CyberLink PowerDirector – Taking a Look at How to Use Theme Designer

Theme Designer Here’s how to use Theme Designer. In Media Room, click the Plugins icon and choose Theme Designer You can change the way to group templates by theme Or Sequence Type. Including Opening, Middle and Closing Let’s leave it at the default Theme Template Each one of these templates has a series of sequences within them The blue circle indicates the number of clips that appear in each of these sequences. Select a sequence to preview it The numbers can be replaced by your clips, and titles are customizable Click the check box to select the sequences you like Or just click the check box on the theme to select all Click OK to load the selected sequences to Theme Designer You can see the clips from Media Room on the left side, to add them to the sequence, just drag and drop to the place holder The icon on the placeholder signifies it can either have an image or a video You can see the available controls when selecting your clip.

Such as Mute and the Trim tool. Different sequences and clips may have different controls. Click the Effect tab to access video effects from the Effect Room To apply an effect, just drag and drop to the target clip You can click the fx button to adjust your chosen effects settings Every sequence has different controls on the right side, you may change the titles in this case. There is also a choice of background music. There are defaults pre-loaded as part of the theme templates but you can choose to import your own or have no music Click Preferences to edit the background music Click the plus icon to add more sequences Drag and drop to reorder the sequence.

Click OK to put the results on the timeline for further editing Just double click it to further edit anytime. Enjoy! .

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