CyberLink PowerDirector -Taking a Look at How to Profile Analyzer and Intelligent SVRT

When editing a video, you may use different clips with different resolutions and formats. You may add titles or other effects. SVRT (Smart Video Render Technology) helps you to choose the best output profile. Right click the empty track on the timeline or use the hotkey (Alt+S ) to show the SVRT track. SVRT analyzes the current timeline and shows available profiles on the panel. The green portion means these parts of video will not be rendered with the selected profile. The red portion means these parts of video will be rendered with selected profile. Different profiles may have different results. Now let’s go to the Produce page. Profile Analyzer includes SVRT information and Best Matched Profile information. Best Matched Profile analyzes the timeline and shows the available profiles matched to your source videos.

To avoid resolution and frame rate issues when converting, select the source with the highest percentage. Click OK to apply the selected profile. The SVRT option will be enabled automatically if available. .

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