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The issue of the issue it’s usually something below the issue and that’s me you know in order to divide the enemy has to make things the focus that are not the focus but because he already wins if the main thing you’re arguing about the main thing you divide over other believers is whether it’s pre-trib post-trib or mid-trib rapture that means you’re already saying the most important thing is not Jesus is not God because then if it was you would have unity and say okay we can disagree on that but if he but if that’s the main thing you’re already saying he’s not the most important thing you’ve divided and that’s what the enemy wants to do there are many you know they’re good people can have different opinions and different views about things that are not central to salvation it doesn’t matter whether it’s of tongues or the end time schedule or all those things or predestination and freewill they’re both in the Bible but in people make mistakes they can go off on one or the other but that’s still not the ultimate point there are congregations that don’t allow guitars or anything because they think guitars are unholy but they only have organs because organs are holy they don’t realize that when organs were first introduced in many places they were seen as worldly there are believers who make it you know who say that any contemporary worship isn’t holy if it’s not a hymn it’s not holy these are man-made rules and the hymns where he wants contemporary music it’s fine as God is in looking at that he’s looking at your hearts there are churches that don’t believe in any music at all do you know that they believe any music is carnal you can divide over anything get your issue anything it can be also another kind that the enemy seeks to do Wow I don’t know if you’re watching this screen but know so much the the ultimate thing there could be issues also of personal things offense you feel that you are passed over the enemy wants to get right in there you know or you want you should have more status you should be higher or someone was lifted up you’re not the enemy goes right in there that’s what happened with these guys in the wilderness you know you’ve heard you know what’s who are like the you famous what do you think of trader what do you think of think of Judas and then who else who do you think of in America Benedict Arnold Benedict Arnold you’re a Benedict Arnold you know who he was he was a hero he was an American hero he was courageous courageous general but he felt passed over for a promotion for honor and he grew bitter he ended up getting influenced by the others and abide by the British and he betrayed his country but it began with he was if he didn’t do that he would be known as an American hero today when people feel they should be lifted up beware of ego because the enemy loves that the enemy that’s who he is but he sees that same spirit he goes within him he’s behind him you know I’ve seen it I’ve seen it many times you know III believed I was once speaking to a man Wilson he was probably another ministry buddy he just went through how he was always should have been promoted and was never promoted and all and what he did is he engaged in division a situation you know someone years and years and years and year many years ago someone who was in ministry or beginning to be ministry and he felt deprived of his position and like he was and he began to engage in division in the Bible Absalon waited at the gate looking for people with any issue to take the calls against Ava did what happened Absalom Absalom felt that he was he was overlooked by his father he was judged because of what he did and at me before that so that’s what it’s sold this thing and I remember you know I remember this the one who I just mentioned and and and he would kind of stay we’d be like absolutely Sam Saudi and saying do you have any any offense with this ministry it was kind of like that and then one day someone wrote to me said Oh take him back into the ministry and the scripture they gave he was that when someone wrote to David and say took back Absalom I said that’s not a good scripture if you want him back the wanting of position you know I’ve seen where sometimes a believer will talk about against another believer because they want their position I mean it has no place in the kingdom I’ve seen a woman talk about women who their position it has no place in the kingdom there was a there was a man who came into the ministry wasn’t he wasn’t he would flatter me and he and he would put down Gary and I was systolic what’s going on here and he wanted to replace Gary is what he wanted you know and then when I said no to what he was doing he went to Gary and started talking about me you know and finally he tried to start a ministry in his house secretly I mean didn’t tell us you know and then and then why Allah he ended up leaving in a while later I got a call from a pastor saying do you know what this guy because he’s causing problems here in our congregation I said yeah I do know about him and then it happened again and again and again you know in in Corinthians it says you know Paul says you say I am of apollos I am of a Peter I am of this everybody divides theirs it’s like the the flesh the spirit of the enemy seeks anything to divide over even if it’s the things of God the enemy is fine with that you know you can use the things of God you can use the doctrine he loves that doesn’t matter the aim is division you know the first time I spoke at Beth Israel before I was leading I mean you know years before I was helping out and they had me speak ok it was actually one of the first kind of services when it was an outreach and I said something they can’t so he said you were the best thing in this whole service why don’t they let you speak more often and the problem was it was praised at the expense of everybody else it was wrong it was wrong it doesn’t matter if something you know there are there are people in some congregations that have caused a vision over the color of the carpet you know I mean that has happened you know we are gonna be we are here with a carpet without a carpet we’ve had a carpet then we didn’t have a carpet now we have a carpet we hope to keep the carpet but we’ll doesn’t matter we’ll still worship with or without the carpet you know or if you gotta be watch if you get negative you get frustrated beware the enemy loves frustration you know and sometimes there are people who have anger problems in the first place you know and then they bring it into the Lord you know or they’re just just you know once there was a someone someone had several of kind of these issues and there was a lot of immaturity and a lot of pride anything and he wanted recognition he did everything he could to get recognition and he did something started in rebellion of the leadership when he didn’t get what he wanted and some things that weren’t even legal and a leader said you have to stop what you’re doing he said no I will not and a leader told him the story of Korah and the others and the rebellion and you know what he responded he said well what happened to them in other words if they came out okay maybe I’ll keep doing this and said well they got swallowed up he said well all right baby I won’t keep doing this some people have problem .

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We are now living in the absolute End Times as per biblical prophecy.

Our Lord Jesus Christ – King of Kings. 2nd Coming and return is IMMENENT!.

Please do not waist another a minute.

No matter what religion you serve, there is only one God.

If, you want to be assured that you will not have to endure the perilous times that will befall you.

Irrespective, of what sins you may have committed at any time of your life. If you humble yourself and ask for God’s forgiveness. He will forgive you and wash them all away and welcome you as his beloved son or daughter with open arms.

If you are not a child of Father God or have not asked Jesus Christ to come into your life yet?

I implore you to do this without delay.

Read this prayer of Salvation and ask God to forgive you now and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour and you will be assured of eternal life.

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