Daily Dose of Deception – The illuminati New World Order Update – 2011

Estate thank you for watching the daily dose of deception so for one of the most globally celebrated events in our history what could the global elite be hiding from us and how is the new world order agenda progressed so far this year lots of sharks we’re out here first of all let’s take a look into the royal family’s history of inbreeding and monarchy traditions revelation is that kate and william’s family trees contains some surprising details and connections Kate’s great-great-great-great grandfather John Harrison it seems labored in the grime of a coal mine owned by the family of Williams great-great-great-great grandmother Francis bowes-lyon the Harrisons continue to work for the post Lions through the generations until Elizabeth who would become queen is born and Dorothy Harrison moves away Elizabeth has Prince Charles while Dorothy marries into the Goldsmith family and has Carol who marries a Middleton and has Kate who will of course marry Prince Charles son William Kate and William are cousins of course this is not surprising considering that the queen is also a relative of the Bush family and also the Clintons today Queen Elizabeth the second is the head of state of the great nation of the Hebrew covenant called Great Britain her genealogy chart according to the College of heralds in London traces her blue bloodline back to Abraham who many modern scholars believe to be the Egyptian pharaoh a men and at the first by connecting 22 dots the true hebrew and royal egyptian identity a queen elizabeth the second comes into focus number one what is the stone of jacob a hebrew patriarch doing beneath the Queen’s throne chair number two why was the Queen crowned at her coronation ceremony on top of a symbolic Egyptian Step Pyramid number three the Monarchs crown has 12 stones at the base each representing the 12 Hebrew tribes the 12 stones of the 12 tribes were also worn on the breastplate of hebrew high priests in canaan number for the Union Jack represents the reunion of the United Kingdom of the 12 tribes of Jacob or Jack hub the Union Jack is red white and blue the same colors as the three crowns of Egypt the royal families of Europe along with the hidden ruling powers of the West are descendants of Hebrew Jews that escaped from Egypt and the Middle East a couple of thousand years ago today the British Empire is the biggest empire the world has ever seen so many traditions are based on ancient Egypt that it goes unnoticed by the general public infest was practiced by ancient Egyptian royalty mothers married sons and brothers married sisters to keep the power and the money all in the family like they’re piranhas can sesterce the British monarchy have a long history of incestuous inbreeding the media has misled the public into believing that Queen Elizabeth the second is a bollocks ceremonial figureheads with little or no real power that she is a cold but harmless old relic who passes her time sipping tea at the palace nothing could be further from the truth as British monarch Queen Elizabeth the second is the wealthiest most powerful person on earth she embodies the crown and supreme world power Prime Minister’s in Commonwealth nations like Canada and Australia are also subservient representatives of the British king or queen they are her spokesman the Governor General’s of the Queen’s Commonwealth nations represent and exercise the Queen’s power on her behalf what the general public doesn’t realize is that their leaders are only representatives of the monarch and do not possess the power they exercised the power they do not rain they rule the monarch on the other hand reigns but does not rule possesses the power but does not exercise it her powers include the power to choose the Prime Minister and to dismiss the Prime Minister through her governor-general the power to dismiss ministers and the government the power to dissolve parliament and call new elections already this year we have seen some major events such as the crisis in Japan which has seen an increase in UFO sightings around the world indicating that those looking over us a concern that we are still forced to rely on nuclear power or perhaps they’re just more government hoaxes we have seen Anna prize in the Middle East which has also been a manipulation from the West enabling us to exploit their troubles by invading and taking control of their economy of course the Middle East is of great interest to the west seeing as our major leaders are descendants from the Holy Land of Israel we have also seen the Bavarian Illuminati House of Windsor spend millions of pounds earned by the British slave on a wedding party there is also major speculation around Obama’s birth certificate which shows multiple signs of being forged meaning if he’s not of American origin he cannot run for president tonight for the first time I am releasing my official birth video now I warned you no one has seen this footage in 50 years not even me but let’s take a look you oh well back to square one I want to make clear to the Fox News table that was a joke my friends it is the 27th of april 2011 and as the headline reads the newest obama birth certificate that’s been released by the White House has been altered in literally dozens of ways and it’s been altered in ways that are so obvious that it makes the head spin this had to have been done on purpose to accelerate this to debate the White House obviously wants to make everything about the birth certificate and was he really from Hawaii or Kenya instead of his record of more Wars torture bailing out banks signing statements and lobbyists there’s no way they are this stupid if they are this hubris filled and arrogant and crazy and have put out the document that we’re about to show you then we’re in even more trouble now let me show you some of the layers here we have august eighth nineteen sixty one if I toggle this layer I believe it’s this one yes you can see that the only real thing in this image is the one the nine and the one everything else is added in August the eighth and you can also see the original date on top of this date accepted by RG general obviously went over so they also had to fake the date a you know looking at it you can see all the stuff that’s faked there’s different colors they didn’t even match the colors right the august eighth nineteen sixty one you can clearly see a change in color the one and the nine or different colors in the six it’s all fake but the really interesting part is somewhere out there there is a real birth certificate is clearly a fake up there’s no doubt about it and it’s pretty poorly done to so whoever whoever faked this was either the most foolish editor ever and mistakenly allowed access to the layers or they were pure genius and they were trying to expose Obama and well here it is I mean anyone can go download this and check it for themself everything checks out is clearly a fake this is a demonstration that Obama is not the president of a democracy his team are made up of Zionists and Wall Street fat cats we are also greatly distracted from the genocide of Palestine which rulers of the West are funding to create the terrorist State of Israel us house appropriators have pushed funding for Israeli missile defense programs to its highest level ever 420 million dollars now slated for the year 2011 last week the US House Appropriations Subcommittee on defense added ninety-five point seven million dollars to the original White House funding request according to sources closest to the panel the package is more than twice as much as last year’s total and adds up to nearly 1 billion dollars in aid to join us Israel missile programs in the past four years a small symbol of resistance only minutes before it’s crushed with deadly force their protest is interrupted a 20 year old man has been shot Palestinian same Israeli patrol on the other side of the fence fired on them carried out a man later died in hospital these are nonviolent demonstrations against the Israeli imposition of the buffer zone the buffer zone is a 300-meter no-go zone in which they really say they can shoot anyone in this area but it annexes Palestinian firm land in an excess land where Palestinians living work muslim palestinians are getting killed by weston funded Zionists terrorists the same Western Zionists terrorists who blew up the Twin Towers and put obama into power and on May the first perhaps one of the bigger lies has been pushed forward bin Laden has apparently been killed it’s very likely bin Laden died over six years ago of kidney failure he was treated by an American Hospital in Pakistan back in 2001 benazir bhutto the ex-president of Pakistan claimed on national television that bin Laden had died benazir bhutto was later shot here is a news clip from back in 2002 Mon Cherie was often there to help before 911 there were reports that Pakistani intelligence and helped the Taliban by dialysis machines and the rumor was that these were wanted for Osama bin Laden it was pakistan’s President Musharraf who said in public what many suspected that bin Laden suffers from kidney disease saying he thinks bin Laden may be near death his evidence watching this most recent video showing a pale and Haggard bin Laden his left hand never moving Bush administration officials admit they don’t know if bin Laden is sick or even dead the Illuminati are precise with numerology and also symbology let’s take a look at some important dates may first 1776 the Bavarian Illuminati was established May first nineteen forty-five Hitler was confirmed dead may first 2011 bin Laden was confirmed dead March 19 2003 us invades Iraq March nineteen twenty eleven us invades Libya on April 29th Hitler got married on april twenty ninth Prince William also got married another very important issue the EU have now banned the use of herbal medicines which will bankrupt many companies and affect the lives of millions implementers of the New World Order want us to be dependent upon their vaccines and medicines along with the drinks and foods which contain endless amounts of chemicals it has been proven that cancer and other diseases do actually have natural cures for which the pharmaceutical industry can’t patent and thus make profits I don’t have time to discuss this now but invite you to do your own research the new world order is being implemented right under our noses we are constantly lied to on a daily basis take a look at these new images of chemtrails being sprayed above England they are spraying chemicals into the air all around the world some day 24 for march happy stuff from the geoengineers it’s not even seven o’clock in the morn yeah but I’m since six o’clock also graph and Wildlife and stuff like that there we go being tossed notice how particles from the trails are actually falling out the sky thank you for watching the daily dose of deception wake up to the New World Order and don’t believe anything the mainstream media tells you please visit us at WWDC dot Emmy  ….


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