Dinosaurs in the Bible – by AIG Minstries

president and CEO of Answers in Genesis the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter thanks for joining us in Legacy Hall to hear from one of our excellent speakers Bryan Osbourne Bryan holds a bachelor’s degree in biblical studies and a master’s in education for 13 years Bryan boldly taught Bible history in the public school system he since joined Answers in Genesis is our curriculum specialist and a very popular speaker Bryan helps parents and ministry leaders recognize the growing epidemic of biblical illiteracy and what to do about it including using resources like the answers Bible curriculum at this time please silence all cell phones and note that emergency exits are located up front to your right and left and along the left side of the room now let’s give our full attention and a warm welcome to Bryan Osbourne okay thank you very much good afternoon how’s everybody doing good having a good day who’s a little bit tired it’s okay it’s three o’clock you be honest about that very good who’s here at the museum for the very first time Wow look at that that’s typically the way it is glad you’re here who’s up into the Ark Encounter very good who’s going later on anybody not going okay good for that as well all right well hey glad you are here welcome on behalf of Answers in Genesis and I’m glad you’re here for this particular session because it is one of my favorites so we’re gonna be talking about dinosaurs anybody else still love dinosaurs even as an adult maybe out there not afraid to say it I know I do they’re fascinating creatures I love them so much my wife and I have made the first ever snow wrecks a few years ago okay now I confess it does look like a white Barney but we did the best we could with what we had and a few years later we taught our starting to make these little dinosaurs as well on the snow our son Ian loves dinosaurs as a ministry we love these creatures they’re fascinating now them all over the place as you walk through the Krrish Museum and the Ark Encounter we have dinosaurs everywhere and am I trying to correct or scaring kids half to death one of the best Allosaurus fossils in the entire world I got us blessed us with with the named Ebenezer by the way the name Eponine has a biblical reference not a Christmas story reference you can check that out more later on if you would like we would love dinosaurs lots of people love these creatures and because of that and the cause of the nature of our ministry a question we get quite often is this one well how do you fit dinosaurs into the Bible and our answer tends to surprise people our answer is well how do you do it you don’t people say wait don’t you guys believe in them absolutely but here’s the thing we don’t try to squeeze things or fit things into God’s Word what we do is we start with the Bible and use it to explain the world around us including dinosaurs and that’s what we do during this session we’re going to stand on God’s Word and use the biblical worldview use biblical history to rightly understand these amazing creatures in a sense we’ll put on those biblical glasses and use a biblical perspective to answer questions about the dinosaurs because what the Bible does for us is it gives us the big picture of history it gives us the right understanding of the past that we apply to the evidence in the present and then we can properly understand dinosaurs and see that real science confirms what the Bible clearly says and it’s something I want to say right off the bat and it’s a really important principle welcome back to numerous times this is what this is referring to is that ultimately this issue of dinosaurs and how old they are and their origin the aid to the earth rock layers fossils distant starlight isotope dating and so forth guys ultimately it’s a worldview issue you see because all scientists whether they’re secular or biblical they’ve got the same stuff in the present the same rock layers the same fossils the same DNA the same starlight in the present but here’s the key they interpret those things differently in the present and made different guesses about where those things came from and thus their age based on their different starting assumptions about the past based on their different worldviews and here’s the simple but yet profound point if you start with the wrong assumptions you’ll most likely get the wrong conclusions have you ever experienced that in your life no guys should raise both hands right absolutely I think we all have got a little story to kind of drive this point home I’ve told the story in a while but here you go does anybody know this is right here you didn’t what is it there you go it is a calf puller and for the rest of us would like that’s a what yeah that’s a calf puller evidently when a cow’s having trouble giving birth to that baby calf you take this pole push it against the cow take this cable attach it to the calf and you crank the calf out of the cow I’ve never seen it I’ve never done it I don’t want to all right there’s a story I know that involves one of these you had a farmer that had a cow giving birth but it was a breech birth the calf was coming out backwards hind legs first so he used this calf puller it just so happened this was all taking place by the side of the road it’s he’s doing this thing as he’s doing this a city guy drives by and he sees his train wreck happening on the side of the road so the guy’s slams on his brakes pulls over runs up to get a closer look the farmer looks up he sees the guy he kind of laughed himself and says hey have you ever seen anything like this before and the city guy said no I’ve never seen nothing like this farmer said you got any questions the guy said yeah I got one farmer said let’s hear it the guy said well just um how fast was that calf going when it hit that cow some of y’all will get that later all right don’t worry about it not separating a wreck all right but again wrong assumptions wrong conclusions and friends secular scientists have reached some really wrong conclusions about certain things like the age of the earth and universe and dinosaurs and so forth why because they’re starting with the wrong assumptions about the unseen past they’re trusting man’s word over God’s Word about history wrong assumptions wrong conclusions do you know a great example this is the issue of the age of the earth did you realize up until about the late 1700s early 1800s most scientists believe the Bible and all the earth was only thousands of years old that’s true so then what did they discover in the early 1800s for many of them to change their minds reject the Bible and instead believe in millions of years what do they find well give you some hints it was not new rocks or new fossils they the same rocks and the same fossils it was not radiometric dating that comes in the early to mid 1900s it and is wildly inconsistent so what did they find to change their minds the answer is actually nothing at least nothing tangible me see what happiness some guys like James Hutton and Charles Lyell many others they popped up on the scene and they suggested this they said you know what we don’t need Noah’s Flood to explain all these rock layers and fossils they said you know we can explain all these rock layers and all these fossils with only natural processes if if we give us natural processes enough what do you think enough time and this is where the idea of millions of years was born not based on any new evidence same rocks same fossils but a different interpretation that starts with the assumption that God’s Word is wrong about the past and that man’s word is a better starting point wrong assumptions wrong conclusions and what was the motivation in this shift in foundation away from God’s Word about the past well Charles Leo said it well in a letter to a friend that his goal was to free science from Moses translation get God out of science because ultimately guys this is not a head issue it’s not an intellect issue it’s a heart issue and then it becomes a worldview issue but from that point out the majority of the scientific community adopted this naturalistic worldview and here’s a thing once you start looking for the world a particular way it can be almost impossible to see it in any other way in a real sense you can get brainwashed has anybody in here ever been brainwashed too before do you mean I me and you I would just couple do you guys mind if I try to brainwash you real quick since you’ve never done it before that’d be fine what he said sure thank you all right yes I got one he guys can’t blame him later all right now I want to brainwash you here’s I’m going to do it I’m going to tell you a story at the end of the story we’ll be two questions now if you know these specific answers to those two questions Congrats you’ve not been brainwashed but if you don’t know I brainwashed you I got you to think the way won’t you think and you most likely have no idea how it happens in our bet it happens in the very first sentence so here’s the story if you don’t if you know the answers don’t say anything just raise your hands when I ask goes like this once upon a time a man left home jogging and he jog away some turn left Holloway’s turn left each out of the ways and turn left and he drive back home as he’s jogging back home he noticed two masked men were waiting for him at home that’s the story here the two questions who were the masked man and why did he leave home jogging if you know the answers just raise your hand a couple back there all right thank you all right so it looks like around 96% of you had been brainwashed congratulations and I’ve been there before trust me but I’ll give you one more shot all right just to be fair one more shot here it is story one more time once upon a time a man left home jogging he jogged a little ways and turn left I’ll give you a hint left is important he died and turned left he jogged and turned left and he dived back home as he’s talking about call me knows those two masked men waiting for him at home again who were the masked men and why did he leave home jogging anybody new get it you might new well a few of you out there I’m very good awesome you did a lot better than I did first time I heard this all right so it’s still around 93% of you are brainwashed and I know how you feel I’ve been there and don’t worry I won’t leave you there I’m going to unbraid wash you and I’ll do it with a simple picture and when you see this picture you’ll probably kick yourself or maybe your neighbor and think why could I not figure this out so simple ready here we go once upon a time a man left home jogging hey jhaddon turn left and turn left until after a job back home and the two masked men worthy catcher and the umpire by the way I tried this illustration in Malaysia just in Malaysia it did not work baseball’s not big over there all right no – why couldn’t you think of that well most likely when I said he left home what did you think of house the home right he went jogging pray for exercise when he came back the masked men had to be robbers or bad guys and notice once you started interpreting those words in that particular way it was almost impossible to see them in any other way in a real sense you were brainwashed can I show you how millions of kids today multiple generations have in a similar way been brainwash give them a book like this that says I can read about dinosaurs and what do you think of the first words in the book you guys have this book – that’s right millions of years ago here’s another book first words millions of years ago beloved dr.

Seuss not the first words but millions of years ago or you could think about it like this you can meet little Joey here who’s 5 and about to start school public private homeschool Christian and does not matter and he already knows about things like evolution it’s a Big Bang eight men dinosaurs lived millions of years ago how meet his preschool teachers all but they’re so cute and harmless right the guys I think in many cases we as Christians fail to recognize a very important truth and that is this we are not the only fishers of men and dinosaurs had been one of the main baits that the circulars use driven by the enemy whether they recognize it or not to real people especially kids into a secular evolutionary worldview that basically says the Bible’s history is not true and cannot be trusted but here’s about a lot we must remember and this is so relevant to everybody today by specially younger generations if we cannot believe the Bible’s history why on earth trust what it says about salvation and that makes sense right if you can’t believe the beginning of this book why would you trust them or the end and for so many today especially younger generations that show in multiple studies around two-thirds of kids today who grew up in church are walking away from the faith by the time they reach college age why because they think this books been disproved by ideas like modern-day science evolution eight men and so forth if you can’t trust the first part of the book why trust the middle or the end and guys that’s why it is so important that we are indeed obedient obedient to God’s Word to give an answer for our faith where it’s been attacked today defend the faith then proclaiming the gospel effectively that’s what we need answers about dinosaurs so let’s put on those biblical glasses and get some of those answers according to the Bible on which day where dinosaurs created day six very good how do we know well because we drew two t-rex’s in that picture and that proves it actually why don’t we draw two t-rex’s in that picture does the Bible explicitly say one guy made the t-rex it does not but can we figure out with some basic logic we actually can think about t-rex is a land animal and by the way dinosaurs by definition are land animals with a certain hip structure technically things like please iasts or swimming reptiles or pterosaurs flying reptiles are not technically dinosaurs other usually associated with them but dinosaurs by definition are land animals t-rex is one of those the Bible says land animals were made on day six therefore t-rex was made on day six who can figure this out with no help at all that’s really straightforward and we must admit and this is important understand the Bible is not a science textbook the Bible doesn’t give us all the details for geology and biology so forth for example the Bible does not list every name of every animal ever created actually this very few of them but doesn’t list all the names of all the animals and I’m glad about that could you imagine trying to read through that list as you read through your Bible in my read Leviticus or numbers all right that’s rough right plus we do have proof positive that Adam lived with the dinosaurs because here is a picture that Eve took right there it’s been silly alright and some say okay but wait if they were made on the six then why don’t we find the word dinosaur in the Bible and it’s true we do not find the word dinosaur in the Bible for the same reason we don’t find words like locomotive rocket Facebook or Twitter the word dinosaur is a very new word was not invented until 1841 by a guy named Sir Richard Owen basically means terrible lizard wasn’t really used that much until the early 1900s so of course we do not expect to find the word dinosaur in those earlier English transition translations the word itself was not even invented yet but interestingly there is another word and those older English translations before evolutionary thinking became dominant that in many cases seems to describe known types of dinosaurs and that word is Dragon translated from the Hebrew word Thanh Nien repeated numerous times throughout the Old Testaments more flexible than dinosaur but in some cases describe dinosaurs it would appear one example of Psalm 74 13 that break is the heads of the dragons in the waters may be referring to the kronosaurus or something like a plesiosaur there’s also a couple places in the Bible where it appears that even God Himself describes a dinosaur in the book of Joe Barry good the book of Job God told Jobe to behold a behemoth and war behemoth just means a monstrous beast and God wants joked to look at it so it’s a real creature if you remember the context here God is kind of showing Jobe his creative power putting job in his place job I know you don’t understand but trust me I’m God see my creative power I love you know got you covered kind of shown job that through this example and there are a lot of study Bibles that may suggest to us you’ll find it in many that behemoth was possibly a hippo or an elephant but let’s see if the description given in job fits a hippo or an elephant he goes on say in verse 16 but hema strength is in his lawrence and his powers in his belly so in other words behemoth has a big belly and of course elephants fit that description hippos do as well I would argue he’s got a bigger belly he wins but they all have big bellies alright all three of those creatures fit that part of the description verse 17 though is what draw some lines a distinction because it says this that behemoth tail sways like a cedar what’s applied there the cedars of lebanon really big trees but he missed tail sways like a big tree that sways back and forth in the wind that is what his tail looks like a big tree swaying back and forth and a win you ever seen the tail of a hippo or an elephant those are not tree like tails maybe twigs not trees so take a tree like tail put it on a hippo does not fit right put it on elephant scares the poor guy half to death it’s ok I know it’s scary all right but no put on a sauropod dinosaur a long-necked dinosaur fits the description really really really well by the way that least an important little side note and that’s going to be this if you have footnotes or study notes in your Bible those things can be handy but let’s remember your footnotes and study notes are not the inspired Word of God the text itself is the inspired Word of God and I’ve heard to put like this you don’t really use your footnotes to understand your Bible you use your Bible to understand your footnotes or the best commentary on the Bible is always the Bible it’s the ultimate authority exactly verse 18 goes on the say that his bones like tubes of broads his limbs like bars of iron here’s the front leg of a Brachiosaurus those would be like bars of iron here’s me sinning against a replica of a Brachiosaurus Chicago Field Museum those would be like bars of iron the actual bones verse 19 he is first among the ways of God he is the biggest example of God’s creative powerful job to see you own land from all those things being said it appears that God is describing something like this – Jo Jo behold behemoth who a along with you on day six feeds on grass like an ox like we know from the fossil record confirms that tail sways back and forth like a tree and the win now of course I got that clip from which movie Jurassic Park who seen Jurassic Park alright bunch of heathens okay who’s seen all four for research purposes only like myself he’s got a there and of course watch out if you watch those movies a lot of violence and bloodshed and so forth in those movies and also be careful and all of them they’re trying to convince you that some dinosaurs evolved into what Birds it’s a common theme throughout all of them if you watch closely you’ll see the nuances but moving on another creature mentioned in Leviathan or Jobe called Leviathan something maybe the Chronos source may be pleased to soar we can’t be sure about that but it’s just a fascinating creature again it gives a long description in job it’s a real creature God wants to have to look at the violin and be in all of his creative power and it gives you this description that says he’s amazingly aggressive and powerful I don’t mess with them but then it says some pretty amazing stuff about Leviathan that his sneezing throws out flashes of light and his breath sets coals or blaze and flames dart from his mouth and now it’s not just a dragon but it’s a fire-breathing dragon and all the guys are like that’s cool all right but of course people say but wait a minute come on now Brian are you telling me that you guys had answers believe in the possibility of a fire-breathing critter but before you discount that possibility altogether take a look at what God did with the tiny bombardier beetle known to scientists it’s the bombardier beetle when threatened it fires out a burning liquid at a temperature of over 200 degrees Fahrenheit almost boiling point it does it by pumping a liquid fuel into a reaction chamber where a catalyst ignites the mixture the burning chemicals have nowhere to go but out and with a so that little guy basically shoots out liquid fire out his backside it’s just what he does all right he dude up to 70 times in a row as a defense mechanism aim it at any direction it kills other insects small mammals and it’s actually harmful to human skin now if God can do that with a less than one-inch beetle what could he do the multi ton beasts like Leviathan alright I think about some of the other things God has made we could be here all day on this but the amazing creation is God makes that do amazing things even things we take for granted things like lightning bugs and most like catching those alright my son just loves kitchen does right now Bunch the other night yeah these things are amazing do you really the chemical reaction that takes place inside of them to produce that light is a hundred percent efficient no energy is lost in the conversion which is astounding because most of our lights lose about 90 percent of their energy in the form of heat but God’s design is better than ours imagine that all right or things like the electric eel this animal makes electricity all on its own that is an amazing thought and probably if you just found the bones of an electric eel you most likely would not know it produce electricity and besides all that most animals produce methane which is a flammable gas really all you needs a way to ignite it you’ve got a flamethrower so lots of ways this one that possibility with Leviathan and then moving on there’s something else we could talk about a couple of examples of flying dragons mention in the book of Isaiah they flying fiery serpents and other things we could mention same sort of references again and again there’s a probably tear source and someone say okay well that makes sense but then here’s my question Brian if dinosaurs lived with man then what did they eat and it’s good we’ve all watched Jurassic Park so we’ve kind of got twisted views on this but what did they biblically at least originally and so that’s a good question so what did dinosaurs eat and that’s what it like this what did the original what did the first t-rex eat with those big old teeth the corner of the Bible a B C or D we think the answer is all right good you guys know the answer is a now for those who don’t you’re asking how do you know that he goes back to that gray Sunday school answer the Bible tells us so Genesis 1:29 2:30 in the perfect creation before man sinned God told Adam and Eve they were to eat fruit – they never study he told all the animals that were the breath of life in them they were to eat plants originally everything was vegetarian before man sinned and that’s a weird thought to us today but it makes really good biblical sense because the Bible is clear and you see it in Romans five first Corinthians 15 revelation all throughout the Bible that it was man sin that brought death and suffering into this world and this means you cannot eat meat until after man sinned because when we meet we’re eating an animal that has what died before his sin there is no death everything has to be vegetarian makes really good biblical sense so roots only t-rex just like all other things was vegetarian anything it’s like fruits and vegetables pineapples and coconuts and some push back and say but wait you tell me that animal those 6-inch serrated fangs hey things like fruits and vegetables pineapples and coconuts I absolutely got a question have you guys ever tried to bite into a coconut that’s a bad idea right that’s like a rednecks famous last words hey y’all watch this nothing all right I’m from North Carolina it’s okay alright no we get a night to get to a coconut t-rex was just pre-equipped alright and also think about it if you find the fossil of a creature and it’s got big long sharp teeth what’s the only thing we know for sure about that creature it’s that big long teeth right there are lots of creatures today with big long teeth that primarily or only vegetarian even in our fallen messed up world couple examples of that look at this primate from South America look at those teeth that’s scary right he is primarily vegetarian or look at this scar look at those long carnivorous looking teeth that’s got to be a mediator right well that skull belongs to a fruit bat you get only one guess as to what a fruit bat eats that’s actly hey fruits or look at that skull look at those teeth that must belong to a vicious meat-eater no let’s go belongs to a vicious bamboo killer or this one’s always fun to look at look at these Sabretooth like teeth that’s got to be a meat-eater right if it’s still around and it is no that skull but also something called the Chinese water deer nicknamed the vampire deer for obvious reasons and it is a real creature and its really vegetarian and we could just go on and on with so many other examples if we had time but the point is originally especially madami you can hang out with the Lions and the Tigers and the Bears oh my right they could bring a t-rex home as a pet just be sure there’s enough room in the house but you know what that’s the way it was and that’s not the way it is what happened that changed everything a three-letter word sin changed everything exactly and we put it as the second sieve our seven seas the second see the corruption adamson bringing death and suffering into this world oh by the way this fundamental history answers one of the most fundamental questions every human has and that’s this if there’s an all-knowing all-loving all-powerful god that wise there’s so much death and suffering in this world and the atheist today we’re word it probably something like this there’s no way a good god made a world like this full of death and suffering and bloodshed and so forth and ironically they’re right you see biblically did God make a world like the one we live in today mercy the Bible is clear God made a perfect creation no death no bloodshed no disease no cancer it was perfect who wrecked this world we did in our sin and you don’t blame the manufacturer for the perfectly good car that she wrecked we wrecked God’s perfect creation and by the way even though we read God’s perfect creation God shows his love his mercy His grace and his justice by providing a bridge of salvation for us even after we wrecked his perfect creation in our sinful rebellion that is the biblical God that’s what we understand at issue from a biblical perspective but again man Stan changed everything death and suffering and bloodshed into this world rubber tape puts it like this at all creation is groaning and pain because of Manson and wants to be fixed back to the way it was before man send back to that perfect state but let me show you something with you that’s really important the thing many Christians are missing the main point on I did a lot of time as well if we try to squeeze millions of years into God’s Word like so many try today no matter how you try if it’s the day age Theory gaps Theory progressive creation theistic evolution framework hypothesis cosmic temple there are many others they all have one at least one fundamental theological flaw and please understand this they all put death before sin theological impossible for multiple reasons because here’s the thing if you reject the idea that Noah’s Flood laid out most of rock layers and fossils and you instead believe the secular idea that those rock layers and fossils were laid down over millions of years before man ever existed and thus before sin and those rock layers supposedly deposited before men and before sin we find evidence of animals eating each other but wait the Bible says originally before sin everything was vegetarian we find in the fossil record things like brain tumors diseases cancer arthritis the way the Bible says God looked down on day six before man sinned and called everything very good surely he would not call millions of years of death and suffering and bloodshed and cancer very good if he did he’s not very good God and by the way if that is true this makes God the author originator of death not only that he used millions of years of that death as part of his creative process it’s not the biblical God that’s an ogre of a guy we find thorns in the fossil record supposedly millions of years old but the Bible is clear thorns came after a curse their results of the curse that’s why Christ on the cross wore the crown of thorns bearing the curse on our behalf and their most important of all if we try squeeze millions of years into the Bible and please watch this this tends to be a lightbulb moment for so many Christians as it was for me no matter how you try you put death before sin and here’s the thing if there’s death before sin the death is not the consequence or the payment for sin it’s just always been around part of God’s original very good creation and if death is not the payment for sin then Jesus’s death does not can not pay for our sin debt and we are all still lost in our sins and bound for hell we just destroyed the foundation for the gospel whether we meant to or not and at best at best we’ve made this unnecessary I kind of just tell you this is why we care so much our ministry is not about winning a debate it’s about defending biblical authority and the gospel based in of that authority that’s what’s under attack that’s what’s at stake that’s why this matters so much and that’s why we’re so passionate about it but it’s not till after man sin that the die for dinosaurs would have changed like he did for many other creatures not until after the flood that God told Noah just as I gave you plans to eat now you can eat all things you need everything which as we joke as a ministry this is why you need a hotdog because it is everything it’s not till after the flood that God told Noah I’m gonna put the fear and dread of man into all the beasts of the earth so after the flood animals will be scared of man so keep the thought of mine for a little later on and so for many we get to this point they say okay Brian I pick up what you’re putting down so got my dinosaurs original they were very good but man sinned maybe they became a threat at that point so maybe what if God doesn’t the mall died here in the flood which is not unreasonable to think but is that what the Bible says my answer is no you see in Genesis 715 it tells us this that pairs of all creatures with the breath of life in them came to Noah entered the Ark and that would actually include dinosaurs and some say wait a minute dinosaurs on the ark how could Noah fit them on the ark matter of fact how could Noah fit all those animals on the ark so let me answer the bigger question we’ll talk about dinosaurs in the midst of that answer well someone asked you that question there are two main questions we should push back with the first question should be this someone asked you how to no get the animals on the ark we should say first well how big was the ark second question how many animals to know that actually take on the ark answer those two questions and this answer really isn’t that hard so first how big was York do you think it looked more like a or B thank you for saying B all right why do so many arks look like this in our children’s books Sunday school curriculums Bible studies and so forth they presented Noah’s Ark as an overloaded bathtub giraffes always sticking out the top alright and I know these pictures are meant to be cute for kids but kids are so impressionable you show a kid this picture does that kill that kid knows are can flood real events or fairy tale fairy tale and we’re actually reinforcing a secular idea when we do this whether it mean to or not now show them the real Ark it was over 500 feet long and 85 feet wide at 50 feet tall with three levels it’s a huge ship a huge vessel the dimensions give you the proportions equal to mostly a modern-day cargo ship with the right balance of strength and cumference to building you would need in a global flood capacity equal to roughly 500 railroad stock cars like an 8 mile long train huge huge ship but was it big enough how many animals did he take well the bob was clearing he took only land-dwelling air-breathing animals onto the ark no fish on the ark plenty of water outside the boat all right no Wells no Dolphus no jellyfish on the ark also it makes good sense that he would bring young adults or God would bring to Noah young adults we’ll get to that here in a minute and then maybe the most important issue of all where so many people missed this is the Bible’s clear Noah took two of each kind onto the ark not two of each species two of each kind and the work kind for the most part in the Bible is equal to about the family level of modern-day classification so what that simply means is this Noah did not take 400 pairs of dogs with on the ark he most likely never saw a chihuahua or poodle in his life he was a blessed man he took two of the dog kind two of the elephant kind – too many of the cat kind but two of the basic kinds of animals on the ark like that in there all right and some will say but hey aren’t there were just too many variations of dinosaurs not there hundreds even thousands of variations of dinosaurs well just like there many variations of the doll kind but just the basic kind the same thing with cats and horses and so forth you have a similar thing with dinosaurs there are many variations of these Sara topia kind but just the basic kind the many variations of the sauropod kind but just the basic kind they’re around 60 to almost 80 dinosaur kinds not that many and some would say okay not that many but I mean come on really at least a very common misconception d-rose at the average size of a dinosaur is equal to that of a bison like a really big cow and actually some were of small chickens it’s true if those were still around today we could have some good old kfd and of course it will taste like what chicken it have to it’s actually you guys know alright very good but as it turns out we know that all dinosaurs started off small you say how do you know all well because they hatched from eggs and the biggest net can get is about the size of a football because the bigger they a gets too thick of the shells got to be to support its own weight but the shell can’t get too thick because then oxygen can’t get through they keep the creature alive so max size for an egg is about that big that means all of your dinosaurs whether it’s a Stegosaurus the t-rex a Brachiosaurus a tennis or seismosaurus whatever all started off about the size of a football that’s really not that weird we still see the same sort of thing today today when crocodiles and alligators hatch from eggs you can hold them in your hand give them a few years if you’re not careful they’ll hold you in their belly right and Plus remember God’s bringing the animals to Noah so I’m pretty sure God has it figured out you don’t have to brain the biggest ones and it’s reasonable to bet that God brought young adults to Noah for many good practical reasons you bring young adults because they’re smaller especially the bigger animals things like elephants giraffes bison dinosaur bring small that bring the young adults are smaller and just be sure there’s a pink one and a blue one that’s important later and a bit God’s got that figured out too right you bring young’uns because they tend to weigh less eat less or sleep more they can be tougher in particular ways my son Ian is 4 years old we love to tackle run around and play and stuff and sometimes when he’s running around ian falls down and hits the ground kind of hard but then he does something amazing to me and that is he bounces right he just gets right back up keeps on running when I fall down anymore if like I break or I lay there for a while alright so your hands are tougher in particular ways and young guys they will live longer after the flood to produce more offspring to refill the earth that’s the whole reason you’re taking them to begin with so a lot of good reasons to take the younger adults and then how many were there in total we did a ton of research on this and we have all this of course at the Ark Encounter hit the museum as well but a max number of kinds that no one need to account for all the variation we see today and the fossil record we roughly around 1400 total kinds x – 7 or 14 of some and in a max worst case scenario you need roughly 67 hundred total individual animals on the ark and that number fits very comfortably and that large ship no problem at all that would include the dinosaurs no problem at all and then once they were owned the Ark the Bible tells us this that on that day all the screens are the great deep burst forth and the floodgates of heaven were opened the rain fell 40 days and 40 nights but it says the springs of the great deep burst forth cracking the crust of the earth moving it catastrophic Allah all over the world all at the same time causing earthquakes tsunamis volcanic activity on a global catastrophic scale that wrecked this world and because that event we would expect to find billions of dead things buried in rock layers later demo water all over the earth guess what we find things that that things buried in rock layers laid about water a Hall over the earth tremendous confirmation of the Bible’s historicity and some would say ok well that all makes sense but then here’s the thing if the flood happened around 40 400 years ago and a lot of dinosaurs died during that time that should we find some forensic evidence of dinosaurs living not that long ago and indeed we do oh my goodness do we we could be here for hours or days on this subject I’ll give you a few quick examples we are finding over and over again we’re finding soft tissue and backup your one we’re finding soft tissue from dinosaurs still intact in dinosaur bones you see what do you mess soft I mean the tissue is still stretchy it’s still pliable and many times in that tissue there are blood vessels and red blood cells still intact which is astounding for example this Triceratops bone we see this same sort we see this feature we see here in this duck-billed dinosaur bone we find this in this t-rex bone and we’re finding this again and again and again now that we know to look for it we’re finding it all over the place soft tissue blood vessels amra blood cells still intact and these organic remnants they’re made of mostly water and they should not last more than hundreds of years after the creatures death maybe thousands of special conditions like after a flood but no way millions phenomenal confirmation the biblical timescale and we will look at that and from a Christian perspective we think wow okay that’s gonna be a slam dunk all right this guy convinced someone the evolutionary worldview strong and make them rethink their their assumptions and their dates on these things but it won’t necessarily convince them and here’s why because as I said earlier it’s not a head issue it’s a heart issue and then it becomes a worldview issue and your worldview tells you how to interpret what you’re looking at to make you fit your preconceived ideas let me give a good example of what I’m talking about I’ll show you a little video clip of a brilliant nice lady named dr.

Mary Schweitzer she’s the one who found this particular sample but she’s approaching it from a evolutionary perspective and as she does I want you to hear her conclusions as you hear these conclusions just keep in mind the power of a worldview the power of your starting assumptions not gonna believe this but when she picked up a small piece to stop the reaction by putting it in water it stretched and its freund and it moved all over the place so we knew we had something pretty unusual it appears to be soft tissue when they look at neighboring parts of the bone they’re even more surprised out pop the blood vessels and they were pretty incredible and I said I don’t believe it that’s not possible we need to do it again and again it’s one of those just goose bump inducing scientific moments that’s all I could say and I they don’t really happen very often blood vessels should not exist in fossilized bone many scientists believe organic molecules can’t last more than a hundred thousand years yet Schweitzer’s bone is 68 million years old I think the presence of soft tissues and cells indicates there’s a process going on that we didn’t have a clue about so I think it means that we have to kind of rethink the whole chemical process of making a bone turning to a fossil weight rethink what don’t rethink the age you can’t touch that notice what she is basically saying there must be some chemical process that we have never ever observed that is somehow making these things last for millions of years and again she’s a brilliant lady but I have one question how fast was that calf going till I did they’re wrong assumptions wrong conclusions ultimately a worldview issue and some will say well okay well that makes sense potato or dinosaurs on the ark during the flood and they got off the ark and they lived with men after the flood that should we find some written historical documentation of that surely people would write about that and indeed they would and they did and we have a lot of accounts of this but remember the word dinosaurs a brand-new word not invented until 1841 but before then they were called something else and we find this name and pretty much every single culture all around the world what were they called dragons and we find these legends they’re legion they are all over the place pretty much every single culture now some are embellished of course but many don’t describe known types of dinosaurs and even the honest evolutionist knows about these watch this little clip from the Discovery Channel there is one creature remembered in the legends of almost every human culture that’s ever existed a creature depicted with remarkable similarity by the Chinese the Aztecs even the inner wit who live in a frozen land where no reptiles are found even they have stories of this animal the dragon cultures from different continents people who had no contact with one another yet all of them have stories describing the same mythical animal could it be these stories were more than myth what if we discovered that this creature that horns our imagination had once been real one now of course I’ll try to explain those away with an evolutionary worldview but the point is they acknowledge the legends and there are so many of these we have whole books on this issue just a few examples very quickly st.

George was said to killed a dragon around 275 AD and the description of the dragon that he killed fists of a dinosaur known as Baryonyx and in a very same region we do find bones of Baryonyx sitting in France renamed in honor the dragon elves killed they’re described as bigger than an ox with long sharp pointed horns on its head maybe a triceratops of some sort a Marco Polo the man not the game reported and felt only one ad that the emperor in China used dragons to pull his chariots in his parades which by the way if I was the Emperor and there were dragons around they’d pull my chariots too because that’s also alright especially good sense well known historians like Aristotle and Herodotus they reported seeing flying dragons Herodotus may know this in his in his writings way with the go see these winged serpents as they flew for Egypt and says he saw them and he says they were like snakes they were reptilian and their wings were not feathered but they were membranous like the wings of a bat the story Animalia very well known old secular science book said dragons were still around in the 1500s but were rare by then and fairly small in comparison to those older dragons we also found carvings and drawings all over the world appears to show man with dinosaurs few examples of those here’s a piece of ancient Egyptian pottery seems to show – long necked dinosaurs it remembers egg from the second century again – long necked dinosaurs I’ll go over to northern England visit Carlisle Cathedral see the tomb of Bishop Bell who died around 1500 and there are brass strips around this two-month carving animals on those strips as some of those carvings look like no types of dinosaurs or go to Cambodia visit this temple built around a thousand years ago zoom in on the column of the temple yet what appears to be a clear depiction of a Stegosaurus Dada so with the plates on the back bringing back closer to home over in Colorado here’s a pic there Griffi quite possibly a triceratops you got the big body played it back at the head three horns of course the evolutionists say no way that’s just a really bad goat those Indians were terrible artists if you look above they knew the goat looks like a they were confused by that but gets a lot better than that over in Utah closer there we find another cave wall drawing of what is clearly a sauropod dinosaur you have the long tail the forelegs and that can they had a very very clear depiction also close to there another cave wall drawing of a pterosaur of some sort it would appear distinctive features the bump on the head and the webbed feet another cave wall drawing of a different sauropod dinosaur enhancing see it better but there you go here’s a fun one to end on as far as this subject goes this is a creature given to us by the Aboriginal people and they called this creature yog room and they say yahoo was a real creature it was a real menace and in this picture they’re showing us the time that Yahoo ate one of their friends and they’re trying to get their friend back or give revenge or something like that and Yahoo looks a whole lot what we call a plesiosaur and guys if we had time we could just go on and on and on for a really really long time there’s so many of these and again even though the honest evolutionist knows about these and they’re gonna be consistent they need to try to deal with these from an evolutionary perspective and some have tried and it gets interesting when they try one quick example have you guys ever heard of Carl Sagan a few of you have okay this Carl Sagan was a popular scientist back in the day he was a brilliant man and a staunch non-believer in a staunch evolutionist but definitely brilliant and but he believed heart and hard core evolution and so he knew about these dragon legends all over the world that sounded like a man with Dinosaurs and he said we know that can’t be true but he said then how do we explain all these legends of man would at least what appears to be in these accounts so he sought to answer that question in the book the dragons of Eden and this was the hypothesis he put forward he suggested they said well we know evolution is true he said and we know that humans evolved from small mammal like critters that lived millions of years ago and these small mammal like critters these small Memo ancestors of ours they lives with the dinosaurs millions of years ago and the dinosaurs were so big and terrifying that the memory of the dinosaurs imprinted itself onto the brain of our small mammal like ancestors and then associates began to evolve onward and upward they kept passing on that memory to one thing over the next over the eons of time and as some humans back in the day still had that vestigial leftover memory from their ancestors and when those humans went to sleep at night that memory would click on those humans had dreams of the old dinosaurian world and they will see the dinosaurs their ancestors saw then they would wake up and write about what they saw or draw pictures of what they saw and he said that’s how we get all these dragon legends that sound a lot like man with Dinosaurs again a brilliant man but how fast was that kept going ROM assumptions wrong conclusions your conclusions are only as good as your starting assumptions especially about the unseen past here’s a quote from his book in the dreams of humans the Dragons can be heard hissing and rasping and the dinosaurs Thunder still the Bible offers a much better clearer explanation about the dinosaurs and then we end up with this question people say ok that makes sense but then here it is the big one the one everybody wants to know the answer to well then what happened to them I’m gonna tell you about hold on this is where it gets really technical you ready this is what happened to the dinosaurs now the question of course is why and we’ll get to that here in a second from a biblical perspective but before we do let’s look at the evolutionary guesses because there are a bunch of them and we see them in the textbooks very popular today as I mentioned earlier that many people suggest some dinosaurs evolved into birds which we don’t time to elaborate now but this is biologically genetically impossible for those natural selection and mutations shuffle existing genetic information they don’t add it over time and you have to add new information to change the dinosaur to a bird this is genetically impossible of course very popular today is the suggestion that some meteorite or asteroid hit the earth and killed all of the dinosaurs big and small but somehow left everything else alive some message essa diocese died of indigestion which is painful if you ever had it some and this is a real theory I’ve suggested that dinosaurs gassed themselves into extinction and it means what you think it means it really does that’s what happen is according to this theory is that they lost some of their previous foods or they change their diets for some reason they start eating the wrong sort of stuff gave them upset stomachs they released a whole bunch of gas which Lee released how much of methane into the atmosphere that calls a greenhouse effect that increases the temperature of the earth the dinosaurs could not stand the heat so many bad jokes go right there all right I’ll simply say this that would be the worst kind of climate change and I’ll leave it there something dinosaurs over ate something they starved to that something a natural catastrophe killed off the dinosaurs I’ve got one more theory it’s my own personal theory it’s my own personal sense of humor but I do believe this theory has a lot of explanatory power maybe this is what happened to the dinosaurs just throwing this out there Chuck Norris has been around for millions of years write this for sort of feel like that just having fun but seriously so what happened to the niceness why did they go extinct I’m sure dinosaurs had many problems after the flood but we’ll make a good a biblical educated guess as to two primary problems they possibly faced after the flood here they are and no certain order first will be this most likely they’re going to deal with climate change after the flood I know get confused we’re not talking about man cause climate change like it’s popular today that idea we’re talking about God induced climate change you see in Genesis 13 got to Noah that the purpose of the flood was – yes destroy the people but also to destroy the earth part of the purpose of the flood was to wreck this world that most likely now we live in a junkyard competi wood used to be before the flood if you look before the flood people an average lived to be over 900 years of age what do you do for 900 years I have no idea alright but they lived for over 900 years but then after the flood then here’s your flood line after a flood it’s just 400 years then just 200 years then just 100 years of age they’re not living near as long why I’m sure many things affect this genetic bottleneck will play a big role in this they lived in the wrecked world there’s an ice age after a flood like a form of food a lot of things related to climate would be affecting people and especially dinosaurs after the flood most likely so most likely that’s one of their bigger problems but then their second problem will probably bigger than the first and that’s going to be this people will be hunting them after the flood see people on dinosaurs yeah remember earlier that God told Noah after the flood I’m putting the fear of man to all the beasts of the earth which typically if something is scared of you either they run from you or they attack you and of course the bigger the animal the bigger the threat I so think about it if you have say after the flood you know you every people together about 100 years 30 of the Tower of Babel and you get new languages and you’re split up all around the earth and you people start to move to a new region and you run into a wild herd of chihuahuas not dangerous right you’re fine with that maybe you love it maybe you hate it but you’re gonna live but let’s say you move to another region and over here in this region you guys run into some lions or Tigers or bears am i all right or maybe a t-rex or an Allosaurus or a couple of raptors what are you gonna do guys I’ll kill the threat right nothing leave my wife or my son we’re gonna protect our families protect our crops or contact our lives we will get rid of the threat just like people do today toxin most likely man had dinosaurs for a lot of reasons for the meat a lot of food because they’re a menace even the smaller ones can be a menace to herbivores eat your crops to be the hero to show your superior competition for land I think you add one more good reason to this list fellas let’s be honest if there’s a t-rex around today what good man does not want a t-rex head hanging on their wall right just say it and by the way all these things are the very same reasons animals go extinct today really nothing mysterious about this makes really good logical sense and guys hope you recognize you see more of this as you go through Museum in the Ark Encounter when you stand on God’s Word and equip yourself for the biblical worldview we have answers to the questions of this age we can defend our faith and we can boldly proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ you see I think of these dinosaurs we call the missionary lizards for two big reasons first when you properly understand dinosaurs we reinforce a truth that our culture and the church so desperately needs to hear today you can trust this book all of it it’s right about the past this right about the president’s right about the future why because it is God’s Word and it is right about salvation put your faith in Christ so many people need to hear that message clearly articulated in a secular culture like ours and then the second reason I think with them as missionary lizards is because when we think of dinosaurs we should think of death because they’re dead and why are they dead according to Bible it would be because of 10 the Bible says this for the wages of sin is death and the Bible also tells us this that all have sinned and all fall short of the glory of God and boy is that a message our culture loves to hear you see you think about it if you ask the average personal Street today do you think you’re a pretty good person well you think they’ll say I’m not that bad right I’m not Hitler I don’t know why Hitler’s the standard all right but yeah I’m not that bad try to help people I’m decent sure I mess up but I’m a pretty good person but you see a corner in the Bible if you want to get into God’s heaven you a God’s standard is perfection because he’s perfect and we’ll be around no sin without his wrath being poured out all Nessun you won’t get to heaven you must be perfect your entire life what that means is this the corner of the Bible if you tell one lie in your entire life you are done bound for hell you still one thing one time in your entire life you’re bound for hell dishonor your parents once bound for hell take God’s name in vain just once bound for hell but then the news gets worse cording to the Bible God not only sees our actions he sees our thoughts he sees our modus and he requires seeking his heaven those must be perfect as well your entire life never a lustful thought never a coveting thought your motives are always God first people second yourself less perfection our entire lives this God’s unyielding eternal standard to get into his heaven any honest person would say but besides God Jesus the god man nobody can do that that’s the point of the verse is it not that’s what aboutwhat says all have sinned and all fall short and this is why everyone every one of us we all need a Savior we all need that because we cannot reach God’s standard on our own that’s the bad news that we’ve all sinned which starts in the book of Genesis by the way we see the first thing we descend from that Adam we’re all sinners by Nature and my choice but that’s why the good news is so good that while we were still sinners I died for us the righteous for the ungodly that if you will Romans 10:9 confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus bleeding heart God has raised him from the dead you will be saved I tell that to you for two reasons first if you are not a believer here today if you’re watching and you’re not a believer I plead with you repent of your sins put your faith in Christ who has paid the price on your behalf if you will set them as your Lord and King and God every breath you take in your unsaved state is God’s mercy on your soul giving you one more moment to repent one more chance to come back to him and to get eternal salvation instead of eternal damnation what a incredible exchange and he’s paid it all for us and also I do this for a second reason number two if you’re a Christian here today notice what I did I went from dinosaurs to the gospel I gave answers to get to the answer Jesus Christ because eyes guys that’s what apologetics is all about it’s about standing on God’s Word defending their faith in order to declare the answer Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world that’s what we do that’s what I passionate that’s what I’m encouraging equip you to do as well I’ve got a lot of resources to help you do that I encourage you to check out the book the lie the foundational text book of our ministry it’s kind of why we do what we do it’s a great place to start for why all this is so important for the answers themselves tons of answers also two really good questions in these four books some of the best-selling apologetics books in the world about 30 questions answered per book really well done a great resource for Bible study personal study homeschooling whatever occurred you check those out kind of like answers book five would be a flood of evidence based on this a lot of questions relate to the flood in the Ark of Noah’s day we consider these things kind of our initial six core resources if you gotta start somewhere that’s where we encourage you to start I also encourage you to check out the book gospel reset this is Ken hams brand-new book our CEO of the ministry his brand new book gospel reset talks about how do we effectively evangelize a culture like ours today that is very very secular see the cultures changed the gospel never changes but our culture’s changed how do we engage a secular culture this is in the 60s any mores where the fifties it’s a different culture who engaged people today to be effective and sharing the gospel encourage you to check that out a great small group study would be this one ken ham’s foundations curriculum six if his talks divided in half twelve 30-minute sessions study guide to go with it lays a firm foundation on these issues within your small group or within your church another book I highly recommend will be this book quick answers to tough questions and I really highly recommend this book because it is my book sitting my cards on the table alright but the goal of the book was to give people quick concise biblical answers to a lot of different questions because I know everybody’s busy in some way shape or form so each answer is 500 words or less per answer and so we start with why it’s important we go through seven seas answering questions and we wrap up how we use it to share the gospel lots of great answers really short snappy answers and that book encourage you to check that out we have answers for kids phenomenal resource books about dinosaurs – dragon legends for you older kids your kids for adults all sorts of great DVDs so many things to check out let me plead with you to take advantage of the u2 special while you’re here it’s a great way to get these resources you know we cut you kind of something like this you hear speaker you see the museum you could the Ark Encounter you get all this great information but studies show within three days you’ll forget how much do you think percentage-wise around ninety percent that makes me really sad because I’m working hard alright if we worked out at the museum so we want to equip you with these books and DVDs so when you do forget as we all do you had these to fall back on to read in the share to share the gospel effectively got a great Sunday school curriculum encourage you check that out the begin book great for apologetics or evangelism good for new believers or non-believers and our magazine is spectacular it really is also my wife’s favorite thing that we do comes out six times a year and their kid there’s a kid’s edition in the magazine and kids do love it scientifically proven by my son reading there at 15 months because he’s advanced and right now the special we have here at the Museum if you you can buy a copy of the magazine for when 395 here at the mat at the Museum which is a really good deal and then if you’ll subscribe while you’re here to the magazine you get a really great deal you get a free subscription to the digital copy as well and you can put that digital copy on multiple devices in your home whether your iPad your computer Kindle whatever go some multiple different devices and all the digital subscription they’re a bunch of bonus features videos audios all kinds of great stuff with that really great to encourage you to take advantage of that also go to the website Answers in Genesis dot-org lots of great resources there for free articles ebooks Oracle’s videos and so forth go ahead and bookmark that website because you can’t spend millions of years at the website so I encourage you to bookmark the Hat and then you follow me on Facebook or Twitter if you would like if you got questions I’ll be in the lobby in a few minutes to answer any questions or just say hi just talk with you guys would be great if you think of something later on you can find me via those platforms I’d be glad to try to answer your questions there if you would like then you bring a speaker to your church if you like to do so we literally travel all over the world I mentioned I was in Malaysia I was just in Japan before that Africa a few months ago we travel to us we’re doing conferences on these apologetics equipping Christians to defend the faith challenging non-believers proclaiming the gospel it’s really good stuff so if you’re curious about that ask me on museum staff and will point you in the right direction I’ll just leave with us one last reiteration again all of this not about winning a debate it’s about defending biblical authority giving answers to defend the faith so we might proclaim the answer Jesus Christ boldly and effectively to a secular world amen you guys have been great have a wonderful day he’s missed so much Brian.

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