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Who are you my name is not to be revealed in this setting to serve the son from the white bro that place back there why did I have to go there waiting waiting for what this is beautiful it’s more incredible than I had imagined and yet somehow its you are about to enter the Great Hall of the white throne of judgment the son who sits on the throne has beheld your heart he knows your innermost thoughts and desires nothing is hidden you will approach when your name is called at the gold rail you will kneel where you will have a chance to address the son of the Most High the king of the universe wait you’re saying then that this will decide whether heaven or as it is written this is the most decisive and solitary moment you will ever face did you not read in the eternal scriptures of the Kings judgment seat knowing therefore the terror of the Lord we persuade men may your name so fast the ceiling must beat a thousand five thousand feet it’s also it’s also magnificent it’s so God’s love and yet somehow I feel a holy holy secret all the things I worried about how are we ever gonna pay this off Jeff are you gonna shave that thing on your face the Board says they’re going to evaluate my performance over the last two years cheerio do you see it Craig here y’all right there Greg I’m gonna have to declare your room a national disaster area I think these pants must have shrunk in the wash distractions foolishness this is the moment I should have cared about it this is the moment that should have consumed me all my life this is the moment I should’ve prepared for my encounter with prepare yourself now Moomin it is now time to give them a counting of your time you’ll be all right my friend you’re one of the godliest men in my church if you aren’t accepted than all my work has been for nothing Maya I served you Lord my whole life has been about serving your name it’s it’s been an honor Gabriel is the name he’ll Newland found oh what a blessing to be here to witness this to see the reward but it is not why Lord what how human you are guilty of denying you will be taken to the lake of fire where you will spend eternity away from my presence no in the company of Satan and his demons and all those who have denied but Lord how about I denied you I accepted you as a boy I’ve been a Christian my whole life how can this mean I will reveal the works of his life yes my lord Swach give this envelope to my good buddy down at the planning coach he’ll turn its head the other way just long enough for us to get the go-ahead to break ground on the project that is it wait sure I understand only good for five or six years yeah Stanley relax my friend I’ve got several places we can hide the money all right didn’t you know I’m a CPA yeah creative person with the county I died to give you that chance if you had come to me with a broken and contrite heart I would have erased these deeds from all memory but you you me and these deeds are merely evidence of what was in your heart oh I’m so sorry I gave you many chances to repent in life but out of your pride you refused you prayed a prayer decades ago but it meant little water you never followed you never knew me but what I did many good things in your charge why do you call me Lord and yet you failed to do what I told you how you have never been not now you must go away for your deeds are evil taken away cast him into outer darkness how how I I can’t believe this a man who spent his entire life in church what even now your friend curses at God curses at you that has been your friends true nature all along it is now with what was that time moving we are in the fullness of time this is the same sensation the Apostle John experienced when moving through the events in the book of Revelation when you are no longer confined you see things you wouldn’t have seen very news Gabriel reveal the works of her life yes did you learn about pastor Allen who took up with that trashy little worship singer everybody knows they spent the night together in some love nest in a Cairo you can’t tell anyone it could ruin a marriage you are not here to gossip but if you’re thinking of making that woman had a preschool there are some things you should know we’re just sharing these things out of concerns after all she is part of the church ministry so she really needs our prayers I had no idea she was the source of all those nasty rumors teri warned me about her something she felt Carrie knows it is time to account for your stewardship yes my lord please those statements they were taken out of context the children they were my joy my greatest concern I gladly served you can if you do not hear my word when I said not all who sound religious are godly people they may refer to me as Lord but their heart is far from me for they are unwilling to obey my father unwilling to hold on here David is the name Carrie knows found in the book of life no it is not my lord what Lord I’ve been nothing but a servant for as long as I can remember and you already received your full reward for that service can that’s all the things I get Carrie my word is clear about the seven things I hate and the seventh which is an abomination is sowing discord among brethren again I speak in my word that I cannot tolerate those who slander their neighbors didn’t I pray didn’t I ask forgiveness of my sins you did but carry your heart was far from me you stated you knew Jesus but you never came to me with a humble and contrite heart for salvation therefore my life was never imparted to him I trusted in your works the substitute for a genuine relationship with me my word is clear on that carry you are not justified by works if you had sincerely given your life to me your life would have shown a change nature you would have loved what I loved hated what I ate it that is the evidence it isn’t the worst it’s not you do not know me Cali but I do not know my words clear you have made your choice therefore you must depart from me and go to your eternal punishment yeah you you just wait here let’s go to the place reserved for those who reject for many are called but few are chosen like this Allen Rockaway come before my throne it is time for you to give an accounting thank you my lord I don’t suppose it counts for much but as you know I was a pastor most of my life almost 30 years I led many people to accept you as their Savior yes but did you did I what sir accept me as your Lord and Savior that goes without saying it does not go without saying how did you live your life well I Lord Gabriel his Allen rockaway prepared to enter my kingdom no my lord he is not but but Lord I served you I healed people in your name I baptized I pray and I taught your word I devoted my life to your cause here are your deeds you’ll justified your divorce of teddy before your elder wall look like any other man I have needs and Jesus understand before your church forget the angry vengeful God of your childhood of your negative and false impressions I’m preaching grace just look out these windows and ask yourself does the one who created the Rocky Mountains what his highest most beloved creation to live in a dark box of do’s and don’ts Oh Lord we thank you for the sweets majin buu bet alonandjenny on to find each other it’s special you did all these things in my name and yet I knew you not my life was not within you I could have and would have forgiven all these things but you never had a repentant heart instead you preached what would make you popular and successful empty words that allowed people to live comfortably but without you neglected to teach your people what it truly means to follow me to love me with all their heart soul and might you even paraded your adultery and the destruction of your family before the church justifying it in my name this was an abomination that my life being within you would not have gone so boldly into adultery against my word when I was on earth my words were clear whoever divorces his wife except for sexual immorality and marries another commits adultery but Alan my word also says there is evidence for those who cruelly know me if they know me they will keep my Commandments if they break my Commandments they will confess their sins and repent you never confess nor repented from your sin rather you justified it but Florida King David committed adultery and you forgave him David sincerely repented that is why he rests in his reward today but you did not you continue to twist my word to justify them and worse yet you preached it to the sheep I had entrusted to him but I too was deceived I was led astray I simply preached what I knew and I didn’t realize I gave you teddy I don’t understand Allen I’ve listened to your sermons for years now and I’m curious I don’t think I’ve ever heard you use the word sin even once in the last several years or righteousness or justice what you talked about how summit Chapel is a safe place to check out the faith to keep the tires right right but how does someone receive Jesus at our church Terry we’ve talked about this a hundred times the whole approach is to reach out to the seekers we don’t want to pound them over the head with doctrine it’s a gentle leading yes but but how do these seekers find anything there aren’t any calls for repentance or Terry look I’m not gonna debate you on this the problem is you’re still tied to the fast the old way of doing things the dogma but but it’s basic truth bottom line you don’t get what my ministry is about and frankly you don’t care no I am asking basic questions and you’re the one refusing to answer who’s the one who doesn’t care Allen you knew you were told and you were warned Lord did you not read in my world that those were teachers in the church will be judged by me with greater strictness yes Lord I did but I believed I had been called to this work you were called and it would have turned out differently if you’d only surrendered your life and ministry to me but but now you must depart from me for my presence is not within you and your name is not found by him and cast him into the deepest darkest deepest darkness my lord when I was on earth I said whoever causes one of these little ones to stumble it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea now for such persons I said I would reserve a place of greatest torment but the place of deepest darkness take him No God God your baby please stop your presence it’s 15 away this is the last time I’ll ever see ever one times waiters she shallow she was like so proud simple dissected wretched despicable boy why did I with Jack ladies I love take my hand come with me what you have been through is real if you lost your earthly life at this moment in time this would have been your eternal destiny what do you mean if I lost my earthly life the father allowed you to see what would have happened if your son was not at this very moment rescuing you from death Jeff because of your son’s persistence and obedience to the urging of the Spirit you are about to be spared you see Alan the father is going to allow you to deliver a message to the world he is granting you a second chance


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