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in this tutorial in CyberLink PowerDirector we’re going to look at how to shorten a video clip to match a shorter audio clip sometimes you have audio that’s just about the right length of your project but too much video we’ve shown you in another tutorial how you can use magic cut to achieve that objective and the strengths and weaknesses of that approach here we’re going to make an adjustment by speeding up the video to match the audio which will actually make the video shorter in length let me show you how to do that I’m going to pause the playing of this clip and if I hover over it I noticed that the video is 4 minutes 10 seconds and 8 frames much too long for my project but if I hover over my audio file I discover that my music file is 1 minute 33 seconds and 22 frames let’s assume that that’s about the right length for my particular project so I’ve taken that file and I’ve placed it on track number 2 I could place it on any audio track or I could place it down on the music track at the bottom so if I try to play that I have a nice deep but I find that the audio is much faster and much more energetic than the video because it’s too long and too slow I’m gonna click on the video track and then click on the tools’ button above my time lines click on the drop down arrow and choose power tools and then go to video speed that opens a panel on the Left where I see all my power tools and I have my video speed and I’ve already used it once so it popped open my video speed designer window now here it has the original duration of the video and it wants a new duration over here easiest way to do that is to jot down the video length when you hover over the audio track I remembered mine mine is one minute I’ll type one in the minute section 33 seconds and then 22 frames and it automatically calculates the speed that it will have to increase the video right now it’s about two and a half times faster than the original and I can watch what happens but notice if I use this technique I cannot hear my audio so I’m going to simply click on OK and it will automatically adjust the length of the video by speeding it up I’m gonna start about halfway through and watch what happens as we’ve speeded up our video to match the audio now it looks really good but there’s one problem if you showed this to a farmer the farmer will see the machinery running in the field at the speed and they’ll laugh at you they won’t take you seriously unless they think you’re trying to pull their leg because no harvest machinery runs that fast so you’ve got a problem with credibility if you use this and you magnify it that much let me give you another option I’m going to go back into my speed control and I’ll click the reset button and you notice before probably that we have some issues with the video as it is already so I’ve reset it to 4 minutes 10 seconds and 8 frames I’ll click on OK there we go now we’re after the adjustment of the drone apparently and now well I’m going to click and I’m going to split the video here and I’ll cut out the first half completely and fill the gap and now we see that the video is just slightly longer than the audio let’s use the same technique now that we’ve been pretty aggressive at reducing the length of the video by normal editing I’ll click on this again choose tools go back to my power tools and go on the video speed well highlight that and the original videos 1 49 27 I want it to be 13322 now I’m multiplying it by one point one seven and we’ll click on OK and now if I was to show this to someone in the farming community at this place let’s see what it looks like a little better now again it’s a bit of a miscue to have music quite this fast on this shot because it seems like there’s nothing moving to the beat of the music so you might want to change your music but if you’re stuck with something like this if that’s what you’re your client once you’ll have to go for it and then I also added a couple of title tracks in it to promote a certain kind of product that the farmer might want and we’ll go back to the beginning here and try again and it’s a little better so you can make the adjustments if you just rely on them without thinking about the consequences you won’t get the kind of result that you or your audience will really appreciate but it’s a nice tool if you want to adjust a longer video to a shorter audio clip.

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