Designing a Value Proposition to Attract New Donors

that’s a song you guys chose for me that’s great that’s awesome so as that’s just saying we’re we are gonna be talking about value proposition my name is awesome McCraw I work for a research organization called MEC labs anyone heard of MEC labs okay cool so you know MEC labs and I’ll talk about it later but MEC Labs is focused on one thing why do people say yes and we test and we research around that like what is it that motivates someone to give not just give to a non-profit but say to buy a shoe or to buy a vacation or to buy whatever so what is it that motive to give and the primary lever for that is this thing called the value proposition now I get to go around I get to talk about a lotta different things I get to talk about email you can talk about optimization landing pages could talk about how to test but my favorite topic by far is value proposition and here’s why because it is probably the most strategic thing that we can talk about right now now how many of you guys have heard the term value proposition before today I know you guys have heard it today from the different speakers kind of you guys at some point in your kind of education process you were exposed to this idea of a value proposition anyone okay few of you how many guys feel confident you know what a value proposition actually is okay okay not as many hands that round that’s okay we’re going to talk about that we’re going to talk about the value proposition and and how you can leverage it essentially to drive more donor response new donors in particular but before I do anything I want to I want to do something a little crazy okay you should have something in front of you right now hopefully the everyone has one there’s a little blank sheet of paper going just find it it’s okay listen they put they put keynote speaker next to my name let me just forewarning I’m not a keynote speaker just I know those will be like very inspirational you guys had an awesome keynote speakers this morning they’ve launched a lot of them they were very inspirational I’m a teacher and what I want to do and I think the reason Tim and the next after brought me here was to really get our hands dirty and work together on value proposition I really don’t want this to be a one-way dialogue or monologue I really want to talk a little bit and so and so the first part of that is I need you to do me a favor and I notice usually you start with a joke or some story or something I start with that I want to dive right in okay I want every do you guys all have that sheet of paper okay here’s what you I want you to take a moment maybe a minute okay I don’t give you a minute and just write down your organisation’s value proposition okay why would someone support you just write it down when everyone in the room to do it okay and I don’t want you to type it it’s important that you guys actually write this down I want it in your handwriting okay write it down on this sheet of paper just real quick don’t cheat don’t don’t don’t use your neighbors don’t lean on them just write just on the blank the blank sheet of paper you get there’s what paper in there that has that it’s got forms we’re gonna do that later we’re working towards that but right now I just on the blank sheet of paper just write down your value proposition the blank sheet of paper real quick all right I’m gonna come down here for a minute it may be longer than a minute sorry camera guys all right so uh here we go someone someone maybe read me what you wrote it’s real fast just real loud I’ll reap it yep go ahead okay all right I’m one’s gonna repeat it but it’s quite long but supporting victims of drunk drivers and you know basically lobbying to improve that and there’s more detail there I’m sorry I’m kind of butchering that someone else yes give me give me your value prop go ahead the integrity of the Diploma they issue one more on this I decided it’s kind of dominating right now over here anyone come on be brave listen I I get tired of hearing myself talk after like ten seconds all right so I wanna hear you guys a little bit someone give me something you wrote down yep go ahead okay rescue and medically treat more pit bulls that’s awesome what what a great diverse group we have here today let me ask you this how many of you guys are in an organization that has a nonprofit that has more than ten marketers on your staff raise your hand hi I’m proud okay yep everyone’s jealous of you all right so anyone who has five or more on your staff raise your hand okay how many guys have less than five how many you guys are like the one person that’s responsible for marking on your staff raise your hand yeah and probably operations and leading and all those different girls yeah yeah absolutely absolutely let me tell you this whether your listen whether you’re a marketer in a huge group whether you’re just a part of a marketing department or you’re leading the whole organization the number one most strategic thing that you can get right is this value props in what you wrote down right now it touches not just what you’re doing your marketing it touches the way you actually lead your organization so I want to talk to you about the number one thing that we’ve learned over the past 20 years of doing research on this idea of the value proposition MEC labs I told you earlier what we focus on is is what is it that motivates people to say yes why does someone respond to something and the number one lever that we as leaders as marketers have is this thing called the value proposition we’ve tested across 20,000 plus paths across a billion emails all to try to understand what what makes this statement that’s on your sheet of paper actually forceful and the number one principle the number one thing that we have learned it may surprise you here’s how much do they want to take their piece of paper up right now and hold it up hold up and look at it look at it okay I need you to get this with me hold up the number one thing if you’re looking at it number one thing that we’ve learned about value proposition is this your value proposition the one you’re looking at right now it doesn’t exist on a sheet of paper that’s not where it lives that’s not where exists it exists something somewhere completely different so what I want you to do is I want you to be the hardest thing it is to do as a marketer or as a leader of an organization I want you take that sheet of paper right now and with some gusto want some boldness after lunch right I want you to take that sheet of paper right now I want you to crumble it up crumble it up just crumble it up right now all right now I heard some real good crumbling okay but I want now you got I just want you to launch this sheet of paper just right now just just get rid of it just take it and just throw it okay your value problems not on that sheet of paint on me this will actually make it really good like speaker real you know you’re up here and people are throwing paper at you no but here’s the deal we need to shift our framework because right now as marketers and as markers and nonprofits either we’re assuming our value proposition or we think that we control it we think that you write your value proposition on a sheet of paper or an email or in a landing page that’s not where your value problems is written here’s what you need to know your value proposition it’s not a it’s not a vision it’s not a cause it’s not a mission statement it’s not a slogan on your website it’s not an image it’s not a tagline it’s not a business model your value proposition is a reason and it exists in one place in one place only as in the mind of your customer and as marketers that the number one hardest move for us to make is what you did today right now where you are shifting from what’s on your paper and thinking about your value problems in terms of what you see in terms of your your marketing collateral and actually thinking about getting your value props in actually in there my and we’re gonna look at pages I’m gonna show you this but here’s the deal you’re answering a question in their mind and this is the question that’s going on if I am your prospect your ideal prospect why should I support you rather than and you can fill in the blanks but why should I give to you let me do this look at this page now this is a wonderful organization we’ll talk a little more about them later this is a will Creek Association great organization great cause there they are you know they’re all about raising up the next generation of leadership but I want you to look at their page right now and what you ask yourself what is the reason that this page is conveying for you to potentially support this organization this cause why are they saying to give as someone who’s maybe less familiar with this organization is this page giving you enough of a reason to potentially give to this organization what questions do you have you can just yell Matt yep what do they mean by courageous what else what’s that how do they do it how do they do it who are they actually helping good these are good questions and this is a good organization that has done a lot of valuable work but yet you still have page like this work because he here’s a deal their value proposition they’re focused on the page to focus on the elements of the page you’re not thinking through yet what’s going on what conclusions are trying to foster in the mind of the customer let me show you another one okay and again another great organization but this is so common I look at this these options forgiving right now let me ask you this what reason is there to give to one level of giving versus another is there anything here besides maybe a slick name and I could go through we can actually and I know you guys have done this and we’ll be doing this we can go through pages and walk through you know page after page where we’re not doing a great job of fostering this conclusion this reason for why Tim’s going to get a period minute they did a really lengthy study on this the conclusion of the study this is an area that we really struggle as value proposition and you know why the primary reason why we struggle with it today is not because we don’t know what a value proposition is it’s not because we we can’t create pretty pages or we can’t write copy that’s not the primary reason the primary reason we struggle is because we’re starting with paper we’re starting with what’s in front of us we’re not getting ourselves into the mind of the customer the number one reason that new donors do not pay attention to us is because we fail to pay attention to them this is the move of empathy that Brian was talking about earlier the number one move that we can make as marketers is to become empathetic and to actually think about what’s going on in the mind of the customer we need to stop trying to get our value propositions into our campaigns that’s not where we start with this we need to try to get them into the minds of our prospects starts thinking about designing in such a way that you’re fostering conclusions in their might now I know this sounds lofty and my goal here is not to be lofty but I need this I need it to just change our framework for just a moment but I want to ask this question how do we do it how do we actually do this and in in you know mech labs we’ve been researching this for for over 20 years we have an entire graduate certificate program that walks through how to do value proposition so as I was thinking you know what is the most valuable thing I’ve got 30 minutes with you guys what’s the most valuable thing that I can that I can show you that I can give to you that you can at least start making progress in this space that’s we’re gonna walk through today and so how do we do it it’s as simple as this it’s joking this is honestly though this is the in terms of all the all the research we’ve done all the patterning done this is this is honestly the heuristic for a competent evaluate but listen it’s not that complicated it’s just this guy’s it’s just this literally right now what’s going on in the mind of your prospect is this you have if you have what we call fulcrum okay and on one side you have cost which is you know how the support that you’re asking for that’s the cost and on the other side you have value and if the cost outweighs the value I think how’s it is it this way yep if the cost help is a little hard right so the cost outweighs the value people are not going to support our job as marketers is to do this simple move right here to take the in fact hero sees everyone to stand up with me for a minute just everyone to stand up where you are all right put your arms out let’s do this all right we’re all gonna become marketing fulcrums for a minute okay all right this is it all right so we got cost on one side okay this is going to be the cost side okay and this could be the value side all right alright so we got cost on one side and value right now the majority of our campaign is based on the research based on every time I go speak somewhere if I were we were to sit down and look at all the value pumps that were written down and thrown away the the the primary issue is right now look this is our issue the cost is outweighing the value okay that’s what’s going on what is our job as marketers yeah it’s literally – we’re not going to do with the cost we’re just gonna add weight to that value okay you don’t let’s do it again back this way all right one more time here’s a here this is marketing wrapped up in one motion okay here goes ready boom all right so then you guys marketing Pilates you guys I know we’re gonna do that today I didn’t know you guys would actually do it that’s great so the way we do this okay it’s first and foremost we’ve got to start with the mind and our research has indicated in Decatur that a strong value problem with the way you add weight to this side is you work to foster for conclusions just for a little bit later you guys are going to be going through an exercise that we’ve kind of worked out at MEC labs you’re gonna go through an exercise that’s going to lead you through these four conclusions okay but I need to give them to you I need you to understand them before we get there okay so the four conclusions for adding weight to it now we’re gonna stay in the customer Minds here as much as we possibly can all right all right here we go for conclusion of effective value proposition first one is this the first thing that we have to get our prospect to say our prospective donor to say is I want it I want to donate I want to support I want to give I want it now this may be a little bit counterintuitive because often times and I think you know the one you know with working with alum nonprofits and one thing that I have noticed is that there is that may be the one fatal flaw in this area for us is nonprofits we have some wonderful causes that we are a part of which others while of work went on profits some wonderful causes but it’s almost like we assumed that our passion for those causes are going to lose on to our our prospective donors that our our protected donors should be just as passionate about our cause it’s like we assumed that they want it as much as we want it but that is rarely the case I’m gonna show you a button most of you many of you may have this button on your anyone have this button on your website somewhere yeah I’ll have you guys have it it’s fine what’s wrong with this button anyone good good here’s what’s wrong with it no one woke up this morning going me and I really want to donate today that’s the problem now listen to me because there are people who get up and want to donate but no one woke up this morning said I want to donate because by golly I just want to donate there’s a reason why someone wants to support and it’s not to donate the donate is a means to an end what does that end that’s the once and we as marketers have to make sure we can’t assume it we have to make sure that we connect to that end does that make sense let me show you an example now this is not a non-profit I’ll show you some non proximate but this is one of the I think one of the most interesting case studies we’ve ever run at mecca labs it was a headline test and we’re working with the organization that was trying to get people to take surveys all right trying to take surveys and we played with I want to say was like 10 to 12 different headlines and here a sample of the four and I’ll look at them for a minute and ask yourself if for some reason if you’re on a team or you’re you know its own brings to you these four headlines which one do you go with don’t you’ll say but just think about get the answer in your head I want to show you something we ran the ten headlines the pattern that emerged when we looked at the results is absolutely astonishing and it’s hard to see it on the screen right now but look at that top headline get paid to take free surveys the second one here’s your first survey the third one get paid the fourth one get rewarded the fifth Luntz surveys win cash and prizes anyone see a commonality in those top winning headlines okay I hear short I hear benefit is there you see a common word paid get get now listen I’ve been asked many times when I showed this and I can show you call to actions that do the same thing is there something magical about the word get you know what’s funny there’s nothing magical about the word get there is something very magical about the mindset of get when you use the word get it forces you to think about not what you get do you see donate now is all about what you want them to do that’s what we want them to do when you use the word get it forces you to think about what they actually want to do now let me show you interesting case study but you know what we did some research around what actually motivated someone in their kind of normal demographic to give we did a survey with them I think this may be you may you may expect this but we asked people we just got on the phone with them we asked them so what is it that motivates you to give why do you eat some of their best gives what what is it that motivates you to actually give to CBN and a lot of the answers were very noble I’m very very positive right they said things like I want to help others i I want to I want to bring Wells and clean water to people I want to help more people I want to say I want to help children I want to give because of the ministry that this organization does comment I’ve my guess is that many of you would expect the kind of similar answers from your people but look we actually tested this right so we actually tested two different approaches one that was about impact one was about you know okay so bring you know give because it’s gonna make a difference it’s gonna impact children’s lives and then we did one that was about just hate you give and we’re gonna give you a DVDs with some information a premium which of these you think generated more response 78% more response on the premium now listen I’m not telling you that we need to forsake you know impact message anything like that I’m just trying to say that you know sometimes not even our donors know what it is that motivates them to give now let me show you another one that kind of counters example okay this is with an organization that does Alzheimer’s research but the same principles at play it’s all you know it’s all about getting to what they get from donating what they get from cert member we got have fostered the conclusion your value proposition must foster the conclusion I want it so here are two the first one on the Left focuses on the organization and wonderful things about the organization you know how many researchers where the money is going I mean many things that we would think we need people to to see and to know before they they can donate the second one was a story about an individual who was suffering from Alzheimer’s and how the research is going to help real people like this what do you think drove more response which ones more get focused the second one and I drove a 54% increase in response my main point in showing you these case studies is this a donor does not cease to be human when they start donating we are all humans in our natural first kind of emotional move as humans is to think about what we get from our actions what will I get from this as actually it sounds bad but it’s actually not bad this is it’s normal the first impulse of a marketer has to be a little bit different in some sense we have to let go of what we want for a moment and think about if we’re gonna be effective marketers you know sometimes let go of what we want for a moment and think about what our potential donors or supporters want does that make sense okay because donors don’t stop being humans for most donors the act of giving is still this is interesting just discovery from a research the act of giving is still an act of receiving so not consciously motivated by return or not they wouldn’t say it and all the surveys we’ve run they won’t say it but the average donor does subconsciously calculate what am I going to get out of this and then finally if you want to think about it give you a bit of a framework I don’t have a whole lot of time to go into this but there are three ways you can think about k as we’re looking at our value proposition today as you guys go through the exercise of evaluating the value prop there’s three things to measure your how much you know how much does it how much how much want does it have its relevance is it actually relevant to the individual life right the reason why the cbn incentive work is because it was speaking to had content things that were speaking to what you know was relevant in their lives right then and right there and that’s what potentially drove them to respond more the importance of it and then finally the urgency of it I want you to think about it this way for a minute I I know these I wasn’t gonna spend too much time right but just so it goes crystal-clear and everyone’s mind here so just thinking about these these words relevance importance and urgency an example that I typically use with this is um it’s a little silly but it just helps I think you guys can tell me afterwards it helps imagine today I’m walking down the cool street over there the stockyard street and and and I’m just walking down the street actually I just doing this walking down the street and all of a sudden out of the out of the corner there’s a just a strange guy pops out of the corner and he says hey I have a jacket just like your jacket I want to sell it to you for five hundred dollars will you buy it from me do you guys think I’m gonna buy it nope why okay I already got my jacket I’ll need it now let’s just change the story just slightly okay let’s add some relevance for a minute let’s say five minutes before or we’ll say five seconds before this strange guy pops out with offering a jacket I slip and I fall on the brick and I completely ripped my jacket Nally comes out and he says would you like I have a jacket here that looks just like your jacket would you like to buy $500 am I gonna buy it no okay but what have I what am i maybe more likely but at least consider it why what have I added situational relevance oh no speaking of relevance I’ve lost the clicker that’s where I put it okay I will do that three other times before today okay I will give a reward for anyone who can help me the most keep up with my clicker all right all right let’s change the story a little more though okay so let’s add some importance here what if I told you I was not just walking down the street before I slip and fell but what if I’m walking down the street and I’m headed to my annual review with my boss or the board now the guy coughs out and he says hey I see you ripped your jacket it’s a relevant offer here would you like to would you like to buy one from me I have one just like it for five hundred dollars am I gonna buy it okay maybe okay maybe all right so but what’s happened we’ve improved not just in relevance now now it’s it’s connected to something important in my life my livelihood my passions whatever it may be now let’s add a third what if I told you that meeting was in five seconds or a minute from now I’m going I’m late to the meeting he pops out he says 500 hours for jacket what am I gonna say yeah what if I added relevance importance ain’t urgency listen we have to find ways and our offers in our guys listen it is an offer the offer you’re asking the tenant you’re actually it is a product it is an offer we got to find ways to make sure we’re connecting to what’s relevant to them what’s important to them and what’s urgent in their life that makes sense all right so that’s the first one I want it I’ll give you some questions at the end that’ll help think through it this is a really great cake I won’t spend too much time on this now this is cool because this was part of the survey so the mirror I showed you this image of this you know why would someone give for one level to another there’s no reason there’s no I wants it right so we interviewed then we asked him what kind of we saw that they were motivated by premiums we said what kind of premiums are you interested in we surveyed them we got like hundreds of premiums and we we weighted them using something we call PVD in our office and essentially we created this page we took it and we create unique levels that at each level we’re offering them something that’s relevant in their life to speak to their kind of their spiritual walk the first level they get a piece of content the second level they get access to more content their level to get a unique piece of content for their their grandchildren if they want to keep giving larger we have these more kind of exclusive offers I understand that none of these are probably gonna be relevant to you right however some of you may be a great organization but here’s the deal the main thing we are doing here in this is we’re adding I want it to this mix there was no reason before to give to one level to the next and now we’re providing something that actually gets them the potential to say I want it in this case they said I want it at a 7 percent increase in overall donation rates the the monthly giving went up 17% how many guys would like to get a 17% and your monthly giving I was like the hardest thing to do overall that that focused level there we did a lot of testing around that 37 percent increase in that by adding just clear value why someone would actually give its again it’s fostering this conclusion in their mind alright that’s the first let me check my time you guys doing okay I confessions I downed a whole bottle or a whole can of redbull before getting up here I guess tell all right here we go second one okay you can’t just get them to conclude I want it you have to get them the clue to I can’t get it anywhere else it’s actually easy to come up something that someone wants but that’s not exclusive and it’s even easy to come something exclusive of that that uh that no one wants let me give an example so I have a cup here alright it’s a cup of oxygen alright it’s a genuine cup of pure oxygen alright how many of you room in this how many you in this room want some oxygen everyone should be raising their hand right would you guys agree that oxygen you want it it’s appealing right yeah how many of you would buy this from I mean it’s the most appealing thing on the planet right we need it to live okay it’s relevant and support it’s urgent right how many you guys abide this cup of oxygen from you at all no why because this isn’t the only place that I can get it I can get it all around me that makes sense alright so we have to add this level of exclusivity into the mix and listen it looks something like this there’s a way there’s a ways to shape our offers that we get appeal but we kind of move away from exclusivity and there’s ways to shape our value problems such a way that we become more exclusive but we lose appeal a silly example that I’ll use this this this is a really fancy PowerPoint click but actually the most fanciest powerpoints look I’ve ever seen but what if I took it made it even more fancy what if I built in this like a Bluetooth mp3 player that I can like have those fancy earphones in my ear and I could be listening to like my favorite tunes as I present to you all right it’d be more fancy I’d have the world’s only exclusivity the world’s only PowerPoint clicker with a built-in mp3 player right now what if I what if I got a what’s your name what if I get Lily to autograph this oh man I just completely ratcheted up the value of this power because now or the exclusivity because now it’s not only the only type of powerful clicker with built-in empathy play but it’s the only one signed by Lily now how am I gonna buy it from me yes so she’s gonna buy because she’s incredibly generous so nice if she’s supporting Lily Lily’s mother might buy it you know there’s some people that look for but but do you get what I’m saying we can ratchet up exclusivity but that’s not going to do it we have to get work right there in that middle where we have both appeal and exclusivity happening at the same time now some of you may say to me yeah but awesome we’re in the nonprofit space there’s a lot of great organizations doing great causes and it might be a well we really we really can’t be exclusive it’s not possible for us well can I can I say something maybe a little bit challenging this morning I’ll come down here maybe it’ll feel a little less daunting you guys are all marketers here right okay you are you’re trying to get people to respond to something all right in marketing there is no such thing as a commodity no such thing you might say well donating to a cause there are other pieces it’s just a commodity no no no no there is no such thing as a commodity mark in market maybe in Finance maybe in economics yes but in marketing you cannot believe that you have to believe that there is a way that you can make what you’re doing exclusive and unique leave a but you got to get that conclusion I can’t get this anywhere else I’ll give you an example how many of you how many of you guys like sushi anyone any sushi whoa there’s a lot of non profit like some sushi all right anyone have some sushi on the way down all right so no okay so uh sushi now listen I like sushi but you know where I buy my sushi I bite at the grocery store looks like this all right because it’s sushi right I mean it’s it’s raw fish and it’s rice wrapped together I mean sushi sushi right yeah I’m getting some sour faces because some of you know that sushi is not just sushi I was actually in a in Texas a couple months back and I had a friend who he said hey while you’re in town I need to take you to this amazing sushi restaurant but I need to know when you’re because it’s gonna take us three months we got to get on the waiting list and all this stuff and it’s crazy I’m like what it’s sushi why would anyone wait three months to get sushi you know his response to me was guys listen it’s sushi there’s nothing more commoditized than sushi it’s fish and rice we get we can we can do this right now okay we really can’t but listen here’s what he told me he said the sushi chefs at that restaurant they spend three years learning how to cook rice that’s crazy it takes me three minutes to cook rice but tease these chefs spend three years honing the arts honing the craft of cooking rice blows my mind but what are they doing I mean look at that that’s so much more different than what’s on the left they are taking something that is common and they’re they’re they’re creating an experience surrounded they’re packaging it in such a way that it becomes very unique and listen to me people every single person in this room can do this I have worked with people who sell gold it’s called a commodity okay and we have worked to find a value prop and we have been on the front of value problems so I I don’t accept it maybe maybe you can come to me after the break and some hey here’s the situation and there’s no way we can be different I would love to hear it but so far in mine in my journey as a marketer I have not found a situation where we could not become we couldn’t foster the conclusion I can’t get it anywhere else in a minute you’re gonna be right on your value problems it’s two things you want to ask yourself does it is it are you did you write something down that someone wants and did you write something down that says they can only get it here it’s the only place and I won’t spin here too much but and this isn’t the only thing but just to kind of get your kind of gears spinning there’s different ways nonprofits foster exclusivity a lot of times it’s with the specialized focus they’re doing something so niche and focus that no one else can do it in the way that they’re doing it it can be and I’ve seen this a lot their effectiveness there’s something and maybe they’re networks or in the way they do things that it’s more effective maybe they’re more global maybe they have more resources sometimes you can create unique experiences around that we can talk about that if you want to a lot of times you as you give or you don’t you become a part of something special you have an exclusive status locality as big localities particularly big with Millennials and then also affiliations so I’m watching my time a little phone a little behind but uh these are some ways potentially that we can become exclusive yes what a fun question all right so we fortunate we don’t have time for this for that piece she just can we have multiple value propositions anyone else have that thought in their head and as I’m going through this yeah yes you can all right what I’m talking about right now is your primary organizational value publishing but you can have VIPRE purpose around your different products you have value publishers around your different processes you can have fragment for some of you guys have different prospects that are looking at potentially supporting those may have unique value propositions I don’t have time to go into that today but if that’s your situation you can see me at the break and we could talk through some of those things okay all right the next one this is huge you could have appeal you can have exclusivity but it’s not enough there’s two other conclusions I’m going to go through these fast okay the first one is this I understand it I get it you know there are actually a lot of organizations and a lot of nonprofits who actually are doing something that’s uniquely valuable in the world and they really are doing great things but the challenge is there not a communicate in a way that anyone understands that you know as a marker the this chart changed my life I found it in a when I’ll doing some valley pop research reading through Michael Porter and he talked about two organizations you think about it it may be able to do this your organization a-okay your organization’s we’re gonna see today and your actual value you have appeal and you have exclusivity you have I want it I can’t get anywhere else and it’s high it’s higher than an organization be and so you would think people should donate to you over organization be or option B right because your actual value is high but what if the perception is off what if actually purgin ization B is doing a better job of expressing what they do in this scenario which organizations going to get the donation a or B which organization is a better use of the money a now listen this is the glory of marketing I know you get this because you guys are working for causes but every sivan for-profit marketer should get this our job as marketers is to take that that green box that green level and raise it up it’s actually very honorable because we want to communicate with clarity what is the most valuable option for our prospective donors does that make sense now we looked at this case study earlier and I’ll just go through this fast you know look at the headline gift create a ripple effect and unleash a movement of courageous leaders it’s got a really pretty thing right it’s got the hand the hands dripping water it’s kind of connected to ripple effect we’re talking about creating a ripple effect but guys here’s the honest truth what in the world does that mean I have worked with this organization they are amazing they do amazing things they they have they host the largest leader summit leadership summit in all the world this year they had over 300,000 people attend and they’re reaching people in the third world and their whole mission is this idea of when a leadership leading proves the whole community improves and so they they have this program where you can like support people who are you support leaders in these third-world countries to help them grow and get resources and learn how to lead and infect their communities isn’t that awesome do you get any of that from this page this was their main donation page everything that all the support was funneling through this and it wasn’t communicating clearly all the wonderful things they do so we took it and just and it says this page can be improved I know it’s may be hard to see you’ll get the slides we took it and really just you know clarify what actually happens with this let me show you something here I’ll go down to the bottom of the page there’s a lot of stuff here but good on the bottom look at this it’s only 75 dollars to support that sounds like I’m pitching you guys I’m not I’m just describing what we did here it’s only 75 dollars to support a leader in a third world country they can get access to all the resources look what they do they have six hundred and seventy five and I can’t read it I want to say different you know communities where there are these leaders they have they’ve spent 15 kin of this one they spent 15 K translating resources in a different languages so they’re kind of providing really clear pieces of information to help them understand what is the true value of donating this organization do you see that now look at the power of this side-by-side you know you might actually think from a creative I think the the page on the left is so much more pretty or creative but the page on the right is actually doing a lot better job of clearly communicating the value and so when you write down this actually sorry I thought I’d changed this earlier but um that was actually copied from an if you remember from a previous thing it was a 10% overall year-over-year increase in their donations it was real powerful I mean this was their main page that they were driving all their how many guys would like a 10% increase Oh for your for your donations across all the board would that be good yeah this is the power of clarity okay all right we’ll do the last one and this will be quick okay so we’ve talked at someone tell me what are the things we’ve talked about so far what are the what was the first conclusion that we got a draw I want it what’s the second one I can’t get it anywhere else what’s the third one I get it I understand it okay if we do all the work and we get all that right it will be of not if we don’t get this last one right and it’s particularly true today I mean I mean have you guys met me every day there’s a new report coming out of some scandal with some nonprofit etc and so Trust is an all-time low particularly with nonprofits and so it’s not enough just to have a value proposition has appeal and exclusivity and clarity that that’s you know I want it and I can’t get anywhere else and I understand it it’s got to be instantly credible let me show you something now this is something that’s it’s not a nonprofit but it’s a good example this is a one of your you know this is actually a real statement run website it’s one of the top wireless providers read the statement for a minute I’ll read to you we have the nation’s fastest mobile broadband network the largest international coverage of any US wireless wireless carrier offering the most phones that work in the most countries etc now how many guys would agree if you were to rate this on a scale one to five how much appeal would you think this would have let me ask you this you guys had anyone here have a cell phone yeah okay how many you guys want the fastest network largest coverage yeah why because it means you can talk to people it means you can get the people when you need it like that that’s relevant it’s important it’s urgent right so that’s that’s high okay for five is there anything in that statement that implies that you can’t get this anywhere else largest fastest yes are those are words that say you can’t get this anywhere else is it clear it’s relatively clear yes because we’re able to assess the appeal could be a little better but it’s relatively clear but let me ask you about this last one do you in this room believe it why because everyone says it do you know which wireless carry this is you have no idea because every one of them say it and there’s no evidential x’ for it and so watch what happens guys and this is the power of the the formula and I’m almost done I promise look at this if without I believe it if you have everything going for you but it’s not believable in today’s post modern consumer mindset it wipes out the entire force of the value proposition completely so we also have to make sure we go that extra step with our value proposition statement is it clear but is it credible is it believable and we’re going to talk about how to do that there are three ways real quick okay first you can quantify and I’ll show you so this is you’ve seen some examples of this don’t just tell me that you are the greatest impact or you have the greatest impact tell me how much impact quantify it that’s the way you can have we call these evidential x’ here are some examples of that three hundred and thirty eight million people receiving programming annually 100,000 orphans are cared for you see all these numbers we quantified those tell me you have the the biggest impact quantify it specification so if you can’t quantify you can get specific everyone can get specific here till just tell me that you’re the most content connect it tell me specifically how many connections you have I’m just using that as an example there’s other ways to specify but you get it they’ll just tell me that you have something explain it specify it that’s too small so you’ll get this these are just websites where they’ve done that very very effectively explain your connections explain your impact explain the processes that you do explain your to integrity all the things that you have mean whatever it is your value whatever that exclusivity factor is explain it with clarity the final one is if you can’t do those first two everyone can do the third verify verification if you’re gonna mean this if you’re going to share your value proposition and you don’t do it with quantification or specification get someone else to talk about it bring and so on who’s donated bringing a third party credibility indicator every value proposition in this room needs to have appeal which we kind of it’s the conclusion in the mind of I want it it must have exclusivity which is the conclusion in the mine I can’t get this anywhere else it has to have clarity which is the conclusion in the mind I understand it and it’s got to have credibility which is I believe it I believe it so I’m done just making it this make sense okay now we’re gonna have some time I know Tim’s gonna go up here and talk to some things we’re going to some time after that where you guys actually be working on value propositions there’s a little sheet of paper right here I actually have so just to try to make this real actionable okay we’ve taken each of those conclusions and we’ve provided just some questions you know you have your value propositions here on the floor okay it’s not wrong to write your value property on a piece of paper the whole illustration was just say we got to get to our mind use this too now next time you write it down to put yourself in the mindset of your customer ask yourself these questions now listen I don’t think we had enough for I know I know it’s there’s some that don’t have it that’s okay we have some more being shipped later this afternoon there’s I think a link here that you can go to and actually download a digital copy of it but as you guys are going through the exercise after this and encourage you to look at this and just come with like a checklist just use it as a checklist to go through it alright guys thank you and I’ll be around if you guys have any questions or need any help alright thank you very much

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