CyberLink PowerDirector – Taking a Look at How to use Content-aware Editing

Hi my name is Adrienne and today I’m going to look at content aware editing so let’s import some video files into our media library the first thing we see is that there are a couple of ways we can actually access content to we’re editing one is by the little symbol here underneath the video clip alternatively we could drag the whole of that clip to the timeline highlight it right click and edit using content-aware editing in the menu and pd12 will auto analyze the video clip so to demonstrate the full capabilities i’m going to use an old standard definition capture of a DV tape it’s an hour long I’ve already analyzed it and when I open up the content aware editing window it shows us exactly what PowerDirector 12 has done we have the preview screen and the timeline scrubber we have the standard playback controls and our time codes and we have a mark in and the mark out so now we get to the sophisticated part PowerDirector has analyzed this video it’s detected all the scene changes it’s detected the area’s the video where there are zooms pans it’s done some face detection it’s done some speech detection it’s looked at the motion it analyzed the shaky video and it gives us a facility to auto fix all the segments at once it’s also analyzed it for poor lighting and again we can auto fix all segments let’s have a look in more detail of some of these little individual characteristics let’s have a look at this what we have here is a left pan let’s highlight it click on it play it let’s have a look at the next one which is a right pan but this time we also have a zoom out above it if we go to have a look at some face detection perhaps another one it’s pretty accurate and very clever let’s move on we can also look at speech and it gives us an idea of whether it’s certain that the speech there or whether it’s not certain we can also have a look at motion and shaky video slight medium and poor lighting could be low or extra low so how actually do we use this if we want to take this particular section that we’ve identified we put a mark in we move along and we finished taking the planes we mark out and we can either select this section we get to pop up the tells us CyberLink can automatically fix the shaky or poorly lit video I’m going to say no to that at the moment and that section is marked in blue and it becomes selected if we were to take another section that we wanted to keep out say up to here we mark out and we can deselect it and it’s in the brown section we don’t always have to choose the mark in and mark out method to select or deselect we can use all the methods – let’s look at our faces if I select this section here if I right-click on that section I can preview just this segment or I can add it to the selected list or the D selected list in addition if I use the standard windows shift key I can select a range I can use the windows ctrl key to select sections that are separated from each other and again add them to the selected or D selected list they appear in our list and I can play all the selected content one after another to see what it is if I highlight one of the clips the dustbin icon becomes usable and I can remove it from our list if I press ok the selected list is loading into our main timeline as three individual clips capable of being edited like any other video and that’s the very clever content aware editing thank you for watching you.

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