column and this is our specialty column over here will we’ll define that now let’s go ahead and tell the column what we want so we’re going to go ahead this one is a direct module so we’re going to straight to the modules for the demonstration we’ll do text we’ll add in more text than what we had and go ahead take that you’ll see that that tax fans you can put whatever kind of module over there that you want and you can even stack them you can put text and image and so on so let’s go ahead and break this down a little bit more so in this one we’re going to go ahead and add another row and we’re gonna make it a two column we’re gonna tie it in a little bit of text go get some more latin text over here the small then we’ll add an image and let’s take a look at that looks like so we’ve got our this is our specialty column over here which is right here which is spanning the whole section and then we have we’re breaking these out into individual pieces let’s go down to the next one well add another row we’ll make this one three we’ll do text let’s see what do we want to put in here we’ll put in another image you can put any module in here that you want add some more text so you kind of get the idea of how this is working now fills that section out so now this is spanning the whole area so what do we want to do with this there’s all kinds of things we can do if it’s even put taxi but search bar you can put a sidebar let’s let’s put aside rows put in the normal WordPress sidebar so let’s take out that text let’s add the sidebar module so here’s the sidebar say okay hit update now you have the sidebar module over here what’s searching in categories and in all your archives and stuff and and that can be adjusted as far as your widgets are concerned you can update what’s over here by adding these widgets into here you can remove them if you don’t want recent comments and here you can just take out recent comments by hitting delete and you can also create your own sidebars over here and you can put in all this kind of stuff that you want sidebars are a different video but you can add a sidebar other things you can do is you can use a sidebar for maybe you want to put all your Facebook stuff in there so we’ve got Facebook code right here we’ll go ahead copy that and we’ll delete the sidebar and we’ll add in the Facebook code so we’ll come over to code and you can put in your shortcode for your Facebook feed we’ll add that so now you have your Facebook feed over here on the side you can customize that however you want we can add a little bit more to the top here by inserting another module let’s go ahead and just put in say some basic text and let’s put in just a little blur maybe you want to talk about who you are what this Facebook feed is doing so we’ll grab that type it in got a header and as you’ll see it added it to the bottom so we’ll just take this we’ll drag it to the top and update this works just like your normal regular modules work so now we have it up at the top we have this information everything looks pretty good so you can leave this as a complete sidebar if you want so that it spans the whole page and anytime that you would want to add more coffee to the page you would just add it into this specialty section but if you wanted to trim this up and just use that on this area here then what you could do is let’s get rid of the text take a look at what we have okay so we can put a little another module in right here to fill that space so we’ll come down add another row we’ll leave it full text module down there that looks like so we can keep just the two paragraphs and we’ll be pretty good there come back we’ll leave it right about here all right and then what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna add below everything we’re gonna add another section that we’ll cover from left to right including the specialty and that is just going to be a standard section that looks just like this go ahead add a divider see you guys can see what it looks like and then we’ll add in the text module we’ll hit update so if you want it to spend the whole page you can if you want it to span just that whole section you can this special team column is it’s going to spend that whole section but you can make it the whole page so now you have some more tools available to you to lay out your content in a better format and get it exactly the way you wanted

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