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this recording is provided by Time Square Church in New York City you’re welcome to make additional copies for free distribution to friends all other unauthorized duplication or electronic transmission is a violation of copyright and other applicable laws this recording cannot be posted on any website however written permission to link to the Time Square Church home page may be requested by emailing info at Times Square Church orj other recordings are available by calling 1-800 for eight eight zero eight five four or by writing to Time Square Church tape ministry one six five seven Broadway New York New York one zero zero one nine I have a prophetic word this morning it’s been quite a while since the Lord is entrusted me to bring a prophetic message but this is very strong in my heart I want you to turn to Isaiah 24 Isaiah 24 my message in one hour everything is going to change in one hour 24th chapter of Isaiah I’m going to read just the first few verses and you leave your Bible open because I’m going to keep coming back to this it’s the prophecy is all here it’s not my prophecy it’s I it’s the Lord’s prophecy given through Isaiah his holy prophet behold the Lord make it the earth empty and maketh it waste and turns it upside down and scatters abroad the inhabitants thereof it shall be as with the people so with the priest as with his servant so with his master the maid so with her masked mistress as with the buyer the seller as with the lender the borrows as with the taker of usury so the giver of usury land shall be emptied and spoiled for the Lord has spoken this word father in love and brokenness I come to this congregation with something that you placed on my heart something prophesied many many years ago aimed at this very generation and this time Nord I pray that you awaken our hearts that that we would not tremble we would not fear but we would trust your word to bring strength to us now Lord come upon me by your Holy Spirit let me speak the word of the Living God with confidence and faith in Jesus name I pray amen God through the prophet Isaiah said a time is coming God said I’m going to turn everything upside down and the scripture makes it very clear it says behold the Lord make it the earth empty and make it that waste and turn with it up side down there’s a sudden judgment coming to this world and it’s at the door and I want you to hear what the prophet Isaiah is saying it’s not my message now if you’re tied to this world if you are in love with the things of this world and you are not walking with the Lord you’re not wanting to hear you will not want to hear this and you may want to just cast it aside and say well I’ll endure this message it and even if you are born-again Christian if you love the Lord and you’re close to him if you didn’t believe that this is the pure Word of God there may be a tendency not to take it serious but this is the word of God it is not man’s prophesy there are a lot of prophecies going forth in the world and they are I don’t know whether you would call them spiritually based on up but this is Scripture this is the Living Word of God and if you believe this is the pure Word of God then you have to open your heart to what the prophet Isaiah has to say this morning in one hour the world is going to change the scripture says in fact when you get to Revelation the eighth chapter John warned in one day death and mourning yet in one hour and utter burning and judgment will come that’s the eighteenth chapter of Revelation and it confirms that this is going to happen Jesus said is going to be when all men cry peace and safety then sudden destruction comes a sudden unexpected destruction comes from the land of the Lord Isaiah warns that there he mentions the city in fact a number of prophets do but most eminent Bible scholars and I’ve checked through my librarian they believe as I do that this prophecy that we’re hearing this morning from Isaiah is at is is directed to this generation in just a moment how large on that and tell you why I believe we can pinpoint it into our very generation our time in one day in one hour and it says at that time there was going to be a great burning now secular prophets and those in homeland security whether it’s in the United States or England or Germany all over the world now they are saying that that there is going to come a nuclear accident or a nuclear holocaust coming to a city they often named New York City you you know what’s happened here we live through the 9/11 experience and you could look out of the apartments as we are you could see the burning and see the fire and the smoke ascending to heaven and a few weeks ago remember the eruption of the steam pipe and the earth opened up and swallowed a truck and you saw pictures of people running everywhere in their spring because this it is this it they’re thinking nuclear and the scripture says if when you go through I say the 24th chapter it says that the gates are going to be dissolved the gates are going to be devastated that’s means the exits and entrances we don’t know where it is the city is named and a burning and a fire is mentioned here I’ve been prophesying for a number of years that of something I saw when I was on the street in on Broadway and 42nd Street and it’s come back to me many many times of a thousand Bert burning in this particular city we in which we live but you see I don’t know where it is he doesn’t name the city but he doesn’t say that there is going to be a sudden destruction that’s going to change everything the world is going to change in one hour the church is going to change in one hour and we as individuals are going to change in one hour now this message is not to frighten because if you’re confident that you’re saved and under the blood of Christ and redeemed you know that anything like this happens it’s instant glory we pass from life into death and like the Apostle Paul said we should be of this mindset that we thank God for this world we thank God for our life but our preference is to go and be with Christ that should be the desire in your heart the scripture said the fear of death is a Dominion it’s a terror and Paul said you’ve lived all your life that way but he said God says he doesn’t want to live that way he wants to deliver us from the fear of death and if we lose the fear of death through trusting in Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit we will not fear no matter what happens what the newscast is what anybody says or a message such as this you you will only be moved to awaken to what the Lord says to do and but let me not get ahead of myself here we don’t know where this is going to happen first of all the hour is going to come when the whole world is going to change now imminent Bible scholars believe that chapter 24 and 25 of Isaiah have to do with our time this very day a sudden cataclysmic event is going to strike in the Bible’s Isaiah says the lofty this is 26 verse 5 the lofty meaning the proud city will be laid low even to the ground Bible then according to prophet there is utter chaos in folks you can go out in the street here on this Sunday afternoon go right outside the door and a son and say how could it happen that in one hour there could be such confusion where government can’t do anything about it societal agencies can’t do anything about it because even when 9/11 struck this city they came from all over the world they poured in from all the United States firemen police officers and helpers and there was armies of people wanting to help but folks this cataclysmic event makes various made very clear the scripture is going to be beyond human ability to cope with and even now we listen to our secular prophets and they they talk about trying to prepare but there is there’s coming a day that in one our society changes a whole world changes Bible says the merchants will weep and weep and wail and cry because no one is buying their merchandise there are all sellers and no buyers this past week the director or the CEO of a large fund put his hundred and forty two foot yacht for sale his 16 bedroom house in Aspen went up for sale because his high-risk funds are fading and he’s in deep trouble that happened overnight and now all of these risk funds mortgage companies going bankrupt left and right and we are facing an incredible monster economic of people I’ve been warning about that I stood in this pulpit a year ago this Sunday I think was or within one or two Sundays warning about the mortgage market and telling people if you’re flipping houses and you don’t know how to do that you’re not a real estate agent get out we warned about that and because you say well why Warren what’s the purpose of that why don’t you just wait till that happens why live on any kind of anxiety why put this burden upon us but remember what Jesus said when he first saw the destruction of Jerusalem he said there’s going to be us this city is going to burn to the Raun and he said I’m telling you now so that when it happens you believe you believe that there is a God who so loved he warns you and he said that it there’s going this fight this this city is going to the ground and there won’t be one stone left upon another in the temple and Jesus warmed he said no I’m warning you for a reason so that when it happens when you see these things come up you’ll understand that you were loved and Paul the Apostle when he’s talking about the sudden destruction he called that information light he said your members of the body walking in light you’re getting Holy Ghost insight he said you’re not in the darkness you won’t walk in darkness so that when these sudden things come and there’s panic all around you there’s going to be something happen to you by the Holy Spirit they’re going to be something aquick kids you and say well my God warned me there were true to word true words that came forth from the pulpit and we were we were warned even though in this day of prosperity nobody wants to hear it I don’t want to hear it but folks it is here and I’ll tell you why this message is being but for this morning before our clothes he said the dreams are going to fade he goes on to say that the music is going to fade the the zippers or the guitars and and the there’s there’s going to be such a change everything is going to change in this world in one hour if there were a nuclear attack on Jerusalem or Tel Aviv any city in Israel I told you about the Samson option and they have such a radar system they have such protective equipment that as soon as a missiles released toward Israel within moment they have about a minute maybe a minute and a half according to some experts and retaliatory missiles would hit and strike and wipe out every enemy of Israel folks I’m going to talk to you in just a moment about why I believe that the prophet Isaiah is talking about our day first of all by the growing number of prophets warning of an apocalyptic moment coming now when I talk about prophets I’m not talking about just Church prophets I’m talking about secular prophets because God uses secular prophets these are experts these are scientists and remember in the scripture God set of of Assyria Assyria is my rod against Israel to correct them another a serious doing my will I am speaking through Assyria to my people and remember also about Cyrus the scripture said of Cyrus he’s a heathen King and when you get to Amos Amos the Prophet said Cyrus is God speaking through him said Cyrus is my shepherd and he’s doing my bidding so when when you hear all of these secular scientists and all of these these are not church people these are not religious people they are saying it’s at the door what about the sensuality what about all of this nonchalance what about this racing for money and gold and greed Wall Street has become the greediest source of of VAL corruption in man’s history they have taken this nation into such risk in such a depth a debt there is no way out of it and we live right at the foot of it it’s right at the just blocks away from where I’m preaching this morning the second reason you see when I’m preaching this morning is mild compared to what I hear now is that right or wrong what you hear in the news and what you hear constantly fed so that we just want to turn it off but you see God moves God moves in these these are the warning times when prophets are speaking because the scripture says the Lord’s and will do nothing until he speaks through his prophets through Amos God said I don’t do anything until I warn through my prophets and the second reason why I believe we can assume that what Isaiah is warning speaks to our generation God always moves in judgment he always acts when the cup of violence overflows violence now folks let me speak plainly to you from the depths of my soul I’m not a prophet have never claimed to be a prophet I’m a watchman just one of many but listen to me now there is no greater violence in the sight of God than the violence of pedophiles those who are raping children those who are stealing children right off the streets and taken them to to the Far East and putting them in brothels in India and all the the Far East in here in the United States an entire church denomination paying hundreds of millions of dollars to settle lawsuits because their little children were sodomized folks when you turn to the far and you find that hundreds and even thousands of little children was shed heed to death when you think of the thousands and thousands of babies aborted the United States and around the world and that blood cries from the ground the Bible says God destroyed Noah stage because the earth was filled with violence and God said I can’t handle that him I can’t take it I will not take it and he was patient for 120 years a strong faithful preaching a prophetic word and then God saw and folks I believe now think of the the murdering in our schools the the terrorizing of our children you can harden what are we doing getting hardened to the news that does it not move us anymore I can tell you it moves the heart of God and I believe that blood Christ from the ground how long do you think God will endure how long do you think God will put up with this even here now on the internet a pedophile is taking pictures and telling pedophiles where to go to find the children where it’s easiest to pick up a child and he’s allowed to do it and can’t be stopped folks that’s all going to change this is all going to change in one hour secondly sudden destruction when it comes is going to change the church in one hour the church is going to change it’s going to change dead churches is going to change live churches the Prophet pictures are great shaking as though God took an olive tree that had already been harvested and he begins to shake it in other words that there’s been a harvest but they’re still good God said I’m going to take everything that can be shaken I’m going to turn everything upside down according to the Prophet at this time of shaking though something is going to happen it’s so incredible if you have your Bibles open I want you to go to verse 14 now before you do that don’t get ahead of me please look this way now remember this is a time of cataclysmic devastation this is a time that’s so incredibly dark this is a time of fire and in the middle of that what about God’s people what’s happening in the church the apostasy is going to change overnight everything that we see that is wrong in the Church of Jesus Christ is going to change but in the house of God there’s going to be a revival and I want you to see it folks and if you did this one I saw it begin to pray over it and begin to study and do my research on this see this is not I didn’t get along with God and pray and say God talk to me put in my head what’s going to happen I have people all over the world wherever I travel sit brother Dave you speak of prophetic words what’s next what’s coming I said I don’t know I don’t know if I go to my Bible if God speaks it through his word then I believe it and then I’ll preach it so I see this and it makes me shout I know what’s coming and you know what’s coming but folks think God’s infesting is in his church in the Church of Jesus Christ is overcoming Church and the Bible said in the middle this is going to be a song rise up from the islands of the sea from the uttermost parts of the world there’s going to be a saw rise up in the middle of all of this look at it verse 14 then shall they lift up first verse 13 when thus it shall be in the midst of the land among the people it’s going to be a great shaking what’s happening doing the shaking verse 13 verse 14 then they in other words they shall lift up their voice they shall sing for the majesty of the Lord they shall cry aloud from the sea wherefore glorify you the Lord in the fires did you hear that there should be an a man coming from the glory of your soul because in the middle of the fire God’s going to have a people who are not in panic God is going to have a people that are going to praise the majesty of Almighty God he said in the fire as you will sing there’s a song coming to the Church of Jesus Christ folks we’re not going down we’re going up we are going up there shall be a song in the midst of the fire verse 16 further from the uttermost part of the earth have we heard what not weeping not groaning not murmuring not complaining not agonizing that you hear a song coming from China and then you hear from India you hear coming out of the tribes of Africa out of Darfur out of every nation is coming from every island of the sea it’s coming from the United States and Canada South America the whole world for outermost part of the world I hear a song the Prophet said I hear it I hear people who are facing calamity I hear people that seemingly have no hope and there’s a song is it Squire we heard over 150 voices here this morning singing can you imagine the great sound that was coming out of the 150 can you imagine millions and millions of people around the world singing the song when this hour comes it’s coming in the darkest time of all I that that something’s going to happen among our youth especially call these students do you understand that for for the past 10 years especially our children our young people going into colleges in their faith is being robbed that ungodly atheistic teachers and professors have our young people as prisoners four three four five and six years and they keep bombarding them till there’s no faith they they leave good evening there is no God till I can sweeten 80% of the people now say they’re the population that there’s no God don’t believe in God 20% but even God and many many students and folks I believe that’s going to change because in one hour when everybody is waken and when the world is shaking and trembling those professors are going to be looking for somebody to give them a word prosperity preachers are going to get their Bibles out looking for something to say to the people saying what’s happened why didn’t you warn us but I believe that in that time everything in college is going to change oh yes all the survival you see that this is not I’m not talking about the end of the world they’re still ahead there’s the things are going to change in one hour but there’s still we’re talking about in the future beyond that the Antichrist and but you see the Antichrist can’t come to power until there’s chaos it has to come out of chaos Hitler came out of chaos the Antichrist is going to come out of a chaotic world where he there is something of wisdom there’s something given to him with demonic power that brings people some kind of hope I’m talking about the secular world but folks this is all about to change now the Bible says we as individuals are going to change in one hour we’re going to have our focus and life changed our entire focus we will no longer be obsessing about our own problems and diversities we won’t be we won’t be focused on me we won’t be focused on our problems as serious as they are and as challenging as they may be god it’s very clear this will not be our focus that’s all going to be changed everything that was once dear to us is no longer going to have value it’s other than those things that are the spirit and of love and of cry first things that we held dear are going to be held and absolutely are going to vanish by this meaning the calamity shall the iniquity of Jacob be purged when he turns all the stones into dust this is Isaiah 27 9 he said I’m going to take all the island and he said by this in other words this great Cataclysm event is going to bring down all the idols all the idols are going to be crushed the stone is what the Bible says here’s the promise from the book of Isaiah 27 chapter he said in that day all the idols will be trampled to dust they’re not going to be the last thing the world is going to be talking about is sports I have another sports I like sports I’m a football fan but you know Bible says it’s going to be good they’re not going to be anymore 250 million dollar settlement for these people in a starving world he said it’s all going to change it goes even deeper than that let me find it here in the scripture it shall be here’s where we’re going to be in a level field listen to this very please and it shall be as with the people so with the priests as with the servants so with his master as with the maid so with his mistress of the buyer and the seller is with the lender and the buyer everything will be brought to a same level well there’s presidents world leaders those in poverty all going to face the same struggles the same conditions nothing will there’ll be no respecter of persons are you ready for some comfort I said are you ready for some comfort folks I don’t like to preach like this for the last six weeks I’ve preached nothing but grace I risk people getting mad every time I’ve had to preach much like this people leave but one day I stand before God and he said if you see these things coming and you don’t warn the Bloods on your hand and I read that in tremble there should be no one becomes the Time Square Church surprised should you don’t sit around waiting for things to happen but let me tell you what Paul the Apostle said I want you to follow this very closely no before I close Paul said he has not appointed us to wrath but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ who died for us so that whether we wake or sleep whether we we we will live together with him he said comfort yourself he’s talking about sudden destruction he’s talking about time that we’re going to be with the Lord and he said I want you to comfort one another comfort one another and he said whether we live or die and folks that’s where we have to come to right now you you watch the news in the next thirty days and especially the next two weeks listen to to what’s happening to the economy listen listen just remember God speaking not to make you afraid but to prepare your heart he said your to put on the breastplate of faith this is Paul the Apostle said in these times when we live under the threat of a sudden destruction or the knowledge of a sudden destruction coming on the earth when this has been told to us and when we see it and we hear it he said you’re not to tremble you’re not to saw was the world sorrows he said no he said you go about comforting one another and speak to one another saying live or die we are the Lord’s now it comes down to this going to your friends going to the body of Christ went after them and say cans look right in the eye and say live or die where the Lord’s that’s what paul said you’re going to encourage one other safe will ever die we will go and live with christ we are headed for eternal life in Christ folks I’m asking God and I more and more you say what you can come to that because your old man now but you see I’m coming to place now where I’m not going to live in fear I don’t live in fear I want to be here in the United States it II if anything happens to this city I want to be here in the middle of it and I don’t want the fear of death to have dominion over me and you can’t have freedom you can’t have freedom until you comfort yourself with the Word of God saying I will whatever happens if it happens tomorrow bless God I’m going to be shouting on the streets of glory with all the saints of God I’m going to pass from death into life this we’re not to live in fear we’re not to live in bondage Zelo brother Dave you already put us in fear and now you’re trying to get us out of it no that’s the work of the Holy Spirit that’s the work of the Holy Spirit glory be to God I my message today is that there’s a song coming out of this and if you leave this building if you leave this building discouraged if you walk out of here say that’s nothing but gloom ndu yes it is on a human level but on a spiritual level it’s life eternal it’s life and I just have a secret thought in my heart it’s probably just David Wilkerson slots but I have a feeling distance before 9/11 the Holy Spirit moved in this church and other congregations and warned us there were moments of silence sometime 15 minutes we said in this church just before the blast and God was speaking to us not to be afraid and it’s going to be different this time I believe that if something is going to happen in this city or wherever it happens the Saints of God are going to be quickened by the Holy Spirit and they’re gonna be some singing and shouting and praising of God to encourage the body to strengthen their spirit now get up on your feet I bind the spirit of fear in the name of Jesus Christ our Savior he’s not giving us the spirit of fear but love and power and a sound mind folks I’ve got the Holy Ghost all over me right now I have the Holy Spirit upon my soul he wants to come upon you the Holy Spirit wants to quicken you take the fear out of your heart you young people that are in the choir the young people in listening to me right now there is a future that the whole world thinks there’s no future folks this is just the beginning of our future this is just the beginning of our future hallelujah I feel good they’re going to be a lot of people listen to this tape tuned it out too quick they turned it off they should have stayed and listened to the praises and the shots of God’s people in this house hallelujah there shall be a song somebody asked you this afternoon or tomorrow next week what did partial day preach you see revival a song in a hard time and I’ve got to see this in closing this is very carefully please your to sing in your present fire in your adversity in your hard time financial whatever it me you’ve got to get a song you say does God expect me to sing well I don’t care what it is there should be that look quiet there’s something very quiet and steadfast in the soul that sings great is our God see that he said they’re going to sing about the majesty of God great is our God folks I walked these streets and I sing I sing in spite of crises I sing in spite of all those things as something God puts in the heart and you’ve got to get your song now that’ll be too late get it now get a hold of your song there’s a song in the night but there’s a song in the fire some of you’re in a fire the Bible says build up your faith Apostle Paul said put on the breastplate of hope of faith and love and hope oh praise God for the hope it is in our hearts now we have a space here in the front of the church we refer to it as the altar another place to meet God and I invite you if you’re here this morning and God has spoken to you you see God’s not interested in you changing your life through fear but through hope and that’s what this meeting is all about hope and you’re here this morning and your hope has been staggered because you’re going through crisis in your life and you say well brother Dave everybody’s got some kind of a crisis but I’m talking about a real serious thing that only God could give you a song and there’s been some we call it the Blues or depression if you’re standing here with it sound of my voice in the annex upstairs here where we’re at in this audience and you need to touch an absolute touch of God you need this spirit of fear to be broken in you so you can walk out of this building maybe that fears because you’re not walking with Christ as you did or should maybe you’ve drifted away maybe you walked in here and you’ve never known what it is to have what people call new birth or you’ve never surrendered your life to Jesus Christ invite you to get out of your seat upstairs where even the belt in the Annex you can go to the lobby and they’ll show you how to get down here in the front of this church and we will pray for you you can come even while I’m talking just get out of your seat up the balcony go the stairs on either side and come down we’re going to believe God for a tremendous change everything so change in our this can change you the next five minutes there can be a change in your life and the Lord can cleanse you change your direction and bring hope and life to your whole your body soul mind in the spirit Heavenly Father I pray that you walk through this congregation move through this congregation to find every one that needs some miracle a life-changing miracle and those who would believe with us would believe with us for that change in Jesus day while they’re singing just get out of your seat up in a balcony come and join us here we’ll pray and we’ll believe God for you and with you if you don’t know Christ if you’ve drifted from Christ follow these that are coming now there’s some maybe many of you here this morning worried and fretting because they what do i what do I do in the future if some of these things you’re talking about even begin to happen what do we do what about my house mortgage all these things the Lord comes to us with a message said casting all your care upon him because he cares for you can you imagine a God who has flung into the cosmos not just this one world that we’re living in not this one galaxy but you understand that there are millions and billions of galaxies beyond ours that the Hubble telescope has discovered not just billions of talking about billions of universes can you imagine endless in a God who can keep all of that in order can’t he keep our lives in order my goodness and and we have preached faith so long we have toyed with faith we have imagined we have faith we have talked and preached and tried to test it and all but folks that it is time it is time and the only reason I can think God would have me do this this morning is that you and I get a hold of some life-changing faith that no matter what happens somehow God will deliver his people and if if we if folks how do you how do you explain the 16 Korean Presbyterians right now in the hands of the Afghani terror Taliban to have been murdered and then then we say well you know the fiery furnace and the lion’s den they’re all delivered and God’s not appointed us to wrath yes but there’s that the – and they’re dying one of the time there are martyrs under the throne of God multitudes of martyrs crying out that the blood be avenged folks we’ve got to be honest about it we’ve got to be on I’m going to play games with the Church of Jesus Christ you and I have you and I have to be prepared to die for Jesus if necessary and we will go through hard times but if a God can if a God can keep this world in orbit and there’s a whole cosmos moving in their orbits and in their places and can you imagine a God who’s named every billions of star every multiplied billions of stars he’s named them all so he sure knows my name he knows my name and he knows your name god help us to believe God and get a song in our trial father in Jesus name we fight against doubt and unbelief and this cast down spirit lord help us to face the days ahead with Holy Ghost courage and you are a strong tower we can run into you and be safe we are safe in Christ pray this prayer with me Lord Jesus give me confidence in the days ahead and I trust in you and help me O Lord to cast my cares upon you forgive my sins Lord forgive my unbelief come by your Holy Spirit lift my spirit put joy in my heart and a song in my heart a praise and glory to your holy name now let me bring in for your father sweep over this congregation in the annex the overflow rooms into the balcony and the choir loft and the pulpit and this whole house sweep over us with the gentle spirit of the Holy Spirit Holy Spirit brush breathed upon us now as we walk out into the sunlight of this day let us realize Lord that this is not the Sun that we’re looking for we thank you for it but all Lord we go into a city where you are the Sun you are the brightness of the day and lord you will wipe away every tear and you will strengthen us Lord we anticipate your coming we anticipate the soon return of Jesus Christ our Lord from glory holiday will you now just thank him for his faithfulness to you lord I thank you this is the conclusion of the methods

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