Display Pop-Up Text In PowerPoint (Screen Tip Mouseover)

This is Taylor from nuts about speed training with another PowerPoint tip to help you make happy hour displaying rollover text on screen using hyperlinks and what I have here in PowerPoint is a map of the United States with some animations hooked up to these different rectangles at the top to show different voting blocks for an upcoming presidential election but notice that if I hover over the purple rectangle or the red rectangle I get some rollover text which includes a breakout of the votes and a percentage of the total and what I want to do is to create that same rollover text my blue rectangle here on the left and we can do this using hyperlinks so first I’ll hit escape to return to the normal view of the deck and here in the normal view you can see that I have the information I want to display all set up on the far right so I just need to get it to display on screen as rollover tax for my blue rectangle and to do this I’ll first select the text I want to display as the role of vertex hit ctrl C to copy select the rectangle I want to display it on and hit ctrl K to open the insert hyperlink dialog box now there’s a number of things you can do with hyperlinks but in this case I want to navigate to a place in this document and I want to make sure to select the slide that has the buttons on it that way if I click the hyperlink I remain on the same slide I’ll then click into the screen tip take control V to paste my text in hit OK and hit OK to close the insert hyperlink dialog box and here in the normal view notice that if I hover over the blue rectangle I don’t get any of that rollover text but if I hit shift f5 for presentation mode if I now hover over the blue rectangle I get my rollover text there at the bottom and if I click the blue rectangle I follow the hyperlink and remain here on the same slide now when you’re using hyperlinks like this you can use a maximum of 256 characters which I’ve mocked up with this invisible rectangle which works out to be about 48 words this is Taylor from nuts-and-bolts speed training and I’ll see you at happy hour you

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