CyberLink PowerDirector – Taking a Look at How to zoom in and out on a still image

Ah in this tutorial in several empower director we’d like to show you how to zoom in and out on a still image in your production we have another tutorial showing you how to move the camera around to different places on a still picture here we’re going to show you how to zoom in and out and so we’ll take this picture of this trestle bridge and drag it to track number one the default time I see as I hold my mouse over is five seconds I think I might want to slower zoom than that so I need to lengthen it I’ll click on duration I’ll give myself 20 seconds here as I type to zero in to the second so click on okay I may shorten it later if I want to now I with the image highlighted I can press the f2 key that will get me to my picture in picture designer and here we’re going to use keyframes if you’re unfamiliar with keyframes we do have a lesson on that but in short a keyframe determines certain qualities of a picture or a movie or a title at a certain moment in time and so the moment is defined by the scrubber here so at the beginning of this clip we’re going to set the position by clicking on the keyframe the the gold diamond and add it on position and added on scale and then we’re going to go to the end of the 20 seconds here and we’re going to set another keyframe i recording this because I made a mistake I warn everyone about before you change any features move the keyframe to the point you want to change first otherwise you’ll just change the initial features again so now at the end of this clip I want to zoom in on this high trestle trail the easiest way to do that is to reduce the size of my preview screen let me get that that big and then will enlarge the picture in proportion to the screen and then we’ll reposition it right about there and because we changed both the scale and the position a power director was smart enough to insert a new keyframe here reflecting both of these properties now let’s just click on OK now if I want to play this picture all I need to do is go back out of my designer click on the play and if you’ll notice it zooms in from the one position slowly to the other that’s how simple it is to do this project now if you wanted to zoom out you could use the same approach I’ll drag another copy of it on the screen I’ll change your duration again to 20 seconds and what I’ll do is I’ll press the f2 key with that highlighted that gets me into my designer now in this case I want to go to the end because in the end I want it all the way out and I’ll set my two keyframes with my scrubber here I’ll click a diamond here and the diamond here and now it will end up boomed out and I’ll go to the beginning again I’ll reduce the size here of my preview screen and in proportion I will increase the size of the picture and I could zoom on any other location I don’t have to go right down the middle if I want I will I’ll take this up a little bit here okay and it added the keyframes again because my scrubber was at a different place it remembers click on OK ok and now this one will as I click play it will slowly zoom it out so that’s a very easy way to do a zoom on a still picture using keyframe properties in CyberLink PowerDirector where you control over time the difference between the two settings you.

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