Cyberlink PowerDirector – Taking a look How to Create a beat-centered slidshow – part 2

in this tutorial in CyberLink PowerDirector we end our two-part look at how to create a slideshow that is what I call beat centered that is you want the slides to transition on the beat of the music here is a short example and to do that properly you have to create it yourself you can’t use one of the automated methods what we’ve shown you in the first tutorial is how to take your music track and use the beat detector in order to get the markers you want in your project we also showed you how to take horizontal slides and crop them so they fill the screen so that you don’t have a black bar to the left and to the right we’d like to add another footnote about that you also can adjust these markers these clip markers once they’re on the track you don’t have to go back to your beat detector and start all over again for example I’m going to move the playhead over here between these two markers and then I’ll highlight this to activate the track and I’ll right click and I’ll say add clip marker I can add a note if I want I don’t have to I’ll say no I’ll just click OK and now it added a marker there now if it’s not precisely where I want I can change it and for example I can magnify my track and say maybe I really want this right back over here and it will adjust it accordingly if I don’t want that marker there and decide not to change a slide at that beat I can right click and do remove selected clip marker and it’s gone so you can make all those modifications once you’ve taken the music track and put it into your system so what we’d like to show you now is how to manage your transitions and there are two things to consider when using transitions first of all in this particular case I want to make sure that my transitions are quick I don’t want them to be too long or they won’t seem to be syncing with the beat of the music so they have to be much shorter than I would normally use so I’m temporarily going to change my default for transition length to do that I go up to my settings at the top which is the gear and then I click on the second option from the top which is editing I notice right my transitions default to four seconds in length of the box near the bottom yours might be four five three whatever I’m going to drag across that and then type in and press Enter so now I have a 3/4 of a second about 22 frames transition and I’ll click on OK so now when I bring transitions down they will all be that length that’s important to me now I go into my transition room now the good news is you don’t have to drag and drop a different transition between every single clip you can automate the process and that’s what the buttons are for above the timeline the number one button that’s lit the second one from the left says apply a random transition to all videos I don’t want to do that because there are some transitions in my main content area that I don’t want to use they just don’t fit the style of this particular slideshow well the other option next to it gives me the option of applying a universal fading transition that’s okay but I’d like more variety than that the third one deals with transitions to audio tracks and it really doesn’t apply here I have the one I want is grayed out it’s the one on the Left which says apply my favorite transition to all videos so why is it grayed out because right now I have no transitions in my favorite container I click from the all content down or I can use the blue arrow from the left I look at my favorites and it says nothing so in order to populate that temporarily I’m going to copy a bunch of transitions into the my favorites if I right click on any transition I’m going to use the blur I can click on add to and then the option is my favorites let’s take the box right click add to my favorites and I can do this for as many or as few of the trends I want in order to populate that with the ones that I want to use add to my favorites I’m going to add a few more and pause the video while I do that so I’ve placed a number of transitions into the my favorites container I’ll click on that and we’ll see which ones I have I actually chose 10 that I think will work in this particular situation now if you want to remove any of them you simply right click again and click on remove from my favorites but you know this when I highlight any one of them now my button on the left apply my favorite transition to all videos does work so I’m going to click on that and now I have four options I can do prefix postfix cross or overlap I want to do the cross if I do the overlap it will change the timing of my images in my slideshow and I don’t want that so I’ll click on cross that will preserve it and we now we see a cross transition at each of these locations I do have one that didn’t work because I have a gap here between these two and so I would have to fix that so you may run into that the other thing that you know this is there some times where the randomization isn’t fully random here I have a box transition followed by a box transition I want to modify that well let’s let’s click a slide right here instead I can simply drag and drop and it will change that here we have two others that are both slide right I’ll take a wipe and drag and drop it and it will overlap very easy simple way to change I can also take any transition from any place it doesn’t have to be into my favorite so I’ll go back to all content and I could say well I would like this one here and I can drag and drop it and customize any single transition I want to in my slideshow so that’s how you can modify those and if I highlight any transition and click on the timer I’ll notice the length of it and it’s 22 frames it’s nice and so that’ll be punchy so let’s move back near to the beginning and play a few seconds of this and you’ll see the difference that is what I recommend doing if you want a nice slideshow that is driven by the beat of the music with short punchy transitions that don’t get in the way of the pace that you want to set in CyberLink PowerDirector.

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